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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 6

National Team Members

ACE was a grassroots team founded by Jiang Shaoyu. There were only seven members in the team. There was the leader sister, Yu Mingxiang, the captain and coach Jiang Shaoyu, the charger Old Lin, the assaulter Xiao Zhou, the scout Ye Zi, the medic Xiao Chen and the only youth trainee, Jiang Shaoyu’s little apprentice Pei Feng.

His teammates were all passersby that Jiang Shaoyu found in the game. Therefore, ACE was called the ‘Passersby King Team’ by fans.

Once Jiang Shaoyu left, ACE was completely disbanded and the players transferred collectively. Three of them performed well in their new teams and were successfully selected for the national team.

However,  there was no medic Xiao Chen or his apprentice Pei Feng in the data of the national team. This made him think about what Sister Yu had previously said on the phone. Old Lin was about to retire, Ye Zi was suspended, Xiao Chen sat on the bench for a season and Pei Feng didn’t even become a professional player… Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help frowning.

What was going on? It seemed he would have to wait until he returned to China to find out.

The Gun King’s World Series was like the E-sports World Cup and it was held once a year. Each participating country selected a national team to represent the country.

The national team had 11 players, including the main players and substitute players. There was no upper limit on the number of other staff members such as the team leader, coach, assistant coach, team doctor, logistics etc,. All of them could join the team and participate in the competition. Many national teams even brought their own chefs when going to play.

The game mode of Gun King was a 5V5 duel.

The charger position was responsible for clearing the road ahead, the assaulter was for melee combat, the scout roamed nimbly, the medic saved and healed the wounded and the sniper suppressed from a long range—each of the five positions performed their respective duties and cooperated in various ways.

Players might face problems such as acclimatization, illness and a poor condition during overseas competitions so most national teams had two players in each position. One was the main player and the other was the substitute. They were rotated when necessary. This made up 10 people and the remaining 11th person could be a flexible arrangement.

For example, in last year’s World Series, the US team brought three snipers with long-range firepower while the South Korean team brought three scouts. Sometimes they would have a double scout lineup and their play style was more flexible and wretched. Some countries tended to be aggressive in style and would bring more assaulters and chargers. They were good at melee suppression.

The coaches of each national team had different ideas and their strategies when leading people would also be different.

Last year, the lineup that the Chinese national team brought was 3 chargers + 2 assaulters + 2 scouts + 2 snipers + 2 medics.

Jiang Shaoyu was a sniper so he focused on the data of the two snipers in the national team.

Mo Hantian was the winner of the Best Newcomer Award in the domestic league last season. He had just passed his 18th birthday not long ago and was in his best condition. The other was Liu Shaozhou from the BM team. He was the current captain of BM and the successor of Captain Qi. His marksmanship was very stable.

Jiang Shaoyu had been paying attention to international events and also watched the live stream of the last World series. The Chinese team was very unlucky and faced the United States in the group stage. The snipers of the American team were very powerful while the sniper that the Chinese team sent at that time was Mo Hantian, a newcomer.

Mo Hantian’s performance in the domestic A-grade League was very eye-catching. His data was very beautiful and he won the Best Newcomer Award. He was also the Gun King Image Ambassador designated by the national team. During the World Series, his mentality wasn’t stable enough. After being shot in the head by the opposing sniper in the first round, his mentality collapsed and then it collapsed continuously.

The sniper collapsed and the high point couldn’t be defended. It was too difficult to fight in a purely melee battle. The Chinese team lost 0:3 to the US team in the first game of the group stage and failed to achieve good results in the next few games. They were directly eliminated in the group stage.

The national team that only participated in the first round of the World Series was indeed scolded by netizens onto the hot search.

Coach Zhang stood up to take the blame. He apologized and resigned on the spot.

At present, the national team was in a stagnant state. They hadn’t been disbanded and a new coach hadn’t taken over.

Jiang Shaoyu continued to look through the information. In addition to the problem of the snipers, the weak medics must also be solved. There were also the chargers and assaulters who didn’t play calmly enough while the scout wasn’t flexible enough…

The problems kept increasing the more he looked.

The lineup had to be changed in order to achieve results. However, the players on this list were almost all the ace gods of major teams with many fans and a high popularity. He would offend people no matter who was replaced. The pressure from the major clubs wouldn’t be small.

Jiang Shaoyu had a headache and rubbed his forehead.

The league had thrown him the ‘messy’ national team. It was directly a ‘hell mode’ start, right?

Jiang Shaoyu read the information until midnight. Then he turned off the computer on time to sleep.

In the past five years since he started injecting the omega inhibitor, he had completely changed from the underworld routine of e-sports players. His current routine and biological clock were very regular and he would wake up at 7 a.m. even without an alarm clock.

Jiang Shaoyu opened the game and logged into his side account. At this time, it was night in China and there were many players online. The Casually account had already reached the master segment. He just had to play for another morning and he would hit the legendary segment just before returning to China. Then he could participate in the domestic peak competition.

He had just logged into the game when two messages popped up in the lower right corner.

Classmate Doudou: Good evening, great god!

Classmate Doudou: Ah no, the great god is a time difference person. Good morning, great god!

Jiang Shaoyu was stunned.

Yesterday, Classmate Doudou said he was Jiang Shaoyu’s number one fan. It seemed that this person really became his fan. He even took the initiative to say hello when Jiang Shaoyu just went online?

However, why did Doudou become an expert again? Didn’t he just bring Doudou to master yesterday?

