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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 54

Inspecting the Clubs

Inspecting the clubs was the task that Jiang Shaoyu had set when he returned to China.

The selection of members for the fifth national team was a big problem. Apart from Liu Shaozhou, Ye Qingming, Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou, four old players with high popularity and a stable level, the remaining seven newcomers were almost all recommended by the clubs.

The Gourd Babies Squad led by Mo Hantian were full of those backed by wealthy masters.

Among them, Mo Hantian was last year’s Gun King’s image among and was packaged as the spokesperson of the national team. This young boy was really handsome. He dressed up like a star and went abroad to play badly. He wasn’t convinced and ran to the game to abuse the weak, only to be abused by Jiang Shaoyu.

It seemed he had learned to be obedient recently? He wasn’t playing any tricks.

Shi Xiaobin had a cute baby face and made a lot of money for the club by selling merchandise. It was just that he was timid and lacked courage in the game. His personality was too soft, like a shrunken bun.

Xia Li’s level fluctuated and she was very careless. Playing a game was like a gamble of fate and winning or losing depended on luck.

Lu Xingyun cared too much about his personal record. He liked to be in the limelight and to grab people’s heads. If he won then he was awesome. If he lost then his teammates were too weak. Jiang Shaoyu had long seen that this child had very high self-esteem, an impetuous mentality and many intentions. He wasn’t as forthright as Mo Hantian.

As for Tang Kai, all aspects were mediocre and it remained to be seen at present.

There were two medics, one called Zhang Yue and the other called Ming Xi. Both were medics with no sense of existence.

If they were the first to die then what was the use of a medic?

These people from the last season were all ‘to be determined’ in Jiang Shaoyu’s book.

People could make mistakes. They could be corrected and saved.

There was no team that never lost but they couldn’t make the same mistake twice. They couldn’t lose and allow their mentality to collapse, causing their team to lose all the time.

After Jiang Shaoyu returned to China, he taught them a hard lesson and asked them to write self-criticisms. Out of the papers that were handed in, some were more sincere than others. Some people might’ve seriously reviewed it while others were just putting on a show for him.

In any case, he had sounded the alarm bell once and given them a chance. It was up to them to see how they followed up on it.

He had assumed the position of head coach so the previous abnormal selection mode of ‘the club has a higher voice than the national team’ had to be completely changed! If the coaching team couldn’t even decide their own people then what about the formations and tactical layout?

Pei Feng heard his master say that he was going to do inspections and joked, “Master is like the great demon king going to patrol the mountains. These clubs are probably going to cry in fear.”

Yu Mingxiang smiled. “Then am I and Qin Bo the great demon king’s left and right guardians?”

Qin Bo pushed up his glasses. “Coach Jiang, which club do you want to inspect first? Do we notify them?”

Jiang Shaoyu calmly replied, “An advance notice is useless. If we say that the national team’s coaching staff will go to visit them in the next few days, they will definitely clean up the training room and the players will be sitting there and seriously practicing. they will put on a particularly positive attitude to show us. I don’t want this type of pretentious attitude. I want to see their daily training, which can truly reflect the attitude and level of the players.”

Old Chang agreed. “That’s right. Let’s do a surprise raid! It is just like when middle school students are studying at night. The teaching office will do raids and see which students are seriously doing their homework. They will catch those sleeping, chatting or even secretly in a relationship.”

The faces of the ‘students’ who were caught must be very exciting.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Qin Bo. “Qin Bo, carry a signal jammer with you. Once the time comes and all the coaches are called to the office, use it to prevent them from secretly sending messages and tipping off the players. I want to watch the players play a training match on the spot.”

Qin Bo held back his smile. “I understand, Coach Jiang.”

Blocking the mobile phone signal to prevent them from sending out a secret notice, Coach Jiang was indeed doing a ‘demon-style’ surprise inspection.

Yu Mingxiang asked, “Ah Yu, which club will we go to first?”

Jiang Shaoyu opened a folder containing the information about the big clubs in the A-grade Professional League. As the most high-end professional e-sports league in China, the teams that could enter the A-grade League had a certain strength. The major clubs were scattered in different cities and the nearest one…

It was TNG in the capital.

Jiang Shaoyu raised a corner of his lips and pointed to TNG’s team emblem. “Go to TNG first. They are close.”

At this time, the general manager’s office of the TNG Club.

The agent from the Xing Network live stream platform was secretly negotiating with the club manager. “Our Xing Network wants to sign the live stream contract of the TNG Club. Once the time comes, the website will definitely promote it. Have popular members such as Xiao Lu and Xiao Zhang set aside five or six hours a week to stream live and you can get 80% of the profit from fan fits and membership cards. The rest are traffic and operating expenses for our platform.”

Manager Zhao of TNG smiled with narrowed eyes, “80%? In this case, you will hardly have much profit. It seems that President Zhang has a lot of money?”

The agent said, “Of course. Xing Network has signed with several teams so far and TNG is our most valued partner. There will naturally be more benefits. If it is okay, let’s sign a contract as soon as possible. This way, we can do warm-up publicity before the A-grade Professional League starts and have a premiere?”

