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MGAG: Chapter 50 Part 2

There was no one in the cafeteria after 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The students who finished eating had already left.

“I’m exhausted. I’ve been staring at it all morning and I feel that my eyes are a bit sore.” Liu Sui stretched his waist as he walked. “You love the third cafeteria too much. Is the chicken rice that delicious?”

Shen Yuhuai was playing with his phone and looked up when he heard this. “It isn’t bad.”

“I won’t eat with you. I’ll go over there and order food…” Liu Sui’s eyes swept over the places still open in the cafeteria when he noticed two people sitting by the window. One was wearing a suit and had long legs and the other was wearing a black and white hat. He squinted and recognized this person. “Yuhuai, isn’t that Chen Qizhao over there?”

Shen Yuhuai paused suddenly and followed the direction Liu Sui was pointing at. Then he noticed the two people.

“It is him.” His eyes stayed on the boy in the hat for a moment. Then he looked at the man in the suit sitting face to face with the boy. There was a briefcase on the dining table of the cafeteria and he seemed to be looking at several documents.

Liu Sui asked, “Why is he still eating at this point in time?”

Before he finished speaking, Shen Yuhuai beside him had already walked over. “Hey, wait for me.”

Chen Qizhao was still looking at the documents. He roughly read the documents brought by Xiao Zhou and didn’t find any other problems. He just wanted to ask Xiao Zhou to bring another document over but when he looked up, he saw a person approaching from afar and his actions suddenly stopped.

Xiao Zhou was eating at the same table as the boss and didn’t dare to make unnecessary movements. He even paid attention to the boss from time to time. As a qualified subordinate, it was necessary to understand the boss’ preferences so as to not say the wrong thing and upset the boss.

It was just that every time he questioned Special Assistant Xu, he could see a bit of vicissitudes on Special Assistant Xu’s face that weren’t suitable for his age. This made him even more apprehensive. After all, he would be fired if something went wrong. Then it would be even harder to find a job with a lot of room for improvement, a good salary and things to learn.

He was thinking this when he noticed the restraint on the boss’ face. The next second, the other person sat up straight.

Xiao Zhou thought that something happened so he sat up straight. He just wanted to speak when he saw the boss’ gaze directed behind him. He turned around and saw two casually dressed young men. One had a loose coat and reached out to say hello when he saw them. The other wore a warm white sweatshirt and glasses. He gave people a slightly cold impression.

“Brother Huai,” Chen Qizhao called out. “Brother Liu.”

Shen Yuhuai came over and saw the chicken rice on the table. “Why are you only eating now?”

Chen Qizhao had overslept in the morning, ate breakfast late and wasn’t hungry at noon.

It was only when he saw Xiao Zhou going to grab a meal just now that he thought of dealing with it casually. He looked at Xiao Zhou next to him. “I was waiting for him to eat and it was a bit late. Brother Huai, are you going to eat?”

“Yes, we just finished with the experiment.” Liu Sui sighed before he saw the documents on the desk. “Are you guys busy?”

Chen Qizhao said, “No, we just finished dealing with it.”

Xiao Zhou: “???”

Boss, aren’t there still copies you have to read?

Xiao Zhou carefully glanced at the boss’ expression. The boss didn’t have any superfluous expressions and the casual feeling that he originally had was put away. It was completely different from his attitude toward Chen Shiming and Chen Jianhong in the company. In addition, the last time he went to President Chen with the boss, he saw the boss arguing with President Chen. At that time, he had been wondering whether to stand up with the boss or try to persuade him not to fight. In the end, Special Assistant Xu had to pull him away with a tired expression.

This was the first time he had seen the boss so restrained and he couldn’t help looking at the people next to him.

“Then shall we eat together?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

Chen Qizhao agreed. Then he saw Shen Yuhuai go around behind him and finally sit down next to him. In order to make things more convenient, he found a four person table. It was just that the distance between the four seat tables wasn’t very large. Shen Yuhuai’s clothes wiped against Chen Qizhao’s arm when he sat down.

