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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 86


Jiang Shaoyu brought Pei Feng and Shi Xiaobin to the office to discuss countermeasures. Qin Bo also came over after receiving the news.

Everyone sat down in the office and Pei Feng said, “I don’t think Master needs to take action on this matter. Just leave it to us. RED isn’t worthy of letting the national team’s coach personally coming forward. They are using side accounts to lead the rhythm. You will be flattering them too much if you come out directly.”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “I don’t intend to respond personally. I am the national team’s coach and I should only respond to game-related news.”

Pei Feng smiled. “Master, why don’t you listen to my plan first?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, tell me.”

“Let’s use public opinion to defeat public opinion. Tonight, I will hold a live stream. Once the time comes, I will pull Xiao Bin and Hua Hua to line up as a group of three. I’ll mention the snow during the live stream. Netizens aren’t stupid. There are many little detectives with sharp eyes. Many people believe in this chat record but there are also many people who believe it is fake. Once a breakthrough is found, netizens will be able to quickly find the error in the chat record.”

Shi Xiaobin listened carefully and felt that Pei Feng’s method was very good. This matter was originally led by someone on the Internet with rhythm. Shi Xiaobin personally arguing with people was meaningless. Let the sharp-eyed netizens find out the problems with the chat record and they would change from passive to active.

Pei Feng looked at Shi Xiaobin. “Xiao Bin, don’t say anything first. Wait for netizens to pick up the problem of the chat record. Then we will release the evidence held by the national team, including the entire process of RED hyping your CP without telling you. In addition, on the day you differentiated into an omega, they left the alpha captain in your ward and sent paparazzi to take photos to hype up the CP. We will release this one by one.”

“As long as you stand up and identify the other person as making up rumors and post the police record while directly suing them, the netizens will stand on your side. After all, this matter has done serious damage to your reputation and you are the victim.”

Shi Xiaobin nodded seriously. “Okay!”

Pei Feng followed closely. “I will have my economic team immediately record the screen on Weibo. We aren’t just scaring them this time. We will directly call the police and let the police investigate. They can be sentenced for falsifying chat logs and spreading rumors to slander you.”

Shi Xiaobin was at a loss at first. Then after listening to Pei Feng’s plan, he felt that he didn’t need to be afraid of anything! He was clean so regardless of public opinion or the law, he would be given justice!

Jiang Shaoyu looked at his serious apprentice and laughed lightly. “Xiao Pei, you seem to have a lot of experience in this type of public opinion war?”

Pei Feng touched his nose. “I have been hacked a lot in the past few years. A person needs to be calm, decisive and tough when fighting against these black fans. Directly jumping out to scold them like Xiao Mo is useless. However, he helped lead us to this video, which is also a good thing.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Just do as Xiao Pei said. In addition, please tell Xiao Bin to stop scolding netizens so as to not be caught for improper words. Tell him to stay quiet and wait for our action.”

Shi Xiaobin replied, “Okay!”

At this time, the top management of the CIP Club were having an emergency meeting.

The club manager frowned. “If the matter of Shi Xiaobin sending tactical information to Xiao Mo is true, it will cause great damage to the reputation of our club! In the future, as long as our CIP wins a match, netizens might say that we won by gaining tactical information in advance.”

The assistant coach complained. “This basin of dirty water is really hard to clean up once it has been splashed. RED has always been wrong and Xiao Mo shouldn’t have gotten too close to Shi Xiaobin. This time was really good. We were dragged into the dirty water and were really shot when lying down.”

Someone suggested, “Now there are two ways. One is to protect Xiao Mo and not admit that this matter is related to Xiao Mo. The second is to sacrifice Xiao Mo and say that it was his personal behavior, removing the club from it. In any case, there isn’t only one sniper. Even if we change to someone else, they can be popular…”

Coach Lin hurriedly interrupted his colleague when he heard this. “What nonsense are you saying? We must protect Xiao Mo!”

Everyone turned to look at him. Coach Lin wiped the sweat on his forehead and carefully analyzed it. “Think about it carefully. Xiao Bin has already gone to the national team, right? What does that mean? Behind him is the head coach of the national team, God Wing! If RED wants to smear Xiao Bin, the reputation of the national team will also be implicated. Do you think God Wing will sit idly by?”

Everyone thought about it and found that it made sense! The rhythm was brought to the national team and Jiang Shaoyu would definitely care.

Coach Lin said, “Who is behind God Wing? It is Pei Feng, the top streamer with 88 million fans! There are also Ye Qingming, the captain of the YY Team; Lao Lin, the captain of JZ; Xiao Zhou, the captain of HW; Qi Heng, the vice-chairman of the league and Qi Heng’s apprentice, Liu Shaozhou, the captain of the BM team! How terrible would the influence of these people combined be?”

Everyone: “……”

It was simply the terrifying level of three consecutive earthquakes in the e-sports circle!

Based on such an analysis, God Wing was the biggest boss in the e-sports industry?

