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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 24

The Legend Lives Forever

The score was 3:0. In the soundproof room, Lin Hai’s expression became even uglier and his back was restless like he had been pricked by needles. He had never played against Fred but he had a similar ranking in the national server. He always thought that the strength of the two of them wasn’t much different.

Fred played a sniper and Brother Hai played an assaulter.

One was ranged and one was melee, each with a large fanbase.

Now Fred had moved to Little Bear TV and Brother Hai had become the most popular streamer on the Xing Network. They intended to let him replace Fred’s position. This time for the Rising Stars Cup, he specially invited the coach of the giant FAD Club, Cheng Feifan to help analyze Fred’s playing style and develop a targeted strategy…

Yet the results told him that all his efforts were useless? Pei Feng didn’t take a sniper in the first three games. He could beat Lin Hai with other classes?

Lin Hai even had some doubts about life.

Zhang Ruiming, the owner of Xing Network, turned blue as he sat in the audience. “Didn’t you say that Ah Hai’s chances of winning are great?”

Sweat covered Coach Cheng’s forehead. “This… there is still hope.”

President Zhang rolled his eyes. “In a situation where he is behind 0:3, can he reverse it for a score of 4:3?”

Coach Cheng: “……”

Lin Hai could only get 4:3 if he won four games in a row.

This was unlikely, but Lin Hai could win at least two games, right? It would be too ugly a loss if it was 0:4.

Coach Cheng smiled nervously. “Fred is doing a show for his master because Coach Jiang is sitting in the guest seats. He should be a sniper in the next game. Ah Hai still has a chance of winning. He has done a lot of research on Fred’s sniper.”

President Zhang followed his gaze. Sure enough, there were several people sitting in the VIP viewing area in the first row, including a young man with a very outstanding appearance and an indifferent face. Under the illumination of the stage lights, the man’s skin was even fairer. His slightly raised eyebrows were full of a cold and sharp temperament.

President Zhang was puzzled. “Coach Jiang? Are you talking about the national team’s coach that was on the hot search some time ago?”

Cheng Feifan nodded. “Yes, the Rising Stars Cup is a competition for the national team to select youth trainees. Fred suddenly participated in the Rising Stars Cup. He must be going to the national team to find his master, right? Otherwise, why participate in this competition when he is a streamer?”

President Zhang was shocked when he heard this.

The national team! Could it be that Pei Feng originally wanted to go to the national team to train when he terminated the contract with the Xing Network and put forward the condition of ‘freely live stream’?

Once Pei Feng won this trophy, he would be the first streamer of Gun King to enter the national team. His master was the national team’s coach and he would definitely be able to play in the next World Series. If he played well in the World Series then his achievements and popularity would be beyond the reach of other streamers!

F*k, if he had known this earlier, he wouldn’t have terminated the contract in the first place…

A feeling of regret mixed with annoyance grew wildly in President Zhang’s heart.

He couldn’t help glancing at Jiang Shaoyu again. Jiang Shaoyu sensed the glance from the side and turned to give him a cold look, as if asking, ‘What is wrong with you?’

President Zhang: “……”

Why did he feel a chill go down his back?

The fourth game was about to begin.

At the venue, Fred’s fans cheered excitedly while Brother Hai’s fans were embarrassed. Some people even whispered, “Brother Hai usually brags very well when playing the rankings yet this is the result?”

”0:3! I regret buying tickets to watch the match.”

On the screen of the live stream, the commentator Xiao Hu smiled brightly. “Hello everyone, welcome back to the scene of the Rising Stars Cup’s final round! The current score is 3:0 with Fred in the lead. The fourth game will be Fred’s match point game and it is Fred’s home map. Brother Hai should be careful. We are looking forward to seeing how he will respond.

Ah Yan said, “I’m more curious about what weapon Fred will choose. In the first three games, he played as an assaulter, scout and charger. The fourth game should be the sniper he is best at, right?”

The moment these words ended, Pei Feng submitted the map.

This game was Pei Feng’s home map and the map he chose was: Starlight Apartment.

The audience was a bit stunned when the map was released.

Starlight Apartment seemed to be a maze map? He didn’t choose the full sniper map?

Lin Hai was also stunned for a moment. The Starlight Apartment map wasn’t suitable for sniping. It was a 田 shaped apartment building. There were many small rooms and the rooms were interconnected. It was like a large square maze. Each room could be used for hiding or for sneak attacks. The playing style was complex and changeable.

Was he going to play Ye Qingming’s shadow attack tactics again?

Lin Hai’s face was serious and he quickly changed his firearms. He still carried an assault rifle, a pistol and smoke bombs.

Pei Feng also changed his weapons.

The main weapon: Bulletproof Shield-Angel Wings.

The secondary weapon: Medical Bandage-Messenger of Love.

Third weapon slot: Red Cross double guns.

