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MGAG: Chapter 56

Once the handcuffs were placed on Jiang Yuze, his usual expression was finally broken. All the senior executives in the meeting room stared at Jiang Yuze in front of him. They seem to have not reacted to the content of the PPT just now. However, once they did, shock and incomprehensible feelings unfolded in an instant. Discussions continued one after another.

Jiang Yuze stared at the handcuffs on his wrists and listened to the sound of discussion. Humiliation and unwillingness filled his chest. It shouldn’t be like this. All his plans were fine. What went wrong… retracted the confession? Who retracted the confession? Where was the evidence? The assistant surnamed Wang?

Before stepping into the meeting room, Jiang Yuze never thought that the situation would become like this.

His mind ran quickly as he reviewed all the problems in his plan over and over again. Then once he was pushed out by the people behind him, the employees in the group stared at him with incredulous eyes and his thoughts stopped instantly.

Xiao Zhou followed his boss to the meeting room and saw Jiang Yuze with his hands covered by a coat. Several strange men were pushing him out of the meeting room into the corridor.

There were voices of discussion all around them. Xiao Zhou found out what happened in the meeting room after a while and looked at Assistant Jiang with surprise, as if he hadn’t expected him to be such a person.

He suddenly realized something and looked at the boss standing next to him.

“Boss…” Xiao Zhou spoke while noticing the interest on his boss’ face.

All the discussions were about Jiang Yuze. It seemed that the matter of Chen Shiming having a transmitter placed on him was suppressed and not many people discussed it. Chen Shiming had been so close to the police the past few days and Chen Qizhao naturally knew his prior arrangements. This included Chen Shiming going out half an hour later than him this morning… obviously, he had already made preparations.

Chen Shiming wasn’t stupid enough to put himself in danger. For Chen Qizhao, all other things were trivial as long as Chen Shiming didn’t have a car accident.

He was watching the excitement when he noticed Xiao Zhou’s gaze from next to him.

Chen Qizhao smiled and pointed at Jiang Yuze. “See? An unlucky person.”

He stood in the crowd, his indifferent eyes on Jiang Yuze. He watched Jiang Yuze gradually walk away.

Xiao Zhou didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry: “……”

He thought to himself about why his boss wasn’t enthusiastic about other things. He just loved to watch the excitement.

There were more and more onlookers and the company’s security guards hurried over to control the scene. Hearing the confusion of the other employees around him and the evacuation of the managers of various departments, Chen Qizhao looked at Jiang Yuze’s back and sneered inwardly.

It was easy to get Jiang Yuze to be criminally detained but it wasn’t easy to expose all of Jiang Yuze’s crimes. Today, he could use all this proof to force Jiang Yuze to lose his reputation. Given the degree of caution of the other party, it would take some time to nail him completely.

Chen Qizhao throwing things out like this at this time was indeed uncertain, but he didn’t want to leave Jiang Yuze any more chances. After finding out about the matter of Chen Shiming’s car accident, his worried heart was basically half stable. At the very least, he knew Chen Shiming’s car accident was man-made and found out the people behind the scenes… then there was no need for Jiang Yuze to stay.

At present, this much evidence was enough for Jiang Yuze to stay in prison for several years. He had already sent the content of the PPT and other evidence to Chen Shiming via email. Chen Shiming could follow Jiang Yuze’s line to find out the rest and evidence of all the criminal acts that Jiang Yuze did in the past. This would let Jiang Yuze spend the rest of his life in prison.

There was also the transmitter, and the aromatherapy at home… there were many crimes on Jiang Yuze’s body and his current fate was all his fault.

Once Jiang Yuze was exposed, Lin Shizong hiding behind him might not be safe.

The relationship between the two of them was so close. Even if Jiang Yuze carefully wiped out some traces, the incident happened too suddenly and some things might not be destroyed in time. From the corner of Chen Qizhao’s eyes, he saw Chen Shiming talking with some plain clothes police officers. Not long after, the police went to Jiang Yuze’s office. It seemed that they had Chen Shiming’s permission to investigate the computer in Jiang Yuze’s office.

