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Gold Medal Coach

Gold Medal Coach

gmc, Our Omega Coach is Gold-Class
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In the Gun King Professional League of the Chinese region, there was a legendary person known as Wing. He shot a sniper rifle with unfailing accuracy and led a third-rate team to storm the professional league. They won the annual championship and became the strongest dark horse team in history. However, God Wing suddenly announced his retirement after winning the championship.

Netizens speculated about the reason for his retirement. No one knew that he was an omega suffering from a pheromones disorder.

Five years later, the Chinese national team was eliminated miserably in the Gun King’s World Series. The national team’s coach resigned on the spot due to the pressure.

God Wing—Jiang Shaoyu took on a leadership role in this time of crisis. He returned to China to take over as the coach of the national team.

In the national team where good and bad people mixed together, the players couldn’t get along at all. This was especially the case for the alpha players who were all difficult to deal with.

The teaching assistant was deeply worried. “These people can’t be controlled at all!”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “It doesn’t matter. Leave it to me for good discipline teaching.”

As a result, Coach Jiang started his sharp-tongued mode—

“The players of the national team are at this level?”

“Do I still need a cheat software to fight? I can win any fight against you.”

“Are you the gourd baby saving his grandfather? Lining up one by one to deliver yourselves to me?”

“If you can’t win then uninstall the game for me!”

The sharp-tongued coach lectured people without swear words and scolded a group of the national team’s players to the point of collapse. This was until they saw Coach Jiang secretly using an omega inhibitor one day.

The group collectively had a lifeless look in their eyes. “Such a fierce coach is actually an omega?”

“He might be an omega but he is still at the boss level, the type where we can’t beat even as a group.”

A certain ace  god: “Seeking urgent help. How should a 1,000 word self-criticism be written?”

A top streamer: “I won’t be streaming live today. The coach is making me face the wall to think about my misdeeds.”

A passerby king: “Who am I? Where am I? Why did I come to the national team? I really doubt life.”

An alpha teenager: “What is the experience of being scolded by an omega to the point of crying? I got used to crying as I cried more :)”

The netizens: “????”

Something seemed wrong with the style of this national team?

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