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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 7

Cross Street Corner

Mo Hantian had been in a very bad mood these days.

After the defeat in the World Series, Coach Zhang was scolded very badly and Mo Hantian definitely couldn’t escape the various greetings of the keyboard warriors.

“The sniper of other people’s national team did a headshot but our sniper shot the air?”

“Mo Hantian has been living in the atmosphere. He can only shoot the clouds in the air!”

“I was disgusted to see his ads plastered all over the subway stations. I don’t even want to sit on the subway.”

“The ambassador of Gun King? Aren’t you an undercover agent sent by another game to deliberately disgust Gun King players?”

“How did you get into the national team based on this marksmanship? You can’t even hit the corner of my clothes!”

“Xiao Mo, retire. You can probably make money by shooting idol dramas!”

Mo Hantian had tens of millions of Weibo fans and the fans would naturally protect their idol. They said that the national team lost because there was a problem with Coach Zhang’s tactical arrangements. Even so, there were a large number of passersby who scolded Mo Hantian’s poor marksmanship and the comments area was filled with fighting for several days.

The remarks of these anti-fans were like a slap in the face and made him restless.

Currently, the national team didn’t have a new coach and it wasn’t known what the next arrangements would be.

Mo Hantian was in a bad mood so he logged into his side account and casually went to the online game to play.

He was the main sniper of the national team so playing the 2000 segment was like a Doctor of Mathematics doing the addition and subtraction calculations of primary school students. It was a piece of cake! He needed to abuse the weak to regain a bit of self-confidence.

The game started quickly and Jiang Shaoyu was randomly assigned to the ‘lurker’ team.

This map was more difficult for the lurkers to fight. The sniper on the opposite side just had to set up the gun high in a building and the range could cover almost the entire map. A powerful sniper could kill them the moment they emerged. Of course, in close combat and with flexible positioning, buildings could be used as obstacles so that the sniper couldn’t see them.

His teammates rushed out.

Fruit Pie and Pudding Jelly were the uncles who spoke in the voice channel. The two of them carried guns and went to the left road while Gun King No. 77 also went to the left road.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at the position of his teammates and took Doudou to the right. He sneaked into a building complex as quickly as the wind and Doudou immediately followed behind him.

Less than half a minute after the start of the gun, there was a clear gunshot from the northwest direction of the map.

[Devil333 has used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill Fruit Pie with a headshot!]

It seemed that the uncle fan was careless. He was killed in seconds by Mo Hantian the moment he emerged. The DSR sniper gun had a very long range and high accuracy. It was Mo Hantian’s favorite weapon.

After killing someone, he smiled a bit and thought, ‘The low segments are indeed filled with rookies. Killing people is so easy.’

Mo Hantian narrowed his eyes and quickly shifted the muzzle of his gun, wanting to kill Pudding Jelly who had rushed out with Fruit Pie.

However, Pudding Jelly was cautious and quickly hid behind the building next to him, not daring to emerge.

Two players on the defending side went to look for him. The two of them double-teamed him and surrounded Pudding Jelly in the blink of an eye.

A deafening gunshot was heard from the northwest and the two sides were plunged into a fierce battle!

Messages continuously filled the screen.

Pudding Jelly was killed by two people on the opposite side. Before he died, he shot and killed one of the enemy assaulters.

There were three people left on their side and four people alive on the enemy side.

Jiang Shaoyu wasn’t in a hurry. Judging from the gunfire and kill information, there were two people on the left side of the road and there should be one scout on the right side.

Jiang Shaoyu moved flexibly and quickly shuttled between buildings. The street area he selected happened to be a blind spot in the sniper’s field of view. A large number of buildings blocked his body and it was difficult for snipers to see him from a high place.

Moments later, Jiang Shaoyu hid behind a building at the intersection and raised his submachine gun. The scout would definitely pass through his corner if he was coming to the southeast.

Jiang Shaoyu listened carefully. Sure enough, he heard the burst of footsteps.

Bang bang bang bang!

The bullets of the submachine gun shot out like torrential rain.

