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MGAG: Chapter 65 Part 1

At 11 o’clock in the evening, the Chen family’s villa was very silent.

Apart from a few scattered lights, the rest of the place was dark.

The middle-aged man disappeared from the surveillance range and went around the garage to the garden. The garage was dark and the sensor lights in the corner didn’t turn on. The man looked up at the surveillance camera in the front left, avoided the camera’s range and walked to a place in the far corner where a black car was parked.

Old Lin walked to the back of the car, completely hidden from the surveillance range. He crouched down, took out a small flashlight that he carried at all times and dragged out a toolbox prepared in advance from under the car.

The light shone on the toolbox and the reflected light and shadow illuminated his pale and cold face.

He looked around before taking out a jack and tool pliers, sticking them in the position of the rear tire.

In the silent villa, no one noticed the movement in the corner of the garage. The driver Old Lin seemed to have simulated it countless times. He clearly knew the structure of the car in front of him and knew what he was going to do next. He didn’t hesitate to move as he patiently loosened some parts little by little.

Time passed minute by minute. In less than half an hour, he got out of the car.

He stood next to the car, wiping the oil from his hand one after another. The car was going to leave the garage tomorrow and hit the road, heading to the Chen Group as usual. The person sitting there would be Chen Jianhong and the driver would be his colleague Old Liu. There might be one more person, Chen Jianhong’s assistant, in the car. if the time was earlier, Chen Shiming might also get in this car…

Once the time came, the fire would emerge.

Snap. The incandescent lamp in the dark garage suddenly turned on.

All the lights seemed to have been prepared long ago, illuminating the dead spots and shining on the middle-aged man standing near the car who was wiping the oil from his palms.

Old Lin was shocked and he sharply looked over at the power switch.

The boy in pajamas still had his hand on the switch as he looked at the man with a smile, “Uncle Lin, why are you still in the garage so late?”

Old Lin was stunned for a moment. He paused slightly before replying, “I suddenly thought that the car wasn’t locked during the day so I came here to take a look.”

“Lock the car and be covered in oil?” Chen Qizhao laughed. He walked over from the switch, looked at the toolbox next to the car and kicked it casually. “This is the first time I knew you needed a toolbox to lock the car.”

“The tire is flat.” Old Lin stared at Chen Qizhao, his words very normal. “I just changed to the spare tire.”

“Is it just a tire change? Why do I feel like you have changed many things?” Chen Qizhao crouched down like nothing happened and glanced at the traces around the car, “Oh yes, Uncle Lin, you might not know.”

Old Lin looked at him. “What?”

Chen Qizhao stood up straight. His eyes swept over the tool rack in front of the car. “Go and take the third toolbox over there and take a look.”

Old Lin glanced at the car. He followed Chen Qizhao’s words, walked over and took down the toolbox. At this time, he saw a small monitor in a dead corner behind the toolbox, its camera facing the entire garage. Old Lin’s expression changed slightly and he suddenly looked at Chen Qizhao, who was standing by the car.

Chen Qizhao had a clear face and he continued, “I forgot to tell you. My brother added surveillance to the garage a few days ago. I couldn’t find a good place to put it, so I placed it on the tool shelf.”

Old Lin trembled slightly. Then he looked back and found that there were several people standing at the garage door.

There was Chen Shiming, Chen Jianhong and a few bodyguards on duty in the villa. They stood at the door and looked at this side, as if they had been prepared.

Old Lin took a few steps back. His expression was no longer as calm as before as he stared at the group coldly.

“This business car is unlocked and the parking space has been moved from the original third parking space to the sixth parking space.” Chen Shiming came in through the door with two bodyguards. “The sixth parking space is the dead corner of the garage’s original surveillance. As long as you stick close to the wall and use the cover of other cars, it is difficult to capture your location at night and for the security guards in the surveillance room to detect that someone has entered the garage.”

“In addition, you used other times to tamper with the sensor lights in the garage,” Chen Shiming continued. “The sound of footsteps will trigger the sensor lights. If it lights up, the surveillance room will definitely notice a problem and come here to check.”

Chen Shiming paused slightly. “Uncle Lin, can you tell me now? Was what you did in the garage just now really replacing a tire?”

Old Lin was silent for a moment before suddenly smiling. “Didn’t you film it all on the surveillance? It should’ve filmed what I did yet you are still asking me? Are you mocking me for overreaching?”

Chen Jianhong stood in the distance, looking at this driver who had worked for him for over ten years. A person’s life might only last for several dozen years. Out of all the drivers in their family, Old Lin was the oldest one and the most reassuring one for Chen Jianhong. Now all the evidence was in front of him, undoubtedly telling him the driver’s betrayal.

