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MGAG: Chapter 66 Part 1

Yan Kailin played two games. He saw Chen Qizhao sitting on the bed without moving and was about to play two more games when he saw his brother’s VX message. He suddenly thought of something and immediately sat up straight. “Brother, take the books.”

“What?” Chen Qizhao glanced at him doubtfully.

Yan Kailin casually took two books from the desk. He placed one in Chen Qizhao’s hand and held the other in his own hand. “Just pretend. I will take a photo to deal with my brother.”

He held up his phone to take a selfie with Chen Qizhao behind him. He clicked to take the photo and said, “Recently, my brother has always been catching me to study. He said that if I don’t study well, I will have to go back abroad so my father can watch me. I will take two photos and post them on my Moments to pretend to be studying. I told him in the morning that I was coming to study with you.”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

“Hey, I’m a college student. Is it easy for college students to play games? Do you think I want my brother looking after me like this? I want to find him a girlfriend to take care of him…” Yan Kailin said contentedly after posting to his Moments. Then he picked up his phone again with satisfaction. “Do you think they are workaholics who have no intention of dating? Brother Shiming is also single.”

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes. “Aren’t you also single?”

“Hey, I just don’t like anyone.”

Chen Qizhao put his phone aside while listening to Yan Kailin chatting about how many beautiful girls there were in school. He read the things in the inbox and didn’t see anything new sent over. Then he saw the book that Yan Kailin had just taken out and remembered something. He said, “I’m going to the library.”

“Huh?” Yan Kailin wondered. “Why are you going to the library?”

“To study.”

It was inevitable to go to the library. Chen Qizhao didn’t come here to study but to check some materials.

The collection of books in the library of S College was second only to S City’s Library. Some materials that were difficult to find on the Internet could be found in the library. He had searched for some materials on the Internet and finally could only go to the library to take a look.

According to the confession made by the driver Old Lin, there were actually still a lot of doubts about the aromatherapy. Based on his words, he didn’t change the aromatherapy in private. The strange number he communicated with told him there would be a special sign on the aromatherapy box and he just needed to put the fragrance with the special logo in Chen Jianhong’s car.

Chen Qizhao had people check it. The identification code engraved at the bottom of the box of problematic aromatherapy had one more digit than the normal aromatherapy. For this matter, they went to check the aromatherapy store but the store denied that these things came from their store. There was no evidence about this matter, so the doubts came back to the aromatherapy store and the delivery personnel of the store. The clues were cut off like this.

In the end, he wasn’t studying a major related to this. If he wanted to check the problem of the aromatherapy, he could only come to the library to check the information of the compounds and check the production process of the aromatherapy… He wanted to check if there were any clues he missed.

Recently, there were many people in the library. Chen Qizhao went to the relevant book area and found two books. He couldn’t find a seat before finally remembering a place.

He had been brought by Shen Yuhuai to this book area last time. There were still a few seats vacant by the window, but there were already a few students in the seats where they sat last time.

Chen Qizhao found a seat in the back and sat down with the books.

In the past, he didn’t like to come to the library. During college in his last life, he still liked to play. He went out with Cheng Rong and the others or he read his course books alone in the dormitory.

At that time, he had good grades and could do whatever he wanted. Some of the skills he accumulated during college… He was carefree at that time and learned everything very quickly. Others praised him for being smart but he was actually stupid because he couldn’t see people clearly.

He turned the pages of the book and the one who came to mind was Shen Yuhuai, who sat across from him last time.

His eyes were slightly dazed and the pen in his hand swirled around. The other person’s good-looking hand seemed to be close in front of him.

Chen Qizhao put down his pen. Then he opened his hand to look at his palm.

There was deep meaning in his calm and indifferent eyes. He closed his hand one by one, but he couldn’t find the similarity of their hands. He felt that something was missing.

In the Ninth Research Institute, Shen Yuhuai sat in the lounge with a cup of coffee and two unread books in front of him. Sitting directly opposite him was Liu Sui, who was typing on the keyboard to finish his thesis. It was completely the opposite of Shen Yuhuai’s leisurely manner.

“Sometimes, I really envy you geniuses. Seeing you so idle, I really envy you and want to hit you.” Liu Sui took a sip of Coke indignantly before saying, “Don’t take me to S College today. I must finish writing this part.”

“Okay,” Shen Yuhuai responded briefly and turned the page in his hand.

“I found that you have been really diligent in going to S College recently. If you don’t want to eat at the graduate school’s cafeteria, it is S College’s cafeteria. Last time, you even wanted to eat at a late-night snack stall. You didn’t use to eat late-night snacks, right?”

Liu Sui remembered how their laboratory worked late one day. Everyone else had gone back to the dormitory to rest. He originally wanted to order takeout to deal with his hunger, but Shen Yuhuai actually proposed to go to S College to eat at the food stalls.

As a result, they arrived at the place and he was the only one eating. Shen Yuhuai was next to him on his phone.

