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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 55

Training Match

The coaching staff of the TNG Club looked at each other.

This was the first time they had seen a surprise inspection with a signal jammer!

None of them could make a phone call and information couldn’t get out. They were locked up here, trembling with fear. They were afraid that the unsuspecting team members would act like demons in front of Coach Jiang and be blacklisted from the national team.

TNG might be wealthy but the professional league was responsible for the qualification approval of each club. Vice-chairman Qi was here. If the league was offended then they wouldn’t have a good time in the future. The league could casually charge them with a crime, fine them, punish them or remove their qualification for a few months. It would be a lot of trouble.

Manager Zhao quickly realized the seriousness of the problem. He smiled at Jiang Shaoyu and said, “This is Coach Jiang of the national team, right? I have long looked up to you? Have you eaten lunch? Or else…”

Jiang Shaoyu interrupted him. “I have eaten lunch. Manager Zhao, please connect me with a network cable.”

The signal was blocked and mobile data and WiFi couldn’t be connected. Even so, the Internet could be accessed as long as there was a network cable connected to the port of the computer.

Manager Zhao looked into his calm eyes and his smile froze slightly.

He couldn’t say that their TNG Club didn’t have an Internet cable, right? There was a network port in the meeting room. Usually, they would connect the network cable to the laptop if they needed to watch a video of a game online during the pre-match meeting and post-match review. The speed of the broadband network would naturally be much faster than WiFi.

He frowned and looked at the assistant next to him. “Connect the network cable.”

The assistant immediately found the blue network cable port near the projection screen. Jiang Shaoyu nodded to Qin Bo, who opened the gaming laptop he was carrying. He connected the Internet cable and opened WeChat.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Coach Xu. “Old Xu, please log into your account.”

Old Xu: “……”

F*k! This person meant to borrow his account?

Under Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze, he had to go to the computer, sit down and log in to his account. Then he opened the ‘TNG Players Group.’

Jiang Shaoyu gave him a ‘you can go look’ before sitting in front of the computer. His slender fingers tapped quickly on the keyboard and he sent a message: @all members, come to the training room immediately for a training match.

At this time, the players of TNG were playing in the rooms.

There was no training scheduled for today. From 3 o’clock to 8 o’clock, the five members of the main team would stream live on Xing Network.

Under the vigorous publicity of Xing Network, the effect of yesterday’s premiere was very good. The two star players, Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue had a gift income of hundreds of thousands in just one night. The club took the majority but they still ended up with at least 200,000.

It was 200,000 a night! This was simply the key to wealth. Compared with the boring daily training, it was definitely more profitable to open a live stream.

They were originally going to stream live all afternoon today, but Coach Xu suddenly asked everyone to play a training match?

Lu Xingyun saw the news in the group and was full of question marks: Old Xu, what is going on? I started a live stream.

Zhang Yue also said: Didn’t you say we didn’t need to train this afternoon? I also just turned on the live stream.

The group of people came out one after another to express their dissatisfaction: Can’t we fight another day?

Old Xu stood next to Jiang Shaoyu and was sweating coldly. He secretly glanced at Jiang Shaoyu and saw Jiang Shaoyu’s cold and expressionless eyes as he typed: I told you to come to the training room right away. Can’t you understand this? Be in the training room in 10 minutes. If you are late, you don’t have to play this season and can just be a streamer.”

Everyone: “……”

F*k! What got on Old Xu’s nerves today? Why was he so fierce?

The group of players turned off their cameras in a frustrated manner. Lu Xingyun waved at the fans and said with a smile, “Everyone, I’m sorry. There is suddenly something on the club side and I can’t stream live today. Thank you ‘Love Brother Lu’ for the starship. Thank you… I’m going now.”

After reading the thank you list, Lu Xingyun turned off the camera with a dark expression and went to the training room. The members rushed to the training room one after another but didn’t find any traces of Coach Xu.

Lu Xingyun cursed in a low voice, “What is going on? He inexplicably asked us to play a training match but he didn’t come himself!”

Zhang Yue hurriedly said, “Brother Lu, look at the messages in the group.”

Lu Xingyun opened his phone and saw a row of messages in the group.

Old Xu: The 1st team’s medic, scout and sniper will be exchanged with the 2nd team’s. This way, the strength is more even.

Everyone looked at each other.

