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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 98

Final Showdown

In the afternoon session of the third day, all the contestants with relatively low scores in the previous two rounds were matched. The judges didn’t pick out any details when watching them and quickly passed through them.

It wasn’t until the evening that the top ranked players in each profession were left behind to observe individually.

In the backstage judge’s seat, Jiang Shaoyu told Qin Bo, “For each profession, pull those with high or similar scores up in a separate table for me to see. Just give the number and score, don’t give the name and team information.”

Qin Bo quickly pulled up a form and enlarged it on the computer screen. He marked it in different colors while saying, “For the assaulters, No 125’s score is far ahead, with an average score of over 92 points. In addition, there are four players with average scores between 85-88, which are very close. They are No 15, 46, 209 and 222.”

Everyone knew who the assaulter with over 92 points was—it must be the captain of HW, Zhou Yiran, also known as the AK Prince by fans.

Xiao Zhou’s high score wasn’t just about his overall strength. He also got a bonus for his commanding ability. He was brought out by Jiang Shaoyu himself and his performance had always been stable. Jiang Shaoyu had expected for his score to be far ahead.

Qin Bo continued, “For the scouts, No 110 and 119 are close. The scores of No 77 and 144 are also close.”

No 110 and 119 were the master and apprentice, Big and Little Ye. No 77 was Qin Xueyao, the captain of the Snow Leopard team in the secondary league. No 144 was Si Wenhui of the TNG team, the thinnest player in the league. The average score difference between the two of them was only one point.

Qin Bo marked the two people in red and continued speaking, “For the chargers, the average score of No 199 and 266 are above 90. Both No 34 and 86 have 85 points. In addition, the competition for snipers is very fierce. Apart from No 1 and 161, who are far ahead, the remaining four people have very close scores.”

No 1 was Pei Feng and No 161 was Liu Shaozhou. The two of them were far ahead of the snipers. For the remaining four, they must be people like Xiao Mo, Xiao Gui and Xiao Pang, all of whom were excellent. It was just that the number of places in each team was limited, so it was necessary to make a final detailed comparison of who to choose at the end.

Jiang Shaoyu thought about it. “How about this? Four assaulters, two scouts and four chargers will be pulled into teams to play a match.”

The other judges were a bit surprised when they heard this. Qi Heng asked, “There are no snipers and medics, it is all close combat?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, snipers will affect the performance of melee combat. They can be caught in seconds by the sniper after coming out and nothing can be seen. In a pure melee team battle, we can see much details and take a closer look at their positioning, marksmanship and reactions.”

Old Xu touched his chin and smiled. “It isn’t bad. That’s right, a pure melee team is all about awareness and operation. By putting these melee players with close points together and comparing them, we can see the gap in their strength more clearly.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, their scores are very close. Everyone should compare them in detail and score them carefully.”

The judges straightened their backs and stared at the big screen seriously when they heard this. The players with an average score difference of 1-3 points were actually similar in strength. This was truly ‘life or death in one match.’

At this time, Xia Li, Qin Xueyao, Si Wenhui, Lao Lin, Hua Ran and other players in front of the computer collectively received a notification from the system. “You have been matched for the competition. Please enter the 31st competition room to prepare.]

Everyone immediately entered the room and changed weapons.

Then after changing weapons, they noticed that something was wrong…

On the red side, Xia Li was outspoken and couldn’t help saying, “Friend, did you bring an AK?”

A soft mechanical voice entered her ears. It was No 15 who was speaking. “Yes, I play an assaulter.”

Xia Li was puzzled. “I am also an assaulter.”

No 199 Hua Ran couldn’t help asking, “No 34, did you bring a submachine gun?”

The microphone next to No 34’s image also lit up. “Yes, what is the situation? Two chargers?”

No 77 Qin Xueyao looked at the team list and found that her team’s No 15 and 22 were both assaulters while No 34 and 199 were chargers. Only she was a scout.

This… could it be that the system wrongly matched them?

Qin Xueyao made a guess. “Perhaps it is because the number of contestants registered for each profession is different. In the later stages, the snipers and medic have already competed and the number isn’t enough, so we were put together?”

Xia Li scratched her head. “It makes sense.”

The preparation time for the match was only three minutes. Once everyone changed their weapons, an awkward silence fell in the team’s voice channel.

Hua Ran took the initiative to lighten up the atmosphere. “Is there a commander? How to fight a pure melee combat?”

Xia Li said, “I don’t know how to command.”

The other two were silent so Qin Xueyao had to bite the bullet. “If everyone can trust me, I will command.”

Xia Li hurriedly said, “Great! No 77, you command and we will listen to you.”

At this time, the players also raised a lot of questions in the blue team’s voice channel.

