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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 43

Strange Passerby

According to the rules of the e-sports competition, the winning party should shake hands with the losing party. This showed the competitive spirit of ‘friendship first, competition second.’

Pei Feng finished bowing to the audience and went to the soundproof room to find Lin Hai.

Lin Hai sat in front of the computer and stared at the vivid 4:0 score on the screen. He had completely lost the ability to manage his expressions. His lips were as pale as paper and his facial features were about to crumple.

Pei Feng walked over and patted him on the shoulder. He smiled and held out his hand, “Brother Hai, it is over. You still aren’t going?”

Lin Hai: “……”

His mind returned after hearing Pei Feng’s voice. Lin Hai’s face turned white and he didn’t seem to know what expression to make. He struggled for a few seconds before squeezing out an ugly smile. He shook hands with the other person and said, “Congratulations.”

Pei Feng smiled. “Thank you.”

At this time, the netizens in the live stream room were full of ridicule.

[0:4, Brother Hai, this is too much of a loss!]

[Did you go to the Rising Stars Cup to show everyone in the country your rookie trash operation?]

[This is it? You still wanted to step on Fred?]

[What Brother Hai, you should change your name to Younger Brother Hai!]

[Younger Brother Hai. Later, if he says that he is the most skilled streamer then I will directly report it~]

Brother Hai’s die-hard fans couldn’t find any reason to excuse it so they could only frown and turn off the live stream, so as to not see these heart-stopping barrages.

This score of 0:4 really couldn’t be whitewashed!

Many passersby were attracted by Fred changing four positions in four games and ran to Little Bear TV to follow Fred. In addition, there were the returning ACE fans who ran to follow Fred’s live stream room.

“Thank you Xiao Pei for letting me dream back to that year. This match was so good that I cried!”

“ACE is everyone’s original intention! It is great that everyone is here!”

“God Wing, Lao Lin, Ye Zi, Zhou Zhou, Chen Chen and the strongest youth trainee Fred, you are all the best!”

“I am a returning player. I have downloaded Gun King again and will watch every match of Fred’s in the future!”

The ACE team of the past fought all the way from the secondary league to the professional A-grade League. They finally won the championship and their popularity reached the peak. There were tens of millions of fans who followed the official Weibo of the ACE team.

Unfortunately, this team was like a flash in the pan and disbanded quickly after winning the championship.

Some fans were sad and no longer paid attention to e-sports while other fans gradually turned their attention to other teams…

Yet in any case, for these people, ACE was their irreplaceable original aspiration.

Today, Pei Feng returned to the field with the playing style of the members of ACE and ACE’s old fans ran back to follow his live stream.

They regained the emotion and enthusiasm of watching the matches in that year!

Just 10 minutes after the match ended, various edited clips and videos were flying all over the Internet. The officials didn’t even have time to release the complete game video. A large number of netizens watched the highlights recorded during the live stream and started to frantically comment on it online.

#Fred four games with four professions#

#Fred defeated Brother Hai 4:0 in the Rising Stars Cup#

#Group soul of ACE reappears#

The homepage was full of hot searches about this match and it was even more popular than the A-grade League finals last year.

The netizens in the live streaming circle were collectively stunned. They only knew that Fred was usually very good at playing a sniper. They never thought that Fred would be so powerful in any position? He didn’t even take the sniper he was best at and defeated Brother Hai 4:0?

The followers of Pei Feng’s live stream room on Little Bear TV rose wildly while the following for Brother Hai’s live stream room dropped rapidly.

Brother Hai also had a nickname on the Internet: Younger Brother Hai.

0:4, Younger Brother Hai who was powerless to fight back.

Zhang Ruiming, the boss of Xing Network, saw this and his face was as black as the bottom of a pot. He gritted his teeth and scolded in a low voice, “Lin Hai, this guy, he is mud that can’t support the wall! Is it useful to give him so many resources? He couldn’t even get one game from Pei Feng?”

Coach Cheng Feifan scratched his head in an embarrassed manner and didn’t know what to say for a while. From his perspective as a coach, Pei Feng played an ‘exhibition match’ today. In other words, in Pei Feng’s eyes, Lin Hai was too weak. Why use a knife to kill a chicken? He didn’t need to play a sniper. He could easily win against Lin Hai by changing between four styles of play.

This was a bit too strong, right?

Forget Lin Hai. If the main player of their FAD team played solo against Pei Feng, he might not be able to win, right?

Cheng Feifan was thinking this when he suddenly felt a cold gaze from the side. He turned his head to look and ended up meeting Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes.

These eyes were as bright as cold stars and pierced his heart like a sharp sword.

There were obviously no emotions in them but Cheng Feifan felt the hairs on his back rising. He even had the guilty feeling of ‘everything has been seen through by the other person’ and hurriedly looked down to avoid his gaze.

