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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 61

The Next Victim

The next morning, Jiang Shaoyu called a meeting of the members of the national team’s work group.

The matter of the TNG Club was temporarily resolved. Jiang Shaoyu knew that Manager Zhao of TNG was very selfish and shrewd. He definitely wouldn’t go and inform the other clubs in advance just in case they performed well in front of Coach Jiang.

After all, the other clubs were enemies and competitors to TNG. Who would want their competitors to be better than them?

Yu Mingxiang asked curiously, “Ah Yu, do you want to go to a closer place first based on distance? Or how do you want to choose? I can arrange the itinerary in advance.”

Jiang Shaoyu thought for a moment. “Let’s draw lots and do a random check.”

The group watched him draw the lots expectantly, as if picking the ‘next victim’. They saw him open a folder full of the clubs’ information and casually pulled out a page at random. It had the ‘YY Club’ written on it.

Yu Mingxiang was stunned for a moment. “It is Ye Zi’s club!”

Qin Bo smiled. “This is a coincidence. YY and TNG will have a match in two days. TNG didn’t train well and the players have been making money from the live stream. Let’s go see how the YY Club is doing. Is everyone messing around together or is there serious preparation?”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Yu Mingxiang. “Sister Yu, please book a plane ticket for today. We will go this afternoon.”

Yu Mingxiang nodded. “Okay. Ah Yu, how many days are you going to stay there? This way, I can book a hotel.”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “Just book for one night. We will go this afternoon and go back tomorrow morning. There is no need to stay longer.”

Yu Mingxiang arranged the itinerary and told Vice-chairman Qi’s assistant by the way. She also booked Vice-chairman Qi’s plane ticket and hotel and made an appointment for a seven seater business car to pick them up from the airport. The national team had activity funds and these expenses could be reimbursed. Yu Mingxiang’s arrangement was naturally impeccable.

After lunch, the national team’s car took everyone to the airport together.

Shu Chen saw the black car leaving from the window and couldn’t help saying, “Brother Yu is going out again so soon.”

Pei Feng joked, “My master is looking for the next victim. I don’t know who it will be.”

Shu Chen remembered the scene of Brother YU cursing people in TNG and couldn’t help smiling. He silently lit a candle for the next club in his heart.

Jiang Shaoyu brought Qin Bo and Yu Mingxiang and Qi Heng took his assistant. The group of five people didn’t have much luggage. They flew directly from the Imperial Capital Airport to the city where the YY Club was located. The flight time was three hours and there was the airport security check. They finally arrived at their destination around 5 p.m.

Yu Mingxiang’s pre-booked car waited at the airport on time and took everyone back to the hotel. Everyone casually ate some dinner at a nearby restaurant and Qi Heng asked, “Ah Yu, if we are only staying here for one day then will we be going there tonight?”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “Yes, 8-11 p.m. is the training time of most clubs. Let’s see what they are doing.”

Qi Heng joked, “Okay, let’s be the night self-study inspection team!”

Yu Mingxiang called the car to take them to the YY Club.

This club had been established for a long time and was a famous comprehensive club in the circle. After ACE was disbanded, Ye Qingming signed with YY and directly became the captain. YY’s coaching staff and high level executives attached great importance to him and developed a lineup with the core around Ye Qingming’s scout. However, scouting around wasn’t stable so in recent years, the results of YY had been up and down. Sometimes they won the championships while other times they couldn’t even make the playoffs.

In any case, the talent pool of a large club was quite strong. Jiang Shaoyu took this trip to see if YY had any outstanding newcomers besides Ye Qingming.

The group of five people came to the gate of the club and repeated their old tricks. They found the doorman and said it was a routine visit from the league’s top management. The doorman knew Vice-chairman Qi and made an internal phone call before letting them go in. Manager Yu of the YY Club asked his assistant to bring them to the office and enthusiastically held out his hand. “Vice-chairman Qi, I haven’t seen you for a long time!” Then he looked back and met a pair of indifferent eyes. “Is this… God Wing? Coach Jiang, why didn’t you say anything about coming here?”

Qi Heng thought, ‘He deliberately didn’t say anything to engage in a surprise attack.’

