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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 8

Mindset Collapses

The bloody battle mode of the qualifiers was the best of five. Jiang Shaoyu taunting the opponent by sending a message on the public screen after the first round was over was naturally intentional. Mo Hantian wasn’t a bad player but his biggest weakness was that his mentality was easy to collapse. Jiang Shaoyu wanted to see how far this little guy’s mentality could collapse.

Mo Hantian gritted his teeth, took a deep breath and tightly gripped the mouse.

He was careless just now when he was shot in the back of the head by Casually. He could return it in the second round. He absolutely had to return the favor. He would headshot Casually in seconds and let the other person know the strength of a sniper of the national team!

On the lurker’s side, his teammates were full of extreme admiration after seeing Jiang Shaoyu’s sharp operation. In particular, the three people who pressed to surrender couldn’t help feeling ashamed in their hearts.

Fruit Pie couldn’t help saying, “Great god, you are so powerful! You will be the commander in the next game. What do you need us to do?”

Pudding Jelly hurriedly agreed.  “Yes, we will cooperate with you!”

Since his teammates were willing to cooperate, Jiang Shaoyu was no longer polite and said calmly, “In the next round, we will scatter and fight to lead the enemy out of hiding. Fruit Pie will go to the left, Pudding to the middle and Gun King No. 77 will take a high spot in the southeast corner. Doudou, continue to follow me.”

His teammates immediately nodded like they were pounding garlic. “Okay!”

Distributed positioning was one of the strategies used for dealing with complicated labyrinths.

It was just that the dispersion couldn’t be as much as scattered sand.

The teammates had to maintain a certain distance with each other, coordinate with each other and provide timely support. This was a test of the coordinating and distribution ability of the commander.

At the beginning of the game, Mo Hantian was keenly aware that something was wrong.

The people on the other side entered the building complexes collectively. He couldn’t see a single person but he soon heard gunshots.

The gunshots came from the northeast. He immediately opened the scope to aim but before he could see clearly, there was another burst of chaotic gunfire from the northwest direction. Mo Hantian quickly shifted the muzzle of the gun. As a result, there was another burst of gunfire from the middle road. This was mixed with the explosion of a smoke bomb and rising smoke!

There were gunshots everywhere.

Would that Casually go around and shoot the back of his head again?

Mo Hantian stared nervously at the screen. His perspective changed rapidly and he took advantage of the high terrain to quickly observe the area.

However, a sniper only had one pair of eyes. He might be in a high position but it was impossible to observe the movements of a 360 degree scene at the same time.

Jiang Shaoyu played a sniper. The method to deal with snipers? He was naturally experienced in it.

Jiang Shaoyu’s voice was heard again. “Fruit Pie, go straight to the left and shoot to lead people away. Pudding, go around at 2 o’clock.”

The two uncles immediately cooperated.

It was as he expected. The player on the opposite side was drawn to the left by the sound of Fruit Pie’s gunfire. The moment Pudding went around, he saw the backs of the two opponents. Pudding immediately shot and killed the two people on the opposite side. Fruit Pie might’ve been accidentally killed but it was one for two. It was no loss!

Jiang Shaoyu continued giving instructions. “No. 77, look to the north.”

Gun King No. 77 was the sniper in their team. In the last round, he couldn’t even fire a shot. He had just emerged when Mo Hantian killed him in seconds. This time, he heard the command of the great god and immediately turned the scope in the north direction.

There was the sound of gunshots over there. A hand grenade exploded and thick white smoke rose. He stared at it intently. The moment the smoke cleared, an enemy suddenly appeared. No. 77 pulled the trigger and took the head!

Mo Hantian’s reaction was also very fast. He immediately shot the sniper Gun King No. 77 in seconds.

Under Jiang Shaoyu’s voice command, his teammates moved flexibly on the map and quickly eliminated the melee players on the guardian side by using the ‘lead the enemy out of hiding’ method. They sacrificed two people to kill four on the other side. This was a bloody profit.

