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MGAG: Chapter 63 Part 2

Chen Shiming’s gaze paused for a moment and he called the housekeeper directly.

The housekeeper picked up and immediately went to check the relevant records. Then he said, “Eldest Young Master, there is no accident about the Panshan intersection in the report records.”

Chen Shiming frowned slightly. He felt a bit more convinced in his heart and asked again, “Is Old Lin at home now?”

“He just came back not long ago. Then he went out again.”

Chen Shiming wondered, “Where did he go at this point in time? Hasn’t he already been given a holiday?”

“Half an hour ago, the second young master came home. He said he just got his driver’s license and wanted to test it out on the road.” The housekeeper explained the affairs at home. “It happened to be when Old Lin was sending the documents back. The second young master asked Old Lin to go with him.”

Chen Qizhao?! What was he doing at this time?!

Chen Shiming hung up the call with the housekeeper and asked Special Assistant Xu, “Has Chen Qizhao received his driver’s license?”

“Yes, I just handed it to Xiao Zhou two days ago.” Hearing this, Special Assistant Xu immediately checked the relevant information and said, “Boss, the second young master has no class tomorrow morning.”

Chen Shiming didn’t speak. He immediately called Chen Qizhao, but the other person didn’t answer.

His brow furrowed and he looked at Special Assistant Xu. “Check the GPS information of the cars at home.”

Ever since he started to be vigilant, the GPS positioning of the vehicles they drove was fully turned on and the driving information of the vehicles was always monitored. Special Assistant Xu hurriedly opened the relevant software. He skipped the registered cars, excluded the cars that were away on business today and finally locked on the car that Zhang Yazhi often drove.

Special Assistant Xu told him, “I found it.”

Chen Shiming’s voice was serious. “Where is it?”

Special Assistant Xu’s pupils shrank slightly and his tone seemed like he didn’t dare to confirm it.” This direction… it is near the Panshan intersection.”

Chen Shiming suddenly sat up straight and his hand holding his phone tightened a bit. “What is he doing?”

The interior of the moving vehicle was very quiet. Old Lin, who was sitting in the passenger seat, paid attention to the surrounding intersections while the car drove smoothly.

“Second Young Master, your phone rang twice.” Old Lin glanced at the phone that was put in the storage area.

Chen Qizhao smoothly rejected it and turned his phone to mute. He said in a rambling voice, “You can’t answer the phone while driving, right Uncle Lin?”

Old Lin looked at the young man who was driving seriously and said, “It really isn’t safe to answer the phone while driving.”

The scenery directly in front of them moved and the stores on both sides passed by.

Chen Qizhao looked ahead. He didn’t drive quickly. His speed was around 30 km/hr.

He spoke as if saying ordinary words, “Uncle Lin has been driving around here for over more than ten years, right? Have you already memorized some of the roads?”

“Once you are familiar with the roads then you will naturally remember it.” Old Lin stared straight ahead while paying attention to the road condition. “Second Young Master, drive for a few more years. Once you become familiar with the roads in the vicinity, it will become smoother when you drive.”

“After a long time, can’t you even remember the timing of the traffic lights?” Chen Qizhao turned a corner and entered another intersection. “When I took the car before, I felt that the red light time on this side of the road was really long.”

“I can remember clearly but sometimes the red lights can’t be avoided due to the road conditions and speed limits,” Old Lin explained. “Occasionally, Mr Chen’s itinerary is more urgent. We will choose to get on the expressway and go around.”

The moment he said this, the red light in front of him turned on.

Chen Qizhao stopped the car. There were many people walking on the sidewalk.

“I see.” Chen Qizhao suddenly laughed. “Then Uncle Lin, do you know where I am going now?”

Old Lin’s gaze stopped for a moment. He looked away from the sidewalk and clenched his hands on his lap.

The road was familiar. Some roads met these intersections and formed a three-dimensional map in the driver’s mind.

He paused for a long time before replying, “The next intersection is Huiyang Road and further ahead is Panshan Road.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak.

Old Lin couldn’t help tilting his head to look at the young man in the driver’s seat. Chen Qizhao’s hair was slightly loose and the seat belt over his body was restraining his figure obediently. He was holding the steering wheel with one hand while the other hand was playing with the car’s transmission. The level could be reached as long as Old Lin reached out a bit.

At this time, the red light was passing second by second. The boy’s finger tapped on the transmission one after another.

Tap—tap—tap. He was a bit irritable while also expecting something.

Old Lin’s gaze stopped under the dashboard where the brake and accelerator were located.

The green light came on and the cars around them started to move.

The boy skillfully let go of the brake and slowly stepped on the accelerator.

Old Lin looked away toward the pedestrians on both sides of the road.

There were fewer pedestrians here and not many vehicles.

The car gradually quieted down. All that remained was the continuous buzzing and vibration of the mobile phone. The boy didn’t care about who was calling his phone and didn’t even want to answer the incoming calls. His attention was focused ahead.

In such a quiet environment, Old Lin was slightly agitated by the sound of the vibration.

