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MGAG: Chapter 28

Not long after his words came out, the two people at the dinner table talking about work stopped.

Even Zhang Yazhi looked at these two workaholics with surprise.

There was a brief silence before Chen Jianhong spoke.

“Let’s eat. The rest can be discussed later.” Chen Jianhong looked at Chen Qizhao across the dinner table. He didn’t know if it was because of the hospitalization but he always felt that the child’s face didn’t have much flesh. Compared to the face with some baby fat before, he seemed to have lost weight ever since coming back from the hospital.

Chen Shiming also noticed the change. Chen Qizhao used to be very provocative and when he was talking to his father about work, Chen Qizhao would always interrupt impatiently or lose his temper. However, during this period of time, Chen Qizhao hardly argued at the dinner table.

Chen Qizhao was still chatting with Shen Yuhuai when he noticed the hot gaze directly opposite him. He looked up and met Chen Jianhong’s eyes.

Chen Jianhong’s voice was normal. “Qizhao, eat.”

“Play with your phone after eating.”

Chen Qizhao looked at the two men with some surprise but didn’t ask anything. He lowered his head to eat his meal.

Chatting with Shen Yuhuai didn’t require much effort. He Shuhang would definitely participate in this project. It had been determined from Special Assistant Xu’s information. Based on Shen Yuhuai’s words, it wasn’t difficult to see that he was clear about the location and time of each project this year. Even if he didn’t disclose if he was participating or not, it could be inferred from the existing situation that the leak of information from the laboratory would take place within this two month cycle.

Previously when his friend chatted to him about this matter, they just casually mentioned it and there wasn’t a lot of information revealed. Part of the reason why it caused such a wide discussion was because there were problems in the process of the competition. Finally, the experimental team withdrew from the competition in order to avoid too much public opinion discussion. If he calculated it according to that time and included stealing the confidential information, the company declaring the patent and the process of the competition, He Shuhang would only have a limited time to steal the data. It would probably take place in a month or two.

Now the problem came. He Shuhang had a pass and could enter the institute at will.

Meanwhile, he didn’t know the specific time it would take place and could only find someone to watch He Shuhang. It was impossible to follow He Shuhang into the research institute and it was impossible to judge the specific time of the crime.

After eating, Chen Qizhao went to his room and dug out He Shuhang’s class schedule from the information given by Special Assistant Xu.

He Shuhang wasn’t found by the investigation team back then. This showed that all his actions and movements were in line with common sense. In other words, he entered the research institute at the right time and stole data while Shen Yuhuai’s research team was absent.

Checking He Shuhang was simple but checking Shen Yuhuai wasn’t simple.

Everyone knew the timetable of college students but the timetable for the laboratory for Shen Yuhuai’s project was difficult. This meant Special Assistant Xu couldn’t help check the research institute.

He thought about it and sent a message to Yan Kailin.

After sending a message, he planned to organize other information but the housekeeper knocked on the door and informed him that Chen Jianhong was looking for him.

Chen Qizhao rarely entered the study room of the Chen family’s villa. He remembered that when he was a child, he was often carried in here by Zhang Yazhi to play. Then once he grew up, the study meant a place to talk about work and he was even more reluctant to go there. Later, the Chen family went bankrupt and the villa was put up for auction. He had no chance to step into this place.

Chen Jianhong had changed into house clothes and was sitting down. He saw Chen Qizhao coming and beckoned him to sit on the sofa next to him.

Chen Qizhao didn’t go over and just said, “I still have some homework I haven’t done. Are you looking for me for something?”

He rarely spent time alone with Chen Jianhong and he didn’t know how to handle the relationship with his always serious father.

He didn’t want to make this person angry so he could only meet less. After all, there were always some reasons for quarreling that were beyond his expectations.

Chen Qizhao wanted to leave but Chen Jianhong wanted to have a long conversation with him. He even had the housekeeper bring two cups of tea.

Chen Qizhao saw the tea and he paused for a few seconds. “Didn’t I give instructions to throw away all the tea at home… did you receive it?”

