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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 60

Regaining Confidence

The TNG Club wasn’t far from the E-sports Park where the national team was located. It was only an hour’s drive away.

At 5:30 p.m., the car drove into the E-sports Park and came to the dormitory building. Pei Feng had been about to go to the cafeteria for dinner. Then he saw the black business car of the national team parked downstairs and quickly walked over with a smile. “Master, you’re back.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded, got out of the car and waved toward the car.

Shu Chen obediently followed him down, suitcase in hand.

Pei Feng was stunned. “Brother Chen?”

Shu Chen greeted him softly. “X-Xiao Pei, long time no see.”

Pei Feng looked confused. Why did Master go out and bring Shu Chen back to the national team?

Yu Mingxiang saw his doubts and took the initiative to explain, “Your master went to the TNG Club today for a raid and check. He had them play a training match and the result… you should be able to imagine it.”

Pei Feng thought for a moment before replying to Sister Yu in a low voice, “They played badly? My master scolded people again?”

Yu Mingxiang couldn’t help smiling. “Yes, from the club’s management to the professional players, he took turns to scold everyone. Then he took the opportunity to bring Chen Chen back.”

Pei Feng smiled. “As expected, this is something my master would do. It is fine. Brother Chen can’t play in TNG anyway. He can come to the national team’s training early and no longer have to be wronged in TNG.” Then he took the initiative to help Shu Chen lift the suitcase. “Brother Chen, I will help you carry it. The dormitory building isn’t equipped with an elevator.”

Shu Chen was flattered. “Ah, I-I can do it myself…”

Pei Feng smiled at him. “You are welcome.” Then he carried the suitcase to the door. It was such a large suitcase but he picked it up very easily with one hand. He had the warm attitude of a ‘host entertaining the guest.’

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Shu Chen. “The 1st to 3rd floors are currently empty. Where do you want to live?”

Shu Chen asked softly, “Brother Yu, where do you live?”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “I live in 404. The 4th floor is full of coaching staff… oh, and Xiao Pei.”

Pei Feng looked back and smiled. “Brother Chen, I came early and seized the Feng Shui treasure land on the 4th floor so that it is convenient for Master to scold me in the future.”

Shu Chen: “……”

He hadn’t seen Pei Feng in a long time. The child who followed Jiang Shaoyu every day and called him Master had grown up and become tall and handsome. Even so, the attribute of ‘sticking to Brother Yu’ still hadn’t changed. He actually dared to live with the coaching staff. He had enough courage.

Shu Chen was amused by Pei Feng and said, “Then I will live in 304.”

Pei Feng nodded. “Okay, I’ll help you carry your luggage up.”

Everyone went upstairs together. Yu Mingxiang opened the password lock and explained, “Chen Chen, the dormitory has been cleaned and the sheets and quilt are new. You can stay here with confidence. Change the password yourself. If you need anything, just tell me. There is a supermarket near the base and I can accompany you to buy some daily necessities.”

Shu Chen’s heart warmed and he nodded. “Thank you, Sister Yu.”

No one had treated him so warmly when he went to the TNG Club. He didn’t even see the manager’s face. Only the girl in charge of logistics took him to his dormitory. Now he had Brother Yu, Xiao Pei and Sister Yu, who were all old acquaintances from the ACE team. Shu Chen had the warm feeling of returning home.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at his watch. “It is dinner time. Let’s go eat first and then you can slowly clean up.”

Shu Chen nodded. “Okay.”

The group came to the cafeteria of the national team. They just happened to meet Old Chang, Old Cui and Anna who were coming to eat dinner. Jiang Shaoyu introduced the members of the coaching staff to Shu Chen in turn. Shu Chen didn’t know how to communicate with people. In particular, it was easy for him to feel at a loss and embarrassed when meeting strangers. He couldn’t wait to bury himself and his ears were a bit red.

Old Chang said very warmly, “Shu Chen, I know you! I also watched the ACE matches that year. Your awareness is really strong. There was a game where all your teammates died and you carried the shield to run everywhere. You actually saved four in a row!”

Pei Feng wondered, “It was the match against JZ in the semi-finals, right? In the end, Brother Chen won the MVP.”

Old Chang nodded. “Yes, that’s right!”

Shu Chen’s face turned red from the praise. He lowered his head and didn’t know what to say. Jiang Shaoyu saw that he wasn’t very comfortable so he took Shu Chen to the cafeteria window. “The food of the national team isn’t bad. There are seven or eight types of dishes to choose from every day. You can pick what you like to eat yourself.”

Shu Chen took the dinner plate and grabbed some food. Then he followed Brother Yu to sit down.

