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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 84


CIP and RED had comparable results over the past two seasons. In their encounters in the regular season, they had their own wins and losses. The strongest player in CIP was the sniper Mo Hantian, but the strongest player in RED wasn’t the charger Shi Xiaobin. It was the assaulter and their captain, Zou Li.

Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin had a good relationship and the two of them were from the same youth academy. All the fans knew this.

Mo Hantian was very puzzled when Shi Xiaobin didn’t come here today but a sentence from his teammate immediately brought his mind back. “Your idol is watching in person. Do you want to be scolded to the point of tears by God Wing again?”

Mo Hantian hurriedly sat up straight. “What type of joke is that? Fight well!”

At the beginning of the game, RED got the first hand. They chose the mode ‘Life and Death Explosion’ and the map was the classic explosion map ‘Bewitching Town.’ This was a town with typical French-style buildings. The whole map was bright and there were a lot of cream colors. There were two explosion points on the map. Point A was located in the town square and point B was the roof of the library.

In the first half, RED was the bandit. At the beginning of the game, the five of them rushed to point A together.  The explosive pack was with the captain Zou Li.

The CIP team defended separately. Mo Hantian seized the high point of the map and set up the gun in advance.

The front row of the two sides engaged in a fierce battle around the town square.

Mo Hantian opened the scope and quickly fired. A red skull icon popped up in the middle of the screen.

[’CIP-Devil’ has used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘RED-Gift’ with a headshot!]

Zou Li’s explosive pack dropped. The teammate next to him immediately picked it up and continued to rush toward the explosion point under the cover of fire.

RED’s sniper fired a shot at Mo Hantian. Mo Hantian precisely dodged and returned a shot to kill the sniper in seconds!

Pei Feng praised it. “Beautiful. Xiao Mo’s 90 degree swing shot is very good.”

There wasn’t the long-range interference of the sniper and Mo Hantian fired several shots in a row on the second floor. He killed the front row and medic of the RED team in the blink of an eye, leaving only one scout. The scout went around to kill Mo Hantian but as a result, Mo Hantian heard the footsteps and decisively turned around to snipe the scout.

-Four kills!

Mo Hantian’s eyes turned red with excitement. “F*k, I got four kills!”

His teammates shouted in unison, “Nice!”

”Princess Mo is powerful!”

A question mark slowly appeared above Mo Hantian’s head. “Who is powerful?”

The teammate who blurted out Mo Hantian’s nickname immediately changed his words. “Brother Mo is powerful!”

Mo Hantian smiled. “That is right. Keep fighting and blow them up!”

In the first half, CIP directly beat RED with an exaggerated score of 4:1.

In the second half, the two sides exchanged positions. CIP became the bandits and didn’t storm point A. They instead changed to point B with the more complex terrain. AS a result, the defense of RED’s sniper wasn’t in place and he exposed his position in advance. He was instantly sniped by Mo Hantian.

His teammates immediately broke through the defense line, successfully placed the explosive pack and detonated the explosive.

In the backstage viewing area, Pei Feng touched his chin thoughtfully. “XIao Mo played really well today but several people in RED are a bit strange. Their tactics aren’t flexible enough.” He looked back at Jiang Shaoyu. “Master, what do you think?”

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes were cold. “Are they playing bad because they know they can’t win?”

Shi Xiaobin had left the team for less than a week and a newcomer was added. There might be problems with the cooperation but it wasn’t enough to completely give up hope. After all, the newcomer was a backup member of RED. Everyone played together in training and was familiar with each other.

Why did they fight so badly?

In the first game, CIP won with a score of 6:1.

The second game was CIP’s home field. As a result, RED seemed to suddenly awaken. The players went around in a row, outflanked and killed Mo Hantian. They broke through from the gap in the rear and won in a thrilling way.

The big score was a 1:1 draw.

In the third game, it was RED’s home field again. They once again chose the explosion mode and fell behind by a huge margin, losing the game.

In the fourth game, CIP chose the Extreme Duel mode with the Ghost Castle map. The two sides fought fiercely for 10 minutes. In the dimly lit Ghost Castle, Mo Hantian played well. At the critical moment when it was a stalemate in the number of heads, he achieved a wave of four kills to seal the victory!

The regular season was a best of five system and CIP won with a score of 3:1.

