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MGAG: Chapter 38 Part 2

The man didn’t say anything else but the other people in the office were stunned.

The person in charge glared at the man who spoke. He tactfully wanted to shift the situation but Chen Qizhao insisted on doing it.

The Glory Series was a big project he was in charge of and he had received a lot of investment in the past few years. If he messed up here, he would probably have to pack up and leave the moment a superior requested it.

Originally, it was possible to discuss other candidates with the boss but now they could only choose Nie Chenxiao.

Chen Qizhao stretched his fingers. He listened to the whispers in the office and leaned lazily against the chair.

There was a bit of coldness in his calm and unhurried eyes. Yu Jie really didn’t know how to choose people. He chose such a pig teammate? Chen Qizhao had been thinking about how to act impulsive and reckless in front of these people. This time, it really saved him some effort.

Assistant Yu had just come out of the meeting room when he received a call from Feihong.

The man in charge of the trouble told him the result of the meeting and he frowned deeply. “Nie Chenxiao? Why did you choose this person?”

In order to ensure the loss of Feihong, the popular spokesperson candidates for the same period were basically arranged by them. Feihong could only admit that they were unlucky and choose Li Yirou. Now the situation suddenly became like this. If Nie Chenxiao was chosen the funds that Feihong originally invested could continue to be used and there wouldn’t be a big loss due to the schedule.

“Still, isn’t it our purpose to make trouble between Chen Qizhao and Yicheng? Now there is such a disturbance and that fool Chen Qizhao is clamoring to use Nie Chenxiao to teach Fu Yanyu and Yicheng a lesson. Isn’t the result just right?” The other person continued, “I also saw the crew of Mind Eyes. It is incomparable to Free and Unfettered. Chen Qizhao will become angry.”

Forget it, if the publicity effect was poor then Feihong’s Glory Series would basically become cold.

Assistant Yu thought about it. “Once it starts airing, find someone to give negative reviews.”

The man hung up and returned to the door of the office, only to see two in-house counsel in the office, redrafting the contract under Chen Qizhao’s attention. He stood there for a while before hearing slightly anxious footsteps from the corner of the corridor. The man in the suit had his meticulous hair slightly messed up. He held documents while walking quickly and he looked a bit anxious.

Special Assistant Xu stopped in time and saw Chen Qizhao inside the glass door. “Hello, can I trouble you to let me in?”

Then he passed by the man and entered the office.

The man: “……”

“Oh, you came just in time?” Chen Qizhao saw Special Assistant Xu and beckoned to him. “Contact Nie Chenxiao and have him find time to come to Feihong to sign a contract in the next two days.”

Special Assistant Xu: “……?” What was the situation?

He rushed over from headquarters and almost fainted after learning about the situation. Was this Fu Yanyu brainless that he did this at the risk of offending the Chen family? Or did the support of Yicheng behind him give him so much confidence that he really wanted to confront the Chen Group face on?

Then why choose Nie Chenxiao?

Chen Qizhao looked at him suspiciously. “Why are you here? Isn’t there the regular meeting at the company today? Is Chen Shiming so idle?”

Special Assistant Xu smiled bitterly. “Something happened at the meeting.”

He briefly explained the events of the meeting and made their intentions clear.

Chen Qizhao’s originally smiling face sank after Special Assistant Xu finished speaking.

His eyes became dark and his voice was a bit colder. “Is that so?”

Special Assistant Xu didn’t notice Chen Qizhao’s change and sighed. “If something happens on Feihong’s side, the boss will probably be implicated as well. This spokesperson has to be chosen well…” If this project really lost money, it was estimated that someone would take the opportunity to come out and decentralize power.

“The spokesperson can only be Nie Chenxiao. Nie Chenxiao’s fit is the highest without changing the original plan.”

Chen Qizhao handed the documents to Special Assistant Xu and calmly analyzed it for him. “All the time plans and available candidates are on it. Do you have time to investigate how many of these people have traps behind them or how many have been arranged in advance? Is the meeting room dilemma really a coincidence?”

Special Assistant Xu stopped. Yes, all of this was obviously prepared.

They didn’t have time to check each artist one by one in such a short time period.

“Yes, you can’t do it and Chen Shiming can’t either.” Chen Qizhao closed the documents and opened another one. “Liu Yirou is definitely a good candidate. She can be used to fill in the current vacancy. However, her current exposure is completely insufficient and she could only be called quite satisfactory. In the end, this project is likely to become mediocre due to the impact of other traffic. Sometimes, being ordinary is equivalent to a loss and it is difficult to control everyone’s mouth. If you want to block their mouths, you can only have explosive results.”

Chen Qizhao’s voice wasn’t loud. In the noisy surroundings, only the two of them could hear this conversation.

Special Assistant Xu’s eyes fell on Chen Qizhao. He didn’t quite believe that such sentences had come from Second Young Master Chen’s mouth. For a moment, he seemed to feel that the person he was talking to was his own boss who was calm, self-controlled and rational.

He was about to speak when the boy in front of him suddenly laughed.

“You have been with my brother for so long. Haven’t you ever made a gamble?” Chen Qizhao’s expression suddenly changed. He closed the document casually and his calmness was swept away. The words that came out were natural and casual. Liu Yirou is a known result but Nie Chenxiao is different.”

His fingers stopped on Nie Chenxiao’s ID photo on the personal file next to him. “How are you sure he can’t explode?”

In the office of the group headquarters, no one dared to speak. They just looked at the man sitting on the leather chair with a gloomy expression.