Chen Qizhao looked around. He soon passed through the crowd and entered the meeting room. There were still many people in the meeting room. The company’s network engineer was already investigating the computer in the meeting room. The personnel were mixed and not many people noticed him.

He saw some high-level shareholders in the meeting room who were talking to his father, Chen Jianhong. He bypassed their field of view to the location where he installed the bug. He removed the bug stuck under the table and put it in his pocket.

Chen Qizhao came out of the meeting room and happened to see Chen Shiming standing at the door.

Chen Shiming’s eyes stayed on Chen Qizhao’s body with a bit of scrutiny and doubt in his eyes.

Chen Qizhao looked at him head-on.

Chen Qizhao saw that Chen Shiming was about to speak when Special Assistant Xu hurried over. “Boss, someone from Sheng Ming came to the company to make trouble.”

“Sheng Ming?” Chen Qizhao asked. “Who is making trouble?”

“One of Sheng Ming’s original shareholders seems to have a dispute with Jiang Yuze. He is holding a lot of photos similar to the PPT in the meeting room just now and he made many copies.” Special Assistant Xu stopped talking. “He… he smashed these photos on Assistant Jiang. Now everyone in the company knows about it.”

Hearing this, Chen Qizhao raised an eyebrow. He spoke to Xiao Zhou next to him and was about to walk out.

Chen Shiming asked, “Where are you going?”

“Do I still need to say it?” Chen Qizhao replied. “Go and watch the excitement.”

Chen Qizhao arrived at the door of the company and saw a middle-aged man cursing in the direction of the police car and throwing a lot of photos at Jiang Yuze. There were photos all over the ground and more onlookers came to watch. The scene could be described as very lively. He looked at the man and then Jiang Yuze in the police car with great interest.

Jiang Yuze cared about his reputation the most. Now he had lost face and everyone knew it.

Xiao Zhou asked, “Boss?”

“It is boring. I’m done watching.” Chen Qizhao waved his hand. “Continue to watch and let me know if there is any more excitement.”

Xiao Zhou was stunned. “Boss, where are you going?”

“Go back to the office and sleep.”

The Chen group was destined to be uneasy today. Chen Jianhong asked Chen Shiming about the details of the truck in the morning. Then he became busy coordinating things to stabilize the Chen Group while avoiding rumors from affecting the stock price.

Sheng Ming’s acquisition was directly postponed and Chen Shiming continued to assist the police in the investigation after going to Chen Jianhong’s office. He had the assistant group find all the projects handled by Jiang Yuze.

Chen Qizhao dealt with the aftermath of the PPT in the office to prevent unnecessary trouble from finding him. After all these busy things, he felt sleepy and casually wrapped himself in a coat to fall asleep on his office sofa.

Once he woke up, there was already a faint orange light outside the window. It was obviously evening.

Chen Qizhao sat up from the sofa. He had been sleeping curled up for a long time and his neck was a bit stiff. He looked at his phone with a calm face. He hadn’t expected to sleep to this point in time. He just wanted to call Xiao Zhou when he suddenly noticed something.

He looked up and saw Chen Shiming sitting in his office chair and reading documents.

As if noticing his gaze, Chen Shiming looked over. “Are you awake?”

“Knock on the door before entering someone else’s office.” Chen Qizhao frowned slightly.

“I didn’t want to wake you up since you were sleeping. What did you do last night?” Chen Shiming put down the document and glanced at the time on his watch. “You can sleep until this time. It seems that your quality of sleep is good.”

Chen Qizhao simply sat up. He casually grabbed a cup of water on the table and drank a few sips of cold water to sober himself up. “It’s nothing. Can’t you sleep after watching the excitement?”

“There is a follow-up to the transmitter matter.” Chen Shiming stood up, walked to Chen Qizhao’s side and handed him the document in his hand. He briefly told Chen Qizhao about this morning’s truck while paying attention to Chen Qizhao’s expression. “You don’t look surprised.”

