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MGAG: Chapter 51 Part 2

There were calm days like the storm was coming.

The weather at S College was just right and the sun was shining brightly. Chen Qizhao had many classes these days so he applied for a leave of absence with some courses. However, class was still inevitable when it came to attendance requirements and credits.

At noon, Shen Yuhuai asked him to eat. There was no class in the afternoon so after eating, he planned to go back to the dormitory to read his emails… but Shen Yuhuai asked him to go to the library. Chen Qizhao changed the location of reading the emails from the dormitory to the library. He also deliberately went back to the dormitory to get his tablet and… an advanced level math book to pretend to be studying.

There was still room in the library at noon. Shen Yuhuai took him to the place where he usually sat and saw many chemical engineering students immersed in reading literature. Chen Qizhao found an empty seat while Shen Yuhuai went to the front to find books.

There had been many emails in the past few days. Chen Qizhao simply downloaded everything and integrated the required information together.

Shen Yuhuai came back after finding the books and saw Chen Qizhao fiddling with his tablet in the distance. He flipped through the math book next to him and there was a draft paper book to the side. He walked over and quietly sat opposite Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao saw Shen Yuhuai coming and closed the email page. He opened the advanced math question page he had prepared in advance and held a pen while pretending to think about the question.

However, Shen Yuhuai didn’t speak. His attention was on the book and he started to read the book.

Chen Qizhao observed the other person for a while and saw that Shen Yuhuai was reading seriously. Therefore, he continued to do his own thing. After communicating with Feng Ruyi last time, the other person was still cautious at first. He thought that Chen Qizhao came to ask about his teacher’s crime and avoided the topic for a while. Later, Chen Qizhao used a bit of effort to pry something out of his mouth. Feng Ruyi actually hadn’t taken anything with him when he left the Chen Group. He was just a miscellaneous person when the project team had an accident so he couldn’t be affected when the accident happened. This meant he didn’t get much information.

The current email actually came from a timed email from his teacher.

Feng Ruyi’s teacher was forced to take all responsibilities for the project accident but he vaguely sensed that the situation was wrong before the accident happened. Thus, he left some records in advance. He hadn’t expected that he would later become the scapegoat so that these records couldn’t be considered as evidence. It wouldn’t help if he released it and it might even be distorted by the other person into his bad intentions.

In the end, it all fell into Feng Ruyi’s hands.

Feng Ruyi had investigated the Chen Group over the years. Thanks to these records, he could accurately target some relevant people. He checked for several years and finally set his target on Jiang Yuze. However, Feng Ruyi was an ordinary person and the information he could find was limited. It was just that this information was of great use in Chen Qizhao’s hands. He could check the things that Feng Ruyi couldn’t check and touch the things in the Chen Group that Feng Ruyi couldn’t touch.

Chen Qizhao promised Feng Ruyi to try his best to make the truth of the project public. This allowed him to get a backup of the records from the other person. Then he asked Special Assistant Xu and Xiao Zhou to investigate the internal information of the Chen Group. The excuse he used was very reasonable. Feihong had been developing the technical cooperation recently. It was within the rules to use other information such as technicians from the database. The information was sent to his inbox within two days.

Time was limited. Before the time was ripe, he didn’t know how much he could find through Feng Ruyi’s clues.

Even so, this didn’t affect his plan because he got good news from those who visited the prison.

Chen Qizhao was thinking this when he looked up and saw Shen Yuhuai writing notes.

His gaze involuntarily stopped at the constantly swinging pen. The bone joints holding the pen were more distinct.

At this time, Shen Yuhuai looked up and questioned him silently.

Chen Qizhao paused for a moment. Then he leaned in slightly and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Yuhuai showed the notebook he carried with him. It was already the last page and the paper in his notebook was running out. He pointed to the draft book under Chen Qizhao’s hand. “Can you tear out two sheets of draft paper?”

Chen Qizhao understood and simply handed the draft book to Shen Yuhuai. He asked the other person to tear it out casually.

He had just handed it over when he suddenly saw a message pop up on the tablet and his attention returned to it.

Shen Yuhuai took out the draft paper. This draft book was very new and only had a few pages used. It seemed that Chen Qizhao was an expert. He could see some traces of function deduction. The boy’s pen was very sharp and the writing process was smooth and neat. It wasn’t at all like he wasn’t good at function formulas.

He raised his eyes slightly and saw that the other person was still fiddling with the tablet. From this distance, he couldn’t see the content of the tablet but could vaguely see some text.

This wasn’t the key point. The point was that the page of the book hadn’t moved for 15 minutes.

Chen Qizhao hadn’t turned the page.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t try to expose it. He was about to turn to the back and tear out two pages when he suddenly stopped.

In the chaotic traces of calculations on the draft page, he saw his own name.

By the time Chen Qizhao finished reading the message, Shen Yuhuai had already handed back the draft book. After taking it, he turned the pages of the advanced mathematics book and pretended to answer two questions… by the way, he observed Shen Yuhuai.

Every time he observed Shen Yuhuai, he always felt that he saw something different from this person’s face.

In his previous life, Shen Yuhuai also invited him to the library but the nature of his work was destined to be inherently at odds with the library.

