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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 59


Jiang Shaoyu sent Shu Chen away and came out of the office. Qi Heng was waiting for him at the door and asked curiously, “What are you going to do with Shu Chen?”

Jiang Shaoyu simply replied, “I will take him away.”

Qi Heng was stunned for a moment before lowering his voice, “Aren’t you afraid they will say behind your back that you are showing favoritism and abusing your power?”

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. “Do I have to care about what others say about me behind my back? I have become the coach of the national team and people across the country will have different evaluations of me. No matter who I choose to enter the national team, there will always be people who aren’t convinced. The only way to shut those people’s mouths is to show results.”

He had become the coach of the national team. Looking ahead while fearing behind him wasn’t Jiang Shaoyu’s style! He wasn’t afraid of what others would say about him or how they would scold him. It was enough for him to have a clear conscience.

Qi Heng smiled. “Okay, the national team’s affairs are up to you to decide.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay, let’s go and talk to TNG’s coaching staff before leaving.”

At this time, Yu Mingxiang and Qin Bo were sitting in the meeting room while being accompanied by Manager Zhao personally. He asked the assistant to bring tea and pour water and was very enthusiastic. Manager Zhao smiled at Yu Mingxiang and asked, “Team Leader Yu, how many people are there in the national team now? Have the top three in the Rising Stars Cup been selected?”

Yu Mingxiang smiled and answered very politely, “Manager Zhao, I don’t know these things. You have to ask Coach Jiang about the national team.”

Manager Zhao cursed in his heart, ‘You don’t know? You aren’t blind. Don’t you know who lives in the dormitory building?’ This female team leader had been with the national team for several years. She looked polite but she was actually very smart. For the ACE team associated with Jiang Shaoyu, apart from the soft Shu Chen, the others were each more difficult to deal with.

Manager Zhao couldn’t help sweating as he thought about how Lu Xingyun stupidly scolded Shu Chen in front of so many people today. Xiao Lu’s performance today was very bad and he was caught by Coach Jiang. The matter of entering the national team had become very troublesome. If Lu Xingyun couldn’t enter then how could it be explained to their wealthy backer? Manager Zhao was a bit worried and was thinking about how to save things when there was a knock on the door.

Qi Heng and Jiang Shaoyu came in. The latter still had a calm expression as he said indifferently, “Manager Zhao, does the TNG Club have a data analysis department? Can I trouble you to ask the data expert to come over with the laptop?”

Manager Zhao hurriedly replied, “Yes!”

After all, it was a professional club and there would naturally be a data analysis department. Manager Zhao immediately dialed the internal line and asked the data expert to bring his laptop over.

Jiang Shaoyu ordered, “Have Old X’s team come over as well.”

Manager Zhao called them very cooperatively. A moment later, the three members of TNG’s coaching staff came to the meeting room again. The small meeting room was soon filled with people. Jiang Shaoyu glanced at everyone and said in a calm tone, “I suddenly came here today and the players weren’t ready. The training match really wasn’t good. Nevertheless, I won’t judge the real strength of a player from one or two training sessions. After all, everyone will have a time when they play badly.”

The group heard this and were happy. Did this mean there was still room to turn things around?

Old Xu hurriedly came out and said good things. “Yes, that’s right. Coach Jiang, you are right! One practice match doesn’t mean anything. Players like Xiao Lu and Xiao Zhang are usually very serious and their data has always been good.”

The data expert next to him understood and quickly opened the laptop. “Coach Jiang, this is the data analysis table of TNG’s matches in the last season.”

Jiang Shaoyu wondered, “Can I bring it back to the national team? This way, it will make it easy to judge your players comprehensively.”

Manager Zhao hurriedly nodded. “Of course, this is how it should be.”

Qin Bo walked over and copied the data onto his laptop. Then he brought it over for Jiang Shaoyu to see.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the table. During the A-grade Professional League last year, Lu Xingyun ranked in the top five of the league for total kills in the regular season and the playoffs. The number of times he won MVP was also in the top five. This data was indeed very beautiful. It was no wonder why he had so many fans.

However, the data didn’t represent real strength. Jiang Shaoyu already knew that Lu Xingyun’s record was so good because his teammates Pang Yu and Si Wenhui gave him a lot of heads. If it was just based on strength then he probably wouldn’t even be ranked in the top 10. Zhang Yue’s number of rescues was also quite high. He basically followed Lu Xingyun to serve as a personal bodyguard.

This type of ‘padded’ data table didn’t need to be carefully analyzed. Jiang Shaoyu raised his head and looked at Old Xu. “Is there a data record of the daily training? For example, the training time of the players, the data of the training room, videos of the training matches between the 1st and 2nd team, etc.”

