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MGAG: Chapter 49 Part 1

Chen Qizhao was really a bit surprised when he saw this name. Just as when he found out that Qin Xingfeng was related to Lin Shizong after he was reborn, he hadn’t expected for Qin Yunxuan to be a shareholder of Sheng Ming.

Later, Sheng Ming became Lin Shizong’s pawn. However, the background of Sheng Ming was emptied out first and all the top management was arranged by him. In his last life when he found out about the Sheng Ming project, he wasted a lot of effort. It was because too much evidence was eliminated by Lin Shizong. Sheng Ming seemed to have been bankrupted due to improper management on the surface and even the changes in shareholders could only see the most recent ones.

This was why he didn’t find the Qin family back then.

The Qin family was far inferior to giants like the Chen family in S City. Later on, it showed signs of decline and several subsidiaries were acquired. Chen Qizhao didn’t think that the Qin family had anything to do with Lin Shizong. There were no business exchanges between the two sides in his previous life and no shared property rights. Lin Shizong also didn’t help when the Qin family was hit by the market and fell. Lin Shizong even stepped on them secretly.

Upon seeing this, Chen Qizhao immediately checked Qin Yunxuan’s shareholder ratio in Sheng Ming and found that it was quite high. Based on Sheng Ming’s current development momentum, Qin Yunxuan had no reason to give up this money-making tool and the shares.

At that time, he didn’t investigate this matter deeply because the contradictions between the Qin family and his family had nothing to do with each other. Now that he looked back, Lin Shizong had never been soft on the people he used. The companies he used before hadn’t ended well, such as Qin Xingfeng and Fu Yanyu’s wealthy backer, Fang Jie.

It was very possible that the Qin family was also an unlucky one in Lin Shizong’s arrangement.

Chen Qizhao thought of this and opened the contacts to find Qin Yunxuan.

After Qin Xingfeng’s accident last year, Qin Yunxuan added him as a friend and invited him out for drinks several times. However, he refused. Previously, it was because he wasn’t familiar with Qin Yunxuan but now it was different. Being friends with an unlucky person could sometimes make people more unlucky.

Many things happened recently, and the Chen family’s physical examination was finally postponed to next month. Chen Jianhong was on a business trip and didn’t come home for several times. Chen Shiming had a lot of work and the assistant team followed suit. Even so, there were no mistakes with his work.

The senior management waited to see Chen Shiming and Chen Qizhao arguing, but Chen Qizhao didn’t cause trouble for the first few days. Then he directly slacked off and did online work. Even though they knew that Second Young Master Chen was a useless waste, they hadn’t expected this person to be unable to persist for a week. They could only watch Chen Shiming act like a fish in water and couldn’t catch his faults at all.

Jiang Yuze also noticed this point. Chen Shiming’s actions were aimed at the upper and lower departments of the headquarters. His thorough investigation undoubtedly brought people a lot of trouble. It made people who were ready to move to give up. They no longer wanted to take risks. Since the end of last year, their side had been losing money continuously. Even Chairman Lin expressed his dissatisfaction with Jiang Yuze many times.

Due to this, the company’s strategy this year was to seek stability. Out of the many projects mentioned at the opening meeting, many weren’t approved and even fewer could be manipulated by him.

The most important thing was that the people he originally wanted to install next to Chen Shiming couldn’t enter.

Now Chen Shiming and his assistants were like an iron wall and it was very troublesome to dig up information… then there was only one way left.

“Assistant Jiang?”

Jiang Yuze’s mind returned and he noticed the person standing in the administrative area. Chen Qizhao was wearing fancy clothes and there were two silver chains hanging from his trousers. He kept staring when he spoke.

“You can take the rest of the documents directly to the office when the time comes.” Jiang Yuze spoke with the department manager beside him and bowed to Chen Qizhao. “Second Young Master.”

Chen Qizhao smiled. “Did you just return from the business trip with my father?”

“Yes.” Jiang Yuze nodded. “Is there anything wrong with the Second Young Master?”

“I’m just passing by and greeted you.” Chen Qizhao took the coffee and asked, “Do you want a cup?”

Jiang Yuze apologized slightly. “There will be a meeting later so I won’t bother you.”

Chen Qizhao sighed and walked to his office in a very bored manner.

Jiang Yuze was always paying attention to Chen Qizhao’s situation. The fact that Chen Qizhao recruited an assistant naturally reached his ears so he asked Xiao Jiang to test the new assistant.

A newcomer with just over two years of experience. Jiang Yuze thought that Chen Qizhao would like someone very powerful but in fact, this person only buried his head in work. Unless their work intersected, he had almost no communication with other people.

After returning to the office, Jiang Yuze asked, “There is no threat from such an honest person. He is now running the Feihong project. What about Chen Qizhao?”

“Yes.” Xiao Jiang continued. “Chen Qizhao basically didn’t care about the project where he is cooperating with the Shen family. He gave it all to his assistant. Now he will only come to work for half a day before going to the Chen family’s car yard in the suburbs to practice driving a car. It is said that Chen Shiming found him an instructor to prepare for his driver’s license test.”

