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MGAG: Chapter 29

In the afternoon, in a large classroom on the second floor of Building C of the laboratory buildings, students from the Department of Chemistry took their seats one after another.

There were many students outside the classroom so it was often tight when coming and going.

Chen Qizhao stood by the window of the classroom and glanced at the people coming and going out of the corner of his eyes as well as several formally dressed students in front of him, who were busy checking in for the teachers or leaders coming to the class.

“Why do you want to listen to a chemistry class all of a sudden? What is so good about this?” Yan Kailin looked at the chemistry students around him and whispered to Chen Qizhao. “You..”

“Come and look for someone.”

It was before the open class officially started. Chen Qizhao’s eyes swept into the distance and found Shen Yuhuai holding teaching equipment and following behind a middle-aged man. They stood at the doorway to talk to other teachers in the chemistry department. Chen Qizhao’s eyes stayed on Shen Yuhuai for a moment before quickly sweeping over the students around him. He examined them carefully before finally stopping when he saw He Shuhang coming from the stairs.

“F*k, who are you waiting for?” Yan Kailin’s curiosity rose. “There are no beautiful female classmates over there!”

Chen Qizhao relaxed when he saw He Shuhang.

He had learned from He Shuhang’s class schedule that the other person didn’t have a course arrangement in the afternoon. If Shen Yuhuai and his tutor came for the open class then there would inevitably be a time gap at the laboratory. He was at ease when he saw that He Shuhang had also come for the open class. “I don’t see the person. Let’s go.”

Yan Kailin couldn’t understand it. “You ran all the way here and have to leave before finding them? You also haven’t told me which girl from the chemistry department that you are looking for!”

Chen Qizhao didn’t reply to him and turned to leave.

However, he couldn’t leave now that he wanted to. A few students were standing outside watching and more students crowded over.

The aisle that wasn’t very spacious suddenly became crowded. The two of them had to walk into the classroom to avoid it. Then not long after entering, the student in charge directly closed the back door from the outside, leaving only the path that crossed most of the classroom before they could leave through the front door.

Chen Qizhao: “……”

Yan Kailin: “……”

At this time, the bell rang and the open class started.

There was no way back for the two of them. They could only find a place to sit in the back corner of the classroom.

Yan Kailin looked at the chemical formula on the distant screen like it was a heavenly book before turning to Chen Qizhao with a bit of grievance. “I don’t want to go to jail here.”

Chen Qizhao couldn’t understand the content. “How long is the open class?”

Previously, he had fallen asleep when Shen Yuhuai explained the journal to him in the hospital. He really had no talent in this area.

Yan Kailin had to ask the person next to him. Then he turned his head with a sad expression, “Brother, this is a big prison. The person said it might be three hours.”

He suggested, “Why don’t we find a chance to slip away? In any case, we aren’t chemistry students. The students doing the sign-in at the door won’t stop us.”

Chen Qizhao wanted to agree. Then he looked up and saw Shen Yuhuai standing next to the professor and immediately swallowed down his words. “It is just three hours. Haven’t you been in prison?”

Yan Kailin: ?

The two of them had to stay among the group of chemistry students and listen to the lullaby coming from the podium like it was a book from heaven.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy to sit in prison. The main professor was happy to interact with students and walked off the podium to start the one-on-one questioning. In order to take care of the students in the back, he also deliberately went around the back.

Perhaps it was because the two of them looked pretty good, plus the desk in front of them was empty compared to the chemistry students who had bricks in their hands.

The professor’s sharp eyes noticed them instantly. After interacting with two students, he finally extended his class to Yan Kailin, who was sitting next to the aisle.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes were on the PPT because he was assisting the tutor to adjust the course progress. He looked up slightly when he heard the sound.

He followed the sound and saw two familiar faces. Yan Kailin was wearing earrings while there was a boy next to him in a hat. The boy lowered his head like he was avoiding something. Shen Yuhuai narrowed his eyes slightly and his gaze stayed on the familiar hat for a few seconds.

