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MGAG: Chapter 52 Part 2

“There might be a problem. Who usually changes the aromatherapy in this car?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

“The aromatherapy at home is usually from my mother. She likes this type of fragrance very much and it is usually done through private customization.” Chen Qizhao walked over to remove the aromatherapy and his eyes became even darker. “Is this it?”

Shen Yuhuai told him, “You can compare the smell of this with the smell inside the car.”

Chen Qizhao had sat in the car a few times. The smell in the car wasn’t strong so he hadn’t noticed the problem.

If it wasn’t for Shen Yuhuai mentioning this matter, Chen Qizhao wouldn’t have noticed the aromatherapy problem at all. It was because it was something prepared by Zhang Yazhi and he never doubted it.

Once Shen Yuhuai finished speaking, he noticed that Chen Qizhao’s face was a bit ugly. He added, “It is also possible that there is a problem with the materials used. It won’t be clear until after testing.”

“Privately ordered items might have minor problems in the processing of certain materials by the perfumer. But generally, there should be no problems. For the sake of safety, I will take it back for testing.”

Chen Qizhao heard Shen Yuhuai say this but he didn’t completely relax. He thought of the GPS transmitter that he had just found in Chen Shiming’s car. Then Shen Yuhuai found the aromatherapy so coincidentally. He had been paying attention to the problem of the car tires or parts. He never considered these things, which was his negligence.

“How long does the test take?” Chen Qizhao asked.

“If it is quick, around a week.” Shen Yuhuai noticed the boy’s slightly gloomy expression and asked, “Did you find Aunt Zhang’s earring?”

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned. “Not yet. Maybe she forgot where she put it at home. I’ll look for it when I go back.”

Nothing else was found at the car yard. Chen Qizhao didn’t move the GPS transmitter and he placed the aromatherapy back in its original location. He followed the manager to the office to question the three masters using the pretext of the earrings, but found no other doubts apart from Master Liu who spoke a bit strangely. No other problems were found.

The one thing he was certain about was that the aromatherapy had nothing to do with these masters.

The two of them came out of the car yard. Shen Yuhuai sent Chen Qizhao back to school before going back to the research institute.

Not long after Chen Qizhao arrived at school. he took a taxi directly home. Zhang Yazhi happened to be there when he got home and she was a bit surprised to see Chen Qizhao. “Xiao Zhao, why did you come back at this time? Do you have no classes tonight?”

“There is no class.” Chen Qizhao lied. “Something fell in the car so I’ll go to the garage to look for it.”

Zhang Yazhi asked, “Are you going to have dinner at home?”

Chen Qizhao responded casually. Zhang Yazhi had already called the housekeeper, Uncle Zhang, to prepare more things in the evening.

After arriving at the garage, Chen Qizhao first checked the aromatherapy of each car in the garage and found that it was normal. Chen Qizhao checked the talisman bag and other things in the corner and found nothing suspicious. He had been looking for an item in the garage and Zhang Yazhi and the housekeeper also came to help him find it.

“You kid, why are you so anxious about dropping something?” Zhang Yazhi asked. “Which car did you ride in last time?”

“It is just a small accessory.”

Chen Qizhao got out of the car and stared at it with a heavy expression. The aromatherapy of this car was different from the car in the car yard, but it had the same characteristics. He could notice the strange smell when he smelled it closely.

Coincidentally, this was Chen Jianhong’s car that he took when going out.

Chen Jianhong didn’t stipulate what car he used when going out. He often changed cars due to different occasions but there were only a few cars that were used routinely. Yet by coincidence, the two cars that Chen Jianhong used more frequently had an aromatherapy problem…

Chen Qizhao didn’t believe in coincidences. If there were too many coincidences, it meant it was deliberate.

Zhang Yazhi didn’t know what type of accessory the child dropped. She was about to ask what it looked like but when she turned around, she saw Chen Qizhao standing in front of the car door with his back to her. She had just taken two steps closer when she suddenly paused.

She saw that the back of Chen Qizhao’s hand on the car window had bulging veins and the bone joints of his hand were slightly white due to force.

Chen Qizhao closed the car door. The moment he turned around, he saw Zhang Yazhi standing a few steps behind her. “Mom, what’s wrong?”

Zhang Yazhi seemed to finally react. She calmed down and smiled. “No… Mom just wanted to ask you what it looked like. Did it fall in your brother’s car? Didn’t you take his car to the company the other day?”

“Maybe,” Chen Qizhao replied. “Then don’t look for it first.”

After he finished speaking, he walked to the side. As he left the garage, he looked sideways at another car.

“Ma’am?” The housekeeper asked.

Zhang Yazhi took a deep breath and looked back. “Old Zhang, please ask some people to help you find it. Seeing that the child is in a hurry, that thing is probably important.

The aroma diffuser in Chen Jianhong’s car, the transmitter in Chen Shiming’s car… Once Chen Qizhao returned to the house, the first thing he did was to check the source of the aromatherapy. It was indeed something customized by Zhang Yazhi. He found the box containing the rest of the aromatherapy in the storage room at home and found the address of the private custom store from the packaging of the box. After he took photos of it, he looked at the remaining fragrances out of the corner of his eyes.

Once the father and son of the Chen family came back from work, they were a bit surprised to see Chen Qizhao at home. Chen Shiming looked at Chen Qizhao with a slight frown.