In a situation where they were surrounded by wolves, they could only conduct a second investigation of every project to avoid a recurrence of Project 456. Yet in addition to this matter, there was one more urgent thing that needed to be solved.

Everyone in the assistant group looked at the boss, who was on the phone. They observed the words and watched the changes in the other person.

“That is what he said?” Chen Shiming asked.

Special Assistant Xu confirmed it. “Yes, these are the original words of the second young master. He is trying his best to recommend Nie Chenxiao as a candidate.”

In the past few days, he had run around many times for Chen Qizhao and had dealt with Nie Chenxiao a lot. He knew a bit about Mind Eyes. To be honest, from an outsider’s point of view, the production time of Mind Eyes was very good and the script was also very novel. It was just that it was hard to say with the audience. No one could give any positive answers about future matters. So when Chen Qizhao asked him whether to gamble or not, he honestly didn’t have the courage to gamble.

Yet after he finished speaking, the boss was silent for a long time.

Special Assistant Xu just thought the other person would hang up when he heard Chen Shiming say, “Sort out all the materials of Mind Eyes and Nie Chenxiao and send them to the professional team for evaluation.”

Special Assistant Xu was stunned. “I have all the information here.”

Chen Qizhao had asked him to sort it out before so among all the candidates, he had the most information about Nie Chenxiao.

This person had just paid a large amount of penalty fees and would terminate his contract with his original company. It was complete freedom.

Chen Shiming was a bit surprised. “Then give me the result after the evaluation.”

He added, “He knows about Yicheng, right? Pay more attention to him. There is no need to oppose Yicheng before things are clear.”

Special Assistant Xu smiled bitterly when he heard this. “Boss, this might be a bit difficult.”

Chen Shiming frowned slightly. “Why?”

Special Assistant Xu told Chen Shiming what he heard from the other people in the publicity department. “Second Young Master seems very angry that Yicheng snatched the spokesperson this time. He said that he would use Nie Chenxiao to slap them in the fast.”

Chen Shiming recalled the original words that Special Assistant Xu had relayed to him and thought about his ‘untalented’ little brother. The corners of his mouth rose slightly. “Is that so?”

The others in the office looked at their boss cautiously. Chen Shiming rarely smiled, let alone smiled under such circumstances.

After a while, he hung up the call with Special Assistant Xu and the office became quiet.

The silence only lasted a minute or two before Chen Shiming instructed everyone, “All other PR departments outside of the key projects will be vacated. From now on, pay attention to all negative news about Mind Eyes and Nie Chenxiao. In particular, pay attention to the actions of others. If someone comes out to muddy the water then immediately stop them.”

The people of Feihong’s publicity department drew up a new contract and waited for the notification from headquarters. Unexpectedly, Special Assistant Xu came from headquarters half a day later and agreed with Second Young Master Chen’s decision. This conveyed the meaning that Chen Qizhao would have full responsibility and also agreed to sign Nie Chenxiao as the spokesperson for the Feihong Glory Series.

This was something that even the Crown Prince Chen Shiming agreed to. It seemed that the group really wanted to hand over the Glory project to the second young master to practice, completely ignoring the consequences of the matter.

A small assistant asked, “Boss, how should we arrange it? Should we still call Lu Yirou?”

“How can we call Lu Yirou?” The person in charge sighed. “Once the contract is drafted, notify Nie Chenxiao’s agent. First ask about their arrangements and schedules and make sure there are no problems. Then report it to President Chen and sign it.”

Once they really contacted Nie Chenxiao, the other person agreed very cheerfully and was even willing to cooperate with all the publicity on Feihong’s side.

The person in charge didn’t know how he felt. If he had to say he was happy, it was that he met a responsible spokesperson. If he had to say he was uncomfortable, it was that this spokesperson had to rely on destiny to become popular.

Feihong acted quickly. After finalizing the matter, they immediately called Nie Chenxiao to sign a contract with Feihong, as if worried that the follow-up promotion schedule wouldn’t be on time.

Nie Chenxiao had just signed a contract with Chen Qizhao not long ago. He was originally at home and waiting for a job. Unexpectedly, right after signing the contract, a big cake fell from the sky. Before arriving at Feihong’s headquarters, he and his agent were still in a state of confusion and wondering if Chen Qizhao really wanted to support him. This method of drawing a big cake was really moving.

In the meeting room, the agent met the person in charge of Feihong, who had a sad expression. The person in charge asked, “The details of the contract are here. Do you want to see if there are any other problems?”

Nie Chenxiao looked at it. The contract was a general industry contract and the endorsement fee was also in line with his previous remuneration.

He just hadn’t expected such a good endorsement contract. Why did they find him?

The agent repeatedly confirmed that there were no problems and said, “Sign it, just sign it. Perhaps this is the publicity channel that Mr Chen told you about?”

Nie Chenxiao signed it but he inwardly thought that he had to repay this kindness in the future if he got the chance. Chen Qizhao really gave him too many opportunities.

He signed the contract and wondered, “Mr Chen didn’t come to the company today?”

The person in charge smiled awkwardly. “Mr Chen went to military training today.”

Nie Chenxiao: “?”


  1. Blank says:

    Hahaha Mr Chen is shockingly young, yes. I love watching all of this come together, what a great story. The family relationships and people watching Chen Qizhao from the outside are also especially good–he acts well enough, but a life like he lived and actions that “just happen” to work out enough times leave a mark, at least to the geniuses closest to him

    Thank you so much for translating! <3

  2. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas says:

    Thanks for the chapter! MC is having fun, lol

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