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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 96

Immovable Teammate

The evening matches proceeded in an orderly manner. In the 20th match, there was a very good sniper who brought the whole team to fly. He got 10 heads in one match and received a very high score.

In the 24th match, there was a scout who played very similarly to Ye Zi. He sneaked around the back to open up the situation and also received a high score.

At 11:30 p.m, the first round of matches was coming to an end.

In front of the computer, the No 199 Hua Ran finally received the system notification. “You have been matched to the 30th match. Please prepare in advance and enter the 30th room.]

Hua Ran rubbed his hands together excitedly. “It is finally my turn!”

He clicked into the room and opened the firearms arsenal. Sure enough, all the skins were gone and they only contained the most primitive firearms. Black grenades, white smoke bombs and green gas bombs. For a skin collector, playing games without skins was really uncomfortable.

He had decided when he first played the game to be a ‘flashy rookie.’ Today, he couldn’t use all the bells and whistles. Wasn’t this called ‘back to basics?’ Hua Ran silently complained in his heart while quickly selecting grenades, smoke bombs and a UMP submachine gun to enter the match.

At the same time, No 180 Shu Chen had been waiting all day and his turn finally came. He clicked into the competition room and opened the gun arsenal. He quickly filled his weapon slots with a bulletproof shield, first aid kit and double pistols.

Yu Feng, the sniper of the Snow Leopard team, drew the number 300 in this match and it was also the 30th match.

Yu Feng was ranked first in the sniper rankings of the secondary league. Captain Qin Xueyao’s scouting definitely contributed a lot but his own strength wasn’t bad. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to snipe immediately after Qin Xueyao found the enemy.

This time, he and Qin Xueyao both reported to the trials with the attitude of ‘seeing the world.’ The secondary league players usually made appointments with each other for training matches and couldn’t make appointments with the first-tier teams of the A-Grade League at all. This was a rare opportunity to play against the gods.

On the other side, No 178 Tang Kai took a deep breath and pressed the ready button. This double-blind competition system was actually very beneficial to him. God Wing didn’t know that No 178 was him and the other judges didn’t know that he once acted out a script in front of Coach Jiang to get a triple kill. He just had to perform well in the trials and there would still be a chance.

No 190 Zhang Yue was also taking a deep breath to adjust his mentality. He was a medic and it was hard to get good teammates through this type of blind selection method. He could only hope that the teammates he was matched with this time were a bit better and didn’t die too quickly.

In the meeting room, the judges looked up at the screen.

The lurkers red side: No 180 Shu Chen, No 199 Hua Ran, 273, 305, 314.

The guardians blue side: No 178 Tang Kai, No 190 Zhang Yue, 207, 299, No 300 Yu Feng.

The judges didn’t know who was behind each number and Shu Chen didn’t know that he had matched with Hua Ran as a teammate.

The random map of this match was ‘Cross Street.’

At the beginning of the game, No 199 switched to a smoke bomb and rushed forward quickly. Shu Chen was stunned when he saw his teammate rushing away like a wild horse out of control and hurriedly followed.

In the blink of an eye, Hua Ran flexibly arrived at the intersection and dropped a smoke bomb.

At this time, the front row of the guardians had just come to this area and their vision was blocked by the thick white smoke. They didn’t dare move forward rashly and immediately stopped to avoid it. Yet immediately afterward, a round grenade rolled to their feet and there was the sound of an explosion in their ears.

The grenade exploded in the group. Their positions were relatively concentrated so they were instantly blown up to a critical health state!

The angle at which the grenade was thrown was very tricky and the formation of the enemy side was completely messed up.

Yu Feng guarded the sniper point in the southeast corner. The moment he saw this scene, he immediately opened the scope to snipe.


[’No 300 Sniper’ has used the Balot to kill ‘No 199 Charger’ with a headshot!]

Hua Ran fell to the ground and shouted in the voice channel, “Help~”

Shu Chen quickly ran over and helped him up.

Hua Ran thanked him and jumped up. He switched to the submachine gun and the powerful and fierce UMP fired several bullets in a row, instantly killing the two opponents in a critical health state.

At this time, Yu Feng guarding the sniper point in the southeast had already fired two shots quickly, killing two enemies in a row.

Both sides had two people killed and the game became 3V3.

Yu Feng glanced at the game panel and said, “Brother scout, please go and find the enemy medic.”

The medic on the other side saved people in a timely manner. If they didn’t kill the medic, it was likely that all the people killed would be raised up and then it would be troublesome.