The audience: “……”

Coach Cheng Feifan cracked on the spot from where he was watching in the audience. “F*k… he chose a medic?”

His face was as black as the bottom of a pot and his clenched fists were even more tightly clenched.

Pei Feng’s approach seemed to be saying: Brother Hai? I don’t even need to be a sniper to abuse you.

In the barrage area of the official live stream, ACE’s old fans collectively cried.

[Xiao Chen is here ahhhhhh!]

[Fred is telling everyone that ACE also has a medic!]

[Wuwuwu, my Xiao Chen has been having a bad time since he left ACE. I haven’t seen him in the arena for a long time.]

[It is Chen Cheng’s favorite Angel Wings shield. How many times has he protected God Wing with this?]

[The shape of the shield has small wings, which is exactly the meaning of Wing.]

[Fred is also great! He knows how Ye Zi, Xiao Zhou and Lao Lin play and he hasn’t forgotten Xiao Chen!]

Shu Chen, ACE-Chen, the most inconspicuous medic of the ACE team.

Every time he was interviewed, he would hide behind Brother Yu timidly and blush and stutter when answering questions. However, many times in the rain of gunfire, he would risk his life to quickly move in place and rescue his teammates on the battlefield. He sacrificed himself as many times as his ACE teammates were rescued by him.

He was the medic with the most deaths in the league during the S3 season.

However, as long as he was present, everyone in ACE could have two lives!

Yes, ACE also had a medic.

Everyone in ACE was an indispensable presence!

Pei Feng took out a medic in the fourth game.

He always held himself to the high standards of a professional player and repeated the training from his ACE period every day. Brother Hai was only a game streamer and hadn’t received high intensity training from professional players. Playing against such an amateur player… Pei Feng didn’t need to choose a sniper at all.

Lin Hai’s expression was extremely ugly.

Fred slapped him in the face by taking out the medic in the fourth game. It was as if Fred was telling him, ‘I’m not in the same class as you. Even if I don’t use the sniper I am best at, I can win against you by changing between four classes!’

Below the stage, the former team leader of ACE, Yu Mingxiang was in tears as she took out her phone and pinged Shu Chen in the group.

[Sister Yu]: @Shu Chen, are you watching the Rising Stars Cup?

[Chen Chen]: Sister Yu, I’m watching.

Shu Chen sat in front of a computer. His eyes were sore and he didn’t know what to say to express his excitement.

He had always been unknown. After ACE was disbanded, the other three became the top pillars of major teams and were selected for the national team. Meanwhile, he became worse and became a bench player.

The young players of his new team never respected him and privately said things like ‘he is an outdated medic.’ He sat in the training room and practiced hard every day, looking forward to being able to play and looking forward to the coach seeing his efforts. Unfortunately, the coach seemed to have long forgotten him and never called his name.

He was a sparring partner in the team and couldn’t even get into the second team.

He even wondered if his career was over and if it was time to give up.

However, there was still a trace of unwillingness in his heart.

Now Pei Feng took out the medic in the Rising Stars Cup and used his favorite Angel Wings shield skin and the Red Cross double guns.

It felt like warm blood was injected into his long cold heart.

He used to be ACE’s medic. How could he give up?!

Shu Chen clenched his fists tightly and stared intently at the screen.

The Starlight Apartment. Jiang Shaoyu had let Shu Chen and Pei Feng go head to head in this maze in order to hone Pei Feng’s patience. Shu Chen’s ability to survive was too strong and Pei Feng couldn’t even find him, let alone beat him to death. He was anxious to kill Shu Chen and he sometimes even shouted, “Brother Chen, don’t hide. Come out for me!”

Shu Chen had ignored the irritable teenager and continued to hide.

Pei Feng almost lost his temper. It was under this constant practice that Pei Feng learned how to quickly kill a medic.

Naturally, he also learned how a medic should protect themselves on the battlefield.

The commentators, Xiao Hu and Ah Yan looked at each other. Traces of excitement flashed in their eyes at the same time.

The two of them were commentators for the secondary league and had streamed many games. This was the first time they had encountered a player who changed four classes in four games!

It was too awesome. Once the video of this match was released, it would definitely explode!

Xiao Hu excitedly exclaimed, “Fred actually chose a medic! Based on the rules of the match, medics against other classes will have a time limit of 10 minutes. If the medic isn’t killed in 10 minutes, it is determined as the medic’s victory!”

Ah Yan continued, “Yes! It seems that in this game, Fred is planning to slowly spend time with Brother Hai and drag it out for 10 minutes?”

The most important role of a medic on the battlefield was rescue.

The premise of rescuing was to live.

Therefore, the survival ability of medics was crucial. In addition, if a damage dealer couldn’t kill the medic quickly and let the opponent rescue their teammates then it was useless to kill more people. They could just be resurrected. This meant that when facing a medic, the 10 minute survival battle was the default rule in the circle.

