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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 53

Checking into the National Team

After the late night meal, Sister Yu asked the driver to take Pei Feng, Gui Siyang and Hua Ran back to the hotel where the contestants were staying.

The car parked at the entrance of the hotel and Pei Feng was the last to get out of the car. He didn’t close the door but blocked the door with one hand. He leaned into the car and told Jiang Shaoyu, “Master, wait 10 minutes for me. I’ll go upstairs to get my luggage.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

He thought this person was joking. Unexpectedly, Pei Feng actually brought his luggage to the competition?

Jiang Shaoyu saw Pei Feng’s eager eyes and couldn’t bear to refuse. He had to nod. “Okay, go and get it.”

Pei Feng quickly turned around and entered the elevator.

He went back to his room to pick up the suitcase, took the key card and checked out at the hotel’s front desk. Then he quickly walked over to the car and loaded the luggage with one hand.

This mini van could seat eight people and was very spacious.

Pei Feng got into the car and took the initiative to sit next to Jiang Shaoyu. He smiled at his master.

The vein on Jiang Shaoyu’s temple twitched slightly. His apprentice had always been quick in taking action. He had twice run directly to the gate of the national team to block people, making them unable to refuse. Now he came to the competition with his packed luggage and moved to the national team immediately after the competition. It was amazing.

Yu Mingxiang sat in the front row and joked, “Xiao Pei, are you so active? You came to the competition with your luggage and you are so anxious to go to the national team. You don’t want to wait even a day?”

Pei Feng explained, “Sister Yu, I recently happened to be living in the capital. In any case, I am alone. I thought that after playing the competition, I should just go to the national team’s base to familiarize myself with the environment. This time, I brought some toiletries and clothes first. I can go back if I am missing anything.”

He lived in the capital and it was really convenient to come and go.

Yu Mingxiang didn’t think much of it and said enthusiastically, “It is just right. You are the first player to stay in the national team for the sixth season.”

Jiang Shaoyu emphatically said, “It is a youth trainee.”

Pei Feng smiled. “I know, Coach Jiang. I am now a student of the national team’s youth training camp. Being selected to join the official team or not depends on my follow-up performance.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked over at him. “Yes, don’t think that I will directly select you to join the national team just because you are my apprentice and won the Rising Stars Cup. You are on par with the other students of the training camp. Don’t let up until the roster for the next national team is officially decided.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes were very good-looking. In particular, they were clear and bright when he was looking at someone seriously. It was as if he could see into people’s hearts.

Pei Feng met his eyes and smiled slightly. “I know. I will listen to Coach Jiang’s instructions.”

The two of them looked at each other. After a few seconds, Jiang Shaoyu uncomfortably removed his gaze and looked out the window.

He just said this because he didn’t want his apprentice to slack off.

In fact, Jiang Shaoyu had long been sure that Pei Feng would be selected for the next national team. Pei Feng was a player with very rich tactical ideas. He had a strong view of the overall situation and could take the commanding position. Moreover, he could play five professions and could greatly enrich the tactics of the national team as a free person.

This year’s Rising Stars Cup not only gained the general Pei Feng, but also the talented Little Demon and Hua Ran. There was also Old Chang for the coaching staff.

It could be called ‘returning from a rewarding journey.’

Jiang Shaoyu was in a good mood and took the initiative to make the introductions for his apprentice. “This is Qin Bo, the software engineer of the national team.”

Pei Feng politely extended a hand to greet him. “Hello, Brother Qin.”

Qin Bo smiled and shook hands with him. “Hello, Fred. I have long admired your name.”

Jiang Shaoyu continued, “This is Chang Rongxuan and he will be an assistant coach of the national team. You have seen him at the competition.”

Pei Feng looked at the person in front of him with some surprise. He had been wondering why the 32 year old The Affairs of the World are Impermanent was following his master. Now it was finally explained. He was actually an assistant coach!

Master was really good. He could even recruit a coach from the competition!

Pei Feng shook hands with this person. “Hello, Coach Chang. Please take care of me in the future.”

Chang Rongxuan smiled. “Good, we will take care of each other!”

It was 11 p.m. when the group arrived at the national team’s base. The car stopped in front of the dormitory building and everyone got out of the car one after another. Jiang Shaoyu told them, “There is still Xiao Pei and Old Chang’s residence to be decided. Sister Yu, please arrange it first.”

