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MGAG: Chapter 34 Part 2

The situation had reached such a level that even police officers came. If they could solve everything by looking at the surveillance then the people present were happy to do so. After all, it was a waste of their time to drag it out.

Everyone thought so but He Shuhang had a pale face. This paleness turned to a white face when the administrator opened the surveillance of Building A.

“Strange? This surveillance footage isn’t right.” The administrator exclaimed. “Why isn’t it moving?”

The surveillance video had been showing He Shuhang and his friend. Then once they reached a certain position, the entire screen turned still. It was obviously man-made damage. At this time, everyone suddenly looked at He Shuhang. They saw that he had a white face but the hand holding the USB disk was placed inside his clothes.

The people at the institute sensed the strangeness and immediately went up to grab his hand. They snatched the USB from his hand.

He Shuhang broke down. “Give it back to me!”

A researcher was even more curious. “I just want to take a look at the data on the USB drive. We won’t take your things.”

There were confidential projects inside the Ninth Research Institute but Building A was a semi-open experimental building. There were usually students from S College who came over and the personnel inspection wasn’t as thorough as other laboratory buildings. Even so, there were occasionally important experimental groups that borrowed special laboratories in Building A.

The problem was huge if it involved stealing data.

A few researchers came over with a serious expression and wanted to check the data on He Shuhang’s USB disk on the spot. This inspection directly revealed a huge problem.

The expression of the friend who came with Shen Yuhuai changed when he saw the locked files appearing on the computer screen. He directly rushed up and grabbed He Shuhang’s collar. “Did you steal our data?”

He Shuhang couldn’t say anything. His entire body was shaking.

He thought of that person’s promise. He just had to steal the data and the exam-free graduate school quota of S College would be stable. In addition, the other person would contact a respected professor. At that time, he just had to follow the professor to enter a promising project group and the road would be smooth in the future… even when he graduated and left college in the future, he could grab any research institute and laboratory he wanted. He would have better resources and more research funds…

How could this happen now? It was impossible. It should’ve been foolproof. He just had to send out this data and clean up the other traces. Once the incident occurred, no one should’ve been able to guess what happened because they had already left the laboratory.

He trembled as his eyes turned to Chen Qizhao standing in the corner.

The others were discussing the leak of the experimental data apart from Chen Qizhao. He just stood in a corner and stared at He Shuhang coldly. He Shuhang met these eyes and remembered when he saw Chen Qizhao outside the research institute. The other person seemed to be smiling but it was as if he was just a clown in the eyes of the other person.

At this time, He Shuhang saw Chen Qizhao’s mouth opening and closing as he said something silently.

The next second, a chill rose from the soles of his feet. The other person silently said a few words:

You deserve it.

He Shuhang’s expression was frightened. “You…”

Chen Qizhao ignored him and went straight to Shen Yuhuai’s side. His cool gaze fell on the computer screen and he wondered, “Can you let me see? I’ve done some research on computers and might be able to help you restore the surveillance.”

The administrator asked, “Can you?”

“I have to see if it is data corruption or something else.” Chen Qizhao sat on the chair. He observed for a while before explaining, “This should be replaced with a recorded surveillance screen in advance. You can see from the length of time that it isn’t right. If you check the source data disk… maybe search them. If they did something today then they should have the replacement video clips on them. If we are lucky, we can still see the source data that was copied…”

The researcher immediately searched and found a USB disk on the other person.

Sure enough, a video identical to the surveillance data was found on the USB. There was also a copy of the original surveillance footage.

He Shuhang looked defeated. “Didn’t you say that the surveillance was destroyed?”

“I was afraid that you would regret it… I wanted to leave some evidence.” The friend lowered his head when asked. He was afraid that He Shuhang would regret it and not honor the agreement, so he wanted to save the video and threaten He Shuhang later. Who would’ve thought that this matter would be exposed and the USB became ironclad proof that they stole the laboratory data?

The officers from the polite station had gloomy expressions. They hadn’t thought that a fight would end up involving a laboratory data leak. “Go to the police station with us.”