Liu Sui said, “Then I’ll go order food. Yuhuai, you still want the signature chicken rice, right?”

Shen Yuhuai nodded. “I have to trouble you.”

Xiao Zhou hurriedly packed up the documents on the desk. He put them in his briefcase and vacated the space next to it. He noticed Shen Yuhuai because he often ran to the Shen Group. This person didn’t know him but he knew Shen Yuhuai.

Chen Qizhao said, “He is my newly recruited assistant surnamed Zhou.”

“Hello, Mr Zhou,” Shen Yuhuai said.

Xiao Zhou was a bit apprehensive and hurriedly said, “Mr Shen, just call me Xiao Zhou.”

Two people eating turned into four people eating. Chen Qizhao suddenly realized that after Shen Yuhuai sat next to him, the distance became closer. With one glance, he could see the e-journal in a foreign language that was on the other person’s mobile phone. Even more clearly, he could see the clear white bone joints when the other person held the chopsticks.

Chen Qizhao withdrew his gaze. At this moment, he actually wanted to touch Shen Yuhuai’s hand.

Shen Yuhuai and Liu Sui were talking. If his vision was slightly off, he could see the side profile of the people around them. The other person was eating with his eyes down.

From this angle, it could be seen that Chen Qizhao’s eyelashes were very long… It wasn’t known when he stopped talking to Liu Sui, who was chattering about the laboratory. Meanwhile, Shen Yuhuai’s gaze shifted from Chen Qizhao’s eyes to his ears, down the side of his face and finally stopping on the slightly parted thin lips.

His lip color was pale.

“Yuhuai?” Liu Sui shouted.

Chen Qizhao looked sideways.

Shen Yuhuai made brief eye contact with Chen Qizhao. He quietly looked at the store not far behind Chen Qizhao. “Do you want to drink soup? The soup store over there is still open.”

Liu Sui interjected, “I was just about to ask you why you weren’t replying to me. It turns out you were looking at the soup.”

He glanced over. “I asked about that one before. The boss said it was sold out. The milk tea store downstairs is still open and I will buy milk tea later. Now the weather is still warm enough to buy milk tea.”

Shen Yuhuai asked Chen Qizhao, “Do you have any class in the afternoon?”

“I have it in the second quarter,” Chen Qizhao replied.

“Then there’s time.” Shen Yuhuai glanced at his watch. “Then do you want to drink milk tea? You aren’t wearing that much and should drink something warm.”

Liu Sui looked at Xiao Zhou next to him. “Brother, do you want to drink?”

“Thank you for your kindness,” Xiao Zhou replied. “But I will be leaving in a while. I still have work in the afternoon.”

Liu Sui sighed emotionally. “I pity workers.’

Xiao Zhou: “……”

After eating, Chen Qizhao put the cutlery in the recycling area and said he would go to the bathroom.

Shen Yuhuai and Liu Sui went downstairs to order milk tea.

Chen Qizhao came out of the bathroom and headed to the door of the cafeteria. Xiao Zhou had already returned to the company with the documents but he still had some things to arrange. Feng Ruyi’s matter in the Shen Group was easy to resolve. Feng Ruyi’s review was strict but he didn’t engage in any other actions. He could still rest assured.

What he cared about wasn’t the Shen cooperation project but the matter of Feng Ruyi’s teacher.

Chen Qizhao remembered that the information that Feng Ruyi appeared in his previous life had taken several years for him to prepare. Some things weren’t even found by him. This showed that Feng Ruyi should’ve taken some relevant materials when he left the Chen family or he had some connections that he used to find out Jiang Yuze’s affairs.

After all, Feng Ruyi was an ordinary person apart from his identity as a researcher. It would be difficult for him to find evidence. If he had something in his previous life, then it meant that the current Feng Ruyi should also have some evidence.

Chen Qizhao took out his phone and looked through the contact list thoughtfully.

Jiang Yuze had been in the Chen Group for so many years. He had laid out so many plans and arranged so many people. It was impossible for him to be completely clean. In his previous life, most of the things that Jiang Yuze dealt with were involved in Lin Shizong’s matter and more evidence was found later. In the present time, it would be difficult to ruin Jiang Yuze completely.

