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MGAG: Chapter 50 Part 1

The night’s drinking party lasted until midnight and everyone at the venue basically showed a lot of drunkenness. Chen Qizhao leaned slightly against the sofa and glanced at Qin Yunxuan. The latter had completely immersed in the drinking party and spoke more casually with others.

People would be wary in unfamiliar scenes, but to break this vigilance, he just needed to make the target person feel that the environment wasn’t full of threats.

Chen Qizhao’s intermittent chats with Qin Yunxuan had achieved his goal. After receiving the information he wanted, he didn’t want to stay here for a long time. He found a reason to take Yan Kailin to withdraw first. By the time he arrived at the door, he saw that the family’s car had arrived.

Yan Kailin was even drunker. He was floating as he walked and the eight of half his body was all pressed on Chen Qizhao’s body.

The moment Chen Qizhao left the sight of the group in the private room, the drunkenness on his face dissipated. He stuffed Yan Kailin into the back seat of the car and got in himself. The driver was Old Lin, the driver of the family. During this time, Chen Qizhao’s frequency of drinking had become higher. In order to find a reason to easily withdraw from the venue, he often moved Chen Shiming out as a pretense and he asked the driver of his family to pick him up.

“We’re miserable! We aren’t minors. Why do we have to be checked when drinking alcohol?” Yan Kailin mumbled vaguely. “I haven’t found a wife yet. What should I do when looking for a wife in the future?”

Chen Qizhao opened the window to ventilate the car. He pinched his brow and said to Old Lin, “Go to the Yan house first and send him back.”

Old Lin replied positively.

Chen Qizhao closed his eyes slightly while thinking about the next arrangement in his heart. Qin Yunxuan could tell him the news of Sheng Ming’s internal strife tonight. Then naturally, Qin Yunxuan could turn around and disclose the Chen family’s planned acquisition of Sheng Ming to his friend in Sheng Ming. It involved interests and it was estimated that once this news was released, some people might have a headache.

Drinking alcohol was a good opportunity to pretend to be drunk and pass on some mixed news directly to Sheng Ming through Qin Yunxuan.

“Uncle Lin, can you drive faster?” Chen Qizhao frowned. “I will be criticized again when I get back late.”

“Okay,” Old Lin answered and raised the speed to 70 while explaining, “However, this road has poor visibility at night and it isn’t suitable for driving too quickly.”

Through the rearview mirror, the eyes of the person in the driver’s seat could be seen. Chen Qizhao’s eyes paused there for a long time before finally looking out the window at the scenery along the way.

Feihong had more work due to the project but it was easy with Xiao Zhou’s help.

Once the school year started, school matters came one after another. There were a bit more courses in the second semester than the last semester and professional classes started to be arranged. Chen Qizhao hadn’t studied this knowledge systematically and he didn’t want to be left behind in some classes. However, he wanted to skip the general education classes. This was why he kept talking to the counselor. He didn’t need to do some things by himself and he had a lot of free time.

Chen Qizhao sat in the back of the classroom and the teacher of advanced mathematics was passionately explaining the functions solution.

He flipped through the chat records and saw that the message sent to Shen Yuhuai hadn’t received a reply.

Shen Yuhuai seemed to be a bit busy during this time. It was said that there were new arrangements at the institute after the new year and he often broke off chatting with Chen Qizhao halfway. Then he would reply hours later.

Ever since Chen Qizhao was reborn, he often dreamed of the countless bad things in his previous life. Sometimes, he couldn’t tell the difference between his previous and current life. He always had a sense of delusion beyond reality… but these days, he would dream of Shen Yuhuai, drinking coffee with each other in the cafe and working quietly in his previous life, or watching the fireworks together by the sea. There were no troublesome things and he just stayed in the relatively good time when he and Shen Yuhuai knew each other.

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes. Compared to going to the beach to watch the fireworks that day, he suddenly felt that this reality was more real.

The two of them were busy with their own careers and ate and played together in their spare time… it should be like this but every time he thought of getting along in this way, he felt a bit unwilling.

He thought to himself while the hand holding the pen wrote the words ‘Shen Yuhuai’ on the calculation paper.

[Xiao Zhou: Boss, do you have time at noon?]

A message popped up on the phone pressed against the calculation paper. Chen Qizhao’s mind returned and he sent a message back to the other person.

During this period of time, Xiao Zhou had been spending a lot of time on the Feihong cooperation. After signing the contract, both parties basically started the process and the preparatory work made him run between both sides. It was 12 o’clock when he came out of the Shen Building and 1 o’clock when he arrived at S College. He was more than half an hour later than the time he agreed upon with the boss. He hurriedly found the third cafeteria of S College according to the address on VX. The moment he went up to the second floor, he saw the boss sitting by the window.

Xiao Zhou was even more apprehensive after seeing that the boss was already bored enough to play with his phone. He made the boss wait for half an hour. Would his salary be deducted?

“Boss, I’m sorry I’m late…” He thought about his words and wanted to explain, but he was interrupted by Chen Qizhao.

“Have you eaten?”

Xiao Zhou blurted out, “Not yet.”

He wanted to explain with a bit more words when he saw the boss hand over a campus card.

Chen Qizhao told him, “The cafeteria isn’t closed. You can swipe what you like to eat.”

