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MGAG: Chapter 27

Chen Qizhao was hospitalized for a week. He personally felt that there were no big problems but Zhang Yazhi was very careful these days. He had to stay for a few more days before she was willing to let him out of the hospital. Finally, Chen Qizhao refused on the grounds that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the school curriculum or he would’ve had to stay in the hospital for another week.

Two days before he was discharged from hospital, Chen Qizhao gave a message to Zhang Yazhi to ask for the matter of Chen Jianhong’s physical examination to be handled while they happened to be in the hospital. Uncle Zhang was asked to make an appointment in advance with the medical examination department and they spent the morning doing a detailed examination for Chen Jianhong. The result of this examination revealed many problems. High blood pressure was an inevitable result that Chen Qizhao had already expected and the other problem was Chen Jianhong’s lungs.

Fortunately, he could take medicine to control it. Even so, Chen Qizhao wasn’t at ease. The physical health of his parents and Chen Shiming’s car accident were like ticking time bombs. He knew the final result so he couldn’t relax at all until he reached that point in time.

Moreover, the situation seemed calm after the end of Ruizhen Electronics but Lin Shizong was probably doing other things behind the scenes.

Chen Qizhao was thinking deeply when he looked up and found Chen Shiming standing at the door of the ward.

“Why are you here?” Chen Qizhao looked at him with surprise.

Chen Qizhao was being discharged from hospital today so Chen Shiming came over at noon after work. He glanced at the suitcase next to the hospital bed. “I have nothing to do so I came over after work. Is everything packed? What about Mom?”

“It is almost done.” Chen Qizhao closed his suitcase. “She is going through the discharge procedures.”

Chen Shiming nodded and scanned the rest of the room. Finally, his gaze stopped on Chen Qizhao and he seemed to ask in passing, “Have you seen the people who bid against you that day anywhere else?”

“No.” Chen Qizhao glanced at him. “If I knew them, would they dare to grab something from me? Are you afraid I’ll run around and settle accounts with them?”

Chen Shiming pondered on it for a moment. The more he asked Special Assistant Xu to investigate over the past few days, the stranger this matter became. It was as if the charity party was far from being as simple as he expected. He instructed, “In the future, don’t make trouble outside and keep your eyes open when drinking. Don’t go to those bars with Cheng Rong and the others. It was fortunate that Shen Yuhuai was there this time. Next time you drink drugged alcohol, you won’t end up well if there is no one around you.”

“Don’t patronize me. You drink just as much as I do.” Chen Qizhao pushed the suitcase past you. “You also have to keep your eyes open. Don’t have dubious people by your side. You can’t see it clearly.”

Chen Shiming: “……”

Special Assistant Xu, who just came over, was shot for no reason. Wasn’t he the one who accompanied his boss to socialize every time?!

Chen Qizhao dragged his suitcase and left. Chen Shiming glanced around the ward and didn’t move. He had been standing at the door for a while when he came and he could see Chen Qizhao in the ward. There was no one around at that time. Chen Qizhao wasn’t packing his suitcase and was sitting on the bed without moving. The more carefully Chen Shiming checked in the past few days, the more he found that there was a thick fog that couldn’t be cleared away and the more mysterious it became.

Special Assistant Xu wondered, “Boss, is something left behind?”

Chen Shiming came to his senses. “If Chen Qizhao asks you to check something during this time then send it to me as well.”

“Send everything I’ve checked?” Special Assistant Xu was stunned.

Chen Shiming glanced at Special Assistant Xu suspiciously and repeated, “Send it.”

They went downstairs and happened to meet Zhang Yazhi, who had completed the procedures. The group went directly to the parking lot.

“For the next few days, go home and live. Old Lin will take you to and from school.” Zhang Yazhi explained. “Don’t worry about school and go home to live after the evening classes. Otherwise, you will be admitted to hospital again.”

“I’m fine, you don’t have to worry.” Chen Qizhao felt that Zhang Yazhi was being too exaggerated these days. He just drank the wrong thing and wasn’t seriously ill. She was being too cautious.

