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MGAG: Chapter 52 Part 1

The suburban car yard wasn’t far from S College. Chen Qizhao had originally planned to call a car after going out, but Shen Yuhuai followed him out. Then after hearing that Chen Qizhao was going to the suburban car yard, he wanted to send Chen Qizhao over. Chen Qizhao hesitated for a few seconds before agreeing.

It was a bit troublesome not to have a driver’s license. It sometimes wasn’t convenient to travel.

“Why are you going over there at this time?” Shen Yuhuai started the car and asked casually. “Did something happen?”

“Something might’ve dropped over there.” Chen Qizhao glanced at Shen Yuhuai and lied. “It is my mother’s earring. They seem to have fallen in a car and she let me help her find them while I go to practice driving.” Then he felt that this matter shouldn’t be too urgent so he had to change the wording. “That earring is very important. If it is lost for a long time and taken by someone…”

Shen Yuhuai nodded. “Then you really have to go over and find it immediately.”

Chen Qizhao sighed with relief. He covered himself with his backpack slightly and looked down at the contents of the email on the tablet. The picture of Master Liu and the gangster in the restaurant had been sent. He carefully looked at the ‘gangster’. He had no memory of this person and it wasn’t someone he knew. He guessed that if it was arranged by Jiang Yuze or Lin Shizong, they wouldn’t have communicated with Master Liu in full view. Most likely, this gangster was someone they recruited.

If he wanted to check then he could only follow the clues… Chen Qizhao quickly edited a text message to let the other person pay attention to the people who recently contacted the gangsters.

After doing this, the car had already turned on the road and entered the intersection where the car yard was located. Shen Yuhuai asked, “Is this the road?”

“Drive another kilometer or so.”

Shen Yuhuai’s speed was very steady. As Chen Qizhao was looking down at his messages, the other person had already turned the car and the car yard was close at hand.

Chen Qizhao stuffed things into his backpack indiscriminately. He opened the door and got out of the car. “Brother Huai, you go to work first. I’ll find it and go back by myself later…”

However, Shen Yuhuai got down from the driver’s seat and casually closed the door. “It is faster if two people look for it.”

Chen Qizhao paused slightly.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Aren’t you going?”

“…I’m going.” Chen Qizhao suddenly found that he could never reject Shen Yuhuai.

The car yard was still at once. The manager heard that Chen Qizhao was coming and quickly ran out. He heard that Chen Qizhao came here to look for an earring and asked for details. Chen Qizhao glanced at the manager and just said, “I don’t know which car it was lost in. What are the vehicles that my family recently sent here for maintenance? Simply take me over there.”

The manager saw that Second Young Master Chen was in a hurry and took him to the maintenance workshop straight away. However, they only got halfway there.

“Call a few masters from the repair yard to the office and ask if they found anything during the repair process.” Chen Qizhao looked at the employees in the workshop location. “We can ask them to help find it.”

Seeing this, the manager said, “Yes. It is also possible that they found it, took it away and put it elsewhere.”

Chen Qizhao added, “If you don’t find it, ask the masters to drink tea over there for a while. Then I will go over and ask.”

Shen Yuhuai glanced at Chen Qizhao when he heard this, but didn’t speak.

There were currently only three vehicles sent by the Chen family for maintenance. Among them were the vehicles of Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming. The vehicles at home would be inspected regularly and once the maintenance was completed, sent back to replace other vehicles. Chen Qizhao quickly found Chen Shiming’s car. “I’ll look for it here.”

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes fell on the business car next to him. “Okay, I’ll go over here.”

A few employees of the car yard also came to help. Chen Qizhao asked them to tell him if they found anything.

Seeing Shen Yuhuai going into the business car, Chen Qizhao walked quickly to the side of the car. He checked the situation on the outside of the vehicle first but didn’t find any problems with the tires. Then he casually asked the staff member following him, “Who is responsible for repairing these cars?”

Hearing this, the staff members pointed to Chen Qizhao. “Oh, this one is Master Liu and the two cars over there are Master Chen and Master Tang.”

“Then it should be almost repaired, right?” Chen Qizhao opened the door of the back seat.

The staff member answered every question. “It has been repaired. Someone will come and drive the car away at night.”

The cars were all repaired… Chen Qizhao glanced at the time. It was going to be driven away at night so that surnamed Lu probably didn’t have enough time to do something. In addition, the gangster had handed something to him. It was most likely that something was to be put into the car rather than doing something to the car itself.

Chen Qizhao looked down to find things. Small things could be left in the car but large things probably couldn’t stay here. Judging from the photos in the email just sent, it looked like it was packed in a box. Was there anything that could be placed in a car without being easily noticed?

The staff members at the parking lot were already checking the seams of the car seats. Chen Qizhao withdrew and went directly to the front passenger seat. He checked all corners of the front seat and found nothing suspicious. Just as he was thinking about other spots, he suddenly looked up and saw the rearview mirror.

A piece of jade and an amulet bag were hung from the rearview mirror in the car. Chen Qizhao knew that this thing was in all the vehicles at home. It was an incense amulet obtained by his mother Zhang Yazhi from a temple to pray for the safety of the family. Chen Qizhao reached out to pinch the talisman bag. He pinched through the cotton to the talisman inside, only to suddenly stop his hand.