Jiang Yuze thought about it. “Don’t relax. Tell me about Chen Qizhao’s situation in the company.”

“I will leave today’s affairs to be arranged by you. I have to go out to do something.” He continued, “If anyone looks for me, just say that I’m out of the field, you know?”

Xiao Jiang nodded.

After Jiang Yuze left the company, he turned a bit and changed cars in a certain parking lot.

In the car, he made a phone call and used the voice changing software to talk to the other person. “Regarding what you said before, have you found the driver?”

“I will arrange other things. Arrange the driver and make the resume clean.”

“How long? Just within these two months. We can’t leave too much time for Chen Shiming. He has checked too much.”

Soon, the other person hung up.

Jiang Yuze paused for a while after hanging up the phone. Then he frowned even more when he saw the other messages on his phone.

“Sheng Ming, these people really find trouble for me.” He deleted the text message before starting the vehicle and driving toward Sheng Ming’s headquarters.

The sun was shining outside the French windows and the office computer was buzzing with messages. His group of scoundrel friends were making an appointment to go out to drink at night and the discussions continued. Chen Qizhao sat leisurely at the office desk and let the sound of the computer notifications play. He calmly looked at the various documents on his phone in the midst of all the noise.

He looked back at the computer after reading it and saw Qin Yunxuan popping up in the group.

It seemed to be true that Qin Yunxuan wanted to be friends. He knew Chen Qizhao’s hobby was drinking and ever since adding him as a friend last year, Qin Yunxuan kept asking him to come to a drinking party. Chen Qizhao had always casually refused. Last time when Qin Yunxuan asked him to drink, Chen Qizhao simply replied that the family was too busy and he had no time to drink. Qin Yunxuan had asked him so many times that he was embarrassed to refuse…

Of course, he didn’t go to Qin Yunxuan’s drinking party. He instead called Qin Yunxuan to Yan Kailin’s drinking party.

Qin Yunxuan readily agreed. After joining the group, he quickly developed a relationship with Cheng Rong, Liu Kai and the others. Now he was also in the group.

If he was too direct when wanting to get something out of Qin Yunxuan’s mouth then his purpose was really obvious. In the Qin family, Qin Yunxuan was a person who could squeeze out Qin Xingfeng so he must be very capable. What Chen Qizhao did was to make a drinking party appointment and let the person enter his circle. It was easy for people to relax their vigilance when they got acquainted.

Most of the people in his group of scoundrel friends were rich second generation people who had nothing to do. It was inevitable that those with a good family background could get close to each other, especially with him and Yan Kailin. Chen Qizhao just needed to open his mouth in the group and Qin Yunxuan would agree to go out two out of three times.

For example, today he promised to go in the group and Qin Yunxuan came out later to say he was going.


“Come in,” Chen Qizhao said.

Xiao Zhou entered the office and could hear the very obvious VX notification sound in the office more clearly. He had heard it when he was outside the door. Based on his several years of work experience, this frequent sound didn’t seem like private chats with customers, but like continuous replies in the group chat.

After a few days at the company, he had a new understanding of his boss.

The second son of the Chen family had a bad reputation in the company and he heard that many people suffered due to him. However, Xiao Zhou had come to work under Chen Qizhao. Apart from the workload being too difficult, he felt that his current boss was much better than his previous boss. At least this boss let him do practical things. He learned a lot in the past few days rather than just having to serve tea and clean up every day.

“President Chen, the cooperation between Feihong and the Shen family has arrived.” Xiao Zhou handed him a document. “If there are no problems, I will draw up a contract with the legal affairs team in the next two days and the contract will be signed next week. Then the technicians on both sides can cooperate.”

Chen Qizhao looked at it and confirmed that the few items he wanted were included in the plan before letting go of his worries. “Okay, you and the legal affairs team can confirm the rest. Send me a copy after the contract comes out.”

Then he stopped suddenly. “Don’t send me this. I won’t be here next week.”

Xiao Zhou stopped and looked at him suspiciously.

Chen Qizhao quickly wrote down an address on a post-it note and handed it to him.

Xiao Zhou took it and was stunned for a moment. “S College?”

The address was the famous S College in S City. It was a student apartment number.

Chen Qizhao’s tone was casual. “I am going back to school next week. If I have a class then send it directly to S College.”

Xiao Zhou: “……?”

His boss was actually a college student!


  1. sodapop says:

    lol it’s ok xz some people r just blessed ur still a cool dude even if ur boss is younger and more powerful than u XD

    thx for the ch!

    1. Mndless says:

      If he asked, I feel certain that CQZ would bluntly tell him that good assistants were the foundation and backbone of any good business and that the bosses only served to get them good opportunities, not get in their way, and take the heat when things went sideways.

  2. suxh21 says:

    I say sometimes these assistants are supermen, they do their work superbly and meticulously while having to do all sorts of demand from their bosses

  3. Yenna says:

    Assistants are fcking awesome

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