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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 85

Forged Information

The first time Jiang Shaoyu brought Shi Xiaobin back to the base, Pei Feng thought that RED would pour dirty water on his master and bring up ‘unspoken rules.’ They didn’t know that his master was an omega and would say ‘the coach of the national team fell in love with Shi Xiaobin and forcibly took away the newly differentiated omega.’ Then Jiang Shaoyu’s image and the reputation of the national team would be damaged.

Yet looking carefully, this ‘words without evidence’ method of smearing someone was too low-level. Jiang Shaoyu was a ‘grandfather’ in the e-sports circle. Daring to blacken God Wing? Forget Jiang Shaoyu’s fans—Ye Zi, Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou and Pei Feng could scold them to death.

Therefore, RED avoided Jiang Shaoyu’s toughness and pinned all the blame on Shi Xiaobin. There was the method of the ‘private chat records’ and others couldn’t prove the authenticity of these chat records.

Pei Feng looked at Jiang Shaoyu. “Master, do you believe this chat record?”

Jiang Shaoyu frowned. “I’m not stupid. This is obviously faked.”

Pei Feng analyzed it. “However, netizens will believe it. Their goal will be achieved as long as some people believe. They use the same method of pouring dirty water with rumors as the entertainment industry. Once rumors spread, it is difficult to completely whitewash the person.”

The melon-eating netizens wouldn’t check the truth of the rumors. They would only believe what they wanted to believe. Shi Xiaobin backstabbed his old club and leaked tactical information to his lover. Once this rumor spread, it would definitely deal a devastating blow to Shi Xiaobin’s reputation.

Pei Feng continued, “The RED officials didn’t come forward. They made a side account claiming to be a youth trainee to lead the rhythm. Even if the chat records are discovered to be false, they can push the blame onto this so-called youth trainee and RED won’t be punished for this.”

Jiang Shaoyu rubbed his pained temples. “I know. Did Shi Xiaobin and Mo Hantian say such things in private? Even I can’t testify for them… Chen Xu is forcing me to abandon my pawn to protect the main forces.”

If there was really no way to clarify it, Jiang Shaoyu could only abandon Shi Xiaobin to preserve the reputation of the national team. However, Shi Xiaobin was brought back to the national team by himself. How could he abandon this innocent male omega?

Jiang Shaoyu took a deep breath and said firmly, “I won’t give up on Shi Xiaobin.”

Pei Feng said, “Master, rest assured. I have experience in handling this type of thing. Let’s not rush to clarify first. They should still have something left. It is best to let Xiao Mo’s side go out first. CIP definitely won’t sit idly by.”

By this time, the CIP Club had already exploded.

This was really ‘sitting at home, a pot comes from the sky.’ (TL: Doing nothing only to be hit by other’s verbal attacks)

Mo Hantian was picked up from the bed in a daze. He rubbed his eyes as CIP’s Coach Lin stood by the bed with a dark face and handed him the phone. “Take a look, you are famous! What is your relationship with Shi Xiaobin in private? Did he send you tactical information?”

Mo Hantian looked confused. “What information? Xiao Bin and I are friends.”

Coach Lin also felt that Mo Hantian wouldn’t do such a thing. Princess Mo might have a glass heart but his personality was very proud. How could he ask for the opponent’s tactical information? What was the difference between this and secretly asking for the test paper before the exam?

Moreover, Mo Hantian’s idol was God Wing and he wouldn’t be stupid enough to play this trick in front of his idol.

However, this chat record was really difficult to explain clearly. Coach Lin thought about it and said, “Open your Q number and show it to me.”

Mo Hantian logged into his Q number on the spot and Coach Lin scrolled up through the chat record. There were no signs of the record that broke out on the Internet. The chat records between him and Shi Xiaobin were almost all ‘come to play the rankings’ and ‘are you playing on the Korean server today?’ Many people knew about how they had been recently teaming up to play on the Korean server.

It was just that the chat records mentioned ‘deletion’ so the fact that there was no record now didn’t mean he didn’t really say these things with Shi Xiaobin. The person leading the rhythm could completely say, “You deleted it.”

This was really unspeakable!

Coach Lin scratched his head in worry. “Don’t be impulsive. I’ll go and discuss with the boss how to solve this matter.”

Mo Hantian finally woke up completely when the coach left. He looked down at the trending search on his phone. Then after seeing the content clearly, he felt his scalp exploding like he had been shot in the head.