The other person was like a slippery loach and it was very difficult to catch him with bare hands.

Once he couldn’t catch Jiang Yuze, this person would become more vigilant and it wouldn’t be as easy as it was now.

The appearance of Feng Ruyi gave him a new idea. Using Sheng Ming to deal with Jiang Yuze was too cheap for him. Jiang Yuze had been strategizing for too many years and thought he could get away clean. However, if the fire burned then it might not be so clean.

Chen Qizhao stood outside the cafeteria, switched the SIM card of his phone and made a call.

Soon, the call was connected.

Chen Qizhao opened the commonly used voice changing software and said simply, “It’s me.”

The other person reacted. “Boss? Why did you call suddenly? Is there something urgent?”

“Is there still the information about Qin Xingfeng, Yu Jie and Fang Chengjie that you checked last time? Oh yes, that surnamed Wang from Ruizhen as well.” Chen Qizhao changed his tone and communicated with the person on the other side of the phone.

“Boss, if you want it then the information must be there. Speaking of this matter, you asked me to pay attention to the follow-up and I found something interesting. The family surnamed Wang was entangled with loan sharks after the incident. Now they have all come to the next city and don’t dare to come back. There is also Yu Jie. His family is fond of gambling and owes a debt. The money was paid off not long ago but recently, they gambled and owed a few million directly. It is said that none of them has a bottom line and now they don’t dare to leave the door.”

Some people didn’t dare to speak because there was a handle in other people’s hands. They thought that some people would continue to deal with the aftermath for them, which was why they were willing to go to jail. Yet in fact, there was a big difference in being inside and outside the prison. After entering, they might not be able to come out. There were layers of iron bars and it wasn’t known if the person involved was speaking human words or nonsense.

Chen Qizhao laughed. “But sometimes dogs will bite people when well-raised.”

The person on the other end of the phone felt a bit creeped out when he heard the weird laughter after the voice change. He asked, “What work do you want me to do? Boss, say it bluntly.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at Shen Yuhuai in the distance and continued, “Tomorrow, I will send you something by email. I will teach you how to do it but I want you to find a person with a simple social resume…”

Shen Yuhuai came out after buying milk tea. He saw Chen Qizhao standing at the door of the cafeteria and talking on the phone so he walked over without making a sound.

The boy stood with his hands in his pocket. As he was talking, he liked to move his eyes when encountering something of interest. In particular, he had recently lost weight and his eyes were more agile.

The moment he approached, the other person seemed to notice his footsteps. He suddenly looked over and said a few words to the person on the other end of the phone.

Shen Yuhuai handed over the milk tea he bought.

Chen Qizhao hung up and felt the warmth from his hand. It was hot milk tea.

His gaze lingered on Shen Yuhuai’s milk tea for a long time before he said, “Thank you, Brother Huai.”

“We will have to wait for Liu Sui a bit.” Shen Yuhuai asked, “What are you talking about? You seem very interested.”

“Nothing. The students of the drama club want to direct a play recently.”

Chen Qizhao tore open the packaging of the straw and poked the straw through the milk tea packaging. “The subject matter is quite interesting.”

In the office at the other end of the city, the man in the flower shirt flipped through the mountain of papers on the table. He found one and pulled it out.

“Wait, Qin Xingfeng, Yu Jie…” The man in the flower shirt turned the page and scratched his forehead. “The boss is really good at looking for trouble. Fortunately, the documents weren’t processed. Oh, I found it…”

The little brother eating instant noodles looked up when he heard this and asked, “Boss, which boss?”

“The one with more money.” The man in the flower shirt turned a page and stopped. Then he muttered, “Why are these people locked up in two places? I will have to run around a few more times. Then fare reimbursement will be needed.”

The little brother asked, “What is the job this time? Is it good?”

The man in the flower shirt lit a cigarette and took a puff.

“It is good work. The boss asked us to visit a prison.”


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