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MGAG: Chapter 37 Part 2

“If we really can’t find Liu Yirou…” Before the person in charge finished speaking, the door of the office was opened.

Chen Qizhao walked in and saw a depressed office.

“Looking for who?” He raised his eyebrow, casually threw his school bag onto the chair next to him and looked at the person in charge. “Who do you think are the best candidates? Which ones were on the original proposal?”

“Naturally, they were artists who could cooperate with the end of year announcement and have continuous publicity. However, we have contacted all of them and none of them have an available schedule. “The person in charge organized his words and wanted to explain the complicated process to the second young master. “Due to Fu Yanyu’s requirements, we made too many preparations in the early stages and the procedures were carried out according to the cycle at the end of the year. Now without Fu Yanyu, we can’t find a more suitable person to pick up the schedule at this time… the only way is to find Liu Yirou but her schedule is hard to say. The publicity effect is also…”

Chen Qizhao asked, “Are you sure you have contacted all of them?”

The person in charge replied, “The right actor from the crew of ‘Free and Unfettered’…”

“Who said to look for the crew of Free and Unfettered?”

Chen Qizhao threw a document down on the table. “Isn’t there another one next door? It is ‘Mind Eyes’.”

The weekly meeting at the group headquarters was very serious and all the high level executives were gathered. Chen Shiming felt the oncoming oppression when he entered the meeting room. In addition to the meeting schedule in front of his seat, his assistant had sent him several reports and Chen Shiming knew that today was a tough battle.

The routine reporting session ended and the uncle in the third position diagonally stood up.

“There is something. It is better to take the opportunity to talk about it today.” The middle-aged man nodded toward Chen Jianhong in the main position. “Please look at the third project report on the desk. There was a problem with C City’s No. 456 project submitted last month. The workers of the construction site started to make trouble because the contractor of the project breached the contract and ran away.”

The C City project only broke out last weekend. It was a key construction project so it attracted a lot of attention within the group.

The project was taken over by Chen Shiming’s team from the beginning of the preparations. If there were no accidents, it should be delivered in the middle of next year. To a certain extent, the project has entered the end. Then the contractor problem occurred last week. The problem broke out at this junction and the impact on the group could be said to be very large.

The moment the middle-aged man finished speaking, several people looked solemn. Their eyes were already on Chen Shiming, as if waiting for him to explain this matter.

“We have launched a preparatory plan for this matter. Time is limited. The project team will recover the losses and hold the relevant personnel accountable as soon as possible.” Chen Shiming glanced at Special Assistant Xu. The latter quickly walked to the others and distributed the documents in his hands to them. Chen Shiming continued speaking, “This is the adjustment plan made by our project team and it will be implemented this week.”

The middle-aged man glanced at it and closed the document. “The loss is bound to be recovered. It is just that the problem caused by this matter is making me think of the follow-up development.”

He laughed. “As far as I know, there were rumors before the outbreak of the workers’ objections. Xiao Chen, you didn’t deal with this matter from the beginning. Is this a failure of responsibility?”

Chen Shiming didn’t refute it. “Yes, not discovering the problem in advance is indeed a failure of the project team.”

There was a whispered discussion around the meeting table and the eyes of several people stayed on Chen Shiming.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man didn’t stop and continued to grasp the problem. “Xiao Chen’s ability is indeed outstanding. I don’t deny that Xiao Chen’s excellence has increased our group’s quarterly revenue by a few points., However, your manpower is limited after all and the places where the team can be responsible are also limited. Several key projects this year have been taken over by Xiao Chen’s team. Will it be too much…?”

Chen Jianhong’s eyes sank slightly. He noticed the undercurrents surging at the meeting table.

The middle-aged man continued, “Manpower is poor and Xiao Chen has to take care of so many things. It is difficult to take care of everything. Look at the project of C City this time. The problem obviously could’ve been avoided as soon as possible but there was such a big mistake. I thought to myself that it might be because Xiao Chen is handling many affairs and doesn’t have time to take care of it. There are several departments on our side that are still idle. Shouldn’t Xiao Chen concentrate on a few key projects and leave other things to be handled by other departments?”

Special Assistant Xu tensed up a bit when he heard this and he hurriedly looked at his boss next to him.

Their department did handle many things but the current workload was relatively small compared to last year. These people were making trouble at this time mainly because his boss used a big knife some time ago and strictly investigated several departments, affecting the interests of these people.

Now these things were brought up at the meeting table and it was undoubtedly an attempt to divide up Chen Shiming’s rights.

Sure enough, once the middle-aged man finished speaking, several people at the meeting table spoke up.

“This makes sense. Shiming has been really busy during this time. I often see him working overtime in the office area.”

