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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 97

Second Round of the Tryouts

At noon the next day, the contestants came to the cafeteria for dinner.

Several members of the Snow Leopard team gathered together. Yu Feng asked in a low voice, “Xueyao, how did you play yesterday.”

Qin Xueyao smiled. “I lost and there is a high probability it will be over. What about you?”

Yu Feng sighed helplessly. “Don’t mention it. The teammates I was matched with were very funny. I wasn’t playing 1 against 5, I was 1 against 9.”

Qin Xueyao, “……”

1 against 9? It seemed that Yu Feng had met pig teammates.

Not far away, the star players of TNG, Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue were sitting by the window eating. Some people gathered around and took the initiative to talk to them. After all, Young Master Lu’s Weibo had tens of millions of fans and there were always people wanting to take advantage of his popularity.

Qin Xueyao didn’t have a good impression of these guys who mocked the secondary league players. She walked around their table and led her teammates to the other side to sit down.

There were many people around them who were whispering together. “I lost miserably and definitely won’t make it. Let’s just fight casually today.”

“I matched a sniper yesterday who directly took us to lie down and win. They killed 10 people. I don’t know who it is?”

“There are many powerful snipers this year. Could it be Fred?”

“Perhaps it is Captain Liu.”

“There are only 11 places in the national team. We are here to accompany them.”

“It is also good to come here and see. After knowing how big the gap between the top players and us is, we can work harder when we go back.”

In fact, the players of the secondary league had a more Buddhist mentality. They didn’t expect to be selected. They just came to see the world.

Qin Xueyao gave a gentle reminder, “No matter what your results were yesterday, everyone should still take it seriously and go all out today. Don’t give up just because you lost one match yesterday. Coach Jiang gave us a chance. If we don’t take advantage of it, won’t we be failing to live up to his painstaking efforts?

Everyone nodded in agreement. Being chosen or not was one thing. However, if they didn’t fight seriously then it was a matter of attitude.

On the second day of the tryouts, the mode changed to Extreme Duel.

Yesterday, the afternoon matches were for contestants numbered 1-150 and the night session for 151 onward. Today’s matching rules were changed. The odd numbers would play in the afternoon and the even numbers in the evening. With such changes, those with higher numbers could be matched with lower numbers, making it difficult to meet the same teammates and opponents from yesterday.

Qin Xueyao’s number 77 was an odd number and she was matched in the 5th match today.

At the beginning of the 5th match, Qin Bo gave a reminder as the person in charge of the score statistics. “In this game, the red scout No 77 and the sniper No 161 are key observation targets.”

The players who performed well in the first round yesterday were marked by Qin Bo and could be focused on today.

The judges heard this and sat up straight.

The random map this time was the large map, Yuehu Park. At the beginning of the match, Qin Xueyao gave a signal and quickly went to the vicinity of the flower bed to investigate. The No 161 sniper was Liu Shaozhou, who had a high score yesterday. At this time, he was setting up a gun guard point in the other direction.

Qin Xueyao quickly discovered the position of the enemy charger and said, “11 o’clock direction.” The moment these words came out, she heard a clear gunshot in her ears. Liu Shaozhou shot the enemy’s head and neatly killed the energy charger.

Qin Xueyao praised it from the bottom of her heart. She was matched with a powerful teammate and it was really comfortable to play the game.

This sniper had a particularly strong sense of awareness. Even if she didn’t report the locations, he could judge the position of the opponent and accurately snipe them.

Qin Xueyao silently moved to provide the other person with vision.

Liu Shaozhou was puzzled. “Why aren’t you speaking?”

Qin Xueyao felt a bit embarrassed. “You are so good, you don’t need me to direct you.”

Liu Shaozhou smiled. “It is okay. You can command. The terrain of this map is complex and requires the scout to report the locations.”


Liu Shaozhou originally had a first-class awareness. Qin Xueyao’s scouting reports were equivalent to giving him a god’s perspective of the entire map. He quickly fired his gun and in the blink of an eye, killed three people on the opposite side.