During the meal, Chen Jianhong said a few words to Chen Shiming. Then he suddenly noticed that Chen Qizhao’s face didn’t look very good and he barely took a few bites of the meal in front of him. During this time, Chen Qizhao had talked less at the dinner table but not talking didn’t mean he had no appetite to eat.

“How have your studies been lately?” Chen Jianhong asked.

Chen Qizhao looked at Chen Jianhong after hearing these words. What was the problem with the aromatherapy? In his previous life, was Chen Jianhong’s cerebral hemorrhage related to the aromatherapy and what relationship did Lin Shizong and Jiang Yuze play in it? Why did Zhang Yazhi buy spices with problems? Did something intersect it halfway or was there a problem with the store itself that made it? Why did these fragrances come out precisely in Chen Jianhong’s car…?

He was thinking this when he noticed the white strands that had appeared in Chen Jianhong’s hair. His hands hidden under the dining table tightened a bit.

Chen Qizhao said, “It’s okay.”

“Xiao Zhao has no class tonight and it is hard for him to come back. Why do you keep asking these questions?” Zhang Yazhi gave Chen Qizhao some food. “This child has lost so much weight recently. Come, this is your favorite. Eat more.”

Chen Shiming looked slightly sideways.

After eating, Chen Shiming asked Zhang Yazhi a question and found out that Chen Qizhao went to look for something in the car when coming back. He wondered what Chen Qizhao had dropped in the car. Then he noticed lights coming on from outside the villa. He stood on the balcony of the second floor and looked over. He saw it was people from the car yard coming to change the cars.

He thought about how Chen Qizhao had lost something and went out of the villa to take a look. Then he saw Old Lin handing things over to the people of the car yard and asked, “Have you found anything in the car the past few days when repairing it?”

“Is it an earring?” The person from the car yard thought Chen Shiming was asking about the earring and replied. “No. The Second Young Master looked for it at the car yard this afternoon but couldn’t find it.”

Chen Shiming frowned. Chen Qizhao had also gone to the car yard in the afternoon to look for it?

After the vehicles were handed over, the people of the car yard drove away with the other cars in the garage. Chen Shiming glanced at Old Lin, who was parking to adjust the positions, and soon returned to the villa.

“Young Master, your father is waiting for you in the study,” the housekeeper told him.

Chen Shiming came to the study and found documents spread out on the table. They all contained things he had checked during this period of time and were related to the dispute between the Lin family and Yicheng. Some things were much easier to investigate as soon as a direction was found. In particular, after focusing on Fu Yanyu and Fang Chengjie, there was a reasonable explanation for the cause and effect of the matter. For example, Yicheng dealt with the Lin family like a mad dog and the direct reason was actually Fang Chengjie. They believed that this time, Yicheng Medical’s new product went wrong because of the collusion between the Lin family and the Fang family.

“Specifically, the senior management of Yicheng received an anonymous email and related personnel of the Lin family had contacts with Fang Chengjie,” Chen Shiming said. “Fu Yanyu was also on our list of Feihong spokespersons from the beginning. Later the other person went back on it, so we retreated and chose Nie Chenxiao.”

After saying this, he looked at Chen Jianhong. He paused for a moment before continuing. “But if Nie Chenxiao didn’t become popular at that time, the consequence of Fu Yanyu’s temporary withdrawal would be the collapse of the publicity of our new product.”

Chen Jianhong closed his eyes before opening them again. “Due to the failure of the project, we would’ve put the main contradiction on Yicheng, who pried away Fu Yanyu at a high price.”

“Yes,” Chen Shiming said. “It can be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

He looked at his father quietly. He didn’t know if it was his illusion but he felt that Chen Jianhong had become much older during this time.

“Next, I will focus on various foreign cooperation and the Lin family will become our main direction.” Chen Shiming didn’t say much. He paused for a moment before telling his father, “You should pay more attention to your body.”


At night, Chen Shiming returned to his room and arranged other things. Once this was done, he went downstairs to pour a glass of water. As he was passing Chen Qizhao’s room, he saw a faint light seeping through the door’s crack. He moved closer to the room and didn’t hear the sound of games being played or tapping on the keyboard, so he soon left.

Meanwhile, inside his room, Chen Qizhao brought the leftover aromatherapy kept at him, dug up a solid piece of them and sorted them out one by one. He planned to go to the research institute tomorrow and hand these things over to Shen Yuhuai for testing.

As for the aromatherapy store, he had entrusted others to investigate it. It would take some time for the results of the investigation to come out. He walked to the window and saw the location of the garage on the other side of the garden. Then his eyes swept to the transmitter on the table that he had just taken out of the garage.

Chen Qizhao confirmed that it was a simple GPS transmitter. In order to make it smaller, the functions should be streamlined.

At present, the transmitter was in an activated state but it was always in the Chen family’s villa. There was no large-scale distance movement so the people monitoring it behind the scenes probably wouldn’t be suspicious. He pondered on it slightly. According to the time of the regular maintenance of the car and the battery time of the GPS transmitted, it would happen in two weeks at most.

Chen Qizhao clenched his fists slightly when thinking of this.

Early the next morning, the Chen family members got up one after another to go to work.

Chen Shiming headed to the company early. He had just gotten into the car when he saw a person running out of the villa. Chen Qizhao stopped his car and knocked on the car window. “Can I take your car as well? I have to go to the company to find something.”


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    1. Kisaki Tsubasa says:

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