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak. He seemed to be the only one left in the car.

The car passed the Huiyang intersection slowly and the surrounding vehicles gradually overtook them, so there were no other cars.

The familiar winding mountain road scenery gradually entered Old Lin’s field of view. He pressed his hands against his knees and a wrong cognition emerged in his mind. The vibration stopped at an unknown time and it was as if he was the one driving on the road.

At this time, Chen Qizhao changed lanes and stepped on the accelerator.

Suddenly accelerating after driving at 30 km/hr. The gradual climbing speed gave a sudden contrast.

The sudden sound of the accelerator, the howl of the wind through the half open window, as if it was getting faster and faster, faster and faster…

Old Lin’s expression was a bit gloomy and his foot was stepping on something restlessly.

The cognition in his mind was becoming more and more real. He knew what would happen next.

The red light was on at the Panshan intersection and the sidewalk was close at hand.

Step down, step down, step down…

Old Lin’s heartbeat increased and his foot subconsciously pressed down in front of him, stepping on the non-existence accelerator.

Chen Qizhao suddenly said, “With the car window open, the wind comes in through the window…”

At this moment, the howling wind stopped.

The window was closed and the environment suddenly fell quiet.

The speed on the dashboard was uniform and wasn’t as terrifying as the whistling wind.

The speed wasn’t fast.

Old Lin suddenly woke up and looked sharply at the young man sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Doesn’t it feel fast?” Chen Qizhao spoke in a normal tone. “The moment you step on the accelerator, the whole car gradually accelerates under your control… if you step on the pedal to the end, it is acceleration to the extreme. There is the sound of the engine and the warning on the dashboard.”

The boy’s voice was very clear in the quiet car, without pitch fluctuations.

Old Lin’s hands holding his knees tightened a bit.

The young man who was driving released the accelerator and merged into traffic, smoothly stopping behind the vehicle in front.

“Uncle Lin, you didn’t remind me to close the window.” Chen Qizhao glanced at Old Lin slightly out of the corner of his eyes. “Look at the 65 I just reached. There is a slit in the window so it seems like 90 km. The wind is quite piercing, right?”

The traffic sign with a speed limit of 80 stood on the side of the road. It was a red light at the Panshan intersection and Chen Qizhao stopped in traffic.

Old Lin said, “I just forgot.”

“This is why I hate driving with the window down sometimes. There is always a feeling that the car is out of control.” Chen Qizhao said in a normal tone. “Still, Uncle Lin is a very old driver. You are very sure about the speed of the car. and must’ve known it, or you would’ve pulled the handbrake just now.”

Old Lin didn’t speak. His eyes were on Chen Qizhao’s body.

The other person was a young man who just started driving and a little bit of wind could make him chaotic.

“In the future, you will become familiar with driving and won’t be afraid of these things,” Old Lin said.

“Really?” Chen Qizhao chuckled. “I won’t drive any more. It is time to go home for dinner.”

Then he asked, “Where should I turn on this road?”

Old Lin pointed out the direction. Chen Qizhao operated it step by step and successfully turned around at the intersection. Then he headed back to the Chen house.

It was already a bit late when he got home. He reversed into the garage and parked the car. He removed the seat belt and got out of the car. “Thank you for your hard work. I troubled you to accompany me.”

Old Lin got down from the passenger seat. “It’s okay. This is what I should do.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at him meaningfully. “Do you want to go and eat dinner, Uncle Lin?”

Old Lin closed the car door. “Second Young Master, go in first. I will take a look at the car. I just felt that the position of the tire seems a bit unstable.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t stop. He came out of the garage and looked back at the driver Old Lin, who was crouching down near the tire to observe it.

He withdrew his gaze and recalled the look in the eyes of this person in the car. It was a look that was close to madness and wanting to get closer. He ignored the missed calls on his phone and opened the page with the clear accident report details.

-The driver explained that the accident occurred because he made a mistake and didn’t see the red light. This caused him not to brake in time.

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes slightly. Once he raised them again, his eyes were a bit sharp.

Was it a real traffic accident or did he really want to rush over at that time?

Just then, there was a burst of light from outside the villa.

Chen Qizhao looked up and saw Chen Shiming’s car coming in through the gate.

Before the car reached the garage, Chen Shiming got out of the car and walked up to Chen Qizhao, his serious eyes resting on Chen Qizhao.

“I was practicing driving.” Chen Qizhao paused. He remembered the missed calls just now and explained, “I was driving and couldn’t answer the phone, right?”

Chen Shiming’s expression was gloomy and terrifying. He suppressed his voice and asked, “Chen Qizhao, are you crazy?”

Chen Qizhao looked slightly startled.

Chen Shiming was very angry and said directly, “You know that he has a problem but you went out alone with him. If he wanted to attack you, how could you deal with it alone?”

After expressing all of this, he noticed the quietness of the boy in front of him.

Chen Shiming realized that his tone was too serious. “You…”

“Don’t worry,” Chen Qizhao said, his tone relaxed. “I’m not crazy yet.”


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