The game soon began. Fred and Brother Hai refreshed in a corner of the Starlight Apartment at the same time.

Brother Hai knew that Fred must be using a ‘delaying tactic’ so he immediately switched to a gun and sneaked through the apartment to start a full search for Fred’s location. The terrain of the apartment might be complicated but fortunately, the rooms were mostly straight and there weren’t many corners

After searching half the map, he heard footsteps not far away. Brother Hai didn’t hesitate to shoot in the direction that the footsteps came from.

Bang bang!

The gun was fired in bursts and one hit. This caused Fred to lose a lot of health.

Brother Hai continued to press forward toward Fred’s position and he switched from a pistol to the most powerful AK assault rifle.

However, the audience had a god’s perspective and could see that Fred was currently hiding in a corner and using a medical bandage on himself.

The bandage skin he was using was ‘Messenger of Love’. The bandage had a red heart shape on the white bandage and it was also the skin that Xiao Chen used the most.

The effect of the bandage quickly refilled Fred’s health.

Fred heard footsteps approaching and immediately raised his bulletproof shield as he ducked into the room on the other side.

Bang bang bang!

Gunshots were heard and several bullets hit the snow-white Angel Wings shield. The shield’s health was also decreasing rapidly.

Fred put away the shield, moved quickly and entered another room.

Lin Hai became more irritated. Every time he lowered Fred’s health, Fred would sneak away to hide and use a bandage to restore his health to full. After several repetitions, this duel seemed to have turned into a game of hide and seek.

Fred moved extremely quickly and was like a flexible fish. Meanwhile, the game timer in the upper right corner had already reached six minutes.

If he dragged it out like this then he would lose. Brother Hai had this thought and immediately switched to a pistol, wanting to chase down Fred in seconds.

However, catching up with Fred wasn’t that easy.

There were too many rooms in the Starlight Apartment. He searched one by one and before he knew it, the time had already reached 9 minutes.

Lin Hai wanted to scold the other person directly.

At this moment, he heard footsteps again. It seemed to be coming from not far behind him?

Lin Hai turned back violently and pulled the trigger without hesitation. However, he was greeted by two red bullets that shot through the air!

Bang, bang!

Clear gunshots rang out in the apartment.

A red cross mark appeared in the middle of Brother Hai’s forehead and a splash of blood immediately covered the screen!

[Fred killed Brother Hai with a headshot from the Red Cross double guns!]

The audience: “……”

Everyone thought that Pei Feng chose a medic because he wanted to drag it out to 10 minutes to win automatically.

No one expected that he would appear at the last moment and use the neat method of a ‘headshot’ to kill Brother Hai.

Who said that a medic could only save people?

Medics could also kill.

In particular, ACE’s medic practiced marksmanship with the team every day due to Captain Wing’s strict requirements.

The Red Cross double guns had a light and delicate gun body. The hospital rescue mark of a red cross was printed on it and it was Brother Chen’s favorite weapon.

Double guns could also achieve a headshot!

Pei Feng smiled and stood up from his seat. He took off his headphones, came to the stage and bowed to the audience.

Commentator Xiao Hu’s voice trembled. “Congratulations Fred for winning this match with a score of 4:0!”

Ah Yan said, “Congratulations to Fred for advancing to the quarter-finals of the Rising Stars Cup with four different playing styles!”

The applause from the audience was deafening.

The ACE fans watching the live stream were already crying to the point of being unable to control themselves.

In the fast game, it was Xiao Zhou’s best AK assault rifle, the flashing back and the drifting play.

In the second game, it was Ye Zi’s favorite Rose Blade, a figure that was like a shadow and killing in a position where the opponent couldn’t see!

In the third game, it was Lao Lin’s violent suppression, a bloody duel, frontal gun fighting, calculating the health volume and a thrilling victory.

In the fourth game, it was Xiao Chen’s Angel Wings shield and medical bandages, moving quickly to delay the time and finally using the Red Cross double guns to give a neat headshot!

The four players of ACE were reproduced in the arena of the Rising Stars Cup.

Pei Feng was using this method to tell everyone:

ACE might be disbanded but the legend that belongs to ACE will live on forever!

In the guest seats, Yu Mingxiang cried so much that she smeared her makeup.

Back then, everyone took care of Xiao Pei as a younger brother. The rare thing was that Xiao Pei was always grateful. He had honored ACE for so many years and even reproduced the four player style of ACE in the Rising Stars Cup. The only reason why he didn’t take out the sniper rifle was because it wasn’t Wing’s turn to play in such a simple game !

The ACE 2.0 group chat was filled with 666.

Even Shu Chen followed suit to type a line: Xiao Pei 666.

The always calm Jiang Shaoyu raised the corners of his mouth, revealing a rare smile.

He looked at the handsome young man on the stage, reached out his hands and gave generous applause to Fred.

Xiao Pei, Master is proud of you.


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