Classmate Doudou: Big god, I fell back to an expert 55555. (555 = crying)

Classmate Doudou: I have been kneeling for two hours in a row. Am I perhaps very weak?

Classmate Doudou: Be confident and remove the yes or no.

Classmate Doudou: I’m actually really good at cooking! [Crying.jpg][Crying.jpg]

Jiang Shaoyu was amused by the emoji and smiled while typing: Didn’t I tell you? The rank is good but your strength isn’t good. You will fall quickly even if I take you to the master rank.

Classmate Doudou: TAT

Jiang Shaoyu: I’ll take you for a few more games. You can choose a medic to follow me and see how I move.

Classmate Doudou was flattered: Thank you, great god. I will follow you and learn well!

Jiang Shaoyu wasn’t a merciful person who would casually take strangers. The reason why Doudou could get his care was because this person had the same name as his dog. This made him feel very kind.

In the eyes of others, Doudou was just a puppy. Yet for Jiang Shaoyu, Doudou was the only family member who accompanied him for the past five years.

They could play as a team if they were one rank apart.

Jiang Shaoyu pulled Classmate Doudou into the friend’s team room. He pressed the ‘prepare’ button and quickly matched with teammates.

During the preparation stage, Jiang Shaoyu took the initiative to choose the charger position that Doudou played. The sign of a charger appeared next to the avatar of ‘Casually.’

Classmate Doudou: Great god, aren’t you playing sniper?

Casually: I can be in any position. I will show you how to play a charger.

Classmate Doudou: Okay. Great god, you are too good!

The other teammates saw the conversation between the two of them and couldn’t help feeling curious.

Gun King No. 77: Great god? Is there a master in this game?

Classmate Doudou: That’s right! The god can take you away at will. Bang bang bang and kill!

Fruit Pie: Is it so awesome?

Pudding Jelly: F*k, I looked at the winning percentage of this friend. It is 100%. So awesome!

Fruit Pie: I’m already lying down!

Gun King No. 77: What posture do you like? Is it okay to lie down flat?

Pudding Jelly: You all get out of here. I’m going to lie in the arms of the big god.

Casually: ……

Were the national server players so naughty?

Jiang Shaoyu pressed the preparation button with a blank expression and quickly changed his firearms.

For his three weapon slots, he brought the Thomson-Flames, the Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon and smoke bombs.

Thomson was a powerful submachine gun that had a bullet capacity of 70 bullets in one magazine. Two magazines added up to a total of 140 bullets which could be fired at close range, causing fierce firepower suppression. The flames skin added a red flame coating to the gun and the bullets ejected were as cool as burning flames.

The Sand Eagle was a pistol that many players liked a lot. It had a fast firing rate and a light gun body. It was the king of melee combat and was suitable for street and jungle battles with many obstacles.

There was no need to talk about the smoke bombs. After the explosion, smoke would cover a wide area so that the opponent couldn’t see their movements.

The charger position was the one rushing in front so it required fierce firepower suppression and flexible positioning skills. Its function was to break through the enemy’s defense and disrupt the enemy’s formation. A well-played charger could break through a firepower blockade and assist their teammates in breaking through. A garbage charger… rushed to give away their head.

Jiang Shaoyu was a world-class sniper but he was also the coach of ACE.

The coach must have a clear awareness and comprehensive understanding of the firearms and combat ideas of all positions. This was why Jiang Shaoyu had always maintained an excellent competitive state and could reach a high rank in the international server despite retiring for five years. He never forgot his knowledge of weapons and the map play.

The game started and the map loaded.

The random map had a three star difficulty: Cross Street Corner.

This was a crossroads in a bustling city and was a classic square  map. Looking down at it from a high height, the entire map was more like a ‘田’ shape. There were two roads, vertical and horizontal that divided the map into four small squares in the northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest.

Each block had a sniper position for a total of four high sniper spots. At the same time, there were many paths between buildings to hide. There was often a situation of ‘turning the corner to meet love’ and they ended up being shot dead by the opposite side. The existence of a large number of buildings would block the vision of long-range snipers. Street battles where narrow paths met required more melee fighting skills.

This map was very suitable for melee players such as an assaulter, charger and scout. Snipers usually existed as long-range defenders.

In the professional league, this map was very common and the tactical changes complicated. The map loading finished and the players on both sides were about to refresh. The countdown was 10 seconds.

Just then, his teammates typed on the public channel.

Gun King No. 77: Ahhh, is it God Mo on the opposite team? I am your loyal fan! Please take it easy on me!

Then an uncle’s voice was heard on the team’s voice channel. “F*k, we can actually meet a national team player in the 2000 segment. What is this luck?”

Another person asked, “You mean the sniper on the other side, Devil333?”

The uncle replied, “Yes, Devil333 is Mo Hantian’s side account! This game is over. Let’s vote!”

Doudou asked innocently, “Who is Mo Hantian? Is he as powerful as our great god?”

Everyone: “……”

Classmate Doudou had completely turned into Jiang Shaoyu’s brainless fan.

Jiang Shaoyu remembered the materials he read last night and became interested. He typed on the public channel: Mo Hantian of the national team?

Devil333: Hello, I’m on vacation these days so I’m practicing with a side account ^^

Casually: Oh.

Casually: Jiayou, fight well. Let me see your level.

Devil333: ????

This brother, your tone is a bit big! Want to see the level of a national team player? In addition, cheering for the other person?

His teammates and opponents were collectively stunned.

The one who was the most confused was Mo Hantian.

What is this situation? You want to see my level? I’m afraid you won’t have the life to see it!


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