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MGAG: Chapter 35 Part 2

Nie Chenxiao pondered on it for a moment. “Does Mr Chen have any additional requirements?”

“It is sort of yes and no,” Chen Qizhao replied. “I am a small fan of Teacher Nie and investing money is just a personal hobby. If I have to say a requirement to reassure Teacher Nie, I hope that if you encounter scheduling conflicts or endorsement issues in the future, you will give priority to our group’s products.”

Nie Chenxiao and the agent were stunned when they heard this. What type of requirement was this?

The product endorsements of several well-known companies under the Chen Group were regarded as top resources in the circle. Even the endorsements of small companies were a matter for second or third tier stars. Now it became a simple requirement in Chen Qizhao’s mouth.

Nie Chenxiao smiled bitterly. “Mr Chen, this isn’t a requirement…”

Chen Qizhao continued, “It is indeed a requirement. I think Teacher Nie will become popular in the future.”

Nie Chenxiao looked at the boy in front of him who was younger than him and claimed to be a fan. Suddenly, he felt that this might just be an investment done on a whim by a rich second generation. After all, he wasn’t a popular person and such a capital injection condition was really rare. The opportunity was in front of him and he didn’t want to refuse.

He was 35 this year. He was becoming older and his acting path would become shorter. The roles he could take on would be limited.

The online drama in the New Year’s period was a role that he and his agent spent a lot of time auditioning for. It was a good drama that could allow him to break through in his eyes. If his original company delayed the promotion of this drama then it might ruin his opportunities for the second half of his life. To be honest, he was very moved by Chen Qizhao’s invitation to cooperation. Yet looking at the young man in front of him and the overly perfect contract, he took the initiative to say, “I might not be popular but this contract is not fair to you. There are a few things that can be modified.”

Chen Qizhao was a bit surprised. Why did this person think about him in turn? “Isn’t it okay?”

The agent came forward. “We can agree to Mr Chen’s request but can we go back and consider the contract? We will reply to Mr Chen within two days.” He smiled bitterly. “The conditions are really superior. We can’t let you invest and suffer losses. The responsibility requirements can be renegotiated and the proportion of dividends can also be changed.”

Chen Qizhao blinked. “Okay.”

Special Assistant Xu watched from the side and pursed his lips slightly when he saw Chen Qizhao talking with others about cooperation.

This contract was prepared by him. When he heard Chen Qizhao’s request, he also felt that the second young master might be chasing stars. This type of contract was okay for a top artist in the entertainment industry but it was indeed just giving away money when it came to a third-tier star like Nie Chenxiao.

Nie Chenxiao said that he would revise the dividends agreement and said that he would give a reply after a few days.

However, this was basically them agreeing. The other side thought he wouldn’t become popular and didn’t want Chen Qizhao to suffer.

Chen Qizhao glanced at Special Assistant Xu as they left. “Do you think Nie Chenxiao is too unconfident in himself?”

Special Assistant Xu: “……”

Aren’t you the one who is too confident in him?

He noticed Chen Qizhao’s relaxed and happy expression and considered it a bit. Then he adhered to the principle of solving problems for Chen Shiming and took the initiative to speak. “Second Young Master, do you like Teacher Nie very much?”

Chen Qizhao thought for a while. From the perspective of a capitalist, he liked Nie Chenxiao very much. “He is okay?”

‘Do you like older ones…?’ Special Assistant Xu’s expression changed slightly. He was thinking about what type of wording should be used in his report to his boss so that it wouldn’t be too abrupt.

The two of them got into the car and the driver drove toward S College according to the original plan.

Chen Qizhao didn’t notice Special Assistant Xu’s pale face. He looked down at the message on his phone and noticed that Assistant Yu had sent him a message that the contract with Fu Yanyu had basically been negotiated. The publicity plan had been set and it was estimated that the contract would be signed next week.

He thought of something and searched the Internet for news of Fu Yanyu and Feihong. His tone changed slightly. “Change the road and go to Feihong.”