“There are other departments in the group who have time. There are some things that can be shared with others and this will relieve pressure.

“Xiao Chen’s recent personnel transfers are indeed frequent…”

“Chairman Chen, what do you think about this matter?”

The pressure suddenly fell on Chen Jianhong’s side. Everyone was waiting for Chen Jianhong to speak.

Before Chen Jianhong could speak, Chen Shiming opened his mouth. “Everyone, have you read the second half of the documents on the table?”

The middle-aged man stopped. “Isn’t that the emergency handling plan? Talking about it at this time…”

“This isn’t just the emergency plan. Everything about the contractor is in the second half of the document,” Chen Shiming stated in a normal tone. “Please see the section on page 23. The No. 465 project was indeed undertaken by my project team but it was briefly under the hands of Chief Xu. The contracting plan at the beginning of the project was set by Chief Xu.”

Chief Xu at the meeting table frowned when he heard this. “It is true that it was under my hands but you didn’t need to use the plan I set. The contractor had an accident. Why is that my problem?”

“Please see page 25. The manager in charge of negotiating the project’s contract at that time was fired two weeks ago for leaking the group’s trade secrets. Now the legal affairs department is pursuing his responsibility. According to the results of my investigation on the personnel side, the manager was introduced by Chief Xu at that time and then joined my team for the project.”

Chen Shiming’s eyes stayed on Chief Xu. “There are no problems elsewhere on the project. The only problem is the contractor. The person in charge is from Chief Xu’s team and I hope Chief Xu can give me an explanation.”

“I don’t deny that this incident was a failure on the part of my team. The reason for the failure was that after I found out the manager had a problem, I failed to deal with the business he was involved in before the contracting problem was exposed. In addition, all the projects in the company that my team is responsible for can be completed efficiently. If someone malicious throws dirty water at me then I won’t accept it. I will try my best to take responsibility but Chief Xu should also give a reasonable explanation for this issue.”

Chen Jianhong stared at Chief Xu. “Old Xu, how do you explain this matter?”

Chief Xu’s face was nervous. “I don’t know. I have to go back and ask.”

Chen Shiming looked at the middle-aged man who had picked out the problem. The reason why he had found this was mainly due to Chen Qizhao’s documents.

If it wasn’t for those documents, he might not have been able to sort it out before the meeting began.

These documents were sorted out by Special Assistant Xu and were related to some scattered contents that Chen Qizhao asked him to check before. The time span was long and the key project of C City was attached to it when Special Assistant Xu helped Chen Qizhao investigate the aborted C City project. This involved the group’s projects so he noticed the manager who often traveled to C City.

As for why Chen Qizhao asked Special Assistant Xu to help investigate this project in passing, let’s not talk about it for the time being. The problem was that Chen Shiming had just caught the person and within a few days, the contractor’s problems were exposed.

It was obvious that someone in the group was muddying the waters. They couldn’t wait to use this opportunity to oust him and remove his power.

“In other words, this time it is thanks to Shiming’s reaction.

“Yes, the contractor matter can be held accountable but if the person in charge himself has a problem then this matter can’t be called President Chen’s responsibility.”

“President Chen has done a good job in this matter. The personnel transfer a while ago helped us solve a lot of problems.”

Just then, the middle-aged man’s assistant came over and whispered a few words in his ears.

“It isn’t groundless that I said Xiao Chen has poor manpower. The main responsibility for the matter of Project 456 still has to be discussed. Then Xiao Chen, what do you say about the Glory Series at Feihong Electrical? I remember that even though Feihong was taken over by the second young master, the person in charge of it is still President Chen, right?”

The middle-aged man smiled and continued aggressively, “I happened to be cooperating a bit with Feihong during this time. Just now, my assistant told me that there is a big mess in Feihong. The spokesperson who was supposed to be signed has run away and all the plans are chaotic.”

“Glory 2.0? I remember that it took a few years to develop, right?”

“Yes, it is a key project of the group and a lot of money has been invested in research and development.”

“Is this true or false? Why hasn’t the news come out yet?”

Chen Shiming glanced at Special Assistant Xu.

Special Assistant Xu nodded quietly and left the meeting room.

Chen Jianhong frowned and spoke to Jiang Yuze next to him, “Is Yu Jie at headquarters today? He is in charge of Feihong, right?”

“Yes, I’ll call him over.” Jiang Yuze looked serious.

Soon, Assistant Yu Jie came in. His face was a bit pale and facing everyone’s inquiries, he could only say, “There is indeed this matter. We are negotiating with the publicity and distribution side to deal with it.”

The middle-aged man stared straight at Chen Shiming and he said with a smile. “Xiao Chen, you are fully responsible for this matter, right?”


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