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MGAG: Chapter 65 Part 2

Chen Shiming told Chen Jianhong the result and the latter looked as usual. He had all the investigation data of the aromatherapy incident accumulated during this time in front of him.

“Basically, Uncle Lin’s mental state in the years after the car accident was still good. However, the police found from his call records that a strange number frequently called him once a week. They retrieved part of the call time and found that the first time this number called Uncle Lin was five years ago.”

Chen Shiming frowned. “It is a pity that they can’t find the identity of the holder of this number. The number was bought on the black market and there is no way to find it. After Uncle Lin’s accident, there were no more records of this number. However, one thing can be certain. Uncle Lin often stopped near the Panshan intersection during the time he had frequent exchanges with this number. A small number of workers at nearby businesses had a small impression of him.”

“His mental state might’ve gradually worsened over the past few years. I also questioned the housekeeper about it several times. Uncle Lin once asked him about the car accident in the past, but it had been too long and most people only remembered vaguely. I pieced together a few clues from them.”

Chen Shiming paid attention to Chen Jianhong’s emotions and continued, “Before the accident with Aunt Fu, Mom asked Aunt Fu to go to the flower store to buy some flowers if she had some time. This timing happened to be before the car accident and from the store information at the Panshan intersection back then, there was indeed a flower storm at the diagonal corner of the pedestrian crossing.”

Chen Jianhong asked, “Do you suspect that someone is making a fuss about this?”

“I don’t suspect it. I am certain. Someone has been covering up the car accidents caused by Uncle Chen over the years and has frequently spoken to him… many things are empty words but if Uncle Lin’s mental state isn’t right, he is very likely to listen to their words.

In the Lin Group, Lin Shizong threw the documents toward his subordinate’s face with a gloomy expression. The papers scattered on the ground as he sneered. “What is going on in the Chen Group? You can’t do things without Jiang Yuze? When I put you in that position, it wasn’t so you could tell me at a critical moment that this matter can’t be done.”

“Chairman Lin, there is indeed something wrong with this matter. I don’t know where Chen Shiming got the information but he is now aggressively targeting our departments and we don’t dare show our heads at all. We might be caught by him at any time if we appear.” The elite man’s expression was a bit bad. “Brother Jiang is no longer here and the previous arrangements can’t be done. We might need time to reduce Chen Shiming’s suspicion of us. He has been preparing for a shareholders’ meeting lately and he seems to want to attack a few projects we are working on. We really can’t do anything about it.”

“I don’t care if you have a solution or not. This matter must be solved as soon as possible. If the fire is led to the Lin family’s side…” Lin Shizong’s tone became cold. “There is no need for me to tell you the result.”

The elite man looked pale. “We will do our best.”

The office fell silent. Lin Shizong sneered and swept the documents on the desk all over the ground.

The overall situation had been planned for so many years and he just needed a few years to close the net in one go. However, he lost Jiang Yuze and provoked Chen Shiming, ruining half the chess game. If he left it to these wastes, his years of hard work would be ruined sooner or later. He had carefully planned and budgeted for several years the ending of the Chen family, but it became worse and worse in the end.

He sat in the office chair and pondered for a while. Finally, he called another person.

The moment the phone was answered, he heard the voice from the other side.

“You said that people have dealt with Jiang Yuze’s computer. Why can Chen Shiming target his deployment so accurately now?” Lin Shizong asked directly. “He should have no information in his hand and he shouldn’t be able to move so quickly.”

“I did have someone handle the computer and I guarantee that the information on Jiang Yuze’s side didn’t reach Chen Shiming’s hands,” the person on the phone said. “Jiang Yuze’s information wasn’t passed on, but this doesn’t mean that Chen Shiming doesn’t have any other means to know the information. You haven’t resolved that matter of the meeting room.”

“There is someone behind Chen Shiming and they found the driver I arranged. I originally planned to use that madman to switch the aromatherapy in Chen Jianhong’s car but that madman ended up looking for me all day. After two years of stability, he was suddenly targeted by Chen Shiming.”

The person on the phone continued, “Chen Jianhong found an excuse to stop his work and I knew he wouldn’t be able to stay much longer. I wanted him to take the opportunity to do a big move. Who would’ve thought he would be so uncontrollably as to directly act? As a result, he was caught and is now in the police station.”

Lin Shizong frowned. “Aren’t you afraid that Chen Shiming will follow him to find you?”

“He can’t find me. I was very hidden, not to mention that the madman has long wanted revenge,” the person on the phone said. “As for something you can do, why don’t you check out a person?”

Lin Shizong asked, “Who?”

The person on the phone told him, “Chen Qizhao.”

In the interrogation room, through the glass, Old Lin looked down at the handcuffs on his hands, staring at the light source with cloudy eyes. The police were questioning him but he didn’t say anything. It was only when the police mentioned the flower store that his face changed and his tone became agitated. “What do you know? You don’t understand anything!”