As a giant club, TNG’s five main players of the 1st team were the starters for the A-grade Professional League. The 2nd team were sparring partners + substitute players. They usually played against the 1st team for tactical training. If a member of the 1st team was unwell or in bad condition, it was possible to let substitutes from the 2nd team go to play.

There was also a youth training team that played in the secondary league to give them experience with the competition.

The club had a lot of players.

The 1st team’s medic, scout and sniper were exchanged with the 2nd team, leaving the main charger and assaulter. In this way, the strength of the two teams would indeed be relatively even. They were puzzled but they still obeyed the coach’s arrangement and quickly changed positions.

1st team: Charger Lu, Assaulter Tim, Scout Flay, Sniper Killer and Medic Chenchen.

2nd team: Charger MMP, Assaulter Kevin, Scout Sing, Sniper Hug, Medic ZYue.

Jiang Shaoyu had long seen the information of the TNG Club and could match these IDs with the players. In this match, he focused on three people: Lu Xingyun, Zhang Yue and Shu Chen. He would also observe the other players to see if there was a particularly good talent.

Jiang Shaoyu continued to type: Xiao Lu, create a room to pull people in.

Lu Xingyun quickly created the room, pulled all the players in and divided them according to the teams.

Jiang Shaoyu: Competition mode is the endless bloody battle. The map is Hope Port.

Hope Port was a very large map and was a class multi-obstacles map. As one of the only remaining cargo ports for human beings, there was a large number of containers stacked here and there that could be used as bunkers. Players moved quickly between the containers and seized the opportunity to kill their opponents.

This was a map very suitable for guerrilla warfare. The cooperation and positioning requirements of the players were high.

The endless bloody battle mode meant killing all five people on the opposite side to win one round. It was the best of five rounds.

Jiang Shaoyu finished making the arrangements and looked up at Old XU. “Please log into the game and enter the competition room from the OB perspective.”

Old Xu was forced to be calm on the surface and barely squeezed out a smile, but his heart was very weak. The OB perspective was the god’s perspective used by the referee. Coach Jiang wanted to use the referee’s perspective to watch the match and he could clearly see the performance of each player.

Jiang Shaoyu immediately added, “Take over the team voice channel.”

Old Xu: “………”

F*k, he even had to listen to the communications on the voice channel. Wasn’t this like a formal match?

Under Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze, Old Xu had to log into the game and switch to the referee’s perspective.

In the game room, the group of players saw ‘Old Xu has entered the room’ and spoke to him.

“Old Xu, what is the situation?”

“Why are we suddenly playing a training match?”

“This map is so boring. It is almost broken. Can’t you change it~”

“The 1st and 2nd team have changed players. What if the cooperation isn’t good? Brother Lu and I have never cooperated.”

“It is just a training match. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose.” Lu Xingyun typed this line.

Jiang Shaoyu narrowed his eyes. It didn’t matter? This was how they played training matches? Being all casual and smiley and even having the coach change the map? TNG was really eye-opening.

Old Xu was dying next to him. ‘Can’t you say a few good words? The national team’s coach and Vice-chairman Qi are both watching!

Jiang Shaoyu typed: Let’s go.

It was two simple words followed by directly pressing the start button using the referee’s authority. Before the group of people could finish talking, they were forced to see the map loading bar on the computer.

On the voice channel, someone complained. “Is Old Xu convulsing today?”

”Don’t say it. Brothers, jiayou!”

Lu Xingyun told them, “Okay, talk less nonsense and listen to my command.”

He cleared his throat and quickly made the arrangements. “The scout will go to the left and the sniper to the right. The medic will follow me and Tim.”

He and Tim (Han Ting) were the 1st team’s charger and assaulter. Since all his teammates had changed to the 2nd team, they could only be the main output force and win with their teammates. Lu Xingyun planned to have the medic follow them and directly finish off the opponent’s front row. Then they just had to kill the sniper and they would win.

Shu Chen typed a ‘1’ which meant that he received it.

The game started and Lu Xingyun immediately switched to the smoke bomb before rushing forward with his teammate Tim.

The multi-obstacles map was quite suitable for melee players. They could crouch behind containers, search and fight guerrilla battles. It all depended on who reacted faster.

OF course, it was also possible for snipers to sneak attack them. The main sniper of TNG Hug, (Pang Yu, whose nickname was Xiao Pang) was sent to the 2nd team and he was quite strong. This game was a sure win as long as they avoided Xiao Pang’s long-ranged sniper.

Lu Xingyun pressed the attack button. “Rush and clear a wave.”

