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MGAG: Chapter 55 Part 2

On the PPT in the meeting room, a list of the project participants and the person in charge at that time appeared.

The important people involved at the time were marked. Once the people in the meeting room had a general impression of this list, a photo appeared. This photo showed a person with no intersection with this project i.e. Jiang Yuze’s assistant. In addition, various pieces of evidence appeared on the PPT, all pointing to the assistant’s multiple visits to the office of the Huanhong project, the way he avoided people’s eyes and met with a specific project team leader.

“This isn’t right.” At this time, an older, senior executive stood up. “If I remember correctly, this person is Assistant Jiang’s assistant, right? This person shouldn’t have anything to do with Huanhong. Huanhong wasn’t a project that headquarters was responsible for at the time. There should be no reason for him to contact the personnel of Huanhong except for the person in charge.”

Jiang Yuze could still explain it. “This person’s surname is Wang. He used to be my assistant, but he resigned and is no longer working for me.”

He looked at the PPT and paused slightly. “I don’t know about this matter at all. Perhaps Assistant Wang talked to someone in private…”

Before Jiang Yuze’s words could finish, an audio was played from the PPT. It was a recording.

What appeared in the recording was Jiang Yuze’s voice and another unfamiliar voice.

Before everyone in the meeting room could react, text matching the content of the call appeared on the screen. A voice similar to Jiang Yuze’s ordered another person to make an agreement with the people of the Huanhong project team to push the blame for the technical leak to another person in the project. The high level executives in the meeting room who knew about the Huanhong project immediately reacted when they heard the name of that person. They realized that he was the deputy head of the technical team who took all the blame and was still in prison.

Jiang Yuze’s face stiffened. It had been too long and he had already forgotten about the Huanhong project.

Now hearing this recording, he felt a rare panic. It was because there was indeed such a conversation in his memory.

All the things that should’ve been dealt with back then were handled and he even privately checked the current status of the assistant. He hadn’t expected that the assistant would record this type of thing and even release it. He could argue that this recording was fake, but what if the other person had more evidence that hadn’t been released and was using this recording to deceive him…

At this time, everyone stared at Jiang Yuze in unison.

The people present were all those with extensive experience. They could see how Jiang Yuze had devoted himself to the group for many years and were willing to believe him when it came to the Sheng Ming matter. However, if this recording was true… It was a big problem. At that time, the incident was quite big but a technician leak was easy to handle. If it actually involved group executives and planting blame, the scope of involvement was too wide… this made them completely unsure of what role Jiang Yuze played here.

Chen Jianhong frowned and looked at Jiang Yuze. His eyes were full of doubt as he observed the assistant who had worked beside him for so many years.

He had suspected that there was a problem with the assistant group under his command. He had doubted many people but Jiang Yuze was the one with the least suspicions. Even if Chen Shiming had multiple pieces of evidence that there were problems with his subordinates, he would choose to close one eye as long as there was no evidence that directly pointed to Jiang Yuze. From a young age to the present, he had watched Jiang Yuze grow up… this person could be regarded as a veteran who had watched the Chen family grow stronger and assisted the Chen Group in overcoming many crises.

Now two things happened in succession and the PPT was still playing. Chen Jianhong suddenly couldn’t see clearly the person who had been assisting him for many years.

“Do you have anything to say?” Chen Jianhong looked at him.

Jiang Yuze was still calculating things in his mind and hesitating over which words he should use to win back Chen Jianhong’s trust. However, he wasn’t sure. The PPT projection was like a time bomb that could explode at any time. He wasn’t sure how much evidence was still in the hands of the other person… every time he thought this person had only one-sided evidence, they would release things that were deeper than the previous one. It was like an extremely patient hunter, tricking him into the trap step by step.

This situation was too passive. Jiang Yuze hadn’t expected it at all so he hadn’t prepared in advance.

He was thinking about it when he saw the eyes of everyone in the meeting room that had fallen on him.

They were either suspicious, disgusted or disbelieving…

Seeing these gazes, Jiang Yuze suddenly saw the disgusted gazes of others who looked at him many years ago.

He hated other people looking at him this way. It always reminded him of his dark childhood where he was trampled on.

It was only by being a superior person with power that people would really look up to him. This was a truth that Jiang Yuze had known since he was a child, from when he witnessed his biological father beating his mother to death or accumulating traces of beatings all over his body… from his childhood of domestic violence to the disgusted eyes of his classmates and teachers in school. He was like a lowly ant. Anyone could step on him and spit on him before finally leaving with a grin.

Later, his biological father froze to death on the street due to alcoholism and he was kicked out by all his relatives. He finally became an orphan that no one wanted.

His orphan status allowed him to gain several more titles such as beast, pariah, bearer of bad luck… he couldn’t stand up in front of anyone. It was only when he was funded by Lin Shizong that he gradually became different. He could change out of his dirty clothes, appear in other schools in a bright and beautiful manner and start a new life with a different look…

However, things weren’t always different. He could still see people with good academic performance laugh at him and could see the teachers’ disappointment in him… he had obviously changed his life but no matter where he went, he always faced such eyes. Thus, he started to long for recognition from others. He rose from having the worst grade to being admitted to a famous university. Finally, he embarked on a life he had never imagined.

It just wasn’t enough. No matter how good his grades were and no matter how outstanding he was, sometimes everything was determined by birth.

He saw the contempt in the eyes of the rich students at school, saw how others could gain connections by waving their hands, saw how some people could gain a bright future without working hard… this was why he knew that these things weren’t enough. If he really wanted to be respected, he had to climb to the highest position.