The next second, his face darkened a bit and he directly untied the amulet bag from the rearview mirror.

After opening the talisman bag, he carefully took the talisman out of it. Finally, he saw a black thing the size of a fingernail at the bottom of the talisman bag. He took it out and his expression sank a bit… if he guessed correctly, this should be a GPS transmitter.

Someone asked Master Liu to put this thing inside to use the GPS to monitor the location of the car.

Jiang Yuze knew that the Chen family’s cars would be regularly inspected and repaired. After the car left the car yard tonight, Chen Shiming would use to travel in the next half a month unless there were accidents. It was difficult for Jiang Yuze to place people on Chen Shiming’s assistant team, so getting Chen Shiming’s specific itinerary was difficult. It was probably because of this that he would risk using the GPS transmitter. The information that could be obtained from monitoring the location of the car…. it was conceivable what the other person’s thoughts were.

Chen Qizhao thought of the truck that collided with Chen Shiming’s vehicle in his previous life and his fingers pinched the transmitter a bit tighter.

Thinking of this, he put the transmitter back in the talisman bag and hung it from the rearview mirror.

The staff member happened to see it and suddenly felt that Second Young Master Chen was too exaggerated.

An earring would drop there, right?

Chen Qizhao sat in the front passenger seat without moving, his face gloomy.

On the other side, Shen Yuhuai followed another staff member to check the other vehicle. The moment he opened the front seat door of the car, he smelt the strong aroma of spices. The smell was heavier than the engine oil in the car yard. Shen Yuhuai frowned at the scent he was smelling from the first time, and his eyes stopped on the car aromatherapy on the right side of the dashboard.

The exquisite and antique aromatherapy box was placed on top and seemed to be the source of the smell.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Isn’t the smell of this aromatherapy a bit heavy?”

“Oh, this is Mr Chen’s favorite aromatherapy box. He always puts such an aromatherapy box in his car. This car was repaired two days ago so it has been stuffy for two days without ventilation. It is normal for it to smell heavy,” the staff member explained.

When the car was moving, it would ventilate and the air disperse. The smell of aromatherapy was also dispersed.

The staff member had been working in the car yard for so long and had long been used to these smells. “Sir, I will look in the back seat. Will you look in the front seat?”

Shen Yuhuai replied affirmatively but his gaze stopped on the aromatherapy box. Many car aromas were installed in the car and they could be heavy or light smells. Shen Yuhuai himself often drove and he was also particular about the aromatherapy in the car. He would replace it once in a while.

He worked with chemicals all year round and was more sensitive to the small of certain materials. The materials of various aromatherapy had specific standards so there were no unqualified car aromatherapy or perfumes on the market. Long-term intake could cause harm to the human body, especially in a narrow space like a car that was enclosed. The harm caused by poor ventilation was even greater.

Shen Yuhuai rummaged through the narrow gap in the front seat and didn’t find any small object similar to an earring.

Once he was about to leave, his eyes stayed on the aromatherapy box for a moment. Then after hesitating repeatedly, he slightly approached the location of the aromatherapy box and smelled his. He frowned slightly and removed the aromatherapy box directly.

This type of aromatherapy was changed regularly. The holder of the aromatherapy box wasn’t so tight and it was easy to remove.

After Shen Yuhuai opened the lid, he noticed the lightly dark marks that appeared inside the light colored aromatherapy. He sniffed it closely and smelled a pungent smell that was different from the rest of the smells.

Seeing Shen Yuhuai’s confusion, the staff member asked doubtfully, “Sir?”

“Hello, is there any alcohol and clean utensils at the car yard?” Shen Yuhuai got out of the car with the aromatherapy diffuser. He glanced around but didn’t find Chen Qizhao. Therefore, he had to say to the staff member, “It is best to prepare a disposable plastic bag for me. I need to fill it with something.”

The staff member paused slightly after hearing the words. “Yes yes, I’ll look for it.”

There were many tools at the car yard, most of them large appliances for car maintenance. The staff member saw that he wanted to get something from the aromatherapy. After much deliberation, he went to get disposable items. “There isn’t anything that has been cleaned and disinfected, but is this okay? It is unopened disposable tableware.”

“Yes.” Shen Yuhuai came to another car and didn’t find the scent of this aromatherapy in the other car.

This was the only car with such aromatherapy. Shen Yuhuai used a disposable spoon to dig out two pieces from the surface of the solid form of aromatherapy. One was the clean aromatherapy and the other contained a bit of dullness. He asked the staff to pack the two of them separately before placing the aromatherapy back in place.

The staff member didn’t quite understand it. “Sir, is there something wrong with this?”

“There are no big problems.” Shen Yuhuai put it away. “It is just that this smell is a bit heavy. I’ll take it back to see if there are any problems with the ingredients.”

Chen Qizhao came out of the car and happened to see Shen Yuhuai communicating with the workers in the car yard. He walked over and saw Shen Yuhuai holding two bags in his hand. He hesitated slightly before asking, “Brother Huai, what’s wrong?”

“I just wanted to tell you that I took some of the aromatherapy from that car and want to take it back for testing.”

Shen Yuhuai handed the bag with two parts to Chen Qizhao. “I took two samples. One looks normal on the surface while the other is showing a chemical reaction.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes darkened when he heard this. “Is there a problem with the aromatherapy?”


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