Yu Mingxiang pointed to the four-story building in front of them. “This building is the dormitory for players and coaching staff. There are five rooms on each floor and the room number goes from 0 to 4. At present, the 1st to 3rd floors are all empty. The 4th floor also has two empty rooms, 402 and 403. You can choose whichever one you want.”

Old Chang asked curiously, “Where does Coach Jiang live?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “It is 404.”

Old Chang said, “Then I…”

He wanted to say, I can live in 403. It is next door to the head coach so isn’t it easy to communicate?’

As a result, Pei Feng suddenly interrupted. “Can I live in 403?”

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at his apprentice.

Pei Feng looked innocent. “If you live nearby, it is convenient to ask Master for advice if I have any questions.”

Jiang Shaoyu slightly raised an eyebrow. “Okay. It is all single rooms anyway. It is the same wherever you live.”

Old Chang scratched his head in a confused manner. He found that Pei Feng was one step faster than him no matter what he died. Strange, was it so good to live next door to the coach? Wasn’t a player living next door to the coach similar to a student living next door to the director of teaching? Wasn’t he afraid of being scolded every day?

Old Chang thought about it and smiled. “Then I will live in 402. It is easy to communicate, hehe.”

Pei Feng: “……?”

The assistant coach on his left and the head coach on his right. His room was sandwiched between two coaches. Why was there a bad feeling?

Yu Mingxiang added, “400 belongs to the assistant coach Anna and 401 is the assistant coach Old Cui.”

Pei Feng coughed softly. “…So the 4th floor is the floor for the coaching staff?”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at him indifferently. “It is too late for you to regret it now.”

Pei Feng touched his nose and smiled. “It is fine, I’ll live in 403. Living among a group of coaches can help me improve quickly and it is also convenient for Master to scold me in the future.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “???”

Was this a habit formed from being scolded as a child? Was he uncomfortable if he wasn’t scolded?

There were two dormitory buildings in the E-sports Park. Block A was the residence of players and coaches and had a total of 20 rooms. Block B was the residence of the team leader, engineers, logistics team, doctors and other staff members. The two buildings were very close to each other.

Yu Mingxiang led everyone up to the 4th floor. Anna and Old Cui heard the movement and came out to say hello.

Anna was a female beta with her hair in two ponytails. She looked very cute and lively. Old Cui was around 40 years old with a round face. He looked very kind.

Sister Yu introduced them, “Anna graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages and is proficient in eight languages. She is the assistant coach for our national team and the interpreter when going out to compete. Old Cui has been in the national team for five years and is very familiar with all aspects of it.”

Chang Rongxuan and Pei Feng immediately shook hands with them and greeted them.

Yu Mingxiang saw all these people and felt quite emotional. The national team was gradually growing. It would be lively once this building was full!

Chang Rongxuan said with surprise, “The configuration of the national team is quite advanced! The translators, engineers and teaching assistants are all in place!”

Old Cui smiled and shook the hand of his new colleague. “After all, the national team will represent China when going abroad. We will be laughed at if we are too shabby.”

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at the people in front of him and told them, “It is late. Go and rest first. Tomorrow, there will be a meeting in my office at 10 a.m.”

Everyone went back to their rooms. Yu Mingxiang and Qin Bo also went downstairs to go to Block B to sleep.

Jiang Shaoyu opened his door with his fingerprint. The moment he opened the door, a familiar curly-haired puppy ran over. He hugged his master’s leg and barked non-stop.

Pei Feng saw Doudou and felt extra kind. He leaned over and touched the dog’s head, asking in a childish tone, “Doudou, did you miss me?”

Jiang Doudou: “Bark bark!”

Pei Feng picked him up. “Have you been having a good meal recently? Have you finished the canned food I bought for you?”

Jiang Doudou: “Bark bark bark!”

“Okay, I’ll buy you another box tomorrow.”

Old Chang who was about to enter his room next door only to see this scene: “???”

Awesome, Pei Feng could communicate with a dog without obstacles!

Jiang Shaoyu saw Old Chang’s shocked eyes and casually explained, “This is my dog and he is called Jiang Doudou.”

Jiang Doudou’s dark eyes looked at this stranger curiously. Old Chang praised him. “This dog is so cute!”

He coughed twice before adding, “Then I’ll go into my room. You should rest early.”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “Yes. The room has been cleaned by the logistics staff. If you have any daily necessities you need then you can find Sister Yu.”


Chang Rongxuan entered his room. Pei Feng put down Doudou and unlocked the password lock of 403.

Jiang Shaoyu led Doudou into his room before turning around. “Go to sleep early.”

