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MGAG: Chapter 38 Part 1

The meeting room was silent and everyone looked at Chen Shiming in unison.

“I’m in charge.” Chen Shiming’s eyes paused for a moment but his voice was still steady. “It is just a spokesperson not signing the contract due to dissatisfaction with the contract conditions. Neither party breached the conditions of the contract. I want to ask everyone present, has anyone ever backtracked on signing a contract when dealing with project problems?

The middle-aged man’s face was gloomy. Chen Shiming acted completely out of common sense and threw the topic back with a few words.

Indeed, Fu Yanyu’s actions were carried out without a breach of contract by either party.

“Furthermore, the Feihong Glory project is the project I am responsible for. Whether the plan is chaotic or not should be a decision within my group.” Chen Shiming’s words changed. “Can I ask you which project you are working on with Feihong? How do you know that my plan is completely chaotic and where did you come to the conclusion that this project is doomed for a loss?”

The middle-aged man’s expression froze. “Naturally, I heard about it from Feihong.”

“You are so certain but in the current situation, do you dare to guarantee that the project will lose money?”

“Enough.” Chen Jianhong interrupted the debate between the two of them and looked at Chen Shiming. “Shiming, what do you say?”

“I don’t accept any accusations without evidence and I don’t accept unfounded claims.”

Chen Shiming seriously said, “I believe it depends on the results to determine if I can handle every project well. I will handle any Feihong matters with full authority and I won’t let the group’s investment go to waste.”

The people in the meeting room looked at each other and nodded in agreement when they heard this.

Some people wanted to take sides but there was nothing wrong with Chen Shiming’s words. Everything depended on the result.

The middle-aged man looked at the other directors and found that they were completely out of the picture. They no longer wanted to get involved in this matter.

He had to sit down with a dark expression and say, “You had better do it.”

Chen Jianhong’s gaze swept over the others in the meeting room and he noted down the people who had just been with the middle-aged man.

He asked a few more times and there was no other agenda. “Then disperse and we will discuss it next week.”

The language debate ended and some people in the meeting room stared fiercely at Chen Shiming. Judging from the current situation, they really had no way to do anything about Chen Shiming. It wasn’t that easy to get rid of Chen Shiming’s rights.

After the meeting, Chen Shiming returned to the office with a grim expression. He asked the female assistant next to him, “Have you recorded all the people who just stood in line with him?”

The female assistant nodded seriously. “I made a note of all of them, along with the people on Chief Xu’s side.”

“Arrange other people to pay attention to their recent actions. The middle-level executives related to them should be thoroughly investigated as well. Keep the movements small so that they don’t find out,” Chen Shiming instructed. Then he asked, “Is there any news from Xiao Xu? What happened to the Feihong Glory series?”

The female assistant paused for a moment before saying, “Fu Yanyu did switch and the signing partner became Yicheng Medical. We had conflicts with them before.”

It was due to Yicheng that they found a lot of problems in the ground and her boss was especially interested in the information about Yicheng. This time, Yicheng Medical suddenly appeared to sign Fu Yanyu and everything seemed suspicious. If it wasn’t for the information previously discovered, they might have felt the same as most people and believed that Yicheng took the initiative to provoke the Chen family. Then they would take other measures.


Chen Shiming frowned slightly. “Yicheng and Y city, this matter is wrong. Check all relevant personnel.”

The female assistant replied, “Yes!”

Chen Shiming asked again, “What is Chen Qizhao doing and how does he plan to handle this?”

“The second young master wants to sign another spokesperson, an actor called Nie Chenxiao. All his schedules are in line with the publicity schedule of our original plan.” The female assistant had already prepared and handed over the relevant documents to Chen Shiming. She said tactfully, “It is just… he isn’t very popular.”

Going back in time to two hours ago, the office of Feihong’s publicity department.

Everyone stared at Chen Qizhao.

The documents on the table contained the materials of Mind Eyes. At a cursory glance, there was a lot of information about the actors in it.

Mind Eyes?

The person in charge was stunned when he heard this. It wasn’t a secret in the industry that there were dramas to be aired at the end of the year and some dramas prepared publicity before it started. However, whether they could become popular depended on the crew’s publicity plan and capital behind them. From the current capital and popularity, even if ‘Free and Unfettered’ wasn’t popular, it could rely on traffic and hype to dominate for a long time. This way, the exposure of the actors could last for 2-3 months.

If it happened to be highly popular then perhaps it could go to the next level.

If Free and Unfettered was considered a reserve popular drama, Mind Eyes could only be considered as second-rate. There was some publicity but it was a short drama series and the theme chosen was a modern urban suspense. If the follow-up power wasn’t good then it was like stagnant water. It was better to consider other ancient dramas or urban sweet dramas from other online platforms in the same period. At least they had a stronger battery life than suspense dramas.

“Our side isn’t very optimistic about them. Their script is currently on the weak side for publicity and they had to rely on the director’s relationship to appear on a satellite TV variety show.” Another person from the publicity department came out and said. “And suspense… is too niche.”

Chen Qizhao listened to them and didn’t refute it.