The map of the cross street was inherently complicated and there were many streets, corners and buildings that created blind spots for snipers. Mo Hantian quickly shifted his scope, trying to find the Casually who mocked him in order to give the other person a bullet.

As a result, there were gunshots everywhere and he couldn’t find Casually at all!

All his teammates had died in the blink of an eye. He was the only one left on the guardian side.

Mo Hantian realized that something was wrong and immediately jumped off the building while switching his weapon to the MSG light sniper rifle.  The MSG was a weapon very suitable for mobile combat. It was said to be the favorite weapon of Wing, the captain and former sniper god of ACE.

Mo Hantian jumped off the building and quickly sneaked into a building complex. He wanted to kill the remaining three people on the other side through guerrilla warfare. He moved in a fast manner and observed carefully. He was just walking around the corner in order to go to the  next hiding spot when a black barrel suddenly aimed at his forehead.


[Casually has used Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon to kill Devil333 with a headshot!]

Mo Hantian: “……”


The last round was a shot to the back of his head. This round was a neat headshot from the front!

Mo Hantian’s mentality directly collapsed.

The psychological impact of being shot in the face was even more depressing than a sneak attack from behind!

The visual effects of Gun King were very realistic. A gun was pointed at Mo Hantian’s head the moment he turned the corner. He didn’t have time to react when he heard a clear gunshot in his ear. This was followed by the bullet shooting him head-on. His head burst and the screen in front of him was covered with blood.

The blood that spurted out was like obvious satire toward him.

He looked at himself lying in a pool of blood and couldn’t help cursing: Did you f*king open the perspective cheat program?

Casually: Do I need a cheat to hit you?

Casually: I can win any fight.

Mo Hantian: “……”

Doudou continued to cheer for the great god in the voice channel. “The great god is too handsome. You actually guessed that he would take this road!”

Classmate Doudou continued, “Is the national team so weak?”

His teammates heard Doudou’s clear voice and were speechless. It wasn’t that the national team was too weak but that their God Casually was too good.

There might be many masters in online games but there weren’t too many who could abuse the players of the national team for two consecutive rounds. They cooperated while the opponents didn’t cooperate. This was the key to winning. Nevertheless, they had to admit that God Casually’s prediction of the map positioning was very accurate and his marksmanship was particularly sharp.

It was estimated that Mo Hantian’s mentality had completely collapsed.

Fruit Pie couldn’t help asking, “Brother Casually, which big god are you? Are you a professional player?”

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t answer.

Pudding Jelly hurriedly intervened to  smooth things over. “It is right to shout 666. Don’t wonder about things you shouldn’t know.”

Fruit Pie immediately cooperated and shouted, “Bigshot 666!”

In the third round…

The opponent pressed surrender. Mo Hantian didn’t want to surrender. Professional players couldn’t surrender in any match. This was a rule of the league. However, his other four teammates voted for it. If four people voted to surrender, the system would automatically judge them as the loser.

[The guardian team has surrendered.]

[The lurkers have won 3:0.]

Mo Hantian slammed his hand hard against the table and scolded them. “This bunch of idiots don’t cooperate at all! They sent themselves to their deaths one by one and then they were too embarrassed and surrendered. Crap!”

Everyone automatically exited from the room when the game was over.

Mo Hantian’s blood pressure soared rapidly and he felt a wave of anger rushing toward the top of his head. His temples throbbed wildly like they were about to burst. He took deep breaths but he still couldn’t relive the suffocating anger in his chest. This made it hard for him to breathe and his face was red.

At this time, someone opened the door and entered.

The other person saw Mo Hantian and couldn’t help being surprised. “Brother Mo, what are you doing in the training room?”

Mo Hantian gritted his teeth. “Playing the rankings!”

The other person was stunned. based on this tone, he didn’t seem to be playing the rankings but… fighting an enemy.

Mo Hantian exclaimed angrily, “The person on the other side must’ve opened a cheat program! The official investigation of cheating is very strict but there are always some high-tech cheats that can’t be found. What is the other explanation for him shooting me in two consecutive rounds and finding my position?”

Shi Xiaobin looked at the computer curiously. “Are you saying that he opened a perspective cheat and targeting cheat at the same time?”

