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MGAG: Chapter 35 Part 1

A villa in S City, the Lin family’s mansion.

In the relatively quiet living room, Jiang Yuze poured wine into the wine glass beside him. “Chen Shiming has moved a lot during this time. It seems that the matter at the party has made him suspicious. He is investigating the Yicheng-related matters and several of our subordinates have been found by him.”

“Chen Jianhong has given up power… It has been quiet for many years so it is strange that this investigation has found so many things.” Lin Shizong frowned slightly. “You are by Chen Jianhong’s side. Haven’t you noticed anything?”

“Chen Jianhong isn’t abnormal.” Jiang Yuze’s voice was deep. “It is that Chen Shiming’s side isn’t easy to deal with. He has stopped personnel transfers during this time and the two people who were originally expected to be arranged into his team were unsuccessful. I have inquired about it with Chen Jianhong. It seems that Chen Shiming found a spy some time ago so they both became vigilant.”

Lin Shizong shook his wine glass. “Then don’t act against Chen Shiming’s side. He is acting with such great fanfare that the old antiques in the Chen family won’t let it go. You can go and add a fire to let those old antiques deal with Chen Shiming. After all, they won’t let a junior step on them when it comes to their own interests.”

Jiang Yuze was puzzled and wondered, “Do we need to stop first?”

“We can’t stop it now. Some of our arrangements aren’t so hidden. If we stop then we will give Chen Shiming more time to investigate…” Lin Shizong took a sip of the wine. His expression showed no panic as he asked, “Yes, how did you arrange that matter regarding Feihong and Yicheng? I remember you brought Chen Qizhao over there, right?”

Jiang Yuze bowed his head. “Yes.”

“How about Chen Qizhao?” Lin Shizong wondered. “Did you let Yu Jie go there?”

Jiang Yuze replied, “Chen Qizhao doesn’t seem to have many problems at the moment. Not long ago, he went to the police station due to skipping class and having an off-campus fight. It seems to have something to do with the Ninth Research Institute.”

Lin Shizong paused for a moment before asking doubtfully. “What was he doing over at the Ninth Research Institute?”

“The person who was beaten was just detained on suspicion of stealing the laboratory’s secrets. It is said that Chen Qizhao noticed the thief when he was waiting for someone at the intersection of the research institute. Then a fight started due to a dispute. Later, I heard that the person who stole the secrets, He Shuhang,had a conflict with a friend of Chen Qizhao’s. However, this was handled by Chen Shiming and not many rumors spread.”

Jiang Yuze explained, “This is in line with Chen Qizhao’s style. He also fought outside school when he was in high school due to his classmates.”

Lin Shizong laughed. “He is really reckless.”

Jiang Yuze looked sideways. “It isn’t just that. Besides Feihong, he also asked Chen Jianhong for an entertainment company but Chen Jianhong didn’t agree.”

Lin Shizong smiled. “Chen Jianhong won’t agree. He wants to help Chen Qizhao rise but Chen Qizhao wants to touch something else when he hasn’t done anything with Feihong. Speaking of Feihong’s side, Chen Shiming is taking care of it for Chen Qizhao?”

He continued, “Don’t the two of them love to support this useless brother? Then set the fire on Chen Qizhao’s side.”

Jiang Yuze nodded. “This matter has already been in the arranged plan.”

“Not only do we have to let Chen Qizhao start the fire but… something has to be arranged.” Lin Shizong put down his wine glass. “Doesn’t Chen Jianhong like to delegate power? Then let’s start with Chen Shiming.”

Jiang Yuze’s expression was grim. “Chairman Lin, what do you mean?”

Lin Shizong’s eyes were a bit gloomy. “Some people love to check so much. Then shouldn’t we let him learn a long lesson?”

The important quarterly meeting within the Chen family had just ended. Chen Shiming was exposed to the sly, sarcastic words of two shareholders when he left the meeting room. They were apparently extremely dissatisfied with his recent moves in the group.

It was expected that he would infringe on the interests of certain people when eliminating the hidden dangers.