Tang Kai switched to a dagger and quickly sneaked into the building complex. He circled around from the sides, trying to find the enemy medic. However, he had just reached the halfway point when he heard a sizzling sound in his ears. Then immediately afterward, a cloud of smoke rose in front of him, blocking his way.

Tang Kai thought the other team’s medic was nearby and hurriedly dodged behind a building to switch to a gun. He listened carefully to the movements around him. As long as the smoke cleared and the medic passed by here, he could kill the medic with one shot!

However, no medic passed by the fork in the road ahead.

Three seconds later, there was a deafening gunshot from behind him.

[’No 199 Charger’ has used UMP to kill ‘No 178 Scout’!]

Hua Ran’s smoke bomb was released to confuse the opponent and he tricked Tang Kai into stopping. Then he took away the opponent’s head after going around. At that time, Shu Chen had actually used the cover of smoke to run in a different direction.

The two of them didn’t speak but this wave of cooperation was very tacit.

Hua Ran went around clockwise to solve the enemy scout while Shu Chen moved counterclockwise under the cover of smoke and went to the intersection to save people.

At this moment, Zhang Yue also happened to come to this place to save people. The medics of the two teams suddenly collided at the intersection. Zhang Yue was stunned for a moment before hurriedly raising his bulletproof light panel. However, Shu Chen reacted faster. Two gunshots burst out in precise shots and the enemy medic was killed first!

Then Shu Chen rescued his fallen teammates one by one.

The original 3V3 game suddenly became 1V5.

The living Yu Feng was a bit tired. He set up a gun in the distance and killed three opponents in a row, but what were his teammates doing?

The No 178 scout went to find the medic but died. Meanwhile, No 190 was actually killed by the opposite medic. Could this be believed?

Yu Feng quickly jumped off the high building and started a guerrilla battle.

Hua Ran said, “I’ll go and lure out the enemy sniper!”

Soon, Hua Ran ran over with smoke bombs to find Yu Feng. Yu Feng reacted quickly and turned around to kill him in seconds, but immediately after, all the people resurrected on the lurkers side surrounded him. Yu Feng was swept to death by random bullets.

Yu Feng was helpless and had to say, “Medic, stick with me in the next game, thank you.”

Zhang Yue noticed that the medic’s skill was good and immediately said, “Okay, I will protect you in this game.”

In the second round, Yu Feng changed directions and went to the sniper point in the southwest corner to defend.

Tang Kai went around to find the medic, but Shu Chen was very flexible. He was used to charging with Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou during his time in ACE and he knew how to survive in the front row. He was matched with Hua Ran in this game. Hua Ran’s style of play was relatively jumpy but Shu Chen could keep up.

In addition, Hua Ran always threw smoke bombs at just the right timing.

The moment Tang Kai found Shu Chen’s location, he was blinded by a smoke bomb from Hua Ran. The smoke bomb was actually thrown at his feet and he couldn’t see the surroundings at all. He had to stop and wanted to wait for the smoke to clear before finding an opportunity.

However, an opportunity didn’t wait for people. The moment the smoke cleared, a row of bullets covered him like a rainstorm, turning him into a hornet’s nest in an instant.

Tang Kai: “……”

F*k! Where did this person come from? The playing style was so messy and disorganized!

Hua Ran took away the head and called out ‘nice’ to himself. Then he continued to find the sniper.

Yu Feng played steadily in this game and sniped two of the enemy team’s front row. Unfortunately, the scout died too early and it was difficult for him to see the location of the enemy medic. As a result, the people who had just been killed by him were resurrected by the enemy medic in the blink of an eye.

Yu Feng said helplessly, “Let’s fight a guerrilla battle. Medic, follow me closely.”

There was hope when the duo of sniper and medic fought a guerrilla battle, as long as the medic’s response was fast enough to keep up with the sniper. But it was obvious that the level of the medic in this round was average. Yu Feng passed two corners in a row. Then he looked back and found, ‘Where is our medic? Did he actually fall behind halfway?’

Zhang Yue hadn’t just fallen behind. He was also stopped by Hua Ran.

It wasn’t known where Hua Ran came from but a grenade instantly blew up Zhang Yue. This was followed by Shu Chen silently shooting.

[’No 180 Medic’ has used the Double Guns to kill ‘No 190 Medic’!]

Zhang Yue resisted the urge to drop the keyboard.

He was killed by the enemy medic twice in a row. How shameful was this?

Yu Feng, who was left alone to single-handedly challenge the entire team: “……”

It was 1V5 and even an immortal couldn’t win!

He missed Sister Xueyao so much. If Xueyao was here, he wouldn’t be so passive. What were these teammates?

It was already 2:0. If he didn’t think about a plan, the third game would be over.