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the other person and briefly shook hands. “Hello, Manager Yu. I am going around the clubs with Vice-chairman Qi to see the situation of the players. This will help me with selecting the members of the national team in the future.”

Manager Yu was just about to pick up his mobile phone to inform everyone to get ready, only to find that the mobile phone had no signal?

Qi Heng looked at the landline on the desk and said without a smile, “Manager, use the landline to call the coaching staff to come. In addition, have the data department bring the laptop over.”

Manager Yu looked puzzled. Usually the network was fine. What was going on with it at the critical moment that there was no signal on his phone? His mind returned and he picked up the landline with a dry smile, calling the coaches over. Moments later, YY’s head coach, the assistant coach and the data expert came to the meeting room.

The head coach recognized Jiang Shaoyu instantly and his eyes widened in surprise. “C-Coach Jiang?”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Hello, I am Jiang Shaoyu, the head coach of the national team. I came to the YY Club with Vice-chairman Qi today.”

Was this a surprise inspection? The group of people suddenly became nervous and people immediately secretly took out their mobile phones to inform the players, only to find that the phones had no signal. Everyone exchanged looks. Then Qin Bo took out the signal jammer from his bag. The signal jammer with the red light was openly placed on the middle of the meeting room table. Qin Bo pushed up his glasses and said, “Don’t worry, everyone. We have turned on the jammer and there is no signal for the time being. Don’t try to send a message to the team members to prepare them.”

Everyone: “……”

Were they inspectors checking the examination room? They even brought something like this!

Jiang Shaoyu got up and said, “I have to trouble you to sit here. I will go to the training room and take a look.”

Qi Heng got up and followed.

Yu Mingxiang and Qin Bo sat to the left and right of the door and looked at everyone with a smile. It was as if they wanted to say, ‘No one should try to run away.’

The group of people were frightened. They sat in the meeting room and didn’t know what to do. They were afraid that some players would cause trouble in front of Coach Jiang!

The head coach whispered to the assistant coach next to him, “The players are all training, right?”

The assistant coach nodded. “Yes, I just arranged for them to play a practice match. Little Ye Zi is arranging it.”

The head coach frowned before asking, “Has Ye Qingming woken up?”

The assistant coach whispered back, “I don’t know. I didn’t see him when I passed by the training room just now…”

The scene of the two of them whispering together was clearly seen by Yu Mingxiang.

Yu Mingxiang smiled and wondered, “These two coaches, what are you talking about that you are discussing so secretly?”

The two of them immediately sat up and smiled dryly, “N-Nothing! We are just discussing tactics for a bit. Cough, it is the tactics of the next match.”

At this time, Jiang Shaoyu and Qi Heng had already arrived at the training room.

Qi Heng visited the major clubs every season and knew the internal structure of each club. The base of the YY Club had a total of four floors. The dormitory was on the third floor and the training room was on the second floor. The two of them walked down the stairs toward the door of the training room.

Jiang Shaoyu stood by the window and looked into the room.

QI Heng suppressed a smile from behind him. This type of silent observation was really like the director of teaching who went to the class to see the students’ evening self-study!

In the training room, a young boy with fiery red hair was shouting excitedly, “F*k! My coffee, my coffee has spilled!”

The person next to him had turned around and collided with him, causing the cup of coffee to directly be overturned and dying the white t-shirt. The red-haired teenager couldn’t help saying, “I had a hard time making the coffee!”

The person who bumped into him quickly apologized. “Sorry, Little Ye Zi. You are like a ghost and I didn’t see you.”

The teenager’s eyes narrowed. “Why am I like a ghost? Old Ding, it is obviously you who went on the rampage!”

The man called Old Ding smiled and said, “Don’t be angry, I’ll go and make you another cup.”

The teenager complained, “I don’t drink instant coffee. I only drink hand ground coffee. Hey, forget it. I’m going to change my clothes first. Tell my brothers to wait for me. The practice match will start in five minutes. Wait for me!”

The teenager hurried out the door and happened to see Jiang Shaoyu and Qi Heng, who were standing by the back window and silently observing. He looked at the two of them vigilantly and asked suspiciously, “Who are you? Why are you hiding and sneaking around here?”

Qi Heng: “……”

Little boy, do you want to hit the muzzle of the gun so directly?