Immediately afterward, Qin Xueyao ran quickly and found the enemy medic.

Liu Shaozhou immediately seized the opportunity to kill this medic.

Qin Xueyao died under the gunfire of the enemy sniper but Li Shaozhou soon shot the head of the sniper.

The opening of the game had a heads ratio of 5:1. This advantage was too big!

Liu Shaozhou said with a smile, “Good fight. Come to the number two resurrection point.”

Qin Xueyao was praised by a great god for the first time and was in a good mood. She immediately chose the number two resurrection point and met up with her teammates. Then she moved quickly to find the opponents. The two of them cooperated and in the blink of an eye, they destroyed the opponents in another wave.

The teammates who were taken to fly: “…Too strong!”

The opponents who were wiped out: “Is it so difficult to play a game?”

In this round, the cooperation of Qin Xueyao and Liu Shaozhou meant the red team directly played a crushing game and won victory in the Extreme Duel mode with a score of 50:30. Liu Shaozhou took 25 heads and his record was astonishing.

Before the end of the match, Qin Xueyao said excitedly, “Thank you, great god for taking me to fly.”

Liu Shaozhou said modestly, “You’re welcome. You also played very well.”

In the meeting room, Jiang Shaoyu looked at Qin Bo and asked, “Sniper no 161, I remember that yesterday’s score was very high, right?”

Qin Bo replied, “Yes, he led the whole team yesterday and took 10 heads in the Endless Bloody Battle mode. The five scores given by the coaches were all above 90 points.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Qi Heng beside him. “What do you think about scout no 77?”

Qi Heng touched his chin. “I remember this person. They are a scout of the supporting style. In this Extreme Duel mode, the scout is indispensable to the sniper taking more than 20 heads. Their report opened up the sniper’s vision and allowed the sniper to kill the enemy as quickly as possible.”

Old Xu nodded. “Yes. If such a scout encounters a powerful teammate then the effect of 1+1 is greater than 2.”

Everyone nodded in agreement and gave No 77 a high score again.

Not long after, the No 1 sniper Pei Feng appeared in everyone’s field of view. His performance was on par with No 161 and he also played a crushing match.

Pei Feng’s scout teammate wasn’t as good as No 77 so Pei Feng directly switched to the light MSG and moved quickly by himself. He fought a guerrilla battle and fought alone. He actually managed to take more than 20 heads!

This was a strength that could dominate the game.

He always sniped and killed the key opponents at the most appropriate time to help his teammates open up the situation.

For a really good player, they could still play at their own level even if their teammates dragged them back. Of course, if there was a particularly good player on the enemy side and their own teammates were very bad, there was a high probability they would lose. Yet even if they lose, they could get a high score with the evaluation of ‘best on the losing team’ in the eyes of the coaches.

Mo Hantian was very unlucky today. He was matched with Ye Qingming and was killed several times by Ye Zi’s knife. Nevertheless, he didn’t give up in the face of adversity and played several waves of counter-killing operations.

Mo Hantian played in the high-end rankings of the Korean server for several consecutive months and entered the top 50 in the peak match. His basic skills were very solid. This solid foundation was reflected in his operation and decisions at critical moments. He might’ve lost again in the end, but the coaching staff still gave Mo Hantian a high score.

After a whole day of competing, the players who performed well yesterday were still excellent today.

The players who played badly yesterday would be even worse today.

No 16 Lu Xingyun thought he was clever and stood up to command. As a result, the charger he happened to encounter was No 266 Lao Lin.

Lu Xingyun had always been displeased with Lao Lin in his heart. He felt that Lao Lin was obviously old and his condition was declining, but he had the cheek to refuse to retire. He was an old player who ‘relied on his reputation.’

In this round, the random map was the very complicated Yuehu Park. Lao Lin led his team to move around. He sometimes did a sneak attack from the east and sometimes went to the west to set up an ambush. He beat the enemy team like he was walking a dog and they were completely messed up.

