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MGAG: Chapter 57 Part 1

The news of Jiang Yuze’s detention reached Lin Shizong’s ears an hour after the incident. He was in a meeting at the time. The moment he heard the news, he directly left the meeting room and communicated with the other people who remained in the Chen Group to understand the ins and outs of this incident.

He heard that someone hacked into the computer of the meeting room and used the form of the PPT to show videos and photos of Jiang Yuze colluding with people. A number of high level executives of the Chen Group were present at the time and almost everyone knew about it.

The moment Lin Shizong heard this, he knew that Jiang Yuze’s chess piece was completely wasted. He immediately ordered people to go to Jiang Yuze’s hidden residence to eliminate other evidence. Then he let the people who remained in the Chen Group pay attention to the actions of the police and the Chen family.

Once something happened to Jiang Yuze, there would be many things on their side that were involved.

Lin Shizong trusted Jiang Yuze very much and also trusted his abilities. All his layouts in the Chen Group were inseparable from Jiang Yuze’s manipulation. Now that Jiang Yuze was arrested, it was equivalent to his other layouts in the Chen Group having no leader. It wouldn’t be so easy to use Jiang Yuze’s duties to act within the Chen Group as before.

“It shouldn’t be…” Lin Shizong frowned slightly. He and Jiang Yuze acted very cautiously. Apart from the things they did themselves, everything else was done through a large circle. This method left enough time for them to alleviate or deal with emergencies. If Chen or other people checked them, Jiang Yuze would have time to get out before the other person completely checked until the end.

It was due to this that Jiang Yuze could stay in the Chen Group for so many years and even climb to the position beside Chen Jianhong.

Now this incident in the meeting room broke out suddenly and they didn’t receive any news in advance. They didn’t have any time for them to do anything and the other person handled Jiang Yuze in one fell swoop.

This person didn’t investigate according to their expected plan at all. They locked onto Jiang Yuze from the beginning, so they were able to ignore other redundant obstacles and attack Jiang Yuze directly without alarming other units.

Jiang Yuze was his most hidden chess piece and now he was gone.

Ever since planning this matter decades ago, Lin Shizong had never fallen into such a passive state. He could still maintain his sanity and make plans again previously when Chen Shiming destroyed part of his layout. Now it was different. Without Jiang Yuze, it was impossible to destroy the Chen Group in one go…

Lin Shizong immediately ordered others to investigate this matter and found that the most important piece of evidence was the confession of Yu Jie and others in prison and the recording of Assistant Wang. Assistant Want was easier to check. He had people follow this line and found that someone threatened Assistant Wang with evidence of his previous actions. In order to save his future, he leaked the recording.

However, the matter of the prison was more difficult. Due to Jiang Yuze’s affair, it became more difficult for Lin Shizong’s people to check. Yu Jie and the others were protected as important witnesses and no one was allowed to visit them in prison during this time.

Still, Lin Shizong undoubtedly knew one thing. The person who opposed them targeted Jiang Yuze from the beginning, which was how they could find evidence so accurately.

“Chairman Lin, then we should now…”

“Investigate.” Lin Shizong’s eyes sank slightly. “Find this person.”

In the office, Shen Yuhuai’s call caused Chen Qizhao’s brain to freeze for a moment.

Compounds? Harmful to the human body?

Chen Qizhao asked, “What do you mean?”

Chen Shiming stood beside him. Seeing the slight change in Chen Qizhao’s expression when he answered the phone, the strange feeling in his heart became heavier again. If he read correctly, the phone screen had Shen Yuhuai’s name.

“As far as the aromatherapy products on the market are concerned, most of them are produced on the premise of meeting human safety standards. Aromatherapy products that don’t meet the standards will have effects on the human body such as dizziness and headaches, but these problems aren’t big.”

Shen Yuhuai stopped slightly. He stood at the door of the lecture room and told Chen Qizhao, “In the test samples you gave me, most of the ingredients are the same as the aromatherapy formulas on the market, but their proportion of fragrances is higher. It is fine in a wide space but in a small space like a car that is enclosed for a long time, such fragrances will be too strong and produce a pungent smell.”

“There is something wrong with the fragrances” Chen Qizhao’s eyes were slightly stunned. “Is that what you mean?”

“Yes, these fragrances are mixed with extra compounds that are harmful to the human body,” Shen Yuhuai explained. “Most of these types of compounds are colorless and odorless. A small amount only gives off a subtle smell. I think they increased the fragrances in order to cover up some of the smell.”

He finished speaking and explained the functions of the main compounds to Chen Qizhao. “Short-term intake is no problem. At most, it will cause dizziness and headaches. But long-term use of this type of aromatherapy will make people feel dizzy and have headaches for a long time. It will even cause fatigue. Even longer intake of this thing isn’t good. It is a carcinogen. If people ingest it for a long time in a confined space where the odor concentration is about a certain standard, there is a possibility of developing diseases.”