As Shen Yuhuai was reading, Chen Qizhao often went in and out of the library due to his work calls. Later, Shen Yuhuai understood and the place where the two of them met became the cafe.

The number of times he went to the library with Shen Yuhuai was limited, let alone when Shen Yuhuai was still a student.

Chen Qizhao thought that according to the current development, Shen Yuhuai would also study for a doctorate after graduation like in his previous life. Then he would take up a position at the Ninth Research Institute. Other people would be 30 years old when completing their doctorates. Meanwhile, Shen Yuhuai went to college early and after finishing his studies, he had unlimited prospects and became a pillar of the country. This man’s life mostly proceeded smoothly but he finally died in a laboratory accident.

The word accident itself was difficult to determine.

Chen Qizhao remembered the day when Shen Yuhuai passed away. If that day really came in this life, he had to find a way to let Shen Yuhuai avoid it.

Shen Yuhuai unknowingly repeated a sentence in his notebook. His pen slowed down and half the knowledge in his mind disappeared. The moment he casually looked up, he saw that the hand of the person opposite him hadn’t moved in a long time. It held the pen in vain and didn’t touch the tablet that he was very interested in.

After coming to S College’s library for so long, Shen Yuhuai was used to ignoring the surroundings or observing or staring eyes.

Now it had changed to a different person and it was the first time he felt absent-minded.

He didn’t have to look at Chen Qizhao to know what the other person’s expression would be at this time. It was just like the unrestrained gaze of the boy on the other side of the video call in the dim environment that night. Shen Yuhuai could recall Chen Qizhao’s face and he could stitch it together with the other person’s expression and actions in his mind.

Shen Yuhuai stopped writing. At this time, Chen Qizhao’s phone lit up and a number without a caller ID appeared on the mobile phone screen. Shen Yuhuai raised his eyes and noticed that the other person’s hand had lowered. His leisurely and lazy posture was adjusted, like a lazy cat just reacting. He adjusted his posture in an instant.

He looked at Chen Qizhao’s phone. It was a string of numbers and seemed to be an unfamiliar call.

Shen Yuhuai thought that Chen Qizhao would hang up the strange call but he saw the other person’s expression tighten in an instant.

Chen Qizhao picked up his phone, nodded at Shen Yuhuai and pointed to the phone, signaling that he would answer the call.

Shen Yuhuai nodded, pointed to the location next to him and said silently, “Over there.”

Chen Qizhao immediately reacted and walked over to the location that Shen Yuhuai indicated. He emerged from the quiet library area, closed the door of the library’s safety stairs and called the number again.

The moment the call was made, the other person answered almost immediately.

“Boss, you finally picked up.” The tone of the other person was a bit anxious. He seemed to be on the side of the road because the background sound was a bit noisy.

Chen Qizhao asked, “What is it?”

“I did as you asked last time and followed the maintenance masters in the garage.” The man on the phone explained. “Today, I finally gained something. There is a master surnamed Liu among the few people you had us follow. He was supposed to go to work today but he took a leave of absence from the manager and took the subway to a restaurant in the city to meet someone.”

Chen Qizhao’s face suddenly turned cold. “With whom?”

“I don’t know. The other party looks like a gangster.” The person on the phone continued. “I followed into the restaurant and saw a little gangster hand something to Master Liu. The two of them didn’t even eat and the other party left after handing over the thing. I took a photo of the other person and sent it to the previous inbox.”

Chen Qizhao asked again, “What about the surname Liu?”

“After receiving the things, Master Liu took the subway back to the car yard.”

“Continue to watch the one surnamed Liu and find someone to talk to the gangster who met with him.”

Chen Qizhao’s hand holding the phone trembled before he controlled his tone. “Don’t lose track of them.”

“Don’t worry, Boss. We are professionals.”

The person on the phone hung up but Chen Qizhao stood in the sage passage, tightly clenching his hands in the quiet environment. Before investigating this matter, he imagined that there might be an accident. Even so, he wasn’t willing to let go of the slightest clue. This was despite the fact that it was a few years earlier than the car accident in his previous life.

Chen Qizhao’s face showed a bit of fierceness before his tense body relaxed. He stared at the closed door of the staircase and seemed to see Lin Shizong’s sanctimonious appearance overlapped on that door. He laughed, his tone cold and fierce. “Lin Shizong, you really dare…”

In the library, Shen Yuhuai checked his watch again and noticed that 15 minutes had passed. Meanwhile, Chen Qizhao still hadn’t returned from when he answered the phone.

He was just wondering about it when he noticed Chen Qizhao coming out. He saw Shen Yuhuai over here and hurriedly walked over with a slightly serious expression.

Chen Qizhao whispered an explanation in Shen Yuhuai’s ear, “I have to go somewhere.”

Shen Yuhuai lowered his voice and asked doubtfully, “Are you in such a rush?”

Chen Qizhao just said, “I have to leave school.”

He finished speaking and went to pack up the things on the table, putting them in his school bag. He had just looked up when he saw Shen Yuhuai also closing his book and putting the notebook in his bag.

Chen Qizhao was stunned for a moment.

Shen Yuhuai also finished cleaning the table, stood up and glanced at Chen Qizhao.

He walked to Chen Qizhao’s side. “I’ll send you.”


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