Jiang Yuze’s goal had never been to be an assistant who needed to look up to people. He wanted more than that.

He had been working hard for so long. He just needed to wait a few more years. Then once Lin Shizong closed the net, he could sit above everything and realize his dreams. Now seeing the eyes of the people in the meeting room, Jiang Yuze felt an indescribable mania. He forced himself to calm down and think about the arrangements over the years. The person behind this couldn’t have so much evidence. If there was really so much evidence, why did the other person delay it until this time to release it…?

Jiang Yuze calmed down and explained it calmly. “Chairman Chen, I don’t know what is going on here. The voice in this recording is indeed similar to mind but I have never planned such a conspiracy with anyone. This recording is…”

At this time, the door of the meeting room was suddenly pushed open.

Jiang Yuze stared blankly as he saw Chen Shiming come in front outside. He was wearing a suit and his body was unharmed as he looked over with sharp eyes.

“I’m sorry to disturb everyone but I think the matter of Sheng Ming’s acquisition still needs to be discussed.” Chen Shiming stepped into the meeting room and glanced at the content being played on the PPT. Special Assistant Xu, following behind him, quickly walked to the console of the projector and drove the stunned Assistant Jiang aside.

Jiang Yuze’s incredulous eyes were still focused on Chen Shiming.

This was impossible! The positioning had obviously stopped. Chen Shiming should’ve suffered a car accident at this point in time. How could he appear here unharmed?

The people in the meeting room hadn’t expected Chen Shiming to appear at this time and their puzzled eyes fell on him.

“Special Assistant Jiang.” Chen Shiming looked at him. “You seem surprised that I am here?”


Chen Shiming scanned the content of the PPT. On the way here, he had already heard about what happened from his other assistants. They said there was a problem in the meeting room and the matter of Sheng Ming’s acquisition hadn’t proceeded as planned. They were held hostage remotely by another person to accuse Jiang Yuze. It was like this person knew his arrangement in advance and specially came here to prepare for him. Therefore, he asked the assistant to go to the general control room as soon as possible to prevent the people in the general control room from breaking the link to the meeting room. He wanted to see what this person wanted to do…

As he expected, this was an ally.

Chen Jianhong looked at his eldest son Chen Shiming. The other person nodded at him.

In the office, Chen Qizhao paused slightly when operating the laptop as he heard Chen Shiming’s voice coming from his earphones.

His eyes deepened as he looked out the window with surprise. “It isn’t bad… the response is fast.”

Xiao Zhou knocked on the door and came in. “Boss, President Chen has arrived at the company and he should’ve gone to the meeting room by now.”

“I got it.” Chen Qizhao cleared the other content on his laptop, organized all the evidence and sent it to a certain inbox. Then he directly destroyed all the evidence on the laptop. After finishing the work, he stretched and said casually, “Oh, let’s go and see the excitement.”

Xiao Zhou looked confused. “Where?”

Chen Qizhao raised an eyebrow. “The meeting room. Have you ever seen a person being unlucky? I’ll take you to see it.”

At the same time, someone in the meeting room said, “President Chen, why are you…”

“I apologize for being late this morning.” Chen Shiming scanned the people in the room and temporarily changed his plan. “Just a few days ago, I found a GPS transmitter in the car I ride in every day.”

There was a commotion in the meeting room when this came out and Jiang Yuze turned very pale.

“I chose to call the police when I discovered it and was under the supervision and protection of the police until this morning’s meeting.” Chen Shiming’s gaze rested on Jiang Yuze. “I set off as usual. Then at a certain intersection, they found a suspicious truck driver setting up an ambush in advance. The police took control of the scene and captured the suspect. They found tracking software for a locator on his phone that he wasn’t able to eliminate yet. According to the available software information, the police and technicians tracked down another location…”

“Unfortunately, they couldn’t get the specific IP.”

Jiang Yuze hadn’t expected Chen Shiming to find out everything in advance but it was okay. He had prepared everything when he arranged this matter and he was sure that the other person couldn’t find him. Now hearing Chen Shiming’s words, he felt even more relieved. The driver was someone that he entrusted others to find. If it was found that it was a deliberate murder attempt, the driver would take the blame and he wouldn’t be discovered. He had already explained in advance that Chen Shiming just needed to get in an accident, not be killed. Now Chen Shiming was fine and the nature of this matter was different.

Then Chen Shiming changed his tone. “But we tracked the location of the mastermind to this headquarters building.”

The moment these words came out, the expressions of the senior executives in the room changed slightly. Someone actually deliberately tried to kill him? It was also right here at headquarters.

“I’m not sure who instigated all of this, but I believe that with the police’s current clues, it should soon be possible to find out the person behind the scenes.

Chen Shiming noticed the changes in the expressions of the others in the room as he spoke. Most of them were surprised. Then he looked at one person.

“But there is one more thing. On the way here, I received a message from the police.” Chen Shiming was looking at Jiang Yuze. “Special Assistant Jiang, I remember that Assistant Yu, who had an accident with the Feihong Glory project earlier, was under you, right?”

Jiang Yuze’s face was still. He had just turned when he found that several people in plain clothes had appeared at the door.

They nodded at Chen Shiming before staring at Jiang Yu. Then they walked over to him. “Jiang Yuze, right? We have received information on our side that a prisoner has modified his confession. You are currently suspected of leaking trade secrets and instructing others to commit illegal acts. Please cooperate with our investigation.”


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