Yan Kailin was dozing off and his entire body stiffened when he was called.

He faced the expectant look on the professor’s face and responded in a dry voice, “I didn’t hear it clearly just now.”

The professor was very patient and repeated the question.

Yan Kailin heard it. He understood every word but he didn’t understand it when it was all combined. He had to look at Chen Qizhao next to him for help.

The professor wondered, “Does the student next to you know the answer?”

Chen Qizhao had to stand up. He lowered his head and didn’t look ahead as he answered calmly, “I don’t know.”

The student next to him exchanged a few words with the professor and the professor finally found out that these two young students weren’t from the Department of Chemistry. He looked at Chen Qizhao with a smile, “Are you a student from another department? Are you interested in our subject?”

Chen Qizhao: “……”


The professor let them go and turned his head to explain the answer to the question just now to the other students.

The next period of time was even more torturous. Finally, the end of the open class came. The two of them planned to sneak away but unfortunately, the back door wasn’t open. A group of students blocked the front door and were slowly leaving. They wanted to go quickly but they couldn’t go quickly.

By the time they arrived at the door, they looked up and saw Shen Yuhuai.

“Brother Huai.” Chen Qizhao greeted him and Yan Kailin followed suit.

Shen Yuhuai handed over the equipment to a student and explained it with a few sentences. Then he turned around and spoke to them softly, “Did you come to listen to the class?”

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao took off his hat. “Last time, I heard you talking and I was a bit interested. I heard there was an open class so I wanted to come.”

Yan Kailin gave Chen Qizhao a confused look. Didn’t this person say he had come here to look for a female student?

Shen Yuhuai nodded and glanced at Yan Kailin. “You also came to listen to the class?”

Yan Kailin was forced to follow Chen Qizhao’s words. He looked to the side while replying, “I suddenly feel that learning chemistry is good so I decided to listen to it with my brother.”

At this time, a voice came from the side.

He Shuhang came over. He glanced at Chen Qizhao before exchanging a few words with Shen Yuhuai about the equipment.

“There might be regular inspections of equipment in the laboratory recently. The head of the laboratory team needs to go to the institute to fill out a form,” He Shuhang said. “The administrator asked me to tell you. Senior Brother Shen, remember to fill out the form when you go back.”

Then he looked at Chen Qizhao with a smile. “I haven’t seen you for a long time. Junior Brother, are you interested in our department’s course?”

“I’m a bit interested.” Chen Qizhao’s tone was slightly cold.

It was only after He Shuhang looked at the forum that he found that this person was a new student on the finance side. He heard that this person’s family was good and there were reports of him getting in and out of a luxury car several times. He Shuhang suppressed the unhappiness in his heart and said very enthusiastically, “If you want to study a double major, you can come to me if there is something you don’t understand. I am quite familiar with this.”

Chen Qizhao secretly glanced at Shen Yuhuai and saw that the other person was talking to other students. Therefore, Chen Qizhao controlled the volume of his voice and asked with a smile, “Is Senior Brother very good?”

“I’m okay.”

“So?” Chen Qizhao stood next to him and laughed in his ear. “The recommended quota must be guaranteed for Senior Brother, right?”

He Shuhang was stunned and stared at Chen Qizhao.

At this time, Shen Yuhuai turned around. He saw that the two of them had moved closer and asked casually, “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, Brother He is too enthusiastic.” Chen Qizhao took a half-step back and smiled. “Brother He is indeed very powerful. I heard that Brother He is preparing for graduate school. You will definitely be able to win the guaranteed quota of such a powerful department. Therefore, I won’t delay Senior Brother.”

Chen Qizhao’s voice was very normal, as if he really knew He Shuhang and knew something about him.

Could it be his delusion just now…? He Shuang was slightly relieved and felt that he had been too nervous recently. It wasn’t a secret that he was preparing for graduate school. The teacher of the department had also told him several times in the past that he should prepare for the guaranteed place.