Jiang Shaoyu had never seen him before. How could Jiang Shaoyu possibly know that he was the coach of FAD? He also wore a mask! It was impossible for Jiang Shaoyu to recognize him.

Coach Cheng comforted himself in this way. Then he saw President Zhang turning away with a calm face and immediately got up to follow.

In the guest seats next to them, Jiang Shaoyu leaned back in his seat and asked casually, “The person who was with the boss of the Xing Network was quite familiar. Can you find out who he is?”

Qin Bo immediately checked the data of the major clubs in the database and quickly came to a result. “It is the head coach of the FAD team, Cheng Feifan. His height, body shape and facial features are very similar.”

He might be wearing a mask but did it have any meaning in front of Engineer Qin who sorted out data every day?

There were few people in the e-sports circle with this chubby body!

Jiang Shaoyu slightly raised an eyebrow. “FAD’s coach? The training of the major clubs should’ve begun? Is he so idle that he can run to the Rising Stars Cup?”

Beside him, Yu Mingxiang had finished sorting out her emotions and she said with a smile, “It is estimated that the boss of Xing Network invited him to target Xiao Pei. The FAD team has signed a live stream contract with the Xing Network and this Coach Cheng is very familiar with the boss of Xing Network. After Xiao Pei jumped ship, Xing Network is desperately trying to raise a new top streamer. If he can beat Xiao Pei in the Rising Stars Cup then Lin Hai’s position in the circle would be stable.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Oh. So they asked a professional coach to train Lin Hai in an attempt to win against Xiao Pei using a targeted strategy?”

It seemed that this Coach Cheng had privately discussed many playing methods against Pei Feng’s sniper with Lin Hai. The choice of the home maps were all close combat maps that were difficult for snipers to play on.

As a result, Pei Feng didn’t use the sniper at all and they wasted their efforts.

Jiang Shaoyu was a bit amused in his heart.

In fact, it was useless for them to target it. Wanting to win against his apprentice? It was impossible unless they cut the network cable and Fred was disconnected.

Pei Feng left the stage in warm applause.

He came backstage and entered the lounge. Then he took his phone from his agent, sat down and sent a message to his master: Master, how did I play just now?

He thought that Jiang Shaoyu would still use the cold and indifferent ‘it’s okay’ this time.

As a result, his master’s reply changed to: Very good.

Pei Feng’s eyes widened and he smiled. “Master, thank you for your praise ~~”

Jiang Shaoyu saw the familiar waves and couldn’t help the corners of his lips curving.

No matter how fierce or ruthless Xiao Pei was in front of outsiders, he was just like a big dog wagging his tail for praise in front of his master.

Did he care so much about his master’s evaluation of him?

Jiang Shaoyu’s heart softened slightly and he added, “As expected of ACE’s youth trainee. I didn’t teach you in vain.”

Pei Feng saw this reply and was even more excited than winning the lottery.

His master’s mouth had always been cold and hard. He spent most of his time training people and for the other small amount of time, he had no emotions. Hearing him praise people was simply more difficult than ascending to the heavens.

Today, his master not only praised him with the words ‘very good’ but also added the sentence of ‘I didn’t teach you in vain.’ It seemed that his master was very satisfied with his playing style?

Pei Feng happily put away his phone and looked up at the big screen.

The matches to go from 16 to 8 continued.

The next two matches were duels between passersby and their gameplay was less exciting than Pei Feng. There weren’t too many highlights. In the online game, they were considered masters but when playing professionally, they were a bit less talented and had less aura.

Jiang Shaoyu recorded it in his notebook while watching.

At this moment, the host stepped onto the stage. “In the next match, the result of the system match is The Affairs of the World are Impermanent vs Ah Feng! I would like to invite the two contestants to the stage.”

Jiang Shaoyu opened the list of information on his tablet and said with interest, “The Affairs of the World are Impermanent. Is that the 32 year old one… Chang Rongxuan?”

Qin Bo replied, “Yes, Coach Jiang. I checked and his ID information isn’t wrong. The staff also checked his ID card when the contestants entered today. He is indeed 32 years old.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the man walking toward the stage and was a bit surprised. “He looks quite young.”

Yu Mingxiang said, “He looks like a college student in his 20s who just graduated. By the way, what does he do?”

Qin Bo said, “The information filled in said he is the owner of an Internet cafe.”

Jiang Shaoyu had some doubts in his heart. At such an old age, this person came to participate in the Rising Stars Cup. Was it for the prize money or love of the game?

Surely he didn’t want to enter the national youth training camp?

The peak period of e-sports players was usually from the ages of 16 to 20. Their condition would decline after 22 years old.

Some players could maintain their condition for a long time and there were 24 year old professional players abroad. However, once over 30 years old, the brain’s response ability and hand-eye coordination ability would decline uncontrollably. This was difficult to avoid.