Old Xu hesitated over whether to give it or not but Qin Bo took the initiative to go to the data expert’s laptop. “I have to trouble you to copy these materials as well.”

Before TNG’s data expert could react, Qin Bo copied all the folders with ‘daily training’ on them. Jiang Shaoyu said, “In addition to the official competition, the performance of players in daily training is also a very important reference index for the selection of the national team.”

How well a student performed didn’t just depend on the final exam. He also needed to look at the usual tests and daily homework! It made a lot of sense and there was no way to refute it. However, Old Xu suddenly had a bad premonition. It was because in the daily training data, Lu Xingyun really wasn’t good. This guy wasn’t very serious about daily training…

Qin Bo soon handed over the copied data to Jiang Shaoyu.

This was TNG’s internal information that was usually never leaked out. The data expert and coaching staff were a bit confused as they watched Qin Bo copy the data away. The national team had made the request and they were too embarrassed to refuse in person! If they had known earlier, they would’ve built an encrypted laptop to store these things separately. Then they would’ve made a nicer copy to hand over to the national team. Who would’ve thought that the national team would engage in this type of raid? They were caught off guard so the materials were easily copied.

Jiang Shaoyu opened the daily training record. Just looking at the attendance, Lu Xingyun’s absence from training was quite serious. He would take leave almost every week. Zhang Yue was similar. It wasn’t known what the two of them were doing when they took leave.

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow slightly. “Your club’s treatment is really good? There are the weekends off every week and no training on match days. So out of the seven days of the week, there are only three or four days of training, right? I didn’t expect that it is so easy to be a professional player these days. Previously, I was in the training room every day.”

Qi Heng’s sharp gaze immediately swept over. “Professional players should train every day. Your training time is seriously insufficient! I didn’t know that you are quite good at deception. The data handed over to the league looks so good. Then the results are all made up to show to the above?”

Everyone: “……”

The attendance sheet had been seen. This was big trouble!

Everyone turned their attention to the data expert but the data expert was innocent. He only had this laptop and he put all the data in a folder. No one told him that the national team would suddenly come to copy the data or he would’ve made another good-looking one.

Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze swept over the ‘Shu Chen’ column. He attended the training room every day and went to the training room on time, rain or shine. His training time was also the longest among all the players. Jiang Shaoyu resisted the pain and continued to look down.

The more he looked at it, the more outraged he felt. In the usual training matches, Shu Chen’s data was obviously much better than Zhang Yue’s.

Jiang Shaoyu opened the form for recording the daily training matches and stared at Old Xu. “Does your coaching team not look at the daily results when decided who to send to play?”

Old Xu froze and said in an embarrassed manner, “O-Of course, we will take a look.”

“How is the main player for the medic position determined?” Jiang Shaoyu enlarged the table and pointed to the data of Shu Chen and Zhang Yue. He directly pulled out two lines of data for comparison. “Shu Chen’s rescue and assist records in the training matches are much higher than Zhang Yue’s. Can’t you see this?”

Old Xu: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu stared directly at Old Xu, his voice extremely cold. “You are the head coach of TNG. What does the head coach do? Isn’t it to discover the best players and make them shine on the field? Tell me your criteria for selecting people!”

“……” Old Xu’s brain buzzed and he didn’t know how to answer for a moment.

The criteria for the coach to select the starting players should depend on the daily training table! Shu Chen’s daily stats were higher than Zhang Yue’s and he had always known this. However, the club wanted to support Zhang Yue so he had no choice. He was very weak-minded. He was just a coach. If the club wasn’t satisfied then they could replace him at any time…

“In addition to the personal data, we also need to look at cooperation.” Old Xu worked hard and found an excuse.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t embarrass Old Xu. He knew that Old Xu couldn’t decide many things on his own, just like the coaches of the national team who were scolded away in the previous seasons. Old Xu’s rights were limited. Jiang Shaoyu glanced at Manager Zhao, the head of the club, and clearly told him word for word, “Manager Zhao, TNG is a well-known giant club in China’s Gun King e-sports project. For TNG, the criteria for selecting team members isn’t to look at the results but to see who is more handsome?”

Manager Zhao was stunned for a moment and his expression became difficult to look at. Zhang Yu was more handsome than Shu Chen and could absorb fans more easily. Shu Chen’s personality was too soft and he hadn’t become popular. This was the real reason why Zhang Yue became the starter and Shu Chen the substitute. He was very clear about this in his heart. Unexpectedly, Jiang Shaoyu’s words hit the nail on the head, instantly exposing the calculations of his club!