The housekeeper: “……”

Chen Jianhong’s eyebrow twitched. “Was your brother’s coffee thrown away by you?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t think there was anything wrong with this and continued, “You are staying up late and drinking tea. Don’t you think your blood pressure is high enough?”

The housekeeper originally thought that Chen Jianhong wanted the tea in order to talk to Chen Shiming. Now he saw the situation and could only look at his boss.

Chen Jianhong looked at him. “Change to two glasses of water.”

The housekeeper had to take away the tea and change it for two glasses of water.

Chen Jianhong continued to ask, “Is there anything you don’t understand about the coursework?”

Asking about the coursework… Chen Qizhao originally thought that Chen Jianhong had him come here for something else. He hadn’t expected to be asked about such a common thing. His impression was that Chen Jianhong had stopped caring about his studies from a long time ago. Both brothers had good grades so Chen Jianhong rarely cared about this.

Chen Qizhao answered, “It is okay. The first year courses are mainly general studies and there aren’t many professional courses.”

“Last time, I told you to go to the company to study. If you don’t have much school work then you can arrange the time. Once you don’t have a class then come to the company.” Chen Jianhong read through the document in his hand. “Your brother started to make contact with the group’s business when he was in high school. It isn’t too late for you to start getting experience now in college… these are companies under the group. I had someone mark the places close to your school. Pick the one you like. If you want  Xiao Jiang to look after you, you can stay under a project that Xiao Jiang is in contact with.”

Chen Qizhao saw the familiar documents and recalled his previous life. This time, it happened earlier than his previous life.

Chen Jianhong never gave up on him in his previous life. His father might be more severe than kind but he had always been fair when it came to the distribution of resources between brothers. Such a document existed in his previous life but it came long. Chen Shiming had an accident soon after.

If nothing happened in his last life, he might’ve been able to grow under the protection of his father and brother.

Unfortunately, it backfired and he didn’t have the opportunity to grow slowly.

Chen Qizhao read through the document. There were indeed some projects that were suitable for him at this stage. Chen Jianhong was really considerate to him but right now, his goal wasn’t this. There was no time to wait slowly. He glimpsed a company at the end of the document and quickly made a decision. “Then I will go with this.”

Chen Jianhong hesitated a bit when he saw that company that Chen Qizhao was referring to. It was a company that had developed relatively quickly in the past two years and was mainly engaged in electrical appliances. It wasn’t in the group headquarters but it was close to S College, which was more convenient for Chen Qizhao. He thought that Chen Qizhao would choose the headquarters of the group. Unexpectedly, Chen Qizhao chose such a place. “No problem. I will leave the rest for Xiao Jiang to arrange.”

“Is there anything else? If not, I’ll go first.” Chen Qizhao stood up and took the document with him.” Do you still need this? I want to take it back to see. If I’m not used to it then I’ll change places.”

Chen Jianhong had still wanted to speak to his son. However, he saw that the other person wanted to leave and had to wave his hand to let him go. “Go and study.”

Back in the room, Chen Qizhao put away his casual attitude. His eyes were cold as he looked down at the document in his hand.

There weren’t many conflicts between Y City’s Yicheng and the Chen Group during this time. There were only one or two minor conflicts, which were all things that could be resolved. After the beginning of a certain matter in his previous life, there were more and more disputes between the Chen Group and Yicheng. He later read the relevant materials and remembered that one of the bigger conflicts was that the Chen Group’s electrical appliance company had a conflict in advertising with Yicheng. This was an important publicity node for the Chen Group’s series of products but the spokesperson they prepared to sign at a high price was snatched by Yicheng at a critical moment.

At that time, the project team had prepared a corresponding publicity plan for the spokesperson. The reversal of the matter came during the early stages of signing the contract. According to the artist’s studio, the other person had offered a high price. They considered the promotion schedule and finally chose Yicheng. Later, the fan effect of this artist meant the incident had a partial impact on the company’s products. This resulted in poor results when the series of products was launched.