Then an officer looked at Chen Qizhao. “Student, please come with us and help record a statement.”

Chen Qizhao nodded very cooperatively. “No problem.”

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stopped on Chen Qizhao. “Have you studied computers?”

Chen Qizhao explained, “…I am a bit interested.”


Chen Qizhao sighed with relief. The main reason for his deep understanding of computers was that he learned this in his previous life. He couldn’t be regarded as a professional. He thought that the other person would directly interfere with the surveillance and hadn’t expected the method of backing up the surveillance video to be used.

It was a pity that the current surveillance equipment hadn’t been integrated with cloud backup and the equipment was old. If this was five or six years later, this method would be discovered in minutes.

It was no wonder why the problem wasn’t found when the leak incident was discovered in his previous life.

He followed the people from the police station but he didn’t see the deep meaning in Shen Yuhuai’s eyes.

Once the car arrived at the police station, Chen Shiming got out of the car and directly went into the police station.

Special Assistant Xu’s head swelled up when he received the news, especially when he saw the gloomy expression of his boss. He thought he would be doomed for a while. The relationship between the Chen brothers had been stable for such a short time. Who would’ve imagined that the second young master would enter the police station due to a fight?

He waited outside and was hesitating over whether to go in or not. Unexpectedly, he saw the two brothers coming out side by side after ten minutes.

Chen Shiming took Chen Qizhao out and asked coldly, “Can’t you run away when they are beating you?”

“Why run?” Chen Qizhao fastened the seat belt and felt that the question was strange. “I can beat them.”

Chen Shiming looked at the band-air on Chen Qizhao’s forehead. “Yes, you can fight.”

Special Assistant Xu: “……?”

The statement just now was just repeating what Chen Qizhao had previously said. The evidence of He Shuhang’s crimes had been clearly laid out so he could basically leave after going through the formalities. Only one person was sent from the research institute. The rest were busy cleaning up this matter. Later, Chen Qizhao received Shen Yuhuai’s message and knew that this matter might take some time to deal with.

He originally planned to take a taxi back to school. He hadn’t expected for Chen Shiming to come directly.

It turned out that Shen Yuhuai had notified Chen Shiming and asked Chen Shiming to come and take him to the hospital for an examination.

The inside of the car was very quiet and the two brothers didn’t speak again.

At this time, Chen Shiming suddenly leaned over and pulled up Chen Qizhao’s sleeve. “This is what you said? You can beat them?”

“I didn’t do it lightly so I got a small bruise from a bump.” Chen Qizhao withdrew his hand. “You don’t need to send me to the hospital. Take me back to school.”

Chen Shiming asked again, “What were you doing at the research institute?”

Chen Qizhao glanced at him doubtfully. “Can’t I pass by?”

“I remember that you had classes in the afternoon.” Chen Shiming emphasized his words. “Chen Qizhao, you skipped class. In addition, haven’t you been investigating He Shuhang during this time? What is wrong with that person that is worth wasting so much time investigating?”

“Who hasn’t skipped classes in college?” Chen Qizhao raised an eyebrow slightly. He smiled and  leaned back, not wanting to explain too much. He took out the male student as an explanation. “He had a small conflict with my friend before. I accidentally heard something so I had people watch him for a while.”

Chen Shiming wondered, “What does it have to do with today’s events?”

“Aren’t you asking while already knowing the answer?” Chen Qizhao didn’t look over. His eyes stayed on the scenery outside the window. He glanced down at the bruises on his arm before pulling down his sleeve.

Chen Shiming stopped inquiring and looked at special Assistant Xu. “Go to the hospital.”

He Shuhang’s matter caused a lot of turmoil and the institute immediately caused an internal audit after the incident was reported. The place of the incident was Building A but such a situation was really a major accident with the internal management of the institute. In particular, the laboratory where the leak occurred was Shen Yuhuai’s work group. It was one of the key planning projects of the institute and the leaders of the institute were optimistic about it. The attention of the superiors was received the moment an accident occurred.

