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MGAG: Chapter 63 Part 1

On the first day back at school, Chen Qizhao first went to the counselor to cancel his leave and brought the homework notes recorded by his kind classmates back to the dormitory. During the day, he did some homework. Then he spent the rest of the time in his dormitory processing materials collected about Lin Shizong.

He had been doing this since he was reborn. Some things couldn’t be used due to the special situation before. Now after solving some people, he could release his hand and deal with Lin Shizong.

The computer screen was full of the drug smuggling that Fang Jie’s company had been involved in before. Fang Jie got involved in a case and was taken away, but this matter was unfinished in a sense. The fact that the Fang family had secret contact with the Lin family was found in his previous life. Fang Jie was considered to be a relative of Lin Shizong.

Lin Shizong was a cautious man and never did these things personally.

Even if the Lin family was found, Lin Shizong could find a scapegoat to offset this matter with a wave of his hand, leaving himself untouched.

Therefore, even if there was evidence of drug smuggling that could be used to bite Lin Shizong, this wasn’t enough.

If he wanted to bite at this person, he had to find more evidence like in his previous life, so he could defeat Lin Shizong in one fell swoop.

Lin Shizong was anxious to handle the Chen Group’s matter during this time, so that more problems weren’t exposed due to Jiang Yuze. In a sense, this made him expose some of his hands. Chen Qizhao happened to follow this and found two companies.

These two companies had superficial dealings with the Lin family, but they did some shady things for the Lin family behind the scenes. Therefore, this issue was worth paying attention to.

“Hey, the new bakery opened at the school is really good.” Yan Kailin opened the door and came in. He carelessly put the bought bread and cakes on the tablet. “Brother, what are you doing? Come and try this. The freshly baked bread is fragrant.”

Chen Qizhao finished the things on the computer and glanced sideways at Yan Kailin, who was unpacking. “You left class so early?”

“It isn’t early. It is past 5 o’clock now.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at the time and finally noticed that over three hours had passed. He simply put away the interface and sat down on the carpet in front of the small tablet. He saw the things Yan Kailin had brought and frowned slightly. “Can you finish it all after buying so much?”

“If I can’t finish then I’ll eat it tomorrow.” Yan Kailin stuffed bread into his mouth. “Do you want to eat this for dinner?”

“Okay.” Chen Qizhao didn’t have classes at night and didn’t want to go out.

Yan Kailin said okay, “By the way, didn’t Qin Yunxuan want to ask you out recently but you haven’t been able to go?”

“So?” Chen Qizhao chewed on bread and scanned the messages on his phone.

“No, it is just that we have found out a piece of news.” Yan Kailin lowered his voice and spoke in a secretive manner. “You know that Qin Yunxuan isn’t shy about making friends. As a result, Cheng Rong and I saw him kissing a man last time…”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes froze.

Yan Kailin opened two bottles of beer and continued speaking, “It is shocking, right? I thought he was a strange man. I didn’t expect him to be bent.”

Chen Qizhao took a sip of the beer, his interest faint. “Bent? Is he gay?”

He had checked a lot of information when checking Qin Yunxuan. Chen Qizhao found that in terms of his private life, he was no different from other rich children, but he did have a lot of friends.

“It seems to be more than that. He also had girlfriends.” Yan Kailin recalled. “Cheng Rong said that previously when he had a good relationship with Qin Xingfeng, he often heard bad things about Qin Yunxuan. However, I haven’t really thought about this question. Brother, let me ask. He wants to ask you out so much. Is it because he likes you?”

Chen Qizhao frowned slightly.

“I’m just kidding! If he dares to chase you, Cheng Rong and I will break his dog’s leg first!” Yan Kailin exclaimed. “We don’t even need to go out. Just tell Brother Shiming and Young Master Qin will become cold.”

Chen Qizhao stuffed a mouthful of bread into his mouth, got up and returned to the computer desk.

Yan Kailin called out, “Brother, eat two more. How can you be full from one piece of bread?!”

Chen Qizhao told him, “Go back to your bedroom after eating. I have to make up for the homework I missed.”

“Your major is so annoying.” Yan Kailin ate two pieces of bread indiscriminately and left a few for Chen Qizhao. “Do you want a late-night snack later? I happened to be going out to the club at night and I can pass by the food stalls when I come back.”

“Let’s talk about it later.”

“You don’t have a good appetite recently.” Yan Kailin muttered. “Aren’t you going out at night? Isn’t there a club meeting? Didn’t you talk about joining the drama club?”

“When did I join it?” Chen Qizhao looked over in surprise.

“Last time, I heard about it when I went out to dinner with my brother. Brother Huai mentioned that you joined a drama club,” Yan Kailin explained. “I just said that I don’t remember what drama club you joined. I am going first. Call me if you want a late-night snack.”

The bedroom door slammed shut.

Chen Qizhao recalled that he had indeed mentioned the drama club to Shen Yuhuai, but he only said he was a colleague of the drama club. His eyes stopped slightly on the contact list of his computer VX. His fingertips rubbed on the mouse for a moment before finally stopping on Shen Yuhuai’s profile picture.

Shen Yuhuai changed his profile picture?

Chen Qizhao clicked in and enlarged the profile picture. His fingers stopped instantly as he saw the fireworks and the sunset.

It was the photo taken last time when they went to the beach.