After arriving at Feihong’s company, Special Assistant Xu got out of the car and had two documents stuffed in his hand. Chen Qizhao handed over Nie Chenxiao’s matter to him and asked him to finalize the contract as soon as possible. Then Chen Qizhao entered the company in the blink of an eye.

Special Assistant Xu saw Assistant Yu heading toward the entrance of the company from a distance and his feelings were complicated.

This was the person who was transferred from the group of assistants of Chairman Chen and the qualifications were much higher than his. Didn’t Second Young Master already have an assistant? Why have him do the work every time?

Chen Qizhao controlled his expression when he saw Assistant Yu, as if he came to the company just on a whim.

“The current plans for the Glory series are almost ready. If there are no problems, we should be able to sign the contract next week.” After entering the office, Assistant Yu handed a document to Chen Qizhao. “Second Young Master, this is the current agreed publicity plan.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at him before looking down at his phone. “Put it away first. Call someone from the publicity department.”

Assistant Xu suppressed the disdain in his eyes and put the document aside. “The people from the publicity department are in a meeting. You might have to wait for a while.”

He had dealt with Chen Qizhao a lot in the past few days and found that this person really had many things. Chen Qizhao thought there were too many technical terms in the document that he couldn’t understand so he wanted Assistant Yu to rearrange a copy. Then after he finished sorting it out, Chen Qizhao disliked that there were too many words and didn’t want to read them, so Chen Qizhao asked him to sift through the important content.

A useless person was a useless person. If he couldn’t read the documents, he had to pretend to understand. Every time, Chen Qizhao added nonsensical work to him and wasted his time.

Chen Qizhao casually asked, “How long?”

“Around half an hour.”

The screen of his phone was showing Fu Yanyu’s super talk. Chen Qizhao watched it before directly exiting Weibo. Then he switched back to the VX interface. He thought about things idly but his fingers had already clicked into Shen Yuhuai’s Moments and was wandering aimlessly.

The latest Moments was the white flower he posted two months ago.

Chen Qizhao stared at it before returning to his own Moments. The Moments he set to be visible for only three days seemed to be growing grass and the Moments of his friends who were partying at bars were even more unsightly.

Assistant Yu stood by and didn’t speak. Suddenly, he noticed Chen Qizhao’s gaze.

Chen Qizhao frowned and told him, “Move to the side. You are blocking me.”

Assistant Yu found it strange. He had just taken two steps away when he heard the sound of the camera clicking.

Chen Qizhao took a photo of his desk and posted it to his Moments. Then he said, “It is okay. You can stand back.”

Assistant Yu: “……”

Around 10 minutes later, the person in charge of the publicity department arrived quickly after receiving the news.

He still had the materials from the meeting in his hand and he was slightly gasping as he rushed into the office.

It seemed that the second young master’s high price moved Fu Yanyu’s heart. The process of negotiating the contract this time was very smooth and the other party was very easy to talk to. The only problem was Fu Yanyu’s schedule for the next half a month. The end of the year was approaching and the holiday slots of various TV stations were very crowded. In order to promote his new drama, Fu Yanyu had to run to several TV stations to participate in the shows, so there weren’t many slots left for Feihong.

However, this was also within Feihong’s expectations. After all, Feihong was interested in Fu Yanyu because the other person could maintain high exposure next year. The endorsement cooperation would bring Feihong considerable benefits. Therefore, Feihong was happy to cooperate with Fu Yanyu’s publicity request.

The person in charge said, “Second Young Master.”

He first sent some publicity materials to Chen Qizhao’s desk. “We just held a meeting to formulate the follow-up plan. Our side has paid attention to the publicity gaps of major manufacturers and the reserved advertising spaces have been reserved. This is the plan and budget set in the meeting.”