The more Lu Xingyun fought, the more annoyed he became. Thus, he simply led his team to charge forward. As a result, the moment he charged to the edge of the artificial lake, a person suddenly jumped out of the water. The submachine gun in his hand fired fiercely and instantly swept Lu Xingyun to the ground.

[’No 266 Charger’ has used Thomson to kill ‘No 16 Charger’!]

Seeing the blood spray all over the screen. Lu Xingyun was so angry that he wanted to smash the keyboard.

In this round, Lao Lin still got a very high score while Lu Xingyun received a failing grade by the coaches.

Zhang Yue was favored by the wealthy backer of the TNG team. He was handsome and was very good at talking. He looked to be Lu Xingyun’s follower and usually followed Lu Xingyun through the game. Once they were separated, it seemed he couldn’t play the game and couldn’t cooperate with unfamiliar teammates at all. Either the distance was too close that he was caught by the enemy or he was too far away to rescue his teammates.

In addition, Tang Kai didn’t have the coach’s script and didn’t perform well. He played decently in the second round but the score given by everyone didn’t exceed 75 points.

The second day’s competition drew to a close. In the final match of the evening, the judges met the familiar No 222 again.

Qi Heng smiled. “I remember yesterday that 222 and 250 were matched to the same team and both performed well. Let’s see how they do today.

At this time, Coach Zhu Hong had a bad feeling in his heart. He recognized that No 22 was Xia Li, the assaulter of his SN team and a carefree female alpha.

Xiao Xia’s performance yesterday was indeed excellent and she fought the several battles in the teaching building very well. However, the large map like Yuehu Park today was her weak point.

Sure enough, after the game started, Xia Li played very fiercely in the first five minutes. The two sides fought in a small area and she reacted quickly with accurate marksmanship. She took many heads in one go and pulled the heads ratio to 25:15.

However, there was a very powerful medic in the opposite team—No 180 Shu Chen.

Shu Chen was a medic who was particularly resistant to stress. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t fight in the short term. He could save people, stretch things out and turn it into a protracted war of attrition.

Xia Li had just killed two people on the opposite side. Before she could walk a few steps, the people on the other side resurrected and surrounded her from behind. After she died, she hurried over to join the battlefield only to find that the dead enemies stood up one after another. Xia Li couldn’t kill them at all!

Shu Chen led his teammates to frequently change the resurrection point. Xia Li was quickly dazed and the team was wiped out twice in a row. The score was tied at 25:25.

The rest of the game’s rhythm was completely controlled by the opponent.

The rhythm of Extreme Duel mode was very important, especially when encountering this type of large map. The powerful medic frequently resurrected his teammates and there was no need to run all the way from the resurrection point. They could assemble and counterattack faster than her side. This formed a snowball effect that gradually pulled the head count apart.

Xia Li didn’t have the ability to command. She fought tenaciously to the end, but eventually lost the game with a score of 40:50.

In the meeting room, Shu Chen undoubtedly got the highest score among today’s medic contestants.

However, Xia Li’s score was very controversial and the scores calculated by Qin Bo varied greatly.

Extreme Duel mode was more time consuming than Endless Bloody Battle. Today’s matches only ended at 12:30. The coaches were tired but didn’t rush back to rest. They waited for the process as usual.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Qin Bo. “Take the videos of the matches with a big difference in scores and replay them again.”

The first one Qin Bo brought out was the 24th match of the night. “For No 222, the scores of the coaches vary widely, especially in the aspect of the overall view of the situation. Someone gave her 85 points while someone else only gave 58 points.”

The scores of the seven judges were listed on the big screen.

Jiang Shaoyu, Old Cui and Old Xu gave relatively high scores. Coach Zhu gave a relatively conservative score and Vice-chairman Qi, Old Chang and Coach Gu gave very low scores.

Qi Heng touched his chin. “It seems that everyone’s views on this player are quite different.”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “Let’s review and watch the game from the beginning. You can also tell us why you gave a high or low score.”