The group got in the car and closed the car door. Chen Shiming sat next to him and said, “Mom is doing this for your own good. Just listen to her.”

Then he noticed Chen Qizhao’s gaze and his tone sank a bit more. “What is your expression?”

Chen Qizhao fastened his seat belt and said casually, “I’m not arguing with you.”

Not long after returning home, Chen Qizhao received an email from Special Assistant Xu. It contained information about the jade necklace sent by the other person.

This necklace was of great significance to Lin Shizong but it had no effect on him. After all, the Chen family had less contact with that big boss so this thing wasn’t useful at all. It was easy to be misunderstood if he just sent it over. After the charity party, everyone knew that Chen Qizhao had won this item so Lin Shizong couldn’t take it from him. This meant the value of this item was just a beautiful piece of jewelry. It was just right for it to stay in Zhang Yazhi’s jewelry collection.

A necklace couldn’t completely cut off Lin Shizong’s relationship with that person but it probably wouldn’t be as deep as his previous life. After all, the so-called love token between the grandmother and grandmother actually involved an inheritance in the family of the big boss. This was why the big boss treated Lin Shizong very favorably.

In this life, the things that Lin Shizong could give the other person weren’t as valuable as this necklace. It was equivalent to breaking off Lin Shizong’s back road.

Chen Qizhao continued to read through the emails in his inbox. Many emails from things he entrusted to a secret investigation weren’t handled during his week of hospitalization and he had to take the time to reply to them one by one. If he wanted to deal with Lin Shizong, he had to first find a way to get rid of Jiang Yuze. However, it wasn’t so easy to take action against Jiang Yuze. After all, this guy couldn’t be compared to Qin Xingfeng at all.

Chen Qizhao was at ease again after seeing the email.

Based on the tone of Chen Shiming’s questioning at the hospital, he knew that Chen Shiming had probably found something or had doubts about the results of the charity party investigation. Otherwise, he wouldn’t ask about it again. His understanding of Chen Shiming meant he knew Chen Shiming would definitely be silent when encountering such a thing. It was because Lin Shizong was Chen Jianhong’s closest friend, not someone else.

Therefore, Chen Shiming would investigate this matter and it would be behind the scenes.

In order to deal with Lin Shizong, the breakthrough point was Chen Shiming, not Chen Jianhong.

There were various types of information on his computer. Some of them had been sorted out by Chen Qizhao based on his memories of his previous life while others were entrusted to a private detective to investigate. However, they weren’t key evidence and he had to find a way to hand these things to Chen Shiming through certain channels. He had to make Chen Shiming believe it and secretly investigate. Originally, he wanted to take advantage of his major to join the group as an intern but now he had a great opportunity in front of him.

He couldn’t let the Chen family get involved in the dispute of Yicheng in Y City. He also had to find a way to let the Lin family fight with Yicheng.

Wasn’t sitting back and watching tigers fight Lin Shizong’s favorite drama? Then he would make Lin Shizong enter the cage and become a tiger.

“I have to pick something useful…” Chen Qizhao scanned the information on the computer’s secret disk. Then he checked his email again to see if he missed anything. Suddenly, he noticed an email from Special Assistant Xu. It had been sent for a long time and he had almost forgotten about it.

[He Shuhang.zip.]

Chen Qizhao uncompressed it and checked it. The information was more detailed than the previous information that Special Assistant Xu had helped to investigate. basically, all the information of He Shuhang that could be legally obtained was here. It might be that the content was repetitive so Special Assistant Xu hadn’t reminded him about it after sending the email. Then during this time, he didn’t notice the document due to the matter between Ruizhen Electronics and Qin Xingfeng…

“If nothing else, this level is about to catch up with Xiao Zhou,” Chen Qizhao murmured. He laughed after he finished speaking. “It is a pity that I can’t dig him over.”