F*k! Who was spreading rumors about him and Shi Xiaobin?

Today was the weekend. As the students and workers gradually woke up, the topic on Weibo was becoming hotter. Many people left messages under Mo Hantian’s Weibo, who was shot while lying down.

“No wonder you got three and four kills in a row in the match against RED. So you knew the opponent’s tactical arrangement in advance?”

“You and Shi Xiaobin are really a pair of rotten people. I suggest locking them up.”

“Inquiring about the tactical arrangements of the opponent before the match, you are really worthy of being the ambassador of Gun King!”

“You are the number one vase in the league. Playing the game depends on the opponent giving you the answers. I’m laughing to death.”

Many fans also left messages. “I don’t think Xiao Mo is this type of person.”

“Xiao Mo, quickly come out and say something. Do you really have a personal relationship with Shi Xiaobin?”

Anger rushed to Mo Hantian’s brain. He opened the computer and typed out the next paragraph: This RED youth trainee, what eyes did you use to see my chat record with Shi Xiaobin? I’m afraid you are sleepwalking! Why don’t I remember Shi Xiaobin talking to me about this and confessing to me? I’m laughing to death. Can the stupid screenwriter who made this up be a bit more reliable? Don’t you know you will go to jail if you spread rumors? [Screenshot.jpg]

Judging from Mo Hantian’s screenshot, on March 15th, he asked Shi Xiaobin in the afternoon if he wanted to play the rankings. Shi Xiaobin replied, ‘I am busy these days and won’t fight.’ Then they hadn’t contacted each other again for several days.

OF course, the moment Mo Hantian sent this, a black fan said, “Isn’t the chat record deleted?”

Mo Hantian immediately replied, “Who can’t photoshop photos? I can photoshop an image of you confessing to me right now. Do you want to see it?”

Someone also said, “Could you suddenly play so well if you didn’t know RED’s tactics in advance?”

Mo Hantian continued replying, “RED has tactics so can’t CIP have it? They repeatedly rushed to attack point A. Can we still not know how to fight?”

The fans who liked Mo Hantian couldn’t help cheering for him. “Xiao Mo has entered battle mode!”

“Who dares to bully our Princess Mo? Princess Mo will cry for everyone to see!”

“Are you crying now? Touch your head. Don’t cry, you are an alpha. You have to stand up and protect your omega friend.”

“Don’t look at Xiao Mo’s strong fighting power. In fact, the little princess’ tears have flooded the keyboard.”

“His keyboard is soaked in tears right? Let’s crowdfund to buy a keyboard for the princess.”

Mo Hantian cursed. “Da*n!”

He wasn’t crying from anger at RED’s youth trainee. He was going to cry of anger due to his own fans.

Didn’t he just shed a few tears when he lost in the World Series? Why were they still remembering it until now?

At this time, Pei Feng was paying attention to Weibo in real time. He saw this and couldn’t help laughing. “Xiao Mo is really jumping up and down in agitation.”

Jiang Shaoyu said casually, “Based on his glass-hearted personality, it will be strange if he can calm down. Let him fight first. We will go and see Xiao Bin.”

The two of them came downstairs and knocked on the door. Shi Xiaobin’s face was pale and his eyes were red when he opened the door. He looked extremely wronged. Jiang Shaoyu’s heart softened. He gently pressed a hand to Shi Xiaobin’s shoulder and asked in a low voice, “Have you read Weibo? Tell me the truth, does the chat record have anything to do with you?”

Shi Xiaobin shook his head frantically. “No, I didn’t say those words at all. It must’ve been faked!” He looked up at Jiang Shaoyu with red eyes and his voice trembled slightly. “Coach Jiang, you… do you believe me?”

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes were gentle. “I believe you.”

Shi Xiaobin: “………”

The three simple words calmed down his flustered heart.

There were many people on the Internet who left messages scolding him. “I never thought you were this type of person?”

“No wonder why you pretended to be dead and didn’t dare to respond. Isn’t this a guilty conscience?”

“So your usual well-behaved and cute appearance turns out to be a pretense? You are really disgusting!”

“Backstabbing your old club and sending tactical information to your lover. You can really do it!”

“No wonder why the weak chicken Mo Hantian can take three kills and four kills. It turns out that you are helping him. Bah!”

“How can there be a disgusting omega like you in the world?”