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow and his sharp eyes swept over the teenager’s face.

The teenager’s skin was very white and he had a pair of clear and beautiful eyes that were big and bright. His face was full of vitality and he looked very lively and cute. He shouldn’t be too old. Perhaps he was a young trainee of the YY team? His appearance was a bit embarrassing due to the t-shirt soaked in coffee but his eyes were very spirited.

Jiang Shaoyu asked casually, “Where is Ye Qingming?”

The teenager was stunned for a moment. “Are you looking for my master? Do you know him?”

“…Master?” Jiang Shaoyu quickly reacted and looked the little guy up and down. “Are you Ye Qingming’s apprentice?” Previously, Ye Qingming mentioned that there was a talented newcomer in the YY team who was personally taught by him. It seemed that it was this little guy.

“That’s right.” The teenager looked at the person in front of him with wide eyes and curiosity. This person looked cold and sharp and he obviously wasn’t easy. Perhaps he was Master’s ex-boyfriend or rival in love who came to the club to make trouble!

He turned and ran away, wanting to tip off his master. As a result, Jiang Shaoyu grabbed the back of his collar. “Where are you going?”

“Hey, I’m going to the toilet.”

Jiang Shaoyu asked coldly, “What is your name? Where is Ye Qingming?”

The teenager’s eyes rolled and he said seriously, “My name is Ye Suian and my master, he… there was an urgent matter and he went out. I don’t know where he went. Perhaps you can come find him another day? He really isn’t at the club today!”

Master, I can only help you up to here. Your ex-boyfriend or rival in love looks really fierce.

“Really? He isn’t at the club?” Jiang Shaoyu’s voice became even colder. He picked up his phone and directly made a WeChat voice call to Ye Qingming.

Ye Qingming was sleeping in the dormitory. He saw the puppy avatar that popped up as the voice caller ID and was so excited that he directly bounced up from the bed. He picked up the phone and laughed. “Hello, Brother Yu? Why do you have time to send me a voice call?”

Jiang Shaoyu asked with no expression, “Where are you?”

Ye Qingming yawned. “Of course, I’m at the YY Club.”

Jiang Shaoyu casually glanced at the person in front of him. The moment the teenager heard that his master had debunked his lies, he shrank back and lowered his head, trying to slip away. However, he was caught by Jiang Shaoyu like a chicken.

Jiang Shaoyu wondered, “Where in the club? I can’t see you in the training room.”

Ye Qingming was a bit confused. “What training room?”

Jiang Shaoyu clearly told him word by word, “I am at the door of your training room.”


“I will give you three minutes to come over right away!”

Ye Qingming’s expression changed with fright. He hurriedly changed his clothes and ran to the training room. F*k, why was he sleeping every time Brother Yu came to him? It was really bad luck! How could Jiang Shaoyu raid the YY Club

Jiang Shaoyu hung up and let go of the teenager.

Ye Suian smiled. “Brother, do you have any conflicts with my master? Let me tell you, emotional things can’t be forced. If my master has done something regretful to you, don’t make yourself angry.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “………”

At this moment, Ye Qingming ran down from the third floor like a gust of wind. His messy hair looked like he had just woken up and didn’t have time to brush his hair. His back stiffened when he saw Jiang Shaoyu and he forced a smile on his face. “Cough, Brother Yu, why are you here? You should’ve let me know in advance so I could pick you up.”

What? B-Brother Yu?

Could it be that the person in front of him was the legendary God Wing, Jiang Shaoyu?!

Ye Suian’s brain buzzed and he was instantly dumbfounded?

What did he just say? Emotional matters couldn’t be forced? His master wasn’t in the club? Ahhh, why hadn’t he shut up?!

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at Little Ye Zi before looking back at Big Ye Zi. “Ye Qingming, you are so used to being suspended from the game that you will never play the game again, right? Okay, go and write your retirement application right now and live with your bed.”

Ye Qingming: “……”

The apprentice next to him was covered with coffee and had a sluggish expression. It was obvious that he had done something stupid.

Ye Qingming had a headache and rubbed his temples. This time, the master and apprentice would have to write a self-criticism together! Should he teach his little apprentice some experience and skills in writing self-criticisms?


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