“Is Qizhao very busy lately?” Liu Sui asked. “He didn’t come to the foot stall last time. Hey, college students are so good. I used to have a rich nightlife when I was an undergraduate. An honest person like him came to the big dye tank that is college and must follow his club to drink all night…”

Shen Yuhuai raised his head when he heard this and looked at Liu Sui. “Aren’t you writing today’s paper?”

“I’m writing. I’m just saying a few words!” Liu Sui sighed and glanced at the books on Shen Yuhuai’s table. “You are really idle. Why are you reading these psychological books?”

Halfway through his words, he saw Shen Yuhuai standing up with the books.

Shen Yuhuai told him, “I’m changing lounges.”

Liu Sui: “……!”

Not long after leaving the lounge, Shen Yuhuai received several text messages about the last aromatherapy inspection report. Since they were controlled substances, he used his relationship with Shen Xuelan to check the problem of the control of substances. In addition to government agencies, there were only a handful of pharmaceutical companies that circulated these controlled substances in S City. They usually used them for research or special purposes and it was said that a private purchase was completely unreasonable.”

“Are these the only companies found?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

The person on the other end of the phone said, “Yes, all of the information about the companies has been sent to the inbox according to your requirements.”

“Okay, I will trouble you to check something later.”

Shen Yuhuai hesitated slightly and he quickly skimmed over the information. The fact that he could find out these things meant the Chen family should also be about to find them. However, based on what he heard from Shen Xuelan’s mouth, the Chen family’s aromatherapy matter hadn’t been fully concluded. It was very likely that there was no problem with the controlled substances.

The companies included in the information were all well-known companies on the market and had no other problems.

Thinking of this, he suddenly changed his path and went in another direction.

“Are you asking what methods can be used to extract the compounds from last time? There are a lot.” The brother who was asked hesitated for a moment. “But there should be no one going around in such a big circle to extract these things. It is because it requires professional equipment for the extraction… and the cost is too high. It is completely unnecessary.”

Shen Yuhuai was thoughtful. “Okay, I see.”

The senior brother thought of something and handed a book to Shen Yuhuai. “Oh yes, if you are going to S College recently then please help me return this book.”

He smiled wryly and looked at the pile of work around him. “There have been many things lately and I can’t get away.”

“Okay.” Shen Yuhuai took the book. There was one more book in his hand.

He left the office and swiped the screen of his phone. His conversation with Chen Qizhao had stopped two days earlier.

As for the matter of the controlled substances, he would wait for results to be found before notifying Chen Qizhao.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes sank. He first opened Chen Qizhao’s Moments but the other person hadn’t posted anything recently. He withdrew from the Moments and wanted to quit VX. Then he suddenly remembered something and found Yan Kailin in his contacts.

He clicked into Yan Kailin’s Moments and noticed a photo posted by the other person two hours ago.

The background of the photo was Chen Qizhao’s dormitory. Yan Kailin took a photo of the books on the table as well as a photo of Chen Qizhao sitting on the bed and holding a book. The latter wasn’t looking at the camera and was holding a book in his hand, but the screen of the phone next to him seemed to still be on.

It was a posed photo.

Shen Yuhuai smiled silently and liked Yan Kailin’s Moments.

He exited out of it before going back and saving Yan Kailin’s photo onto his phone.

Shen Yuhuai glanced at the books he was holding in his hand and finally sent a message to Chen Qizhao.

He remembered that the other person had no class tonight and should be able to come out to dinner.

By the time he reached S College, Chen Qizhao still hadn’t replied to his message.

Shen Yuhuai closed the car door, swiped up slightly and saw all the recent chat records with Chen Qizhao.

The response time was slow.

Shen Yuhuai opened his contacts and made a call.

There was a sound within seconds.

“Hello, the number you are calling is turned off.”

Shen Yuhuai hung up. The fireworks background of the main screen of the phone was turned off and he put the phone into his pocket.

The sky was getting darker and night seemed to be approaching.

Shen Yuhuai went into the library and returned the books at the front desk. After completing the formalities, he went up to the third floor and headed toward the familiar area.

He had just passed the bookshelves and turned into the reading area when his footsteps paused slightly.

Chen Qizhao didn’t know when his phone had run out of battery and turned off. It was only when he wanted to send a message telling Xiao Zhou to do something that he noticed his phone couldn’t turn on. He pinched his forehead. In fact, starting from the production process of aromatherapy was like feeding a needle in a haystack. First of all, the production process of the aromatherapy store was an industry secret and involved everyone from the employees of the aromatherapy store to the people in the store. It was also possible that other employees imitated the craftsmanship traces of the aromatherapy store to manufacture or replace the aromatherapy.

This method of finding a needle in a haystack wasn’t feasible, but at least he determined that this matter was related to Lin Shizong.

However, the direct relationship between the aromatherapy store and Lin Shizong couldn’t be found…

Chen Qizhao thought aimlessly about related things while packing his things on the table into his backpack.


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