Jiang Shaoyu coldly continued, “It turns out that you play using your face? Zhang Yue isn’t a bad player but his strength can only be regarded as a low to medium level among the medics. During the last national team’s training match, the team battle hadn’t even begun and he was the first to die. He was also a mess in today’s training match, as you saw.”

“In addition, don’t you have an idea of how padded Lu Xingyun’s grades are? TNG can win mainly due to Pang Yu and Si Wenhui. Most of Lu Xingyun’s heads are given to him by these two people, am I right?”

“You call this a shooter game? Why not change the name to Four Bodyguards and Young Master Lu? You can let Lu Xingyun be the protagonist of an e-sports idol drama!”

Everyone: “……”

Manager Zhao had been in the circle for so many years and this was the first time he had been scolded like this. He looked completely confused and it was a bit funny.

“An e-sports club isn’t thinking of playing well. It isn’t studying the opponents and tactics. Instead, it is thinking about how to make players popular and how to attract fans every day! The professional league is about to start. Other clubs are training intensively. What about you? You go to the Xing Network to collectively open a live stream? Last night, you streamed until 2 o’clock in the morning, right? No wonder why they have no energy for the training match today!”

“Since this is the case, it is better to go to the league to cancel your qualification for the A-grade League. Simply change to establishing a live streaming company. Then you don’t have to train hard to play the game. You can open the camera every day to thank fans for the galaxy battleships. Isn’t it very easy?”

The meeting room was silent and the group of people felt terrified. They had never seen such a fierce head coach. He scolded the players and then criticized the club? Telling them to change careers… this was simply not giving them any face!

Jiang Shaoyu finished scolding and picked up the teacup on the table. He took a sip and said casually, “Shu Chen is a substitute in TNG and he doesn’t know how to open a live stream to gain fans. You also don’t let him play any matches. You should have no opinion if I take him away to let him join the national team’s training camp, right?”

Manager Zhao instinctively replied, “No, no opinion.” Then his mind returned and he looked embarrassed. “We will definitely cooperate fully if the national team wants to recruit players. However, Shu Chen’s contract hasn’t expired yet…”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Shu Chen will terminate his contract with TNG. For specific matters, the legal team of the national team will come to you tomorrow to discuss it.”

Manager Zhao’s expression was ugly. “This… termination?”

Shu Chen had been a substitute of TNG for so long and TNG really didn’t give him the opportunity to play. However, the direct termination of the contract was detrimental to TNG’s reputation. He just wanted to say that they could keep the contract until it automatically expired at the end of the year. Then he met Jiang Shaoyu’s cold and sharp eyes and had to swallow down these words.

“It is late. We should go back.” Jiang Shaoyu stood up and signaled for everyone to leave. Qin Bo, Yu Mingxiang and Qi Heng immediately followed. He walked to the door and stopped again. Then he looked back at Manager Zhao and said softly, “Manager Zhao, I disturbed you today.”

Manager Zhao smiled. “No, Coach Jiang. You are welcome! Why don’t you stay for a meal?”

“No, we will go back and eat.”

Manager Zhao waited until Jiang Shaoyu led his group downstairs before he started scolding in a low voice, “Can’t you all react faster? He wanted data so you just gave it to him? Are you stupid?”

The data expert said with a bitter expression, “Qin Bo directly took the USB disk. I couldn’t stop him from copying it.”

Manager Zhao was so angry that he wanted to cough up blood. This could be very troublesome. The daily attendance and training data was very intuitive. Once released, their TNG would definitely be discredited! If he knew this, he would’ve prepared two computers. One to record real data and one to put modified data… he really regretted it!

Next to him, an assistant coach wondered, “Should we let the other clubs know about the national team’s raid inspection?”

Manager Zhao glared at him. “What are you thinking? Do you still want to communicate with your competitors? It is best that they are worse than us. One family is worse than the other. Perhaps in the end, Jiang Shaoyu will turn around and find that we are very good?”

The group, “…It is reasonable.”

The thought that other clubs would be scolded next made them feel more comfortable.

Downstairs, Shu Chen waited obediently with a colorful suitcase. His eyes lit up when he saw Jiang Shaoyu and he ran over.

Jiang Shaoyu walked up to him, patted him on the shoulder and said in a gentle voice, “Let’s go, Chen Chen. Follow me to the national team.”

Shu Chen nodded vigorously. “Yes!”

He looked back at the TNG Club’s signboard. How full of expectations had he been when he first came here and how disappointed was he when he left.

Goodbye, the TNG Club that made him sit on the cold bench for several years. In the future, he would work hard to enter the national team and follow Brother Yu!


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