Special Assistant Xu’s work ability was similar to his assistant in his previous life. Unfortunately, this was his brother’s person or he would’ve dug him over.

He finished reading the information and switched to the Internet. He typed in the name of a competition, searched for the information and took a screenshot.

After opening VX, Chen Qizhao hesitated for a moment. Then he sent the screenshot and asked in a euphemistic tone.

[Brother Huai, will you professionally participate in this type of competition?]

In the Ninth Research Institute of S City, a researcher in a white coat stared at the date results being run by the machine behind the isolation glass window. Everyone cheered in a low voice when a certain data was finally obtained. Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes to record the results of the 98th experimental test on the experiment record board. There were whispered inquiries from the members of the same group who were already next to him.

“Yuhuai, will you go to dinner with us at the end of the day?” The man from the group was afraid that Shen Yuhuai wouldn’t agree so he added, “You didn’t go to the party last week so you can’t shirk it this time. If you want to work here after graduation then you should go have dinner with other people.”

“Okay.” Shen Yuhuai’s eyes didn’t shift. “However, I might be a bit late. I have to upload the data later.”

The man replied, “No problem. We’ll wait for you in the lounge later.”

“Fortunately, this data was run smoothly. We should be able to catch up with the competition at the end of the year.”

Shen Yuhuai finished writing the data and put the cap on the pen. “Based on the current progress, we can meet the deadline.”

He stayed in the laboratory for a long time. By the time Shen Yuhuai finished uploading the data, it was already 6 o’clock in the afternoon. He went to his locker in the lounge to get his things and noticed that Chen Qizhao had sent him a message at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. He was a bit surprised when he saw the message.

The screenshot taken by Chen Qizhao was a screenshot of the official website of the International Challenge Cup competition. It was also the competition that their project was preparing to participate in.

This competition involved a wide range of professional fields and it was also a competition with a high gold content at the moment. Their project was originally an innovative project. Their mentor suggested that if they completed it within the specified time, they could choose to participate in this competition in order to seek more research funding for the project in the future.

Chen Qizhao seemed to be very curious about his major. Last time in the hospital, Chen Qizhao had patiently listened to the professional content but fell asleep due to being too tired.

Shen Yuhuai looked down and was silent for a few seconds before typing a message.

He had just put down his phone when his phone vibrated twice. Chen Qizhao had replied to him in seconds.

The content of the reply was also related to the competition. It didn’t seem like a random question but that he knew it beforehand.

Chen Qizhao seemed very curious about this competition and kept asking about it.

“The nearby barbecue store seems good. It is the one next to S College.”

“Oh! I prefer to eat at their seafood restaurant.”

“S College has been promoting a lot of stores recently. What is it called? Oh yes, Internet celebrity stores.”

“Then let’s go to S College to eat.”

“I don’t often go to S College to eat. Yuhuai, do you have any recommendations? Haven’t you eaten there?”

After finishing this topic of conversation, Chen Qizhao didn’t reply to him.

Shen Yuhuai looked up after he finished sending a message and noticed that his friends around him were looking at him. He asked in a confused manner, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I didn’t realize before that you could be so fascinated playing with your phone like this, hahaha.”

The friend who spoke smiled. “What is something delicious to eat at S College?”

Shen Yuhuai thought about it and mentioned a place. The people around him started searching for the location on their phones.

He looked down at his phone and suddenly noticed that the chat box had the repeated reminder ‘the other person is typing.’

It was just that a few minutes passed and the other person still didn’t send him a message.

Shen Yuhuai paused and took the initiative to find a topic.

[Have you eaten?]

At the Chen family’s dining table, Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming were discussing work when there was a sudden clicking sound and a flashing light. They turned their heads to look at Chen Qizhao, who had been relatively silent since the beginning of the meal.

“I’m just taking a photo.” Chen Qizhao sent the photo to Shen Yuhuai and noticed the gazes of those around him. He slightly looked up before quickly lowering his gaze. “I forgot to mute the sound. Aren’t you talking about work? Continue.”


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