Manager Zhao nodded. “Okay. You are so sincere then let’s have a pleasant cooperation.”

The moment he signed his name on the contract, Manager Zhao was in a happy mood. Fred jumped from Xing Network to Little Bear TV and Xing Network urgently needed some big streamers or star players to boost popularity.

After TNG joined Xing Network, they would definitely promote it vigorously and this was a good opportunity.

Both Xiao Lu and Xiao Zhang had excellent appearances, especially Lu Xingyun. He was tall and handsome and had a violent and fierce style of play. He had many fans. In the future, he would stream live and receive gifts. Not only would it make a lot of money for the club but he would win more popularity. Wasn’t this the best of both worlds?

The news of the cooperation between TNG and Xing Network was soon released on the official website.

The large banner on the homepage of the Xing Network read: Let us warmly welcome the professional players of the TNG team to enter the Xing Network Live Stream Platform.

After clicking on it from the homepage, they could see the live stream room of some players. There was live stream room No. 155 TNG-Tim, No. 166 TNG-LU, No. 177 TNG-Yue, No. 188 TNG-Sing, No. 199 TNG-Hug.

They were the five starting members of TNG.

Among them, Lu Xingyun was known as God Lu by fans. Due to his handsome appearance and fierce playing style, he was currently the most popular charger in the professional league.

His popularity was about to surpass Lao Lin’s.

Lao Lin had too many anti-fans. He was the captain of the last national team and the final results of the national team were too terrible. Lao Lin’s performance in the World Series wasn’t satisfactory and he suffered a lot of comments from the keyboard warriors. He was abused by anti-fans on Weibo for a long time and his comments area was smoky…

It was different from Lu Xingyun’s peaceful comments area where fans praised him for his good looks. There were also fans who thought that if God Lu was allowed to play then the results wouldn’t have been as bad as Lao Lin. The number one charger of the professional league, Lao Lin should’ve abdicated and given way a long time ago.

Lu Xingyun thought the same way.

Once Lao Lin left, he would be the most popular charger with a promising future.

On February 20th, the professional league released the competition schedule for the A-grade League for the new season.

The first match of the first round of the regular season was on March 1st. The location was the Imperial Capital’s E-sports Center and it was the YY team VS the TNG team.

TNG’s coaching staff and players were overjoyed.

“What good luck. We encountered YY in the first round. Isn’t this a free gift?”

“YY relies on Ye Qingming’s sneak attack tactics. This year, Ye Qingming has been suspended from the league and their team definitely won’t be able to make the top four.”

“Try to win 3:0!”

The A-grade League was a double round robin system. The score of each match was very important. The more wins there were, the higher the points. If they won 3:0 then they could get 3 points. The entire TNG team was full of confidence in this match. Rather than increasing their training, they focused on the live stream on Xing Network.

At 8 p.m. in the live stream room of the Xing Network, the five players appeared at the same time.

The number of followers in the live stream rooms soared, especially the No. 166 live stream room of TNG-Lu. It exceeded one million in the blink of an eye and fans started to give gifts. Lu Xingyun smiled and greeted everyone. “Hello everyone, I am Lu Xingyun of TNG. I am very happy to be on the Xing Network Live Stream Platform.”

“Thank you ‘Only Love God Lu’ for the 10 galactic battleships. Thank you ‘LU’s little fangirl’ for the 5 galactic battleships…”

The moment the live stream started, gifts flew from all over. This was the treatment of a star player.

Meanwhile, in a corner of the training room, a lonely figure turned on the computer and opened the game interface.

Originally, 8 o’clock to 11 o’clock was the team’s evening training time. However, today the coach said they didn’t need to train and would start the live stream. Shu Chen was a player who wasn’t popular and he wasn’t eligible to open a live stream room. The Xing Network signed only TNG’s star players and it had nothing to do with him.

The players of the main team were streaming live in the five person training room next door and Shu Chen went to the big training room to practice by himself.

His social fear was serious. If he was asked to stream live then he probably wouldn’t even be able to speak clearly.

Shu Chen quickly clicked into the qualifying room and opened a solo queue for the 2500 segment.

He was soon matched with his teammates. Shu Chen typed quickly: I play medic, thank you.

His teammates said: You take it. We won’t snatch it from you!

A medic was a relatively unpopular position in the rankings. It was impossible to show off kills like other professions.

Shooting games were all about stimulation. What was the thrill in playing a medic? They had to hide and couldn’t show their heads. They had to carry a first aid kit to save people. If they saved their teammates then it was what they should do. If they didn’t save their teammates then they would be scolded.

Winning was the credit of their teammates. If they lost then it would be: What is the medic doing? Don’t you know how to save people?

Such remarks were heard a lot and it was easy for a player’s mentality to collapse.

Therefore, players who played a medic must have a big heart. They had to get used to being ridiculed by their teammates. They paid silently and rarely received praise.