Lao Lin smiled. “It is interesting. There are two assaulters, two chargers and one scout. It is a pure melee team!”

Si Wenhui was a bit worried. “Pure melee isn’t good in the explosion mode, right? There isn’t a sniper guard and it is easy to be kited by the opponent.”

Snipers were extremely important in the explosion mode. The police sniper would guard the key points and this could prevent the bandits from placing explosives. Meanwhile, if the bandit sniper grabbed the key point then they could kill all the police and help their partners successfully detonate the bomb.

Si Wenhui’s concerns were justified. If there was a sniper on the opposite side then this match wouldn’t be easy to fight for their team, which was all melee.

Lao Lin was still cheerful. “It’s okay. Our melee firepower is fierce. We just need to make good use of the terrain and we can push through strongly.”

Si Wenhui thought about it. “Okay, everyone, jiayou.”

He paused before adding, “No 266, you command?”

Lao Lin agreed. “No problem.”

[The players on both sides are ready.]

[The map of the game is: Civic Center]

[Map loading. Please wait. The countdown is 10, 9…]

Everyone’s eyes widened when they saw this. The Civic Center!

The Civic Center was a limited map for the Life and Death Explosion mode and wasn’t available in other modes. This was one of the few five star difficulty maps in the explosive mode of Gun King.

The difference between a five star difficulty map and four star difficulty lay in the ‘dynamic scene influence.’

The dynamic effect of the Civic Center was the presence of a large number of zombies!

This was originally a public institution used by city residents to handle various businesses. Then in the apocalyptic world, it was affected by the zombie wave and the Civic Center was blocked. Thousands of people were trapped here and turned into zombies.

It was equivalent to a super large zombie lair. It was said that the computer room on the second floor of the Civic Center contained top secret information about survivors. The bandits wanted to blow up the Civic Center while the police came to stop it after receiving the news.

Zombies would attack humans. This meant that players had to kill their opponents while avoiding the attacks of zombies in the process. Due to the uncertain nature of zombies, this dynamic map was rarely used in the professional league. Unexpectedly, today’s national team selection competition directly chose a five star difficulty map. The expressions of the ten players were very confused at this time.

The ‘big devil’ Jiang Shaoyu, who directed all of this from the background, had a very calm expression.

Difficult was right.

If it wasn’t difficult, how could it be worthy of the title of ‘national team.’

The map loaded and Qin Xueyao quickly calmed down. “This map needs everyone’s cooperation. 199 and 222 will be in a group and 15 and 34 will be a pair. Scatter to the left and right. I will scout alone and report to you!”

Everyone replied, “Yes, we will listen to your command.”

At the same time, Lao Lin on the blue team said, “2-1-2, the scout will separate and report locations.”

Apart from Qin Xueyao from the secondary league and Hua Ran from the Rising Stars Cup, the remaining eight players were top players in the A-grade league among the chargers, assaulters and scouts. This type of map wasn’t commonly used in the domestic A-grade League but they all played and practiced on it in private. Thus, they weren’t strangers to the map.

The Civic Center had two floors, an upper and a lower floor. The police and bandits would be refreshed in the east and west entrances respectively. Due to the existence of the zombie horde, it was too difficult for the police to defend two explosion points. Therefore, this was one of the few ‘single point explosion maps’. The explosion location was the computer screen on the second floor.

The moment the game started, the red team bandits acted in groups according to Qin Xueyao’s command. One moved to the left and the other to the right as they rushed straight to the second floor. The blue team also used the same strategy of splitting up to go up the stairs to the second floor.

The group of zombies on the first floor were startled by them and slowly surrounded them.

People with a poor mentality wouldn’t dare rush forward when seeing such disgusting zombies.

There were also many zombies gathered at the entrance of the stairs on the second floor and this inevitably alarmed them. Hua Ran threw a smoke bomb and accelerated forward. Xia Li followed behind him.

Qin Xueyao’s voice soon rang in their ears. “The opposite side is also in a 2-1-2 formation. Pay attention.”

Hua Ran stopped immediately. Once he heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs, he decisively threw the smoke bomb to block the other party’s way. The charger on the other side was shrouded in smoke the moment he reached the second floor. The next second, there was a boom and a row of zombies was directly blown out by a grenade.

The fragments of corpses scattered through the air. Before they could react, Xia Li fired the assault rifle the moment the smoke cleared. She directly swept the two people on the other side to death in an instant and took a double kill!

Hua Ran was very good at using throwing weapons as a cover to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm while Xia Li’s reaction in small encounters was really fast. Before the smoke cleared, she fired immediately and opened up the situation on the left side.