The others also grabbed their meal and came over. They sat around the table together. Old Chang had a cheerful personality and asked very bluntly, “Coach Jiang, you went to TNG this time and the harvest seems to be very good? You came back with a medic.”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “Yes. Chen Chen, you will follow Old Chang in the future and first practice moving around the maps. You both play a medic. You can practice together and learn from each other’s experience. I will be busier during the next period of time and probably won’t be able to take care of you.”

Shu Chen nodded obediently. “Okay, Brother Yu.”

After the meal, Pei Feng and Old Cui went back to the training room together while Shu Chen was taken back to the dormitory by Jiang Shaoyu. Jiang Shaoyu followed him into Room 304 and personally helped Shu Chen clean up the room. Shu Chen’s nose was slightly sore. If it wasn’t for Brother Yu digging him up that year, he wouldn’t have been able to get in touch with e-sports. For him, Jiang Shaoyu was the talent scout who changed his fate and he was the brother Shu Chen respected the most. Now that he came to Brother Yu’s side, he was really happy.

Jiang Shaoyu helped clean up the computer desk and turned back to see Shu Chen’s wet eyes. He couldn’t help sighing. “Why is your personality still so soft? If you are too soft then you will be bullied.”

Shu Chen blushed. “Then in the future, I will try to learn to talk to people as much as possible. I won’t cause trouble for Brother Yu.”

Jiang Shaoyu gently patted him on the shoulder. “I will carefully select every member of the national team in the future. It is impossible for a fool like Lu Xingyun who scolds the medic when he loses to get into the national team. Make this place your home and train with ease of mind. You are also familiar with Xiao Pei and Sister Yu. If Sister Yu and I aren’t here and you have any problems then look for Xiao Pei.”

Shu Chen asked curiously, “By the way, isn’t Xiao Pei a streamer? I have seen that he hasn’t streamed for several days.”

Jiang Shaoyu explained, “He is helping Coach Cui review the foreign matches recently. You know that he has a strong tactical awareness and I will be more relieved when leaving the work of reviewing to him. The live broadcast contract he signed with the new platform has given him a lot of freedom. He knows when to start streaming so I haven’t interfered.”

Shu Chen’s feelings were complicated. Pei Feng was a professional streamer but he had recently been helping his master in the national team review the matches. Then what about the people of TNG? They were obviously professional players and were about to play a match, but they were all busy with streaming.

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Let’s go. I will take you around the base so you can get familiar with the environment.”

The two of them went downstairs. Jiang Shaoyu brought Doudou with him and they walked around. He introduced Shu Chen to every building in the base. They walked through the large sports field and toward the training room and meeting room for the players.

Jiang Shaoyu picked up Doudou and went to the training room on the 2nd floor. Pei Feng was watching a video of a match. He heard Doudou’s barking and immediately pressed the pause button. Then he turned back and smiled. “Master, you’re here?”

Jiang Shaoyu handed Doudou over to Sister Yu to take care of. Then he walked into the training room with Shu Chen, sat next to Pei Feng and asked, “Have you gained anything from watching the matches in the past two days?”

Pei Feng replied, “I have watched the videos of the matches in the European division and I have selected some unique tactics and summarized them for you. Do you want to watch it now?”

“There is no hurry. Wait until you and Old Cui have finished watching all the videos of the various competition areas and then analyze them together.”

Pei Feng nodded. “Okay.”

Jiang Shaoyu suggested, “Come, let’s play a few rounds of the rankings with the three of us.”

The moment Shu Chen heard this, he sat down next to Jiang Shaoyu and turned on the computer.

Pei Feng wondered, “Go to the national server, the Korean server or the international server?”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “The international server. Chen Chen, do you have an account?”


Pei Feng smiled and looked at Jiang Shaoyu. “Master, use the account I gave you.”

Pei Feng’s account in the international server was called Sniper002 ( the number 2 sniper) and the account he created for his master was Sniper001 (the number one sniper. It was because in his heart, Master was the strongest sniper.

He had bought all the gun skins and character appearances for this account and almost emptied the mall. The password was Jiang Shaoyu’s birthday and it was in the 2500 segment. Jiang Shaoyu could use it directly.

Jiang Shaoyu had no reason to refuse his apprentice’s account and simply accepted it.

Shu Chen glanced at the two people’s account names and silently logged into his own account, DocterC. Then he pressed the ready button.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “I will play scout, Xiao Pei will play sniper and Chen Chen a medic. Xiao Pei, you will be in charge of the command.”

Pei Feng replied, “Received.”

Every time they played the rankings, Jiang Shaoyu would let Pei Feng command. Pei Feng knew that his master was examining his ability to command and coordinate.

They were soon matched with their teammates. The random map was Ghost Castle and the mode was the most common Endless Bloody Battle. Pei Feng brought two sniper rifles with him and ordered, “Brother Chen, you can bring a gun. A first aid kit is enough for the treatment supplies.”

Shu Chen typed ‘1’ to show his understanding.