The keyboard warriors who stood on a high moral ground rushed out to scold him. Every word was like a sharp knife piercing his heart. The RED fans even gave him photoshopped images that cursed him to die early. Fans who used to leave him encouraging messages every day now jumped out and said, “I’m very disappointed in you.”

Only some fans stood by him and said, “Wait for Bin Bin’s explanation. I think Bin Bin isn’t this type of person.”

Shi Xiaobin had never encountered such terrible online bullying and he really didn’t know how to explain it. The chat record was a private chat between him and Mo Hantian. Mo Hantian did win against RED and won three kills and four kills. Would anyone believe it if he said that he hadn’t talked about this at all?

The feeling of being full of things that couldn’t be explained was really uncomfortable.

Just as he was at a loss and feeling helpless, Coach Jiang said affirmatively, “I believe in you.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s trust and the gentle gaze made him suddenly have endless power—Coach Jiang believed him!

He couldn’t be brought down by rumors! If he hadn’t done it then he hadn’t done it!

Shi Xiaobin took a deep breath and calmed down. “The seats in the training room of the RED Club were fixed. Usually when I train, I have to read the team’s information in the Q group. So for my Q account on the computer, I set it to remember the password and log in automatically.”

Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng looked at each other.

Pei Feng asked, “Is the chat history also automatically synchronized with your phone?”

Shi Xiaobin lowered his head. “Yes. They took advantage of that and I can’t explain it.”

That day, Shi Xiaobin differentiated into an omega, packed up his luggage and left for the national team with Jiang Shaoyu in a hurry. He didn’t think about going to the training room and turning on the computer to remove his Q account.

Pei Feng thought about it and analyzed it. “Let’s sort out the logic of this thing. The target of RED’s attack avoided Master but dragged Shi Xiaobin and Mo Hantian into the water. This method is actually quite clever because they know that Master is difficult to deal with and your status in the circle is too high to be shaken without real evidence. Meanwhile, Shi Xiaobin and Mo Hantian’s status in the circle aren’t stable enough. No matter what the two of them discussed in private, no one can know or testify for them. Most contestants would have the mentality of watching the play and they can only fight alone.”

“Secondly, assuming that this chat record is true, Shi Xiaobin used his mobile phone to send tactical information to Mo Hantian after coming to the national team. He confessed and said he would delete the chat record. At this time, both of them don’t have the record on their phones because it was deleted. However, since Shi Xiaobin’s computer and phone’s Q account were synchronized, the youth trainee in RED used Shi Xiaobin’s computer and the Q account was automatically logged in. He saw the two people’s cat records and took screenshots to keep evidence. In theory, this makes sense.”

Jiang Shaoyu listened to Xiao Pei’s calm analysis and found that RED’s move was very disgusting. This basin of dirty water was splashed down. No matter whether it was true or not, it would be difficult for Shi Xiaobin and Mo Hantian to wash away the stink. The only way was for a third person to be present at the time and prove that they didn’t say these things. However, Shi Xiaobin was alone in the dormitory and Mo Hantian was playing the rankings alone. Who knew what messages they sent each other? Who could testify for them?

Without a third witness, they had little credibility in the eyes of the melon-eating passersby, no matter how they clarified it.

Shi Xiaobin became even more frightened. “Can you find a master to analyze it and prove that the chat record was photoshopped?”

Pei Feng shook his head. “I’m afraid it isn’t that simple. At that time, you didn’t go back to the training room to cancel your Q account. Anyone who used your computer would be able to log into your account. That night, your Q account was likely to be in their hands. They could completely fake the chat record and record it to use as evidence. Can you make it clear?”

Shi Xiaobin: “………”

As if to confirm Pei Feng’s conjecture, the blogger was questioned by a large number of netizens over ‘is this a photoshopped photo?’ In addition, Mo Hantian jumped out and said, ‘I can also photoshop this type of thing.’ Therefore, the blogger really released a screen recording.

“Saying that I photoshopped it? Let’s talk after watching the video. I wouldn’t have recorded it if I hadn’t been so disgusted.”

In the video, Shi Xiaobin’s Q account was shown and the time was 1 a.m. on March 15th.

The screen recording first opened the personal profile. The first few digits of the Q number were covered, which could be done to protect privacy. The last four digits were indeed in line with Shi Xiaobin’s Q number. In addition, the personal signature, theme, photos and even the friends list were the same!