Mo Hantian was very happy. Today, he won the MVP in three games and he achieved a three kill four times and a four kill two times. He played really smoothly!

As a victor, Mo Hantian took his teammates to the RED team to shake hands. The two sides shook hands in a not very happy manner and followed his teammates backstage. They happened to meet Jiang Shaoyu who came out of the viewing room.

Mo Hantian immediately stood up straight and said respectfully, “Coach Jiang.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at him. “You fought okay today.”

Mo Hantian held back his excitement but the tips of his ears turned red. “Thank you, Coach Jiang.”

It felt so good to be praised by his idol. If Mo Hantian had a tail then it would probably be cocked up at this time.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t say anything else. He turned around and went back to the viewing room to continue watching the next match. The next match was between BM and the bottom ranked COC. There was no suspense. Liu Shaozhou’s sniper still played steadily and they directly defeated the enemy 3:0.

Pei Feng and Jiang Shaoyu left early after the match ended.

It wasn’t snowing this time and the road was clear. The two of them returned to the base at 10:30 p.m.

Jiang Shaoyu returned to his office, turned on the computer and searched the Internet. RED lost the game and Shi Xiaobin didn’t play, so public opinion had started to ferment on Weibo. Fans collectively rushed to RED’s official Weibo to question the reason why Shi Xiaobin didn’t appear. Shi Xiaobin’s personal Weibo was also flooded with messages.

Most people were worried about his health while some scolded the club in a sarcastic manner.

At this moment, RED’s official Weibo posted a message: Thank you for your concern about the RED player@Time Shi Xiaobin. Shi Xiaobin has peacefully terminated the contract with the club five days ago. We respect the individual choices of the player and wish Shi Xiaobin a bright future in the national team [flowers.jpg].

The fans: “???”

The news was like a stone stirring up a thousand waves. The amount of information was too large!

First of all, Shi Xiaobin terminated his contract with the club five days ago? Forcibly terminating the contract during the regular season required paying huge breach of contract fees. Then the official Weibo mentioned the ‘national team’. Did this mean that Shi Xiaobin’s termination had something to do with the national team?

The people who ate melons quickly came to a conclusion. “He terminated his contract and went to the national team?”

“Isn’t the World Series only played at the end of the year? It doesn’t conflict with the domestic competition. Why should he terminate the contract?”

“If he wants to go to the national team, he can go after playing in the A-grade League. Why is he in such a hurry?”

“I don’t believe that Xiao Bin is such an irresponsible person! There must be a reason for leaving RED and directly terminating the contract with them.”

“@Time Shi Xiaobin, come out and say something.”

Shi Xiaobin also saw this. The club officially announced his departure after losing the match and all the fans’ anger would be vented on him. If he hadn’t left, would RED have lost?

Shi Xiaobin couldn’t argue and his eyes slightly reddened.

It was indeed irresponsible for him to leave the team in the middle of the regular season. However, he was really scared after differentiating into an omega. He might not be able to guarantee his personal safety if he stayed in the team. He might carry infamy for leaving the team but it was the best choice at the time.

Shu Chen saw his sad expression and patted him on the shoulder, comforting him softly, “Don’t be afraid. Brother Yu will settle everything.”

Shi Xiaobin nodded. “Yes.”

Just then, Jiang Shaoyu came over and took Shi Xiaobin to the office. He saw the red-eyed omega in front of him and gently touched Shi Xiaobin’s head. “Don’t rush to respond. You can’t explain this matter clearly.”

Shi Xiaobin nodded obediently. “Yes, I will pretend to be dead on Weibo and won’t respond.”

Jiang Shaoyu asked, “You didn’t leave any handle in the RED Club, right?”

Shi Xiaobin thought about it carefully. “It shouldn’t be. I train on time every day in the club and my relationship with everyone is similar.”

Jiang Shaoyu felt relieved. “Okay, go and leave this matter for me to handle.”

After Shi Xiaobin left, Jiang Shaoyu sat in front of the computer and logged into Weibo. Many people had rushed to his Weibo and left messages like, “Is Shi Xiaobin in the national team?”

”Won’t Coach Jiang come out to explain?”

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t intend to explain. President Chen wouldn’t simply finish this matter with an official notice. Perhaps there would be something else.

He was likely to fall into a passive state if he responded now.

He would let the opponent make all the moves first before finding a way to deal with it… he had to hold his breath first.