At this time, Lao Lin raised his submachine gun on the right and swept through violently.

Bullets rained down like hailstones. No matter whether they were a zombie or a bandit, they died to him!

Lao Lin’s fierce fighting style meant he could handle being surrounded by zombies at ease. He swept his gun 360 degrees and swept down the group of zombies. He also killed the two people on the bandit side.

On the left, the bandits had the advantage while the police had the advantage on the right.

Both scouts had disappeared at this time. The next moment, Qin Xueyao said quickly, “The other side also has two assaulters, two chargers and one scout. There isn’t a sniper or medic! I’ll lure the zombies up to stop the police while you run to Point A.”

Point A was the explosion point and the computer room at the end of the corridor of the 2nd floor.

Hua Ran and Xia Li replied, “Received.”

Lao Lin killed all the bandits and quickly rushed to the computer room on the 2nd floor. At this time, the zombie group downstairs was frantically chasing Qin Xueyao. Qin Xueyao moved in an S shape to quickly avoid the siege of the zombies and the surrounding zombies were all lured by her.

Qin Xueyao brought the zombies up to the second floor and managed to stop Lao Lin’s pursuit.

Qin Xueyao ordered, “The assaulter will place the package. Charger, defend!”

The package meant the explosives package.

Xia Li quickly ran to the computer room and placed the explosives package at the fixed position.

Hua Ran went back to assist Qin Xueyao. Qin Xueyao failed to survive for three seconds under Lao Lin’s violent suppression. By the time Hua Ran arrived, she was already overwhelmed by the zombies. Fortunately, Hua Ran arrived in time to throw the smoke bomb and fire his submachine gun. This delayed the time for a few seconds.

Lao Lin saw that there were 15 seconds left on the countdown to the explosion, so he immediately said, “Scout, go and dismantle the bomb!”

Si Wenhui climbed up the pipe on the other side and switched to a gun. He wanted to dismantle the bomb but the moment he appeared, Xia Li turned around and killed him directly.

Immediately after, Xia Li ran over to assist Hua Ran and dragged it out to the 30 second countdown.


The explosives pack placed by the bandits exploded smoothly and the Civic Center was instantly engulfed in flames.

In the first game, the bandits won.

In the second game, Lao Lin changed his strategy. The five people rushed to the right and directly suppressed the enemy team with simple and brutal firepower. They killed all the zombies like bulldozers. Then once Hua Ran and Xia Li led the team to the second floor, they found that… the corpses of the zombies were piled up in a high wall, blocking their way.

Lao Lin actually used the human wall made of zombies as a ‘bunker.’ He hid behind it, set up his submachine gun and fired violently.

The other teammates immediately followed suit and the police wiped out the bandits like the autumn wind sweeping away the leaves!

The judges watching the competition were silent. Wasn’t this fierce battle of pure melee combat at the level of the A-grade League’s finals? They were worthy of being good seedlings with an excellent performance in the first two rounds. There were so many excellent players and this national team really had hope!

Everyone focused on the big screen.

In the third game, Qin Xueyao led her team to attack the east and west. Her teammates went up to drag the police while she climbed up to the second floor alone using the pipe. She quickly placed the explosives pack and won in a thrilling manner.

In the fourth game, the police intercepted again to regain the score.

The scores of both sides were tight.

In the end, Lao Lin mobilized his teammates using his rich command experience from many competitions and won the explosives mode with a score of 5:4.

Qi Heng slapped his thigh and said with a smile, “It is really enjoyable to watch!”

Jiang Shaoyu withdrew his gaze and asked in a low voice, “Coaches, you should have an idea in your heart, right?”

Everyone nodded and carefully gave the final scores on the scoring table.

Out of the four chargers, No 266 Lao Lin undoubtedly had the highest score. In second place was No 199 Hua Ran, who was good at disrupting the rhythm of his opponent with throwing weapons.

Out of the two scouts, Qin Xueyao’s view of the overall situation was slightly stronger than Si Wenhui.

Among the four assaulters, No 222 Xia Li had the highest evaluation. She had no commanding ability but she listened to orders and could show the fastest reaction speed according to the command. Her marksmanship was also very accurate.

At present, the chargers, assaulters and scouts could be decided. The most critical sniper remained.

Jiang Shaoyu thought about it before suggesting, “Next, match the six snipers together. No 1 and 161 will be placed in separate teams while the other four are random.”

The judges, “……”

Six snipers fighting together? What an immortal fight!


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    1. Felicia says:

      Lao Lin was Ace’s charger, Ye Qingming was Ace’s scout. The judges gave him and his apprentice Ye Zi higher scores than the other scouts so they were excluded from this round. Probably their positions in the national team are alrdy confirmed?

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