Coach Lin wiped his sweat and said, “Behind God Wing’s back is half of the e-sports circle! Pei Feng is his number one brainless fan and his old teammates and opponents will definitely believe in his character. He took Shi Xiaobin to the national team and it is obviously to protect Shi Xiaobin. Do you think that just one chat record can decide the fate of a person God WIng wants to protect? The national team is now standing still and it must be looking for a way, a wave of counterattack that will kill RED! We must not stand on the wrong side! If we give up Xiao Mo at this time, it is equivalent to standing on the opposite side of Coach Jiang!”

The boss was enlightened when he heard this. “That’s right! Didn’t Coach Jiang praise Xiao Mo when he came to CIP for the inspection?”

Coach Lin nodded like he was pounding garlic. “Yes! He said that Xiao Mo has made progress and that the competition for this year’s sniper is fiercely competitive so he would cheer for Xiao Mo. This shows that Xiao Mo is a pending candidate for the national team’s sniper in his eyes! Xiao Mo might’ve played poorly in the last World Series but he has indeed made great progress recently and there is still hope for him to enter the national team. If we give up on Xiao Mo at this time, isn’t it lifting a stone and smashing our feet?”

The minds of the leaders became clear after hearing this. “I understand. This time, we will unite with Coach Jiang to protect Xiao Mo. Don’t worry. Just watch the movements of the national team and we will follow them closely. It must be right to follow Coach Jiang!”

The main reason was that Jiang Shaoyu had too many supporters behind him. Going against Jiang Shaoyu? It wasn’t just going against him alone? It was also going against his apprentice Pei Feng; his old teammates and the captains of three huge teams, Xiao Zhou, Ye Zi and Lao Lin; and Vice-chairman Qi… what would be their end if they offended all these people?

RED was crazy, right? They dared to provoke the biggest boss in the e-sports circle?

At the same time, the irritated Mo Hantian finally received a call from Shi Xiaobin.

The young man on the other end of the phone had a choked up voice. “Brother Mo, I’m sorry, I hurt you this time…”

Mo Hantian had just scolded the sunspots on the Internet and his stomach was full of anger. He could hear that Xiao Bin was about to cry and his heart softened. He hurriedly comforted Xiao Bin. “It’s okay. Didn’t I also drag you into the water and make you a gourd baby in Coach Jiang’s eyes? The two of us pitted each other once and it could be regarded as being equal. I don’t blame you so you must not blame yourself.”

Mo Hantian paused before relaxing his voice again. He said cautiously, “You are an omega and faking such disgusting chat records will have the greatest impact on your reputation. Don’t be sad. Those who are clean will cleanse themselves. The truth of this matter will always come out one day.”

Shi Xiaobin took a deep breath. “Yes. Brother Mo, Coach Jiang asked me to tell you not to scold the netizens, lest your words are caught by them. Wait patiently first and our side will find a way.”

A chill shot down Mo Hantian’s spine when he heard Coach Jiang’s name. “Ah… he knows that I scolded the netizens?”

Shi Xiaobin replied, “He saw your Weibo.”

Mo Hantian’s ears turned red and he hurriedly said, “F*k, it is so embarrassing. I’ll quickly delete it.”

Mo Hantian hung up and logged onto Weibo. Then he quickly deleted all the comments he had exchanged with the sunspots. What was the experience of dying in front of an idol? It had happened several times and he seemed to be used to it.

In the afternoon of the same day, Pei Feng’s Weibo posted a message: At 8 o’clock tonight, I will go live on Little Bear’s live steam room 1024. Fred will see you soon.”

The fans who hadn’t seen Pei Feng live stream for a long time left excited messages. “Fred is showing the sudden movement of a corpse?”

“I thought you didn’t want to be a streamer after you went to the national team!”

“Brother Feng, long time no see. Are you still healthy?”

The fans wrote in the comments area while the amount of follows of Little Bear TV’s live stream room rose. Many people even set an alarm clock to watch Pei Feng’s live stream. The top streamer had disappeared for a month in order to compete in the Rising Stars Cup but his influence was still terrifying.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Pei Feng appeared in the live stream room on time. In just five minutes, the number of online viewers of the live stream exceeded 5 million. The white characters in the barrage were as dense as snowflakes and the gifts in the lower left corner were even more dazzling.

[This environment looks a lot like the dormitory of the national team’s base?]

[Wow, Fred really has something. He is the first streamer in history to reach the national team!]

[This is called a powerful streamer!]

[Brother Feng, are you at the base of the national team?]

Pei Feng greeted them with a smile. “Hello everyone, long time no see! I am at the national team’s base? Do you want to see my dormitory?”

The netizens filled the screen with comments about wanting to see it. Pei Feng picked up the camera and walked around his dormitory to introduce it. “The environment of the national team is really good. Each person has a room and we don’t affect each other. There is no training task tonight and I will start a live stream in the dormitory.”