Chen Qizhao stopped and his brain that had just woken up cleared a bit. “Oh, isn’t it that nothing happened to you…”

He realized that his tone was wrong and changed his words. “In addition, didn’t you contact the police earlier? I thought those people were caught a long time ago.”

Chen Shiming ignored him and continued, “So far, we haven’t found the mastermind behind the scenes but we followed the line of Mr Liu from the car yard and found a lot of clues. In addition, there is the truck driver. The driver is still taking everything on himself but this involves intentional injury. He is still being held in the detention center.”

“The driver was found today. Since he knew about the transmitter in advance, the police identified several suspects after interviews and searches…” Chen Shiming paid attention to Chen Qizhao’s expression. He watched the other person drinking water with an innocent face and had other thoughts in his heart. The other party used the GPS to commit a crime. Judging from what the police had sorted out, this matter was a careful arrangement.

However, the police obtained more cues than they imagined and some investigation parts even became easier. Everything was very smooth. It was as if some clues had been fixed there and someone was helping them behind the scenes, guiding them step by step to find the target person.

It was just like the computer that was manipulated in the meeting room today. Without anyone being prepared, it pointed the finger at Jiang Yuze, a person no one had suspected. Chen Shiming also found out on the way to the company the news that the police obtained a testimony. The timing of these things was too coincidental. It was as if they were linked together and someone was throwing out information that was beneficial to the Chen family…

The person behind it knew his every move and matched him perfectly.

Chen Shiming was skeptical at first. Then there was the computer manipulated in the meeting room and the evidence that was sent to his computer anonymously in the afternoon. This undoubtedly helped him understand this ally.

Chen Qizhao noticed the slight change in Chen Shiming’s expression. He had left too many holes for Chen Shiming… or it should be said that he didn’t try to hide anything in front of his family. For a clumsy lie such as picking up the GPS transmitted in the back seat of the car, Chen Shiming just needed to ask Mr Liu and he would find out that the transmitter was placed in the amulet bag instead of the back seat of the car.

He put down the water glass and suddenly said, “Chen Shiming, what do you think?”

“What do I think?” Chen Shiming withdrew from his thoughts and looked at the younger brother he didn’t understand in front of him.

“If there is a car accident—” Chen Qizhao suddenly looked at Chen Shiming. “If I hadn’t found the transmitter and you rode this car as usual. Then once you passed the Panshan intersection, the truck drove out next to you and the speed was uncontrollable…”

He spoke up to here and suddenly stopped.

Chen Shiming frowned slightly as he noticed Chen Qizhao’s strangeness. “Car accident? Panshan intersection? What are you talking about?”

“Nothing.” Chen Qizhao controlled his breathing slightly. His mind seemed to recall the video of the accident that he saw in his previous life. Two cars with a fast speed collided together and the front of the truck was directly smashed…

The surveillance images in his brain were gradually becoming clearer, constantly playing slowly or backward, reproducing the scene of the collision. The silent surveillance video played the irreparable disaster.

In the morning, the place where the police caught the driver wasn’t the Panshan intersection. Besides, his daily driving speed wasn’t uncontrollable. Chen Shiming frowned slightly and was about to ask a few questions.

At this time, Chen Qizhao’s phone on the desk suddenly rang.

Chen Qizhao woke up from his thoughts. He saw Shen Yuhuai’s name lit up on the phone screen and paused for a moment. Then he picked up the phone directly in front of Chen Shiming. “Brother Huai?”

Shen Yuhuai came out of the room with several test results.He stopped and told the person on the other end of the phone, “The test results are out.”

Chen Qizhao heard this and his breathing stopped slightly.

“It is the aromatherapy from the car yard and several samples you sent earlier.” Shen Yuhuai’s tone was a bit heavier as he said directly. “Their ingredients are completely inconsistent with the standards of car aromatherapy. This isn’t the point. The point is that we have detected a variety of compounds with similar structures from these samples.”

“These compounds are harmful to humans.”


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