Yu Feng tried his best to save it. “In this way, the charger and assaulter will lead in the way in the third game. The scout will be behind. First find the medic and then think of a solution.”

Zhang Yue couldn’t help saying, “Isn’t your command out of order? I think the enemy sniper should be killed first.”

Yu Feng frowned. “The enemy medic is very strong. If you don’t kill the medic, he will continue to save people and we will be very passive.”

Zhang Yue analyzed it. “If we kill the sniper then the medic will definitely come to rescue him. It is leading the snake out of the hole, understood? Once he goes to rescue the sniper, I will ambush with the scout and kill the enemy medic.”

Tang Kai agreed. “I think this makes sense.”

Yu Feng gave up. “…Okay, you command.”

The coaches in the meeting room all heard this.

Qi Heng couldn’t help complaining. “Does he think the medic on the other side is as stupid as him?”

Old Xu sighed. “Pretending to be smart.”

In the first two games, Shu Chen and Hua Ran acted together. The charger covered the medic and the medic rescued the charger. This completely disrupted their rhythm. If they wanted to win then they had to resolve these two points…

What were they thinking when running to the sniper?

In addition, leading the snake out of the hole? If they found the wrong hole then where to lead the snake?

At the beginning of the third game, Tang Kai quickly circled around with a dagger. Zhang Yue followed him and the two of them teamed up together to find the opposite sniper. Tang Kai shot the sniper’s head.

Tang Kai finally got a head and sighed in relief. “Wait, the enemy medic will come over.”

Zhang Yue was already full of anger. He had been killed by the other team’s enemy medic for two consecutive games and wanted to smash the man’s head with the bulletproof light panel.

The two of them hid behind a building and waited… however, the enemy medic didn’t come over to rescue the sniper.

Instead, deafening gunshots were heard in the distance!

The charger, assaulter, scout and medic on the enemy side gathered to kill Yu Feng, the most threatening sniper, as quickly as possible.

Then the four people searched the streets together and exchanged gunfire with the front row of the guardians. They suffered casualties but the medic Shu Chen followed the team and raised his teammates up.


Seeing their teammates die instantly, both Tang Kai and Zhang Yue looked embarrassed.

Things didn’t go as they imagined. The enemy sniper didn’t care about whether the sniper was dead or alive!

Hua Ran shouted while running, “I’ll go and force them out!”

Thick smoke rose and bullets fired fiercely. Tang Kai and Zhang Yue were swept to the ground by the four people.

3:0, the lurkers won.

Yu Feng exited the match room, took off his earphones and complained in a low voice. “These two are so funny. Their overall view of the situation is too bad. Which team do they belong to?”

He didn’t know that Tang Kai and Zhang Yue were both star players of the A-grade League!

Zhang Yue was killed three times in a row throughout the entire match and had an extremely ugly expression. He didn’t know that the enemy medic was the substitute Shu Chen that their TNG Club put on the cold bench and wasn’t valued at all. In the end, he, a member of the main team was actually killed by Shu Chen three times in a row?

In the meeting room, the judges quickly gave their scores.

Tang Kai and Zhang Yue’s reaction ability, overall view and sense of cooperation all failed.

Hua Ran got a high score. His style of play was very special. He interrupted the opponent’s rhythm with throwing weapons, blocking the opponent’s movement. Then he quickly circled around and killed with a submachine gun. It looked messy but he was actually very nimble and fast.

There was no need to mention Shu Chen, who rescued people eight times in the entire match and even killed the enemy medic. It wasn’t too much to call him an ‘immortal teammate.’ It was very reassuring to have such a medic. No matter where they died, he could resurrect his teammates.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “The defeated No 300 sniper also performed well.”

Everyone agreed. “Yes, he has clear thinking and accurate marksmanship. It was just that his teammates were too bad in this game and he couldn’t do anything.”

Qi Heng added, “Yes, I also gave him a high score. We can observe him again.”

Soon, today’s first round schedule was over.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Qin Bo. “Find the matches with a big difference in the judges’ score and we will do a review.”

The so-called big difference was when Judge A gave a high score to a certain contestant while Judge B gave a low score. The score difference was very large and there was some controversy. They had to review it carefully to ensure that the scoring was fair.

If all seven judges gave high marks or low marks, there was no doubt that everyone thought this contestant was very strong or very weak.

The review lasted until 2 a.m. and everyone finally finished the first day’s work.

Several coaches were tired. They had watched matches all day and their eyes were almost blind. But they all came willingly to help Jiang Shaoyu.

The national team represented the highest level of e-sports in China! They had to strictly and fairly select the members!


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