The scout who had just walked around the corner was instantly shot into a sieve. His entire body was covered with holes from the bullets!

[Casually used the Thomson-Flames to kill Turn the Corner to Meet Love!]

Classmate Doudou couldn’t help laughing. “Turn the Corner to Meet Love was shot to death the moment he turned the corner. Hahaha, this name is too unlucky.”

Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t see the battle situation on the left side but the kill information that popped up on the screen made him vigilant again.

[Devil333 has used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill Gun King No. 77 with a headshot!]

It was Mo Hantian again. After all, he was a sniper of the national team. Playing the low-ranking 2000 segment was simply ‘the strong bullying the weak.’

The three players on the left side were gone in the blink of an eye, leaving only Jiang Shaoyu and Doudou on the right side.

On the team’s voice channel, Uncle Fruit Pie couldn’t help sighing. “I vote to surrender. We can’t beat them.”

One teammate launched the surrender option and the three people who were killed quickly agreed. Doudou didn’t hesitate to press ‘refuse’ and Jiang Shaoyu ignored the surrender message.

There must be four people who agreed to surrender for it to take place. This round of surrender was unsuccessful.

Fruit Pie: Dude, do you still want to fight? Do you want to be stubborn when meeting the national team?

Casually: I can fight.

Fruit Pie: …Okay, jiayou.

Jiang Shaoyu had just dealt with a scout and there were still three people left on the other side, who were all on the left side of the map. He put away the heavy submachine gun and switched to the pistol.

Weapons with different weights in the game would affect the player’s footsteps. If a player was holding a  light weapon, their footsteps in the game would correspondingly become ‘light steps.’ Only enemies within 10 meters could hear them.

Jiang Shaoyu said in the voice channel, “Classmate Doudou, please cooperate with me.”

Doudou heard the voice of the great god for the first time and couldn’t help being stunned.

The young man’s voice was cold and pleasant and it seemed he could suppress all impetuousness and uneasiness, making people feel refreshed. Doudou was refreshed and hurriedly sat up straight in front of the computer, as if he had been called by the head teacher in class. He shouted, “I’m coming!”

Jiang Shaoyu’s voice was calm. “Put up the bulletproof light shield and run in the direction of 10 o’clock.”

The medic was the only rescue force on the battlefield and couldn’t always travel through the hail of bullets with their flesh and blood. If playing as a medic, one needed to bring bulletproof equipment. Doudou also brought it. The bulletproof light shield was a special metal plate that was two meters high and one meter wide. Of course, the bulletproof light shield had a fixed amount of health. If it was continuously shot by bullets, it would be pierced once the health reached zero and the bulletproof function would be lost.

Doudou was weak but he was very obedient.

He heard Jiang Shaoyu’s order and immediately raised the bulletproof light shield, quickly running in the direction of 10 o’clock.

Sure enough, a gunshot rang in his ear.


The clear sound of gunfire belonged to the special sound effect of the ultra long-range sniper rifle, the DSR – Apocalypse.

Mo Hantian shot at the bulletproof light shield.

If a sniper wanted to kill a medic then they just had to hit the bulletproof light shield twice in a row and the shield could be penetrated. Mo Hantian was obviously very confident. What about a rookie medic who raised a shield in front of him? No matter how thick the shield, he would still hit!

Mo Hantian narrowed his eyes and aimed at Doudou with his scope. He didn’t know that while he was aiming at During, Jiang Shaoyu had already quickly circled around from the flank.

Mo Hantian, you’ve exposed your location.

This was a bit taboo when playing sniper.

Jiang Shaoyu calmly ordered, “Doudou, continue in the 11 o’clock direction.”

Doudou raised the light shield again. He emerged from the back of the building and rushed quickly in the 11 o’clock direction.


The sound of a gunshot came again. Mo Hantian’s marksmanship was indeed very accurate. This shot directly pierced the light shield instantly!

The shield in his hand shattered and lost its bulletproof effect. Yet Doudou was surprised to find that the moment the light shield was broken, he just happened to walk behind a building. It was as if the great god had already calculated his path.