Pei Feng smiled gently. “Yes. Good night, Master.”

The dormitory conditions of the national team were very good. It was a one bedroom suite with a refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave oven, television and other commonly used household appliances. The bedroom space was very spacious and there was a table at the end of the bed with a computer on it. A professional gaming chair was beside the table.

The players usually returned to the dormitory after training and they played games by themselves. This was very considerate.

The brand new desktop gaming console had the logo of the Feixing Group on it. It seemed the sponsor for this season had replaced it with a new one.

Pei Feng dragged his suitcase to the bedroom. He hung his clothes in the closet and neatly arranged his various toiletries.

He didn’t have much luggage so he quickly unpacked.

Pei Feng put on his pajamas and stood on the balcony. He looked at the sports field illuminated by the street lamp outside and his corners raised happily.

After so many years, he and his master were living next door, just like they had done back then.

Five years ago at the ACE team’s base, he was young and went to become God Wing’s apprentice. In order to take care of this young apprentice, Jiang Shaoyu let his apprentice live next to him and taught him how to play a sniper from scratch.

Now he was living with his master again.

He persisted in his dream of becoming an e-sports player for many years and he finally took an important step.

As the first player to stay at the national team’s E-sports Park, he would work with Master and wait for more players to join.

The next day, Jiang Shaoyu got up to walk the dog and found that Pei Feng had actually gone to the sports field early in the morning in sportswear for a run.”

He quickly caught up with his master and gave a greeting. “Good morning, Master.”

Jiang Shaoyu wondered, “Why are you up so early?”

“I didn’t play the game last night or stream, so I got up at 7:30 today.”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “I will be busy lately and won’t be able to arrange training tasks for you. You can stream a few hours a day. It won’t affect things.”

“It’s fine. My contract with Little Bear TV is very free and I can stream whenever I want.” Pei Feng jogged while smiling. “Once I settle down here then I will start streaming. In any case, I didn’t bring any streaming equipment such as cameras.”

He had just won the Rising Stars Cup but Pei Feng didn’t rush to live stream to show his brilliance. He just forwarded the official Weibo post and expressed his gratitude. For this live streaming matter, he had long talked about it with Little Bear TV and the time was arranged by himself.

Jiang Shaoyu knew that his apprentice was very assertive so he didn’t say anything else. He took a walk with Doudou before going to the cafeteria for breakfast.

At 10:00 in the morning, Jiang Shaoyu held a meeting for the work group of the national team. Since Pei Feng got up early, he was also caught by his master to observe.

The group gathered in the meeting room.

Jiang Shaoyu arranged things in an orderly manner. “Let’s welcome Old Chang to the coaching staff. This time, the Rising Stars Cup had a successful ending and everyone has worked hard. There are several tasks that need to be completed as soon as possible. First, Qin Bo’s map modeling is almost done. You should often ask for a map model from him to study the hidden paths in complex maps. In the future, the national team will add a hide and seek game in the regular training to improve the players’ awareness of their positioning.”

Old Chang nodded immediately. “Understood!”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Anna and asked, “Have you found the videos of the matches of all the major divisions last season?”

Anna replied, “Coach Jiang, don’t worry. Qin Bo gave me a software to circumvent the wall. I went to the Internet to copy all the A-grade League videos from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Korea for last season. In addition, I sorted out the player date published by major websites and sent it to Qin Bo.”

Jiang Shaoyu said appreciatively, “Your efficiency is good.”

He looked at Pei Feng. “Xiao Pei, you are staying in the national team so watch the video recordings of the national competitions with Coach Cui. Review them and summarize their tactics. If there are any special or interesting tactics then show me.”

Jiang Shaoyu was the head coach of the national team and was very busy. He couldn’t watch all the games without missing any. He wouldn’t be able to finish it in half a year. Anna was only good at foreign languages and she wasn’t proficient in tactics. The best method was to let Anna find the videos and to have Pei Feng and Old Cui watch them separately.

Pei Feng nodded in understanding. “I’ve received the instructions. I will watch them carefully.”

Old Cui added, “I will watch separately from Xiao Pei and will watch the videos of last year in all competition areas as soon as possible.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, the domestic A-grade League will start next month. Next, Qin Bo and Sister Yu will go with me to inspect the major clubs and see how they are training regularly. We will take a copy of the training data of the club players back to study carefully.”

His eyes were slightly cold. “I believe that there must be more outstanding players in China waiting for us to discover them. This year’s national team can no longer be selected through the club’s recommendations.”


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