Xiao Zhou was stunned for a moment before thanking him. He took the campus card and was walking away, when he called for Chen Qizhao to stop.

“Are you a hungry ghost reincarnated? Leave the documents behind before leaving.” Chen Qizhao glanced at the briefcase in Xiao Zhou’s hand. “Get me some as well by the way. There is chicken rice over there. Order their signature dish.”

Xiao Zhou put down his briefcase and hurried away.

Chen Qizhao glanced sideways before quickly retracting his gaze to look at the documents in his hand.

Xiao Zhou arrived and ordered two sets of the signature chicken rice. As he waited for the meal, he sneaked a look at the boss sitting by the window. The other person was looking at the plan and turning the pages very quickly. It wasn’t known if he was actually reading it or not. Xiao Zhou was still a bit dazed when the store finally put two servings of chicken rice on the tray. He brought the rice over and saw that the boss was still reading the documents. He didn’t intend to move his chopsticks for a while.

“You eat yours.” Chen Qizhao didn’t raise his head as he turned to another page. “How many preparations in the plan should be prepared in advance? Why is the speed on the Shen side slowing down?”

The relationship between Shen and Chen was good. Such a project shouldn’t be delayed or slackened. The slow progress was really suspicious.

Xiao Zhou explained it. “There is a bit of a problem with the technical center over there. It has been stuck several times while saying that the budget data is wrong.”

The reason why he was late today was also related to this matter. The most troublesome point of cooperation between the two parties was that the confirmation of each problem needed to be confirmed by both parties. The project on their side had determined it quickly but the technical center on the Shen side was slow for several days, so he had to go over to confirm and check things. “It should be fast but there is a person on their side who is reviewing it very strictly. He has to ask about every piece of data very clearly. Our technicians can only confirm and then communicate with him. This back and forth made it very slow.”

Chen Qizhao looked up. “Which person?”

“Their Director Feng whose name is Feng Ruyi.” Xiao Zhou explained, “Strictly speaking, it isn’t a problem for us but the project leader said that some small data can’t be completely accurate in the first place. In the past, it was directly skipped when cooperating with other companies…”

Halfway through his words, he suddenly noticed that the boss had a strange expression on his face.

“Do you have any photos?” Chen Qizhao suddenly asked.

Xiao Zhou didn’t particularly like to take other people’s photos but after all, he was newly appointed to run the business and he would inevitably deal with the Shen Technology Center in the future. He had taken photos of the employee bulletin wall in the hall so he flipped through his phone. “I’m looking for it… it is him.”

Chen Qizhao took Xiao Zhou’s phone and suddenly smiled when he saw the enlarged ID photo.

Xiao Zhou looked at his boss in surprise.

Chen Qizhao hadn’t expected Feng Ruyi to be a director in the Shen family at this time. After all, when he saw this person in his previous life, the other person was already desperate. To be honest, he didn’t know Feng Ruyi and had no intersection with Feng Ruyi. The reason why he knew this person was due to Jiang Yuze. After the Chen family went bankrupt, JIang Yuze took advantage of the Chen family’s background and transformed himself into the boss of a listed company. He relied on the support of Lin Shizong and his career flourished as well as prospered.

Feng Ruyi appeared during the most beautiful time for Jiang Yuze. He was originally a researcher of the project team under the Chan Group and the project involved was an aborted project of the Chen Group. After Jiang Yuze bankrupted the project, he waved his hand and blamed Feng Ruyi’s mentor. This made Feng Ruyi’s mentor go to jail and become notorious.

After Feng Ruyi left the Chen Group, he never gave up looking for evidence for his mentor. It took him several years to find evidence and he finally made a desperate bet to sue Jiang Yuze.

However, Jiang Yuze’s status at that time wasn’t the same as before. Feng Ruyi wanted to make things big by looking for the media and buying hot searches but he ended up being suppressed by Jiang Yuze, who used the power of capital.

At that time, Chen Qizhao was investigating the collusion between Lin Shizong and Jiang Yuze. Feng Ruyi entered his field of view and he followed Feng Ruyi to find a lot of missing information points. It was only then that he knew how deep Lin Shizong’s overall situation was arranged. Later, Chen Qizhao overthrew Jiang Yuze and made Feng Ruyi’s matter public.

Jiang Yuze had used many people but he was able to easily get away every time. Many times, it was a substitute he had already thought of when laying the groundwork.

It was the same with Feng Ruyi’s teacher and Yu Jie, who followed him not long ago.

It was due to the accident with the Chen Group’s project so it would be strange for Feng Ruyi to have a good impression of the Chen Group. He remembered that when the accident occurred, Feng Ruyi was still an ordinary researcher and wasn’t involved. However, he was dissatisfied with the handling of the matter and voluntarily resigned to leave the Chen Group.

Chen Qizhao wasn’t impressed by Feng Ruyi. If he hadn’t seen the photo, he wouldn’t have remembered this person. He returned the phone to Xiao Zhou and said casually, “Looking at the phone, I remembered someone. This person was very stupid but there is nothing wrong with him. I know the reason why he made it difficult for you. I asked people to deal with this matter.”

Xiao Zhou didn’t understand. Could this be solved just by looking at it?

Did the boss know this person surnamed Feng?

Chen Qizhao had other ideas in his heart.


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