Chen Qizhao rolled his eyes. Sure enough, it was according to Fu Yanyu’s promotional schedule and it closely matched the holiday promotion. This could be called a perfectly arranged publicity plan. In his last life, the sufficient preparation meant that the advertising column and manufacturers that should be contacted were also well contacted. So when Fu Yanyu regretted not signing the contract, the loss to Feihong was great.

It seemed that Lin Shizong had almost completed his chess game.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes were gloomy but he slightly restrained it when he glanced at the people around him.

He pursed his lips slightly before immediately dropping his phone on the table.

There was a loud banging sound in the quiet office.

“Did you find these marketing accounts?” Chen Qizhao pointed to the phone on the desk. It contained Fu Yanyu’s super talk and several marketing accounts that advertised Fu Yanyu’s next itinerary. They wrote that a popular artist had received an endorsement from a domestic niche electrical appliance brand Feihong.

The person in charge was stunned when he saw this. “We didn’t find them. It should be news released by Fu Yanyu.”

This was a common practice in the entertainment industry. After signing the contract, it could be officially announced. The current warm-up could increase the popularity of the official announcement. He explained, “Now many endorsements will be warmed up in advance. It will give the fans expectations and the follow-up work can be promoted.”

The two of them thought this matter would be passed over but they didn’t expect Chen Qizhao to make a fuss.

“Is this a warm-up?” Chen Qizhao laughed. “Why don’t you take a look at the comments below?”

The person in charge picked up the phone and saw that the marketing accounts were indeed operating normally for the circle, but the comments below were a bit extreme. Some fans were mentioning becoming fans while some passersby wondered which niche electrical brand it was. There were a lot of comments such as ‘using fake news to deceive fans’, ‘unofficial announcement means no appointment’, ‘what is Feihong, they are using people everywhere for hype.’ Based on the current situation, this wasn’t a warm-up situation. Instead, it somewhat ruined the goodwill of passersby.

The person in charge saw this and looked embarrassed. “Fu Yanyu hasn’t communicated with us about this. I’ll ask.”

Assistant Yu also saw the comments below and his expression changed slightly.

This wasn’t the same as the plan they made before. They had intended to control public opinion but they planned to let it ferment for a period of time. Then they would use the fan effect to buy a black hot search. The fact that it was happening now was completely unexpected.

The expressions of the two people were different, but Chen Qizhao grasped this and continued to talk.

“The contract hasn’t been signed. Why is he in such a hurry to publicize it? His own studio didn’t make the announcement but he found marketing accounts to promote it.” Chen Qizhao scanned through the comments under a certain marketing account, like a reckless person who was extremely dissatisfied and finding faults. “Look, what are these people saying? They are saying that things that aren’t officially announced haven’t been decided. The fans are treating it as rubbing the hype.”

“This is the first time I’ve known that we should lower ourselves when looking for someone to endorse our products. Our brand might be niche but we are an electrical appliance brand under the Chen Group. This is very bad for the reputation of our brand and it looks like we’re sticking to him instead.”

The person in charge froze. “Second Young Master, this matter is indeed something we didn’t pay attention to.”

“I spent the most expensive price to contract with Fu Yanyu and this is the result? Do we pay people to do publicity or are we spending money to make wedding clothes for others? Just because I don’t care about these things doesn’t mean I can’t understand it. I’m not the PR department waiting for others to scold us for using people for hype.” Chen Qizhao sneered and glanced at Assistant Yu beside him. “Assistant Yu, teach him how to do public relations when encountering such a problem.”

As someone who had worked at the group headquarters for several years, Assistant Yu naturally knew how to deal with this type of public relations. According to the original plan, they had to attract enough fan attention in the early stage in order to better manipulate the Internet public opinion in the later stage. He just hadn’t expected things to suddenly become like this. It wasn’t in the plan for such remarks to appear on the Internet.

Assistant Yu’s expression stiffened slightly.

Chen Qizhao knocked on the table impatiently and urged again, “Assistant Yu?”

He asked, “You can’t do it? You have been by my father’s side for so long and you can’t even solve this little thing?”


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