That night, the news that #Shi Xiaobin terminated his contract to go to the national team# made it onto the hot search.

Shi Xiaobin was very popular and his fans were very confused about why he made such a choice. Meanwhile, the fans of the RED team and fans of other players such as Zou Li frantically insulted Shi Xiaobin for being ‘irresponsible’ and ‘abandoning his teammates’…

Shi Xiaobin didn’t make any response. He directly shrank back and pretended to be dead.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t respond and completely ignored the outside world’s doubts about the national team.

Mo Hantian saw the overwhelming news and called Shi Xiaobin in shock, “Xiao Bin, did you go to the national team? No wonder why I didn’t see you in today’s match. Has God Wing determined the members of the national team so quickly?”

Shi Xiaobin replied, “It isn’t determined. I just went to the national team as a youth trainee. The matter of my termination with RED is more complicated. I will explain it to you later.”

Mo Hantian scratched his head in a confused manner. “Then you take care. Don’t take the words scolding you online to heart. I believe that you have a reason for making this choice.”

Shi Xiaobin’s heart warmed up. “Yes. Thank you, Brother Mo.”

That night, no other news was released except for the doubts of the netizens and Jiang Shaoyu went to bed on time.

Shi Xiaobin tossed and turned but he wasn’t afraid of anything when he thought of Coach Jiang’s gentle gaze. Coach Jiang said he would protect Shi Xiaobin so Shi Xiaobin just needed to trust Coach Jiang.

Then early the next morning, the Internet suddenly exploded.

Yu Mingxiang nervously sent a Weibo link. “Ah Yu, look at the hot search!”

Jiang Shaoyu got up and went to the playground to walk the dog. He just came back from walking Doudou when he saw the message. He immediately frowned and clicked on the link.

#Chat history exposure#

#Professional player privately leaked training match tactical arrangements#

#Shi Xiaobin is actually so scheming#

#Professional league, please punish these two players for their poor character#

A long row of topics was floating on the homepage. The source was an anonymous blogger’s Weibo: I am a youth trainee of the RED team. For the computer that Shi Xiaobin uses in the training room, the Q number was set to remember the password and it automatically logged it. I was really disgusted after accidentally seeing his chat history! I think such a player with questionable character should be exposed so everyone can see his true colors!

The Weibo picture was full of chat records between Shi Xiaobin and Mo Hantian.

“Brother Mo, are you there?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I terminated my contract with RED. Coach Jiang told me to go to the national team to play as a main player.”

“Is this true? Are you in the national team now?”

“Yes, look. I am chatting with you from the dormitory of the national team [dormitory photo.jpg]

“F*k, really? Congratulations!”

“Next week, RED will play a game with you. For the home mode, they will choose Life and Death Explosion and the map is Bewitching Town. They will collectively rush to point A. I will send you the tactical layout diagram. Once the time comes, act well and you can take a three kill or four kill. Coach Jiang should go to the scene to watch the match and you can make a good impression on him.”

“Great! The tactical arrangement is very clear and I know how to fight. Wait for me to perform well and come to the national team to reunite with you.”

“Yes, we came out together from Xing City’s Youth Training Camp. In fact, Brother Mo, I have always liked you [shy.jpg].”

“Then what is the situation of your CP super talk with Zou Li?”

“It is just cooperating with hype. I really hate Zou Li and the person I like has always been you. Now that I’ve differentiated into an omega, you can mark me [blush.jpg].”

“The confession should be left to the alpha. Why did you say it first? Baby, I like you too.”

“Really, Brother Mo?”

“Of course. Didn’t you feel that I always protected you in the training camp?”

“I felt it. Brother Mo was the best to me.”

“Delete this chat record quickly. Don’t be discovered.”

“Yes, god knows and you know.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……….”

Chen Xu, you are ruthless enough. You want to kill two good seedlings that I fancy at once. This double-edged sword is quite good?

Pei Feng got up early in the morning and immediately knocked on Jiang Shaoyu’s door when he saw the hot search. “Master, have you read Weibo?”

Jiang Shaoyu put down the phone and his eyes were terrifyingly cold. “I didn’t expect that they would try to kill Shi Xiaobin and Mo Hantian rather than targeting me.”

Pei Feng said helplessly, “It is because President Chen can see that your weakness has never been yourself… it is the player you want to protect.”


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