This absurd situation was hard for him to believe. From his assistant Jiang Yuze to his friend Lin Shizong and finally to his daily driver.

Chen Jianhong couldn’t understand it so he had to ask, “Did you change the aromatherapy in the car a while ago?”

Old Lin didn’t speak.

Two bodyguards had already entered the garage, one to the left and the other to the right to capture him. They relaxed their steps and gradually approached.

At this time, a bodyguard’s foot accidentally touched a tool on the ground.

Old Lin’s gaze froze. Suddenly, he seemed to go crazy and ran away from all the people around him very quickly.

His gaze was locked on something and he rushed straight to the driver’s seat of the car, opening the door.

Chen Shiming’s eyes changed slightly. “Stop him!”

There was a sudden commotion in the garage. The bodyguard who reacted first rushed up to open the car door. Another bodyguard next to him rushed in to pull the driver’s hand grabbing the steering wheel.

Old Lin already had half his body on the driver’s seat. He held the steering wheel firmly with one hand while the other hand was about to turn the key to start the car. Suddenly, he realized that the key that should’ve been inserted in the keyhole was missing. His eyes became dazed. He looked up and saw Chen Qizhao standing in front of the car. Chen Qizhao twirled his fingers, the keys twirling around with them. Finally, he held the keys firmly in his hand.

“Come down!”

“The police have been called! Don’t struggle!”

“Old Lin, don’t be crazy. Come down!”

“Old Lin, you have been working in the Chen family for so many years. Why are you doing this?”

Old Lin sneered. “What do you know? You guys don’t understand anything!”

More and more people came as the servants who were awakened by the sound ran over. The bodyguard grabbed Old Lin, dragged him from the driver’s seat and pressed him to the ground. A lot of noise filled the entire garage. Chen Qizhao slightly lowered his eyes to look at Old Lin on the ground and he threw the keys in his hand to Chen Shiming.

Chen Shiming felt a lingering fear. If the car keys were really in the car just now and Old Lin started the car, the scene in the garage might not have ended with just this. He hadn’t expected Old Lin to act so quickly. After all, doubts were just doubts. He found that Old Lin might have mental problems from partial evidence but he didn’t expect that Old Lin wouldn’t be able to restrain himself so quickly to do something to the car.

His eyes darkened. Did Old Lin take the initiative to do this or did the person behind the scenes let him do it?

Chen Qizhao asked, “Do you care about the reason?”

Chen Shiming tilted his head. “You don’t care?”

“I did care but it is meaningless to care about it,” Chen Qizhao said. “If someone insists on taking your life but you still care about his suffering, this is called being a Holy Mother. Don’t be too merciful and don’t pity other people.”

He smiled. “When he stepped on the accelerator on the road or when he put aromatherapy in the car… he might not care about you.”

Chen Shiming frowned. “That isn’t what I meant.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t say anything. He yawned and looked at the brightly lit villa. “Mom probably woke up. I will go to sleep first.”

The police came very quickly and took Old Lin away.

Later, the technical team inspected the car and found that the tires, brakes and fuel pipes of the car had been tampered with. It was very dangerous to drive such a car on the road and the slightest carelessness would cause a major accident or even crash the car, killing people. The police also found that Old Lin had serious psychological problems and his mental state was wrong. Still, he was rational and knew very well what he wanted to do or what he was doing.

Chen Shiming went to the police station several times but Old Lin’s interrogation wasn’t very smooth.

“The psychiatrist said that his situation must’ve been like this for several years. We retrieved all the accident records and found that he had four small accidents in five years, mostly near the sidewalk,” The police said. “According to the information you provided, his relatives died in a major accident many years ago. This incident was probably the trigger for his current state. However, you are his employer. Why haven’t you discovered his state after so many years?”

“His usual performance is very normal… we didn’t expect this either,” Chen Shiming said. “We let him rest for half a year and we had him do a psychological evaluation afterward. The evaluation result given by the doctor at the time was qualified.”

“He has severe antisocial tendencies,” the police continued. “If you say this then it is strange that he has such a strong hatred for your family. We will investigate again.”


  1. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Egg says:

    I’m genuinely intrigued with what possibly the reason for Old Lin to be like this. I suspect there’s something going on with Aunt Fu, his wife too.

    It gonna be hard on Chen Jiahong though. Everyone who he trusted was betraying him. From Jiang Yuze, Lin Shizong, and now his most trusted driver. I wouldn’t be surprise if he end up having a huge trust issue going forward.

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