He returned to the bedroom and pointed the camera out the window. “The scenery of the dormitory is also very good. It is facing the sports field outside and you can see the moon when the weather is clear. However, it is snowing in the capital these days. It is already March so I have to wear a thick sweater when I go out.”

In the comments area, many friends from the north complained about the weather.

[The north in March is really fascinating. We have to wear short sleeves in the morning and a down jacket in the evening.”

[I envy the beautiful spring weather in the south!]

[It is hot to death in the south. Today it is 35 degrees Celsius. I want to go to the north to see the snow!]

Pei Feng didn’t say much. He sat down, opened the game and pulled Shi Xiaobin and Hua Ran into a room. “Tonight, I am queuing up as a trio. I will introduce you to two friends. Like me, they are youth trainees of the national team.”

One of them had a profile picture of a clock and the name ‘Time’ written. He turned on his microphone and his voice was obedient. “Brother Feng, should we go to the Korean server?”

The other person’s profile picture was a flower and his voice was cheerful. “Hello everyone. I am Hua Hua Da Shao. I don’t have a live stream room so I am borrowing Brother Feng’s room to greet everyone.”

The barrage in the live stream room blew up.

[F*k, I remember Hua Hua Da Shao. He is the purple-haired fashionable little brother from the Rising Stars Cup!]

[Time? Isn’t this the Xiao Bin who is on the hot search?]

[Fred pulled Hua Hua Da Shao and Shi Xiaobin to play the rankings together. Doesn’t this mean he doesn’t care about Shi Xiaobin’s black material at all?]

[He dared to pull Xiao Bin to play the rankings at this time. Doesn’t it mean the black material is fake?]

[It has been snowing in the capital these days. I remember there was heavy snowfall on the night of the 15th, right?]

[That’s right. The 15th was Monday and the snow was freezing me to death!]

[Why is it clear weather in the photo in the chat history? That chat history is really fake, right?]

Once the rhythm was brought up, netizens naturally had sharp eyes and quickly detected that something was wrong.

For a time, Pei Feng’s fans showed their ‘detective talent’ one after another. The chat record was read from beginning to end and they listed ‘suspicious point 1, suspicious point 2, etc.’ It was as clear as solving a case. This was posted online on Weibo and was forwarded a large number of times in a short period of time.

However, Pei Feng acted like he didn’t care and pulled Shi Xiaobin and Hua Ran to play the rankings on the Korean server.

Hua Ran played charger, Pei Feng was the sniper and surprisingly, Shi Xiaobin played medic instead of charger.

They saw the medic squatting motionless in a corner. Then after a team battle, three teammates died. He quickly ran out and rescued three people in a row in 10 seconds. The resurrected teammates quickly assembled and the counterattack instantly wiped out the opponent.

Pei Feng smiled. “Bin Bin, nice. Come again.”

The next second, Hua Ran rushed over and was killed by someone. He hurriedly shouted, “Bin Bin, help me!”

Shi Xiaobin quickly ran over and helped him up. Then Hua Ran threw a cherry blossom smoke bomb and took Shi Xiaobin to retreat. The moment the smoke cleared, Pei Feng killed the opponent with a headshot.

The three people cooperated well.

Shi Xiaobin’s mentality didn’t seem to have been affected and the three of them fought until around midnight when Pei Feng was ready to stop.

There were still many people in the barrage asking what happened to Shi Xiaobin.

Pei Feng couldn’t completely pretend not to see it so he said with a smile, “What black material are you talking about? I don’t quite know. However, on the day when Xiao Bin came to the national team, Hua Hua, Xiao Gui and I were present. We have been training together for the past few days and the selection for the national team hasn’t officially started yet.”

Hua Ran continued, “Yes, if we don’t train hard then we might be eliminated in the tryouts.”

Pei Feng nodded. “Yes, so I haven’t been streaming much recently. I spend most of my time training. I hope everyone understands.”

Netizens: “???”

The selection of the national team hadn’t even started yet?

Then what happened to Xiao Bin’s chat message that ‘Coach Jiang asked me to play as the main force?’

F*k? What was the black box operation of God Wing setting Xiao Bin as the main force?

The ACE fans and Pei Feng’s fangs completely blew up.

#Chat record was faked# immediately reached the top of the hot search.


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    Oooh RED is finished

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    The power of the public! *insert Hellmo meme*

  3. Souwmi says:

    Public opinion in any sector is a nightmare! Truth can be distorted to lies and vice versa…it’s very difficult to find out reality as water army leading the rhythm and muddying the waters. But still even in esports using these cheap tactics on internet instead of defeating the top players in the game directly is too scary and disgusting.. Pei Feng is awesome!

  4. Ketkai says:

    Mc may be one person but his connections and legacy run deep.

    Binbin’s old club should definitely be an entertainment agency instead. They got potential lol.

    Fake explosive news vs subtle hints that’ll make the netizens imagination and detective skills do the work 👏 Red can try but they’re still no match for old Pei

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