This time, He Shuhang had planned carefully and every time node was done very well. The selected time to enter the laboratory to commit the crime was also reasonable. If this matter wasn’t accidentally exposed then they might not have been able to find the suspect in the follow-up investigation.

Due to this incident, He Shuhang was removed from the key evaluations this semester and received a major strike on his record. He also faced the result of being prosecuted by the Ninth Research Institute and imprisoned. The second half of his life was almost completely ruined and the graduate school quota was in vain. He might not receive his degree and he would go to jail for a few years. There would be no companies or research institutes in the future who would hire a student with a previous conviction.

The two people were eating in the cafeteria of S College when Shen Yuhuai told Chen Qizhao the results.

“So this matter was planned in advance…” Chen Qizhao sipped the mushroom soup. “Why did he do this? Just for the research?”

“It isn’t just that. The company who contacted him promised him a lot, including helping him find a mentor and providing research funds.”

“Later, he explained that he had made a lot of preparations, including the schedule many times when the administrator was away. We happened to be using the laboratory on that day and the laboratory had data that was about to be submitted to the tutor. Therefore, he determined the time of the crime and did it.”

Shen Yuhuai thought of the time when he saw He Shuhang outside the administrator’s office. It was estimated that He Shuhang was checking the duty time of their laboratory. After all, the laboratory used by a working group like them wasn’t a student laboratory and there were often people in the laboratory.

This time, He Shuhang stole the spare key from the administrator’s office and entered the laboratory. He just wasn’t sure that he could control all the surveillance. The only surveillance that could be blurred was the one in the administrator’s office. Therefore, He Shuhang didn’t dare do it at night. It was because he needed a legitimate reason to enter and exit the building so that he wasn’t suspected in the follow-up investigation. Finally, he chose such a time point.

He took advantage of the administrator communicating with the maintenance workers in the other laboratories to cooperate with his friend to act in the office.

Chen Qizhao understood. It turned out to be due to a promise for a future.

He had no sympathy for He Shuhang’s ending. This person did it himself. If this matter wasn’t exposed, it would be the people in Shen Yuhuai’s experimental group who would have to bear the scandal of the data leaking.

“Then your laboratory shouldn’t have secrets leaked after this, right?” Chen Qizhao wondered. “There won’t be a second He Shuhang, right?”

“No, the reason why He Shuhang was able to act was due to the maintenance that is carried out once every six months. The administrator of Building A has also been held accountable for this incident,” Shen Yuhuai explained. “The rules of the laboratory’s management have been revised and even the student laboratory building will be strictly managed. There will be no such thing again.”

His gaze stopped on Chen Qizhao’s body. The wound on the boy’s forehead was already shallow and it couldn’t be seen unless a person looked closely.

Shen Yuhuai suddenly said, “Qizhao, thank you this time.”

“I just happened to be passing by…” Chen Qizhao sat up straight. “Brother Huai, you have hel0ped me a lot. It is just a small favor. It is that the person surnamed He exposed too many problems and I noticed it.”

Being able to help Shen Yuhuai solve one thing could be regarded as repaying the favor of the previous life. Shen Yuhuai had helped him too much in his previous life, while he could do very little for Shen Yuhuai.

Shen Yuhuai smiled. “My friend in the laboratory said he wants to invite you to dinner once this period of being busy is over. Please don’t refuse.”

“Oh, okay.” Chen Qizhao lowered his head slightly and looked at the mushroom soup in the bowl. Then he looked up and met Shen Yuhuai’s gaze. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Shen Yuhuai stared at him. “I just think you are a bit thin.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t feel that he was thin. He was the right weight now and he was also very healthy.

Shen Yuhuai saw his appearance of being a picky eater and the mushroom soup that hadn’t been eaten much. Then he looked down slightly. There was one thing that he hadn’t exposed. On the night he stayed over, he accidentally saw Chen Qizhao’s class schedule.

The day of the incident was Wednesday and Chen Qizhao had full classes on Wednesday afternoon.


  1. Thanks for the chapter! Smart ML, noticing the fishy points pf his little friend’s explanation but not saying anything. He is the heir of a big company/family & a genius, he understands a lot of things.

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