Yet as long as Chen Jianhong was still sitting on top, these people wouldn’t dare make a big move due to the current equity layout of the Chen Group.

Back in the office, several documents were piled up on the desk. During this period, Chen Shiming was busy investigating other problems in the group. In particular, as he was investigating the Yicheng-related matters, he found several engineering loopholes and successively held several departments accountable. Fortunately, these problems were discovered earlier. Otherwise, once the outbreak of problems occurred, it would become a bunch of loss-making projects and the impact would be worse than it was now.

He was discussing follow-up matters with the assistant team when he glanced around and found one person missing. He asked, “Where is Special Assistant Xu?”

The people on the assistant group looked at each other before a female assistant explained, “President Chen, Special Assistant Xu is out on fieldwork today.”

“Fieldwork?” Chen Shiming asked with surprise.

“That’s right.” The female assistant carefully explained, “The second young master said that he wants to sign a few small stars. Brother Xu went to help…”

Chen Shiming: “……”

At the same time, Special Assistant Xu was sitting in the car and was stuck in the old town of S City.

The second young master, the little tyrant of the Chen family, was sitting next to him and casually playing with his phone.

Chen Qizhao was chatting with Shen Yuhuai.

Ever since the incident in the laboratory, the frequency of the two people chatting had started to rise. It was as if they were getting close to their pattern of getting along in their previous lives. They were very busy so they replied at long intervals when sending messages. Even so, they could continue to chat with each other for a long time. In this life, Shen Yuhuai was freer. No matter how long the message, he would always reply every three hours.

Occasionally, they would go to the cafeteria of S College to eat together.

Chen Qizhao took a photo of the car and told Shen Yuhuai that he had something on today.

Not long after the message was sent, he received a reply from the other party.

Shen Yuhuai: [Photo] I have also entered the laboratory. We will chat again in the evening.

The photo was taken in the lounge and the hallway outside the glass window of the lounge was photographed. Chen Qizhao clicked on the photo to enlarge it and he could vaguely see Shen Yuhuai’s silhouette from the reflection in the glass window. He thought about it and sent Shen Yuhuai a sentence wishing that the experiment would go smoothly.

Special Assistant Xu looked at Chen Qizhao sitting next to him. He saw that Chen Qizhao had put down his phone and handed over another document. “Second Young Master, this is Nie Chenxiao’s information. He has indeed had a little bit of a contradiction with his company recently and he should be willing to terminate the contract. The other person was easy to talk to when I contacted him.”

In addition to Nie Chenxiao, he had the information of several third-tier stars in his hands. He didn’t know why Chen Qizhao was suddenly interested in these people. Not only did he want them investigated but he also invested in the other person to open a studio.

Special Assistant Xu saw there was no response from the other person and asked again, “Second Young Master, why did you suddenly become interested in this?”

He originally thought that the second young master just had a sudden whim. After all, there were too many sudden investigations. He hadn’t expected to see the second young master take action.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes lit up and he glanced at Special Assistant Xu casually. “Isn’t it okay to invest more money?”

The matter of He Shuhang had spread briefly in S City but Chen Qizhao didn’t pay attention to it. However, Special Assistant Xu would occasionally come out and say a few words about He Shuhang. After all, Special Assistant Xu was asked to check He Shuhang before. It wasn’t surprising that he was curious. Still, it was okay to be curious about one thing but there were many things he was curious about. It was estimated that it was Chen Shiming’s instructions.

Chen Shiming was paying attention to what he was doing but Chen Qizhao didn’t want to explain. The more Chen Shiming paid attention to him, the more advantageous it was.

Ever since he came into contact with Feihong’s affairs, he was able to get in touch with some small news of the Chen Group more quickly. He noticed some of the moves that Chen Shiming had set up in the Chen Group.

Judging from the personnel transfer within the group, it wasn’t difficult to see that Chen Shiming was weakening the rights of some people and pulling out some nails. The Chen Group would go bankrupt due to internal worries and external troubles. They were surrounded by strong enemies outside and commercial spies and some selfish old antiques inside.