Developing diseases…?

Chen Qizhao opened his mouth slightly, his voice trembling. “What serious implications will it have on the three high groups?” (Three highs= high blood pressure, blood sugar and fat)

Chen Shiming frowned slightly when he heard Chen Qizhao’s words. Three high groups?

“Maybe you need to consult the relevant doctor about this.” Shen Yuhuai’s tone was a bit solemn. “But these things are harmful to the human body. From a possibility standpoint, they should have a certain impact.”

Chen Qizhao thought of Chen Jianhong’s cerebral hemorrhage after Chen Shiming’s car accident in his previous life. As a middle-aged man, Chen Jianhong was high in all three areas and his physical condition wasn’t better than young people. If he ingested such a thing for a long time, it might be one of the reasons for his sudden cerebral hemorrhage. There was also Zhang Yazhi… Zhang Yazhi died of a malignant tumor. The aromatherapy might’ve been placed in Chen Jianhong’s car but Zhang Yazhi would occasionally take the family car.

The test results that Shen Yuhuai mentioned were telling Chen Qizhao exactly one thing.

The tragedy of his parents in his previous life wasn’t an accident, but a murder that had been carefully planned for several years.

It started with planning Chen Shiming’s car accident… no, the placement of the poisonous aromatherapy was much longer than that. The time when the two people had an accident in his previous life was a few years later. In other words, several years after they ingested these poisons… it was planned earlier than Chen Shiming’s car accident.

“It is recommended to change the aromatherapy at home immediately and take Uncle Chen and Aunt Zhang to the hospital for a detailed physical examination.” Shen Yuhuai nodded at passing colleagues. “This is a serious situation. You should tell your family and call the police immediately.”

He finished speaking and noticed the silence on the other end of the phone. “Qizhao?”

“I know…” Chen Qizhao’s reaction was a bit slow as he said, “I’ll tell them.”

Shen Yuhuai frowned slightly before asking, “Where are you now?”

Chen Qizhao paused. “I’m at the company.”

Shen Yuhuai noticed the strangeness in Chen Qizhao’s tone. “Then wait for me at the company. I will bring you the inspection reports.”

The office was quiet. The sunset orange light outside the window was increasing and the light in the room gradually faded.

Chen Shiming watched Chen Qizhao hang up the phone. He saw that Chen Qizhao’s face was even gloomier and asked, “Aromatherapy? Three highs?”

Chen Qizhao ignored Chen Shiming. His slightly confused mind was thinking about other things. It was certain that there was a problem with the aromatherapy but where did the aromatherapy come from? He never doubted the aromatherapy before because it was purchased by Zhang Yazhi. Then was there something wrong with the store that made the aromatherapy or was the aromatherapy artificially replaced along the way?

Did Lin Shizong install other people in the Chen family or in Zhang Yazhi’s social circle?

A short silence spread between the two brothers. Chen Shiming looked at Chen Qizhao and for some reason, he suddenly became impatient. He had too many guesses. The more obvious the evidence was, the more he felt unsure about certain things.

For example, regarding the GPS transmitter. He helped Chen Qizhao explain the transmitter matter, or the police would’ve found Chen Qizhao right away after interrogating Mr Liu. For example, he went to investigate the general control room on the floor where the meeting room was located. Among the people coming and going, he noticed that Chen Qizhao had briefly appeared near the meeting room on the day he entered his father’s office.

Sometimes paying too much attention to a person could reveal the abnormality in their behavior trajectory.

The day before the GPS transmitter was located, Chen Qizhao went to the car yard and inspected all the vehicles sent for regular maintenance on the grounds that Zhang Yazhi dropped her earring. At the same time, Shen Yuhuai went there with Chen Qizhao and took away samples of the aromatherapy from the cars. In addition, Chen Qizhao decided to look for the object at home and went in and out of the garage many times.

Going further back, there was the Glory Series and then Ruizhen Electronics…

Every time he found a clue about a major issue within the group, Chen Qizhao was always there.

The outside world had always criticized and ridiculed his younger brother.

But Chen Shiming wasn’t ignorant. Chen Qizhao’s changes and these details were telling him that his younger brother, who was called a good-for-nothing, actually wasn’t ordinary at all.

Chen Qizhao didn’t ask previously, but the situation had reached the point of hiring murderers. As the oldest brother, he had to understand what role Chen Qizhao was playing in this and if Chen Qizhao was in danger.

“Aromatherapy. Is it the aromatherapy sample that Shen Yuhuai took away from the car yard last week?” Chen Shiming was very straightforward as he pushed a document in front of Chen Qizhao. “I have asked people to transfer to me the surveillance of the car yard last week and to cover up the appearance of you and Shen Yuhuai in the car yard. However, there are some things you have to tell me clearly, Chen Qizhao.”


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    First dumb thing the antagonists did, even if they underestimated the enemy, why keep playing with mc for so many years instead of cleanly killing him too?

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