The Chen Group and Yicheng completely formed a bad relationship.

This time, there was the matter of his drugging as well as the small frictions from before. If the public opinion effect broke out then it would end up in Lin Shizong’s favor.

Chen Qizhao sneered and casually threw the file onto the desk.

“Uncle Lin, isn’t the good opportunity you want coming?”

The next day, Chen Jianhong sent him an assistant. This was a member of Chen Jianhong’s assistant group and was surnamed Yu. Chen Qizhao’s impression of this person wasn’t light. This person was later arranged to go to Chen Shiming’s side. He didn’t have to think about it to know that everything was arranged by Jiang Yuze. It was estimated that Chen Jianhong left the matter to Jiang Yuze to arrange and Jiang Yuze sent a confidant in order to supervise him.

Chen Qizhao added this person as a friend before leaving them hanging. He privately asked Special Assistant Xu to send over the projects that the company was preparing and operating.

Chen Qizhao stayed home for five days before finally escaping from Zhang Yazhi’s clutches and returning to school. AT home, Zhang Yazhi always looked at him like he was fragile and he almost vomited from eating and drinking all types of supplements. He unexpectedly missed the takeout from around the school.

“You’re finally back.” Yan Kailin leaned against the door of Chen Qizhao’s bedroom and chatted with him. “Brother, I feel that the takeout isn’t delicious when I eat it with you not around.”

Chen Qizhao inquired, “What about what I asked you last time?”

“You don’t need to mention this. I don’t remember the times Brother Huai came in and out very clearly.” Yan Kailin had lived in Shen Yuhuai’s place before. In order to avoid Shen Yuhuai coming home when he was out drinking, he had a general understanding of Shen Yuhuai’s work day. “There is a timetable in his study. I photographed it last time in order to avoid it but it seems to be useless. The time changes are quite large and I have run into him several times before going out.”

He asked again, “By the way, why are you asking about Brother Huai?”

“I haven’t thanked him for the hospital matter yet. I want to find a time to invite him for a meal but he is very busy…” Chen Qizhao didn’t change his expression or panic. He saved the photo from Yan Kailin’s phone and planned to make a time comparison later. If he had a rough timing then some things were much simpler.

Yan Kailin looked at Chen Qizhao thoughtfully. “Can’t you just ask him directly? Why go to so much trouble?”

Wasn’t it easier to ask for a time and place? Then if the two parties had time, they could act directly.

Chen Qizhao explained, “He often doesn’t reply when I send him a message.”

“It is true. He doesn’t reply to any messages as soon as he enters the laboratory. However, he’ll usually get back to you when he comes out.”

Yan Kailin sat down next to him. “You are so mysterious. It is just like when my classmate was inquiring about the class schedule of the school beauty in the next class.”

Chen Qizhao looked at him. “Boring.”

“Brother, didn’t you pay attention to the school beauties? Everything is mentioned in the forum and there is a freshmen list!” Yan Kailin enthusiastically showed his phone. “You see, we have you in your major and me in my major, etc. During the winter training, won’t there be beautiful sisters who come to watch us?”

The military training time of S College was different from other schools. The school had regular classes and the half a month winter training wouldn’t be held until the winter vacation.

Chen Qizhao thought casually, ‘Winter training… that is almost at the end of the year. Things are really crowded together.’

Yan Kailin saw that Chen Qizhao wasn’t interested and was forced to take back his phone and enjoy it himself. “Oh yes, speaking of Brother Huai, I just saw a post on the forum. It seems there is an open class in the Department of Chemistry that was opened by his tutor. He might be a teaching assistant or something.”

He noticed Chen Qizhao staring at him and abruptly stopped. “What’s wrong?”

“When is it?” Chen Qizhao suddenly asked.

Yan Kailin was forced to go back and find the post. “It seems to be an afternoon class. It is an open class so there is a lot of publicity…”

An open class… this point in time…

Chen Qizhao instructed in a slightly deep voice, “Send me the location of the classroom.”


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