This person, a 32 year old player, actually reached the top 16 in the country of the Rising Stars Cup. This was really impressive.

Jiang Shaoyu sat up straight and looked at the big screen.

The match soon started and the commentator Xiao Hu said excitedly, “The Affairs of the World are Impermanent is the oldest of the participants in the Rising Stars Cup. He is over 30 years old this year but he still hasn’t given up his love for e-sports!”

Ah Yan added, “Yes, it really isn’t easy to qualify from the 3 million players around the country and reach the top 16 of the Rising Stars Cup!”

“Let’s look forward to his performance in the final round.”

“The match has begun! In the first game, The Affairs of the World are Impermanent has drawn the lead position and the map he chose was… Dungeon Area E?”

“This is a large maze and the terrain is very complicated! It seems that this player wants to use delay tactics and drag it out until 10 minutes to win?”

The dungeon built beneath the wilderness was the safest home for human survivors in the apocalypse.

The dungeon was divided into the A to H areas. Area E was a residential area and the map in the game turned it into an underground maze. If it was a 5V5 team battle, this map would be a five-story 3D maze. The 1V1 map was scaled down and left only the lowest level.

Chang Rongxuan quickly selected his weapons.

Main weapon: Medical bandage.

Secondary weapon: First aid kit.

Third weapon slot: Smoke bombs.

They all had the default skin of the system. It was very simple and plain white bandages and a first aid kit with a red cross drawn.

Was he completely abandoning his offensive weapons to focus on self-preservation and delaying time?

Jiang Shaoyu whispered to Qin Bo next to him, “He didn’t bring a gun to the preliminary and semi-final rounds?”

Qin Bo replied, “Yes. Judging from the official backend data, Chang Rongxuan is the one with the longest survival time among all the contestants. In almost every round, he was able to drag it out for 10 minutes, allowing the system to automatically determine it as the medic’s victory.”

Yu Mingxiang was curious. “How can he dodge bullets without a bulletproof shield?”

Jiang Shaoyu explained, “He relies on the terrain to hide.”

The delaying tactics sounded simple but it was hard to do.

Snipers, chargers, assaulters and scouts all had guns. If a medic wanted to survive the firepower of these people, they not only needed to have good positioning skills but to also accurately judge the timing.

When to raise a shield to block the bullets, when to use bandages to restore health, when to throw the smoke bombs to run away…

Once there was a problem with the rhythm, they would likely be swept away by a wave of bullets from the opponent.

He didn’t have a bulletproof shield in this game. The reason was obviously the map.

The dungeon was a maze map and he could rely on his precise grasp of the terrain and use various wall covers to conceal his figure. The medical bandages could slowly restore health without a cooldown. The first aid kit could instantly fill up the health but it had a cooldown time.

He brought two types of health return equipment with him. Was this to restore his health until the end?

The game started and Chang Rongxuan quickly sneaked into the maze with the smoke bombs before finding a corner to hide in.

In order to avoid deliberately staying still and pitting teammates, the game Gun King had the rule that if a player didn’t move within 2 minutes, they would be judged to be playing a ‘negative game.’ Chang Rongxuan hid there motionless for exactly 2 minutes. Then he moved, changed to another corner and continued to hide.

His opponent looked for him everywhere on the map.

Chang Rongxuan listened carefully to the other person’s movements.

The moment the footsteps came close, he would run away quickly and find the next safe place to hide.

The audience: “……”

Pei Feng couldn’t help laughing from where he was watching the game backstage. “Is he playing a game of hide and seek?”

The netizens also had question marks in the barrage area of the official live stream room.

[This player is really perverted!]

[Is this a shooting game or a peek a boo game?]

[His opponent can’t find him!]

[Is he just going to hide like this for 10 minutes? Is it fun to play like this?]

The timer in the upper right corner was continuously increasing.

Many viewers were bored and filled the barrage area to show that it didn’t look good.

However, Jiang Shaoyu narrowed his eyes slightly.

This ‘perverted’ style of play that dragged the rhythm to the extreme wasn’t something that everyone could master.

Was it easy to successfully hide every time the opponent approached?

There were too many details in this!

The sound of the footsteps, the blocked blind spots in his vision, calculating the opponent’s path and rhythm and escape ahead of time.

It was like a game of cat and mouse. Once caught by the ‘cat’, it would be difficult for the mouse to survive. However, the nimble mouse didn’t give the cat a chance to catch him.

…10 minutes passed.

In the first game, The Affairs of the World are Impermanent won!

The audience was collectively speechless when they saw the system message on the screen.

He actually hid for a full 10 minutes and didn’t let the other side find him?

At this time, his opponent was even more confused. ‘What about the person? Am I playing a single player game?’


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