The game started and Pei Feng quickly arranged their positions. “Master, search the left side. I will set up the gun in the middle of the road as cover. Brother Chen, hid behind me.”

Pei Feng’s command was very clear. Jiang Shaoyu switched to a dagger and quickly went around from the left road. In the dim light of the Ghost Castle map, a figure quickly moved between the statues like the wind. He soon found a front row player of the opposite team and typed the information: 11 o’clock.

There was a click as Pei Feng switched to the Balot. He narrowed his eyes and aimed in the 11 o’clock direction. Jiang Shaoyu circled around to lead out the opposite player and for a time, the sound of gunfire was everywhere. The charger on the opposite side chased Jiang Shaoyu to kill him.

It was a pity that as he turned the corner, there was a clear gunshot and a skull icon popped up on the screen.

[’Sniper002’ has used Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘Happy11’ with a headshot!]

Jiang Shaoyu said, “The opposite side’s medic is here. I’ll handle it.”

The medic on the other team rushed to save his teammate. He had just touched the body of his teammate when Jiang Shaoyu circled from behind and the sharp blade slashed his throat several times in a row. Blood splashed and the medic was assassinated by Jiang Shaoyu!

On the other side, Pei Feng exposed his position and the enemy scout and assaulter joined forces to kill him. Pei Feng moved quickly to dodge but he was still killed by random bullets.

Pei Feng shouted, “Brother Chen, please help~”

Shu Chen quickly ran over with the shield. He used the first aid kit to resurrect Xiao Pei. Immediately after that, he placed the shield in front of the two of them as cover. The Red Cross double gun fired two shots at once and a headshot killed the scout who was approaching from the opposite side. After Pei Feng’s resurrection, he immediately switched to the MSG light sniper rifle and opened the scope. He fired two shots in a row. One shot immediately killed the opposite sniper while the second shot killed the opposite assaulter!

Pei Feng praised him. “Beautiful!”

For this wave of 2V3, they cooperated well and directly killed the three people on the other side!

Shu Chen’s fingers trembled slightly.

It had been a long time since he felt the fun and passion of playing a game!

If it was replaced with his teammates from TNG, there were many times when he braved the rain of bullets to run over and save people. As a result, the resurrected teammate always reacted half a beat slower. As a support, he could do very limited things on the field. The range of his gun was so short and he couldn’t always carry a shield to block the sniper on the opposite side, right?

A support was especially dependent on the position of the teammates. Shu Chen had been really tired of playing the game over the years. Obviously, he resurrected his teammates but his teammates reacted slowly. They couldn’t kill the opponent and were killed. Then his teammates would scold him with words like ‘what is the medic doing?’ and ‘can’t the medic save people quickly?’

It was as if losing the game was his fault?

It was as Brother Yu said. His personality was too soft and easily bullied. However, the personality developed since childhood couldn’t be changed overnight. He considered himself worthy of everyone but few people saw his efforts.

After playing with Brother Yu and Xiao Pei today, he finally found the confidence of the past!

In the first game, the lurkers won.

In the second game, Pei Feng changed his tactics and started a three-man guerrilla battle. Jiang Shaoyu searched in front, Pei Feng was the gun in the back and Shu Chen protected Pei Feng. The three of them quickly walked around the map and killed everyone in the blink of an eye. The last head was taken by Shu Chen.

Pei Feng praised it. “Brother Chen, nice!”

Shu Chen became more and more confident as he fought. In the third game, he took the initiative to act as bait and moved quickly, drawing out the opposite sniper. Then Pei Feng killed the opponent in seconds. It was the type of game where ‘your teammates understand your meaning and know how to cooperate with you.’ It was really cool to play!

After the three of them won this match, they continued to press the ready button.

Winning streak x2…

Winning streak x3…

Winning streak x4…

Shu Chen’s eyes were shining as things progressed. Jiang Shaoyu saw that he was full of energy and smiled slightly. “Xiao Pei, I will go to another club tomorrow. You stay at the base to watch the videos. If you are idle then take Chen Chen to play the rankings.”

“Master, rest assured and leave the base to me!”

Pei Feng knew what his master meant by having Shu Chen play the rankings. He wanted Shu Chen to build up his self-confidence as soon as possible. Shu Chen had suffered a lot of grievances in TNG. Since he left TNG, Shu Chen could rest assured and boldly show off his own style of play. Pei Feng would take the initiative to cooperate with him. This way, Shu Chen could quickly adjust his attitude and realize a key point, ‘It isn’t my level that has declined. It is my teammates who can’t keep up with me!’

Under the silent encouragement of the master and apprentice, Shu Chen’s mood improved. After winning seven consecutive matches, he happily went back to his dormitory to sleep. That night, he didn’t have any nightmares. He slept until the next morning and his heart was warm when he woke up.

In the future, the national team would be his home and he wouldn’t leave.


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