The slow motion playback started on the big screen

In the first five minutes, this player was indeed really good. She dominated the game and took 10 heads in a row. The turning point came when the medic frequently saved people and dragged it out to a battle of attrition. Due to the collective transfer of the opposite side, she was a bit confused and didn’t know where to go. She was counter-killed two times.

Old Chang smiled. “I gave a low score because I think No 222 isn’t familiar enough with large-scale maps. Once the opposite side moved, they seemed to be lost.” Among the coaches present, Old Chang had first-class hide and seek ability and there were no doubts about his understanding of the map. He could see Xia Li’s problem instantly.

Old Cui, the deputy coach of the national team in charge of basic training, held the opposite opinion. “The player’s basic skills and operations are very solid. Looking at the overall situation, people have different opinions. If there was a powerful commander on their team in this round, I believe that No 222 could instantly keep up with the team’s actions, right?”

Old Xu nodded in agreement. “That’s right. Some people are leaders and can command the overall situation. Some people are small soldiers with relatively strong individual abilities. It isn’t possible to require every player to have the awareness of commanding the overall situation. This No 222’s overall view of the situation isn’t weak, it is more that they are dependent on their teammates. For example, No 250 commanded them in yesterday’s match and they played very well.”

Qi Heng thought about it. “That’s right. In this match, No 222 played very well in the early stages but was held back by the opponent in the overall situation. They just didn’t know how to lead the team to reverse the situation. Their view of the big picture isn’t excellent but giving them below 60 points is a bit low.” He looked at Jiang Shaoyu. “What does Coach Jiang think?”

Jiang Shaoyu gave 70 points for the overall view of the situation, which wasn’t high or low. Both the operation and reaction speed were given 85 points.

There were actually many factors in the evaluation of the overall situation. For example, if they could complete the task assigned by the commander or actively cooperate with the actions of their teammates. This also meant having a good view of the overall situation. It didn’t mean that they had to learn to command the overall situation. Command awareness was an additional item and extra points added later.

Jiang Shaoyu saw that No 22 was Xia Li but Xia Li’s teacher, Coach Zhu Hong didn’t speak for her. It seemed that Coach Zhu was deliberately avoiding suspicion and the score he gave her wasn’t high.

Jiang Shaoyu thought for a moment before saying, “I respect all of your ideas. You can change your score for player No 222 or not. In any case, there is the explosion mode tomorrow and we can observe them again.”

Everyone present discussed it in low voices for a while. In the end, Vice-chairman Qi and Old Change changed the two failed items to 65 and 62, which were barely a pass. It was because they felt that failing was a bit excessive. This player wasn’t as good as yesterday, but they actively tried to look for opportunities to cooperate with their teammates. It couldn’t be said that they didn’t have a sense of the overall situation and cooperation, right?

No one else modified the score. For the remaining few replays, there wasn’t much disagreement among everyone and it was completed quickly.

The second day ended successfully and the outstanding performers gradually emerged. Only the explosion mode on the last day remained.

Jiang Shaoyu told Qin Bo, “Pick out the players with the highest scores in each profession. We will focus on observing them tomorrow. Everyone’s scoring tomorrow should be stricter and try to compare the comprehensive performance of several outstanding players to decide.”

Qi Heng suggested, “For the players who have close scores, should they be matched as opponents to see their performance? I think this is fairer. After all, there are many factors affecting the score. We watched matches continuously for the first two rounds and were dazzled. A score of 85 isn’t necessarily worse than a score of 86, right?”

It was difficult to say who was stronger when masters and rookies were matched together. It was only by letting masters face each other head on that it could be decided whether to let them stay or not. Vice-chairman Qi’s suggestion was approved by everyone.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Qin Bo. “Can you pull out a few players who are close together in score and match them separately?”

Qin Bo replied, “Yes, I will pull them together in the backend and match them as opponents.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay, let’s do this. Let them play the match without knowing anything and everyone will decide who to keep.”


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