It wasn’t that his father and brother didn’t work hard in his last life. They had weakened most of the stubborn old forces in the group. Unfortunately, they were disturbed by Lin Shizong behind the scenes.

They wasted a bit of time in the traffic jam so Chen Qizhao also read Nie Chenxiao’s information.

After arriving at the location, Nie Chenxiao and his agent were already there. There were two people sitting in the private room. One was a man in a slightly old-fashioned suit and the other was wearing gray casual clothing. There weren’t many accessories on his body but he had a good face.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes fell on Nie Chenxiao.

He looked at Nie Chenxiao and Nie Chenxiao’s eyes were also on him.

Chen Qizhao opened his mouth. “Hello, I am Chen Qizhao.”

Nie Chenxiao saw this and stretched out his hand. “Hello, Mr Chen. I am Nie Chenxiao.”

The boy who entered the private room was young and looked like a student. If it wasn’t for the elite assistant standing there, Nie Chenxiao almost thought that the other person had gone to the wrong private room.

He had been having trouble with the company recently due to the economic contract. He planned to take his agent to leave the original company and go at it alone.

In the early years, he had signed with the current company because he didn’t understand the affairs of the entertainment industry. The treatment and profit division were basically in the middle and lower ranged. In addition, the company allocated the resources promised to him to younger people and there were fewer and fewer scripts suitable for his age. In addition, the publicity resources couldn’t keep up so his original popularity was worn down. Now he could only rely on himself to find a crew to audition for.

At this time, Chen Qizhao found him.

Chen Qizhao looked at the man in front of him and asked, “Teacher Nie, have you thought about it?”

Nie Chenxiao and the agent exchanged looks. Finally, he said, “Mr Chen, I have considered it with my agent. We currently have no intention of signing with a management company.”

The Chen Group was a well-known group in S City and its status in the country wasn’t low. It was just that different fields were worlds apart. There were indeed related entertainment companies under the Chen Group but it was still much worse than the giants in the industry. Combined with being pitted by his original company, Nie Chenxiao was too old for trial and error.

Therefore, he had talked about it with his agent when he accepted the invitation. The two of them still wanted to go at it alone rather than sign with a company.

“Teacher Nie has an online drama to be broadcasted in the New Year period, right?” Chen Qizhao put a document down on the table and turned to one of the pages. “Teacher Nie doesn’t have many dramas to be broadcasted. Combine this with the rules on the film and television themes from the General Administration in recent years and there are even fewer works that can be released. This online drama is Teacher Nie’s rare male lead drama. If the publicity can’t keep up with the broadcast then it will be a big headache for Teacher Nie.”

Nie Chenxiao paused. “Mr Chen, what do you mean?”

Chen Qizhao got straight to the point. “You still have half a  year left on your contract with your management company. You don’t want to be suppressed by your company during the drama’s airing, right?”

Nie Chenxiao’s expression tensed slightly.

“Teacher Nie, you might’ve misunderstood.” Chen Qizhao took out another contract. “My family’s entertainment company isn’t under my control at present. I contacted Teacher Nie to talk to you about cooperation, not to let you sign with my company.”

The contract was pushed in front of Nie Chenxiao and the agent and turned to a page.

“I can help Teacher Nie with the penalty fee, I can pay for Teacher Nie’s online drama during the New Year’s schedule and I can even invest in Teacher Nie’s studio.” Chen Qizhao leaned back slightly and continued in a normal tone. “I won’t interfere with any decisions in the studio. Teacher Nie can decide what drama he wants to shoot. I am only responsible for paying for it.”

Paying money and not interfering in the management. Was there such a good thing?

The agent had read a lot of contracts. He opened it up and found that it was basically the same as what Chen Qizhao said. The person in front of him was a big wealthy backer who suddenly appeared. He wanted to invest in their studio but he wouldn’t touch the management. He just waited for the dividends.

The agent’s face changed slightly. Was this a supporting a lover contract in disguise?


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