Anyone who was an old friend of Xiao Bin could be sure that this was Shi Xiaobin’s Q account.

There was a group in the friends list called ‘like’. There was only one person in it and the note was ‘Brother Mo’ and the profile picture was Mo Hantian.

After clicking on it, the chat record appeared in front of the audience.

This was an extremely clear chat recording screen. If it wasn’t for Shi Xiaobin clearly remembering that he didn’t say these words, in the eyes of bystanders…

This was ironclad evidence!

Shi Xiaobin felt cold all over.

At 1 o’clock in the morning on the 15th, he was sleeping in the national team. He had just differentiated that day and was very tired after going all the way to the national team. He fell asleep after taking a shower. Little did he know that at the time, in the RED Club, the computer he usually used was turned on. Someone logged into his account and checked the ‘don’t sync messages’ in the settings. Without knowing it, they forged Mo Hantian’s Q account, added this account as a friend, chatted with them and recorded the screen.

There was no evidence of the chat record on his phone when Shi Xiaobin woke up the next day.

However, the person who controlled his Q account on RED’s side recorded the chat between Xiao Bin and ‘Mo Hantian’ on the computer.

This seamless forgery made Shi Xiaobin unable to argue!

How was he going to explain to others that he was sleeping at the time and never chatted with Mo Hantian at all!

Jiang Shaoyu also got a headache after listening to Pei Feng’s analysis. The direct falsification of records wasn’t the terrible thing. It was that some truth was mixed in.

The reason why this situation was difficult to clear up was that the Q account did belong to Shi Xiaobin but the messages weren’t sent by him. It was hard to say, ‘I wasn’t the person chatting using my Q account at the time.’ This explanation didn’t make sense even in court because there was no third person to testify to it.

The only way was for the national team to perjure themselves and say that Shi Xiaobin was playing the rankings with his teammates at the time and didn’t have his phone with him.

However, this wasn’t the way Jiang Shaoyu wanted to deal with it.

Shi Xiaobin was at a loss and said in a trembling voice, “On that day, I really slept at around 12 o’clock… I didn’t send those messages.”

Pei Feng took the phone and looked at this chat record over and over again. Was there anything wrong with any of the details?

It was hard to tell with the wording and tone. Netizens could say, ‘You are this type of person in person and were just pretending to be well-behaved’ and ‘how can you prove that you aren’t this type of person in private?’ Unless… there was an objective fact that was incorrect.

Pei Feng looked through it twice before suddenly smiling. “I found a mistake!”

The two of them looked at him and Pei Feng zoomed in on one of the photos. It was Shi Xiaobin telling Mo Hantian that he was in the national team and posting a photo of the national team’s dormitory. The background of the photo had the neat bed of the national team’s dormitory and the curtains were half-open. Outside the window, a crescent moon hung high in the night sky.

Pei Feng asked, “Xiao Bin, do you have a photo from the national team on your computer?”

Shi Xiaobin remembered that when he left the national team, he took a photo because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to return to the national team in the next season. The club also had this photo on the club’s computers. He even created a folder called ‘the national team’ and took it out from time to time to look through it to motivate himself.

RED must’ve used the photos on his computer when falsifying the chat record.

Shi Xiaobin replied, “This photo should have been taken when I left the national team. It was also in this dormitory.”

Pei Feng slightly smiled and looked at Jiang Shaoyu. “Master, do you still remember March 15th? How was the weather in the capital?”

Jiang Shaoyu thought carefully. “Wasn’t it snowing? I remember that the league called me for an investigation the next day and the snow still hadn’t melted.”

Pei Feng’s voice was firm. “Yes, there was heavy snowfall that night.” He looked at Shi Xiaobin. “Since it was a snowy day… how could there be such bright moonlight outside the window at 1 a.m.?”

Shi Xiaobin’s eyes lit up.

Pei Feng told him, “They sent this dormitory photo to prove that Xiao Bin is in the national team but it is actually their undoing.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at his apprentice appreciatively. “Sure enough, you are a little detective. You actually discovered this type of detail.”

Pei Feng said in a low voice, “Master, I suggest that in order to avoid any future troubles, we should completely expose RED so that they can’t stand up. What do you say?”

The corners of Jiang Shaoyu’s lips curved up. “Okay. It is time to use the influence of the big streamer, Fred.”


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