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MGAG: Chapter 49 Part 2

Xiao Zhou left the office in a daze. Chen Qizhao continued to ‘play’ with his phone. At this time, a call notification popped up. It was the private investigator he specially found to track Jiang Yuze. He paused for a moment before answering the phone.

“What is it?” Chen Qizhao asked.

“Boss, I have news about the person you asked me to track. He changed cars today.” The person on the other end of the phone continued. “It is a foreign car…”

Chen Qizhao listened to the report over there and wrote down the license plate number.

He looked at the license plate number in front of him. This was the fourth car that Jiang had changed and it was in various parking lots of S City. Every time he went out, he would change cars and his style. “Then where did he go this time?”

“The underground parking lot of the business building on the side of Feicui Road in the West District. However, the business building needs to register your information to access it. I can’t confirm what floor he went to.”

The business building on Feicui Road…

It was indeed an ordinary business building and it was reasonable for Jiang Yuze to go there.

It was just that a few hundred meters behind the business building was the location of the Sheng Ming company.

Chen Qizhao asked again, “Have you taken any photos?”

“I didn’t photograph it. The other person was too cautious and went directly to the underground parking lot.”

“It’s okay. Keep watching him.” Chen Qizhao’s previous detective was discovered by Jiang Yuze. In order to avoid alerting the enemy, he changed people. The person he found now didn’t track too closely and first-hand information couldn’t be obtained. However, Jiang’s whereabouts could be determined.

If he couldn’t get the key evidence then he couldn’t bite Jiang Yuze to death.

Still, one thing was certain. Jiang Yuze was mixed in with the Sheng Ming matter.

Then it was easy to handle. He had been afraid that Jiang Yuze wouldn’t be mixed in with it.

In the private club, young people gathered to drink.

All types of famous wines were placed in one place and Yan Kailin was talking to someone. “Next week will be painful again. I will be stared at by my brother after returning to school.”

Cheng Rong wondered, “Didn’t your brother care for you last time?”

“It is better at home. My brother will know if I skip classes at school.” Yan Kailin let out a long sigh. “It is due to the last celebration party. I don’t know where my brother got the news but he came to the bar to find me. After he went back that time, he arranged someone at school. I will probably be finished if I skip classes now.”

He looked at Chen Qizhao when he finished speaking. “Brother Zhao, you’ve had a good relationship with Brother Huai recently. Can you say something good to me in front of Brother Huai? He has a good relationship with my brother and his words will have an effect.”

Chen Qizhao looked up when he heard this. “I should say something?”

“That’s right. Brother Huai is too good to you.”

Yan Kailin said, “Your words will work.”

“It isn’t that easy, right?” Liu Kai said, “I heard that the last time Qizhao got into a fight, he called Chen Shiming.”

Chen Qizhao flipped through his phone. The last time he chatted with Shen Yuhuai was yesterday morning.

Shen Yuhuai had sent him a good morning but there was no further talk after he replied. Inexplicably, he felt slightly irritated and leaned back slightly on the sofa. He glanced sideways at Qin Yunxuan, who had come in through the door.

Qin Yunxuan’s personality was different from Qin Xingfeng. Qin Xingfeng was a hypocrite who pretended to be modest. Meanwhile, Qin Yunxuan had a bold personality, spoke directly and was very compatible with Cheng Rong and the others. After getting along, Chen Qizhao probably also judged that Qin Yunxuan was a bit shrew but he wasn’t deep enough and his vigilance was average.

After three rounds of drinking, it was easy to become a chatterbox.

Qin Yunxuan entered and heard the discussion topic of this group of people. He simply greeted them and chose a position close to Chen Qizhao. He picked up a glass of wine and clinked glasses with Chen Qizhao. “How was your day?”

“It was okay. Just like normal.” Chen Qizhao’s tone was flat and had some tiredness.

Qin Yunxuan observed Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao was wearing a black coat today. He looked good and was very eye-catching in the crowd. It was indeed pleasing to the eye to sit next to him. Among other things, it was indeed due to Chen Qizhao that Qin Xingfeng was able to enter prison. No matter how many times Qin Xingfeng appeared in front of him, he would find it an eyesore. In addition, this person was very good at being in the limelight in front of his father and would anger him every time.

He just couldn’t do anything against Qin Xingfeng until the Chen family made a move and this eye-catching person disappeared from in front of him.

If nothing else, it didn’t matter whether Chen Qizhao was a useless waste or not. Based on this, he wanted to make friends with Chen Qizhao and even inquired about Chen Qizhao’s preferences. Yet every time he asked this person to drink, Chen Qizhao refused.