The policeman in charge of the interrogation frowned slightly. “Your wife might only be going to the flower store. How can you make that assumption when there is no factual evidence?”

“She might just be going to the flower store…?” Old Lin’s face was gloomy. “Yes, she might’ve been going to the flower store, but I asked many people and checked with others. They all told me that she wanted to go shopping at the time. Then when I asked them again, they all said they don’t remember. She is a living person. Why doesn’t anyone remember her?”

“Do you have a wife? Do you have children?” Old Lin laughed. “You are just like the d*mned people on the sideway who all laugh in front of me. Why are they laughing? What is so funny? They should all go to hell.”

Old Lin’s mental state wasn’t right. He said all types of vicious words madly and accused the Chen family of all types of crimes. He criticized his colleagues who worked with him. From Zhang Yazhi to the servants of the Chen family, he didn’t let anyone go. He was like a man who had been holding back for a long time. He released everything, abandoning his honest and dull appearance of the past. He insulted other people with vulgar words and was like a lunatic out of control.

“That person asked me to bear it, saying there was a way to make the Chen family have nothing as long as I could bear it.” Old Lin stared at the policeman and said incoherently. “I put up with it and he made some type of aromatherapy, telling me to endure it for a few more years… every day when I drove on the road, I wanted to take Chen Jianhong to die with me.”

He seemed to be a contradictory person, talking about patience while saying words of revenge.

The police officer took notes, recording down information from his incoherent words.

“Everyone should die…” Old Lin laughed like a madman who lost his mind and wanted to pull everyone to sink together. “Oh, you guys are checking that phone number, aren’t you? Then check it. That person is also a madman. You should arrest him.”

The police officer said, “But you still listened to him by putting aromatherapy in the car and manipulating the car.”

“Yes, the person who called me should also die. Why did he tell me to endure it? Chen Jianhong should’ve died a long time ago.” Old Lin suddenly stopped. “Yes, everyone deserves to die. Aren’t you investigating it?”

The police officer stopped. He noticed something and asked, “Do you have a clue about the strange phone call?”

“Yes.” Old Lin suddenly stopped. His eyes scanned the police office and he asked, “Do you want it?”

Chen Qizhao was in his school dormitory when the investigation results were collected into a document and sent to him.

Yan Kailin was playing games beside him, chattering along with other people. Chen Qizhao lay on the bed, clicked on the file and read quickly. There was the information Chen Shiming had investigated, the clues from the police and what he had asked to check earlier. The things came together, piece by piece to form the fragmentary truth that took two lifetimes to put together.

In fact, the seeds of doubt had been planted the first time the call was made to Old Lin. Then after the prompting over time, the forgetting of others and the misdirection of people with bad intentions, this seed grew rapidly and finally became the fuse that prompted hatred and resentment.

In his last life, Old Lin endured longer. He endured until he could take Chen Shiming to crash into the truck. He wanted to completely control the speed to create a disaster. The turned steering wheel in the car wasn’t to avoid it but to crash into the truck more accurately. Chen Qizhao didn’t know how crazy Old Lin had gone at that stage in his previous life… perhaps Chen Shiming was lucky to survive that car accident.

Lin Shizong was most probably the one instigating Old Lin but with his shrewdness, he wouldn’t choose to let Old Lin act at this stage.

Old Lin was probably so eager to start because when Chen Qizhao practiced driving this afternoon, the thrill of reaching a high speed made him unwilling to endure some waiting.

Chen Qizhao sneered. Such a person was actually the beginning of all the tragedies of the Chen family in his previous life.

“Brother, what are you smiling at?” Yan Kailin took off his headphones. “Are you looking at something funny?”

“No, I just saw a joke.” Chen Qizhao said in a flat tone. “It talked about a madman who lost control and took revenge on everyone.”

Yan Kailin glanced at him in disgust. “What type of dark joke is this? It sounds so strange. The words of a madman are hard to hear.”

Chen Qizhao looked at him. “Why?”

“You shouldn’t mess with a madman. Who knows what the other person is thinking.” Yan Kailin snorted. “Last time, I saw a piece of news. There was a man with mental problems and he was directly killed by his roommate when he was stimulated. There is nothing wrong with society but a madman can’t be stimulated casually. They can do anything when stimulated.”

Then he noticed Chen Qizhao’s expression. “Huh? Brother, didn’t you see this piece of news?”

Chen Qizhao told him, “You are right. Madmen shouldn’t be stimulated casually.”

Some people willingly entered the trap when stimulated.

Some wanted to pull everyone to die with them when stimulated.

Chen Qizhao closed the page and saw a compressed package was sent with the email.

If Lin Shizong wanted to use a madman as a pawn, wasn’t he afraid of setting himself on fire?


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