Han Ting and Lu Xingyun had been partnered for a year and the two of them had a tacit understanding. Han Ting heard the captain’s instructions and immediately went around the back of the container from left to row.

At this moment, in the narrow passage between two rows of containers, the charger MMP of the 2nd team was waiting there and listening to the surrounding movements. He heard footsteps and immediately set up his gun, firing fiercely at the intersection.

Bang bang bang bang!

The moment Lu Xingyun turned the corner, he was swept away by the charger of the 2nd team hiding in the crack.

Lu Xingyun angrily said, “F*k! It is too obscene to hide in this corner. Medic, come and rescue me.”

Shu Chen stepped forward quickly and raised the bulletproof light plate. He dragged Lu Xingyun to the back of a bunker and immediately restored him with the first aid kit. Lu Xingyun jumped out directly from the bunker and aimed at the 2nd team’s charger MMP, firing wildly!

It was the Uzi MAC-Fanatic. This gun with the fastest firing rate was like a furious beast in Lu Xingyun’s hands.

The bullets fired by the charger carried dazzling sparks and instantly covered the opponent’s position.

[’LU’ used the Uzi MAC-Fanatic to kill ‘MMP’!]

His teammate Han Ting praised him. “Nice! Brother Lu is awesome.”

Lu Xingyun smiled widely. “They want to kill me? They are thinking too much, right? Go around the side!”

The two moved to the left and right, keeping a certain distance from each other as they circled around. Lu Xingyun killed the opposite’s side’s assaulter in seconds and formed a 5 against 3 situation. Lu Xingyun ordered, “Medic, sell yourself and lure the sniper out.”

Shu Chen obediently ran out to be the bait. The sniper on the other side fired at him and Shu Chen was shot. However, he dodged quickly and didn’t die. He ducked behind a container and silently wrapped a bandage around himself. Lu Xingyun locked onto the position of the opposing sniper and quickly went around, killing Xiao Pang in seconds.

In the first game, the lurkers won.

Lu Xingyun was in a happy mood. “It is just as easy even when changing people.”

Han Ting agreed. “That’s right. Our team has Brother Lu and it is easy to play against the 2nd team.”

The second game started quickly.

They won this game very smoothly. The assaulter Han Ting accidentally died but was quickly saved by Shu Chen. Han Ting and Lu Xingyun joined forces for a wave of gunfire and killed the opposite side’s front row in seconds. Then they went around the back to kill the sniper.

It was the third game and the match point game.

The 2nd team’s sniper, Xiao Pang suddenly said, “It will be 3:0 so we have to change our strategy. The scout will first lead out LU and let me kill him. Then the assaulter and charger will join forces to solve Tim. We have a chance of winning once they die.”

The game started and the scout Sing moved quickly. Lu Xingyun saw him and sure enough, he quickly went around the corner in order to kill the scout in seconds. The next moment, the scout directly went over a container and this was followed by a gunshot from the side.


[’Hug’ has used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘LU’ with a headshot!]

Lu Xingyun saw the blood splashing on the screen and couldn’t help saying, “F*k! Medic, help!”

At the same time, the 2nd team’s charger and assaulter came together and frantically fought against Tim. Deafening gunshots were heard from Hope Port. All three people had low health but it was 1 against 2 and Tim was the first to die.

At this time, Shu Chen was closer to Tim and he instinctively went to save Han Ting.

It was because the two people on the opposite side had low health. Han Ting could kill the two of them after he got up.

Han Ting was saved and should’ve immediately fought back. However, he didn’t expect the medic to save him. He was stunned and was quickly shot by the opposite side.

Shu Chen was also killed by the opposing charger and assaulter.

Lu Xingyun yelled, “F*k! Is the medic stupid? I told you to save me first but you saved Tim? Couldn’t you see that he was surrounded?”

Shu Chen: “……”

He didn’t explain and just typed: I’m sorry.

At this time, inside the meeting room.

Jiang Shaoyu showed no expression on his face as he watched everyone’s performance from the referee’s perspective and heard their voice communication. His eyes were as dark as night and his entire body emitted a frightening chill.

Old Xu’s forehead was covered in sweat. Lu Xingyun scolded Shu Chen and Coach Jiang had heard it all without fail.

Qi Heng saw Jiang Shaoyu’s expression… this was the precursor to a storm.

Ah Yu is accumulating anger points. I have to ask for more blessings!


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