The suspense drama market was indeed a niche market at this stage in China. However, in the next few years, suspense and detective dramas would become a major mainstream of online dramas, no matter whether it was ancient costume detective dramas or modern criminal investigations. There was a large fixed audience.

The first popular drama to open up this market was Mind Eyes.

Free and Unfettered, which was favored by investors, wasn’t popular. Meanwhile, Mind Eyes was released at the same time and exploded. The shelf life lasted for two years. The two male protagonists of Mind Eyes directly became popular and were famous actors later.

Nie Chenxiao was one of them.

Chen Qizhao thought hard about it. Nie Chenxiao seemed to have won the Best Actor Award when he was 40 years old.

“However, Mind Eyes is cheap.” Chen Qizhao sat and his hands supported his cheeks. “I originally set a sky-high endorsement fee for Fu Yanyu. Then I might as well sign a little star and give them publicity so we can save a lot of money. Signing a potential stock is better than a star who relies on resources and marketing. What do you think?”

It was just that stars who relied on marketing were hot while potential stocks easily died before they could rise!

The person in charge thought in an expressionless manner but didn’t dare open his mouth to refute it.

“In fact, I have also been paying attention to Mind Eyes. The script of this drama is adapted from a famous suspense novel. The screenwriter might be a newcomer but there is the help of the original author. The director is the previously famous Director Li.” A girl came out to speak. “The production team is very attentive. You can see it just by looking at the promotional video… some old veterans also acted in due to Director Li’s invitation… The only problem is that the appearance value of this drama isn’t very high.”

After all, a small part of them were old veteran actors and the average age was older. Even the leading actors were in their 30s.

The person in charge was still a bit hesitant. “Show me the information. Who is the main actor? Is it a new actor?”

The people of the publicity department started obediently searching for the relevant information of Mind Eyes.

Compared to Free and Unfettered, which had been hyped up since the news of its release, Mind Eyes could be said to have not made a splash at all… but the production team was indeed not bad.

“Mr Chen, do you want to sign…” The person in charge asked tentatively.

“Nie Chenxiao.” Chen Qizhao opened the document at will and pushed Nie Chenxiao’s page forward. “It is him.”

Indeed, Nie Chenxiao was the male protagonist and had more exposure than roles like the second male lead and second female lead.

The most important thing was that the drama Mind Eyes was being aired at almost the same time as Free and Unfettered. The publicity plan and channels could be completely used by Nie Chenxiao with just a slight change. In addition, Nie Chenxiao wasn’t popular and could completely cooperate with their promotion.

Nie Chenxiao was an artist who perfectly fit with their publicity apart from his popularity.

However, the effect would be completely different if Mind Eyes could become popular. In a sense, it was a true potential stock recommended by their boss.

At this time, there was a person in the office paying attention to Chen Qizhao. He thought of Assistant Yu’s orders and opened his mouth to fan the flame. “Mr Chen, Nie Chenxiao’s popularity doesn’t seem very good.”

He tried his best to draw Chen Qizhao’s attention to Yicheng. “In addition, Yicheng signed a contract with Fu Yanyu. Our side might…”

Feihong’s Glory Series might be a niche brand but its reputation had always been high and it wasn’t without money. If it wasn’t for the schedule and original plan, they could’ve signed a better artist. Nie Chenxiao had several million Weibo followers, which was completely inferior to Fu Yanyu who had tens of millions of fans.

Yicheng would definitely give their spokesperson a good publicity channel and they might not be able to fight.

Just as everyone was thinking about this, a laugh sounded in the office.

Chen Qizhao sneered. He threw the document in his hand into the middle and looked at the person who had just spoken with disdain. “Did you make a mistake? Do you mean that our Chen family can’t handle Yicheng?”

The face of the man who spoke immediately tensed up. “Mr Chen, I didn’t mean this.”

“Fu Yanyu sighed with Yicheng so let him sign. He wanted to touch our brand and doesn’t know how much of his popularity came from marketing.” Chen Qizhao looked at the man with a smile. “What is wrong with Yicheng openly robbing him? Let me make it clear. We don’t need a guy like Fu Yanyu who relies on marketing. Besides, who says that Fu Yanyu’s drama can be popular?”

“I prefer to sign Nie Chenxiao.” Chen Qizhao looked at the man and continued in his usual ‘arrogant’ tone. “I want to see who is more powerful, my person or Fu Yanyu with the high price tag.”

The man was startled when he heard this. It seemed he hadn’t expected Chen Qizhao to be arrogant to this extent.

He originally wanted to let Feihong’s preparations go down the drain before inciting Chen Qizhao to confront Yicheng. He hadn’t expected that under this stimulation, Chen Qizhao would actually sign Nie Chenxiao fight against Yicheng. Shouldn’t he sign Li Yirou at this time?

The result was a bit different from the original plan but it could be seen that Chen Qizhao’s hostility to Yicheng was still very heavy. He was actually naive enough to use a third-tier artist to compare to Fu Yanyu. Even a person who had a brain blood clot for three years wouldn’t have such an idea. Was this person mentally ill?

Oh no, he heard Assistant Yu say that Chen Qizhao really did have some problems.


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