Ever since Chen Qizhao asked him out a few times before, he had observed Chen Qizhao. Other people said that Chen Qizhao was useless but he felt that Chen Qizhao was arrogant. Chen Qizhao’s personality was simple and he said things directly. He even dared to complain about his brother Chen Shiming in front of them, not knowing that his family’s ugliness shouldn’t be publicized. He didn’t even worry that other people would pass these words onto Chen Shiming.

He was too simple and easy to be deceived.

However, Qin Yunxuan liked this type of personality. He had seen a lot of hypocrites with smiling faces. People like Chen Qizhao, a kitten with teeth and claws but no offensive power, were easy to get along with. The key was that he could find a common topic with Chen Qizhao.

It was relaxing to chat.

Chen Qizhao had just taken over the company’s business and occasionally asked him how to handle a company when they were drinking.

Qin Yunxuan was also willing to answer if it meant getting closer to Chen Qizhao.

Then the topic came to Chen Qizhao’s company.

Chen Qizhao said that he had no real power in the company.

“No, Qizhao, didn’t you take over Feihong?” Cheng Rong looked over. “You should be busy all day now. My father was still praising you two days ago.”

Qin Yunxuan was also drinking a bit. Then he saw this and said, “Feihong’s development isn’t bad, right?”

“Feihong isn’t easy to manage and it doesn’t occupy a large part of the group. It is a new project and the possibility of screwing up is even greater.” Chen Qizhao took two sips of wine and continued. “The new project is about testing the water. It might not produce results for a few years so it is a bit boring.”

Seeing this, Yan Kailin asked, “Then why don’t you ask your father to give you individual projects? Didn’t you say last time that your father gave you a lot of projects to pick from?”

“He asked me to choose but I don’t know which one is good and which one isn’t.” Chen Qizhao sighed. “If I don’t do a good job, I might not have an opportunity to pick one next time.”

Cheng Rong told him, “What are they? Tell us and see if we can help you figure it out.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at Qin Yunxuan out of the corner of his eyes and under the pretense of being drunk, he mentioned several projects. He mixed in a few small projects before finally saying, “There is also Sheng Ming. I heard the Sheng Ming acquisition is going to be done. I saw it at the last meeting and heard that this project is quite big.”

His scoundrel friends started to come up with ideas. Some were familiar with this and some were familiar with that.

They said that each one had their own advantages. Chen Qizhao listened to it for a long time before finally turning to look at Qin Yunxuan. “Brother Qin, can you also give me an idea?”

Yan Kailin immediately said, “Oh yes, Brother Qin is the boss of two companies.”

Qin Yunxuan had listened for a long time and indeed had his own opinions. He expressed his thoughts on several projects that he understood before finally saying, “The last one… you said Sheng Ming. I used to be a shareholder of Sheng Ming and then I transferred the shares to my friend due to a tight budget. However, I think it will be difficult if you want to touch this project. This is just gossip I heard but for the sake of us being friends, I will inform you. I heard my friend say that recently, Sheng Ming’s internal shareholders have been disagreeing. It is estimated that it will be difficult to get the ideal price if you want to acquire it.”

Chen Qizhao said directly after hearing it, “Then I won’t do it. It is too troublesome when hearing it.”

His other friends gave him other suggestions but Chen Qizhao became more certain in his heart. Qin Yunxuan was right. He had asked people to investigate it. Qin Yunxuan had problems with the company two years ago and finally had to sell the shares to make money. He also knew a rival company that happened to have problems. It was a small company with unclear accounts under Lin Shizong. Moreover, if Qin Yunxuan had something to do with Lin Shizong then he wouldn’t tell Chen Qizhao this inside information.

After all, Lin Shizong and Jiang Yuze wanted the Chen family to acquire Sheng Ming. They would have to make this matter smoother so that the Chen family was willing to buy it.

This matter was clear. Lin Shizong spent so much energy to buy the shares from the Qin family. It was estimated that there were many things buried in Sheng Ming. If he merged Sheng Ming with the Chen Group then it was equivalent to sending a big chess piece into the Chen family. He lost too much of his layout so he was eager to release the move of Sheng Ming in advance to make up for the previous losses.

However, he made this move too early and some of the shareholders weren’t under control. There were internal contradictions.

It was estimated that Jiang Yuze had come to Sheng Ming for this matter.

Qin Yunxuan noticed Chen Qizhao’s gaze and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“It is nothing. I suddenly feel that it isn’t a good thing to have too much power either.” Chen Qizhao clinked glasses with Qin Yunxuan. “Those who are capable will work harder. Those in a high position should always do more.”

In order for the Chen family to acquire Sheng Ming, Sheng Ming’s side must be coordinated well.

Then it was simple. Since Sheng Ming’s shareholders were quarreling, wouldn’t it be better to make Sheng Ming’s quarrel even fiercer?

Those with high authority and who were capable should work harder. He would let Lin Shizong spend more money and let Jiang Yuze do more useless work… he was happy to do so.


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