Doudou might be weak but he wasn’t brainless. There was a big road ahead. He would die if he continued to rush forward. He immediately stopped and crouched down quietly behind the building, waiting for the next instructions from the great god.

By this time, Jiang Shaoyu had already taken advantage of Mo Hantian’s shooting to quickly climb to this high location.

The sound of gunfire covered up the sound of footsteps. Jiang Shaoyu had grasped this rhythm point.

Mo Hantian’s muzzle was facing in Doudou’s direction. He narrowed his eyes as he waited for his prey to appear. He didn’t expect that he had already become prey in the eyes of others.


The gunshot was very clear and the distance was very close. It came from behind him.

[Casually has used Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon to kill Devil333 with a headshot!]

Jiang Shaoyu’s message popped up on the public channel.

Casually: You were careless.

Casually: I’m behind you.

Devil333: ……….

Oh my god!

In front of the computer, Mo Hantian almost hit his keyboard. When did this man come behind him? He actually used a pistol to shoot the back of Mo Hantian’s head? Wasn’t a charger used to rush forward? Wasn’t sneaking around the back the style of a scout?

Mo Hantian was speechless.

Classmate Doudou saw this and felt the fun of the competition for the first time! Previously, he was just taken along by the great god and didn’t have to do anything. He just lay down and won. Meanwhile, he played a small role this time. It was a great feeling to be able to participate!

Doudou exclaimed excitedly, “Great god, how should I move?”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “At 5 o’clock, run in the opposite direction. I will cover you.”

Doudou immediately ran in the opposite direction.

There were two people left on the opposite side. They heard the footsteps and hurriedly surrounded Duoduo. They were about to catch up with Doudou when a hand grenade fell from the sky. There was an explosion and the surroundings were instantly enveloped by white smoke!

There was thick white smoke covering their field of view and nothing could be seen clearly. The two of them had to stop their pursuit.

Doudou hurriedly found a building to hide behind.

At this time, Jiang Shaoyu had already jumped down from the tall building. He moved between the streets and alleys with complicated terrain like a swift fish. In the blink of an eye, he circled to the position where the thick smoke had risen just now.

The thick smoke dissipated. Before the two enemy players had time to react, they heard gunfire in their ears!

The dark barrel of the submachine gun aimed at them and swept fiercely in a fan-shaped range. The gunfire was deafening as dozens of bullets were fired in succession. The muzzle of the gun emitted brilliant red flames and before the two players hda time to resist, their bodies were shot into a sieve by Casually’s submachine gun!

[Casually used the Thomson-Flames to kill Sky Ocean!]

[Casually used the Thomson-Flames to kill Earth Stars!]


[The guardian team has been destroyed.]

[The lurkers have won!]

An eerie silence fell in the game’s voice channel.

Doudou even forgot to call out 666. He just felt like there was a stream of blood rushing from his chest straight to his forehead.

Just three minutes ago, the teammates had still been thinking about surrendering. Then in the end, Casually took care of three people on the opposite side, including the sniper of the national team!

Surrender? There was no surrender in e-sports! Anything could happen until the last moment!

Doudou’s mind finally returned and he shouted excitedly, “Great god, 666! I said that the great god would take us to lie down and win!”

Mo Hantian sat in front of the computer and stared at this scene with stunned eyes.

Casually used the submachine gun and the bullets didn’t deviate by a single shot. Dozens of bullets emptied his teammates’ health in an instant and his teammates were even turned into honeycomb by the rain of bullets!

The flexible sneak attack of a scout.

The fierce brutality of a charger.

A chill shot down Mo Hantian’s back. Just as he didn’t know what to say, a message popped up in the public channel again.

Casually: A sniper of the national team?

Casually: At this level?

The players were stunned. It wasn’t enough for the great god to blast the back of Mo Hantian’s head with a single shot. He also had to type a wave of mockery?

Mo Hantian almost dropped his keyboard!

He couldn’t help cursing, “F*k, whose side account does this belong to?”


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