Yan Kailin had sat down for three hours so his legs were numb. He tried to pull Chen Qizhao away. “Brother Huai, you’re busy. The two of us will go first.”

Shen Yuhuai saw Chen Qizhao nod at him before following Yan Kailin to leave.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes fell on Chen Qizhao’s back. He seemed to remember the appearance of a certain black hat in the open class. The person was looking down. He seemed to be worried that he would be caught playing with his phone and would occasionally look up.

A student next to him wondered, “Senior Brother?”

Shen Yuhuai looked over. “What’s wrong?”

“Senior Brother, what were you looking at just now? I called you but you didn’t respond.”

The student handed over the registration form and pen and pointed to a certain position. “You need to sign your name here.”

Shen Yuhuai took the student’s pen and signed the registration form. “It is hard work.”

“It isn’t hard!”

Shen Yuhuai handed the pen back. By this time, the figure in the corridor in front of him had disappeared.

What was he looking at? He was probably looking at a child who was secretly playing with his phone.

After walking away, Yan Kailin asked, “Are you familiar with that brother?”

Chen Qizhao’s expression disappeared. “I’m not familiar with him.”

Yan Kailin didn’t say anything else and talked about where to eat at night.

Chen Qizhao looked down at his phone. There were a few more messages in his VX. The newly appointed Assistant Yu was very active in sending various pieces of information and asked him many times when he would come to the company to take a look.

The information sent by this person was considered complete, but there were details processed in some places compared to the copy he asked Special Assistant Xu to find. The purpose was very obvious. The subsidiary of the Chen Group that specialized in electrical appliances was called Feihong. Since he wanted to gain experience, he would definitely find a suitable project in the company to increase his resume. Assistant Yu did send him important development projects that could make a profit.

[Second Young Master, you can ask me if there is anything you want to know. I can also analyze the details of the projects with you in detail.]

It seemed he was worried that Chen Qizhao wouldn’t be decided so he added this sentence.

Yan Kailin glanced at him. “Brother, what are you looking at so seriously?”

He saw the dense amount of words. “F*k, is this a secret document? There are so many words that it is making me dizzy.”

“I have a question for you.” Chen Qizhao half lowered his eyes. He showed the project book opened on his phone and his tone was casual, as if he was asking about a very ordinary thing. “When talking about business, if someone you previously had a conflict with ran out and cut off your resources, what would you do?”

Yan Kailin replied without hesitation, “Isn’t that nonsense? If you dare to cut off my things then doesn’t that mean you’re not looking at the surname of this young master?”

One of the most prominent of these carefully selected projects was ‘Glory Series 2.0.’ Wasn’t this the one that later clashed with Yicheng?

Chen Qizhao patted him on the shoulder and praised him. “Your response is good.”

Wasn’t this what Jiang Yuze wanted? If he took over this project and encountered the ‘behind the scenes instigator Yicheng’ of the drugging at the charity party, wouldn’t it make the fire even bigger?

Chen Qizhao turned his head and sent a message to Assistant Yu. He chose the Glory project as they wanted.

It was the same no matter which one he chose. If he chose something else, it was estimated that Jiang Yuze would still try to find ways to let him meet Yicheng. Otherwise, why else send an assistant to him? Jiang Yuze and Lin Shizong were really going through great pains to make the Chen family and Yicheng quarrel.

Yan Kailin found it strange. He looked at Chen Qizhao again and saw that Chen Qizhao had quit the document and was searching for something on the Internet.

He glanced at it and saw several photos of a star pop up on the other person’s mobile phone. He looked quite handsome at first glance. “Brother, what are you searching for? That man looks a bit familiar.”

“Nie Chenxiao.” Chen Qizhao thought about it for a moment. “He is probably considered a third-tier star now, right?”

“Oh yes, I remember. I watched his TV drama when I was a child.” Yan Kailin was puzzled. “He is quite handsome. Why are you looking at him?”

“Signing him.” Chen Qizhao chose a fairly good photo to save and answered casually, “Endorse my family’s product.”


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