Mo Hantian: “……”

This sounded too far-fetched. If the officials couldn’t find such a powerful cheat then everyone didn’t have to play the game. In particular, fairness was the most important thing in competitive games. Using a program to kill the opponents in seconds would greatly damage the game environment.

Mo Hantian’s heart trembled. It wasn’t a cheat?

How could this be possible?

The other person knew him very well. He could even predict the path Mo Hantian would take and calculate the timing of his firing. It was as if this person lived in his mind.

The back of his head was shot in the first round and then he was shot in the face in the second round. It was a ‘humiliating style of play’ so did the other person have a grudge toward him?

Mo Hantian took a deep breath, sat up straight and said solemnly, “It doesn’t matter if he is cheating or not. I’m going to fight him one-on-one. If there is really a high-tech cheat, I will directly report it to the officials and gain some merit.”

In the game, Jiang Shaoyu had just left the room when he received a message from Devil333: Do you have the ability to fight one-on-one?!!!

Jiang Shaoyu raised his eyebrow slightly. He could imagine the young man in front of the computer frowning angrily. It seemed that he hadn’t been beaten enough yet?

Jiang Shaoyu approved the friend request.

Mo Hantian thought about it before standing up and giving his position to the teammate next to him. “Xiao Bin, you use my account to play with him. He plays the charger position. Let him see what the national team’s charger is like!”

Shi Xiaobin’s interest was raised and he sat down. “Brother Mo, is this person mocking you in the game?”

Mo Hantian replied coldly, “Yes, he said he just needs to fight casually to win against me!”

Shi Xiaobin was stunned. “His words are so arrogant. Isn’t he afraid of the consequences of bragging? I’ll fight him.”

In the game, Devil333 invited Casually to the shooting training ground.

Gun King’s ‘shooting training ground’ was a custom mode where players could choose their own map, teammates and opponents to practice.

Devil333 typed a message the moment he entered the training ground: Hello, I am Shi Xiaobin, a charger of the national team. Please give me advice.

Jiang Shaoyu’s lips slightly curved up.

He naturally knew Shi Xiaobin. This was the youngest member of the national team. During the time when Shi Xiaobin was a youth trainee, he was roommates with Mo Hantian at the Xing City Youth Training Base for a year. The two of them had a good personal relationship and they were also the most outstanding newcomers in the domestic league in recent years.

Unlike Mo Hantian, whose eyes were raised too high and who had a fragile mentality, Shi Xiaobin was a bit cute and polite. It was just that his personality was too cautious. He didn’t dare let go and fight during the game.

Jiang Shaoyu asked: Did Xiao Mo call you here?

Mo Hantian saw this sentence and he couldn’t help his eyes widening. “Xiao Mo? He is calling me so kindly. Am I familiar with him?”

Shi Xiaobin glanced at the angry Mo Hantian and quickly typed: The national team’s performance might not be good but I don’t think you need to make fun of it directly, saying that you only need to fight casually.

Devil333: It is really rude.

Devil333: Since you are playing charger, I will let you directly experience it.

The ‘you mocked my friend and I’ll abuse you’ was said so politely and it was still necessary to list the detailed reasons before fighting. It was no wonder that he was called ‘Shi Xiaobin.’

However, Jiang Shaoyu didn’t act according to common sense at all.

He faced the polite child, Shi Xiaobin, and typed three messages without hesitation.

Casually: Do you think I’m being rude by mocking you?

Casually: It is a fact that you have fought so badly. Do you still want me to praise you with 666?

Casually: You raise the submachine gun in a very handsome posture to trace the lines of your opponent’s body. Isn’t this comparable to a tracing master?

Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin: “………”

Shi Xiaobin couldn’t control his expression.

The always well-behaved and polite newcomer swore for the first time. “F*k!”

“Who is this person who doesn’t take our national team seriously at all? He actually said that I am a tracing master!”

Shi Xiaobin rolled his eyes angrily. “If I don’t abuse him so that he uninstalls the game then I will take his surname in the future!”


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