In the end, he won the match. Shu Chen’s record was 0-0-8. It was 0 kills, 0 deaths and 8 rescues. He had saved his teammates eight times but at the end, the team channel was full of praise for the sniper. “The sniper is 666, add a friend!”

”Really awesome, three games is awesome!”

Shu Chen clicked to exit the room and proceeded to the next game.

It wasn’t until midnight that he rubbed his sore eyes and got up to turn off the computer.

Every day, he was always the last to leave the training room. He habitually turned off the lights, locked the door and walked through the empty corridors alone.

He didn’t know how long he could hold on but he wasn’t willing to give up.

Xiao Pei wasn’t a professional player yet he had silently insisted on training for five years. How could Shu Chen give up easily?

At 2 p.m. the next day, a black van quietly parked in the parking lot near TNG’s base.

Qi Heng came to the gate of TNG’s base with an assistant and told the security guard that it was a ‘routine visit by the league director before the match.’

The manager had no doubts and immediately sent someone to pick them up.

Before the start of every season, the executives of the league would go to the major clubs to look around. It was just for form and it was enough to provide food and drinks.

This time, it was Vice-chairman Qi. Manager Zhao politely invited Vice-chairman Qi to the office. “Vice-chairman Qi is here. Haha, you didn’t give any advance notice.”

Qi Heng thought, ‘What advance notice? If I inform you in advance, won’t you be ready for it?’

He shook hands with Manager Zhao and said without smiling, “Manager Zhao, please have the coaching staff come to the meeting room. I have something to announce.”

Manager Zhao thought it was a notice about the event and immediately called everyone.

Soon, the coaching staff of the TNG Club came to the meeting room and greeted Vice-chairman Qi.

Everyone had just sat down when the door of the meeting room was pushed open. A thin young man walked in quickly with another man and a woman. The thin man had fair skin and was wearing sunglasses and a mask, making his face unable to be seen. The moment he entered the room, he closed the door, took off his sunglasses and masked and asked in a cold voice, “Are they all here?”

Qi Heng smiled. “There should be no leaks.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes swept over those present. “Let me introduce myself. I am Jiang Shaoyu, the head coach of the national team. Today, I have come to visit the TNG Club to see how your daily training is going.”

Qi Heng smiled. “The thing I wanted to inform you about is this matter. The national team’s coaching staff is doing an inspection. Please cooperate.”

TNG’s coaching staff were collectively stunned.

Oh my god! Did the national team’s coaching staff still conduct a surprise inspection? It was over. They didn’t arrange training for today!

Qin Bo had turned on the signal jammer the moment he entered the room.

This was what was used when students took exams to prevent mobile phone Internet cheating and prevent messages.

Sure enough, someone secretly took out his phone to send a private message to inform the team members to be ready. The result… it failed to be sent.

No signal?

Jiang Shaoyu gave the man a cold look and the other person’s back stiffened. He quickly put away his phone.

Qi Heng was secretly amused. Ah You was fighting with the clubs and even used a shielding device. This was really powerful.

Jiang Shaoyu asked, “Who is the head coach?”

A middle-aged man raised his hand. “Cough, it is me.”

“Oh… Old Xu, I have an impression of you.”

That’s right. In the S3 season, TNG was hit by ACE and Old Lu was always trying to find a way to target God Wing.

Jiang Shaoyu, who was a player at that time, left a lot of shadows on him. Now the other person had become the coach of the national team and his nightmare had come again.

Old Xu’s forehead was covered in sweat. “Ha, haha. God Wing, I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

Jiang Shaoyu bluntly instructed, “Gather the team members to play a training game. I want to watch them play on the spot.”

Everyone: “……”

The national team’s coaching staff raided them with an exam signal hammer and wanted the unsuspecting players to play a training game directly?!

Was there such an operation? Coach Jiang… absolutely amazing!


  1. Kay says:

    This is hilarious! Seeing those people supposedly acting the same as kids in highschool (sencondary school) and getting caught!! 😂😂😂
    Though I find the concept of school at night a strange one as my highschool (sencondary school) ended the last class at around 16.00 in the afternoon and as far as I know they didn’t use signal jammers back then. 🤔

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Mooduck says:

    I am dying for all of the criticism to come out and how it’s going to get caught on the live stream and mess up Xing network! All of the above is a guess, but it would be great if it happened as well. Coach Jiang is going to be the great demon of the league! Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Haitian_fujoshi says:

      I’m thinking exactly the same lol. Xing network is gonna loose so much more money.

  3. Souwmi says:

    These people who rely on popularity and not training well are they really professional players? It’s already said that their peak period is very short shouldn’t they use it to train to their full capacity and shine rather than relying on short time popularity?!
    It’s actually disheartening to see a Captain be abused for the whole team’s loss since he accepted the responsibility…this is no different from reality. Not jut mental abuse some violent fans also attack physically if they dissatisfied with the players loss. As the MC said bearing psychological pressure is equally important. I am waiting for more Shu Chen. He seems like a promising character. Also waiting for the old ACE team to shine again with new talents. This is my first time reading a full esports novel and I am so excited to discover that though I don’t play esports I could understand well 😀

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