Chen Qizhao was a bit absent-minded. He picked up his phone, went to the gallery and looked through his recent photos from beginning to end. He loved to take photos when he was young but as he got older, most of the photos in his album were company documents, meeting minutes, etc… it was the same with his phone in this life, but out of caution, the photos on his phone didn’t expose too many things. There were only a few photos taken after he was reborn.

He scrolled down and found that the most recent photos seemed to be of Shen Yuhuai.

Chen Qizhao casually clicked on a photo and a strange feeling surged up.

He suddenly wanted to change his profile picture, but he didn’t know what was appropriate.

At this time, a new message popped up in the inbox on his computer, which disturbed Chen Qizhao’s thoughts.

He put down his phone and clicked on the document attached to it.

Chen Qizhao narrowed his eyes slightly. He opened it and saw something interesting.

Two years ago, there was a small traffic accident at the Panshan intersection and the driver involved was Old Lin.

Days passed in a flash.

“I am still on holiday?” Old Lin stood in the garage, carrying two freshly cleaned parts in his hands. “I am well rested and can go to work.”

The housekeeper smiled. “This is what Sir means. He said that he plans to change your driver’s shifts to give you more time to rest. You can rest a few more weeks.”

Old Lin paused for a moment. “Okay then.”

“Oh yes, send a document to the Young Master in a while and then you can go on holiday.” The housekeeper finished explaining the matter and quickly became busy with other things. The Chen family had four drivers and currently only two drivers were on duty. Old Lin and another driver were resting during this shift. Old Lin worked in the garage for a while, returned to his room and sent a text message. Then he quickly grabbed a key and went out with a cigarette.

He arrived at the company and Chen Shiming’s assistant, Special Assistant Xu came downstairs. Old Lin handed the documents to the assistant and drove home. He had just driven to a certain traffic light when he saw the phone on the dashboard lighting up.

He picked up the phone, read the text message and replied slowly.

At this time, the sound of a child playing entered his ears.

On the sidewalk directly ahead of him, a pair of parents and their child was crossing the sidewalk.

The family of three held hands. The child’s face was full of smiles and it was too dazzling.

Old Lin’s hand tightened a bit on the steering wheel and his foot on the brake subconsciously loosened.

Just as the car was about to slide, the whistle of the on-duty traffic police woke him up. He stepped on the brakes, his nails picking at the steering as he watched the parents and child leave his sight with a blank expression.

After returning to the Chen house, he heard a voice from the villa. He stopped for a moment and saw Chen Qizhao come out of the villa. Chen Qizhao looked around before finally walking straight to him.

“Second Young Master.” Old Lin’s eyes stayed on Chen Qizhao for a long time and he only spoke when Chen Qizhao walked up to him. “Why did you come back now?”

“I have no class tomorrow morning and came back for dinner.” Chen Qizhao glanced at the car. “Uncle Lin, you just came back?”

“I sent a document to the Eldest Young Master and just came back.”

“It is just right.” Chen Qizhao waved a certificate in front of him. “I just got my driver’s license and want to try it out on the road. My mother is very worried. Uncle Lin, can you sit in the front passenger seat and watch me for a while?”

In the Chen Group, Chen came out of the meeting to get the documents from Special Assistant Xu. His eyes lowered slightly and he asked, “Was it sent by Old Lin?”

“Yes. He was no different from usual and the timing also matches what Uncle Zhang said,” Special Assistant Xu answered. “After getting the documents, he sent them here immediately and there was no delay.”

Chen Shiming looked at the document. This was actually an ordinary document. He originally wanted to test Old Lin’s state but he looked no different from usual. He paused and asked, “Did he say anything when Uncle Zhang told him about the holiday?”

“No, he asked two questions before accepting the leave.” Special Assistant Xu suddenly remembered something and took out a document to show Chen Shiming. “Boss, the second young master suddenly sent an email this morning that contains something we didn’t find before. There was a small car accident at the intersection.”

“A car accident?” Chen Shiming took the document and opened it. His eyes narrowed slightly when he saw the name of the driver who caused the accident.

The driver who caused the accident was Old Lin and the accident occurred in October two years ago.

It was just after 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Old Lin was driving his private car through the traffic lights at the Panshan intersection and didn’t step on the brakes. He collided with a parent who was about to take his child to cross the road. Fortunately, Old Lin stepped on the brakes in time and it wasn’t a serious accident. The injured parent went to do a hospital examination and found that nothing was wrong. The driver compensated the parent with a sum of money and the incident was settled privately.

Small traffic accidents like this happened every day in S City, usually due to vehicle disputes or car accidents. Accidents such as the one at the Panshan intersection also occurred at other intersections. It was either negotiated by the traffic police or privately through insurance companies. In normal times, Chen Shiming wouldn’t pay attention to such an incident.

The key was that it was Old Lin who caused the accident.

Even drivers with decades of driving experience would encounter one or two accidents while driving on the road. Old Lin had worked in the Chen family for many years and had rich driving experience. He had one or two small accidents, which were usually reported to the company or the Chen family. He would pay reimbursement or deal with it uniformly depending on the circumstances.

After the aromatherapy incident came out, Chen Shiming had listened to Chen Qizhao’s words and listed Old Lin as a key suspect. The traffic accidents he reported to the Chen family were basically all checked and no problems were found. However, the Panshan intersection accident that Chen Qizhao passed onto Special Assistant Xu didn’t exist in the Chen family’s records.

In other words, when this accident happened at the Panshan intersection, Old Lin didn’t report it to the Chen family and someone cleaned up after him.


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