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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 41


In the same group chat of ACE 2.0, Lao Lin came out excitedly.

[Lao Lin]: Did you watch Xiao Pei’s match in the Rising Stars Cup?

[Zhou Yiran]: I am watching.

[Lao Lin]: He just used AK12-Dark Night, which is your favorite skin. He also used the drifting style that you are best at!

[Zhou Yiran]: I saw. He played very well [applause.jpg]

[Lao Lin]: In this round, he took the dagger of Ye Zi’s champion skin @Ye Zi, come out and see!

[Ye Zi:] ??

[Ye Zi:] What is the situation? I just woke up.

Ye Qingming didn’t need to participate in club training due to his suspension. He stayed up until 3 o’clock in the morning these days and slept until the afternoon. Of course, he knew that today was the final round of the Rising Stars Cup and he also set an alarm clock to get up and watch. He just hadn’t expected that Pei Feng and Lin Hai would directly be drawn in the first match.

After seeing the news in the group, Ye Qingming didn’t have time to watch his face. He quickly ran to the computer to sit down and open the live stream.

The map of the second game was about to be loaded and the barrage area in the official live stream room had already gone crazy.

[An old ACE fan coming to report!]

[A five year old fan, downloading the live app again in order to watch Xiao Pei.]

[I heard that Fred imitated Zhou Zhou’s playing style just now. In this game, he is going to play Ye Zi’s shadow attack? I’m so excited!]

[Fred, jiayou!]

Ye Qingming rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked carefully at the screen.

The screen showed the familiar Crystal Carve map.

Back then, Ye Qingming had tortured and killed Xiao Pei dozens of times on this map. However, the young Pei Feng was very stubborn. He got up and continued to die. Then he gradually figured out the battle routine of the map and even learned Ye Qingming’s playing style.

Ye Qingming was the most difficult player to imitate. He moved like the wind, walked in a flowing position, could change his rhythm between fast and slow and freely did as he pleased. However, Pei Feng’s learning ability was very strong. In the process of being beaten by the members of ACE, he quickly mastered the gameplay of different positions.

The outside world only knew that Pei Feng was a successor of God Wing and a powerful sniper. In fact…

Pei Feng was the strongest youth trainee taught by all members of the ACE team!

At the beginning of the game, the audience stared nervously at the screen. Ye Qingming also raised his spirits and stared intently at the game screen.

Fred refreshed on the far left of the Crystal Cave while Brother Hai refreshed on the far right.

The Crystal Cave was a long cave-like map. The distance from the far left to the far right was around 1,000 meters and this was within the range of a sniper rifle. It was just that the cave was filled with a large number of stalactite obstacles. It was impossible to hit the opponent at a distance and they had to fight closely.

The two contestants quickly walked toward the middle of the cave.

Fred switched to the dagger Rose Blade. The blood-colored dagger exuded a cold killing intent in the dark cave.

Brother Hai switched to a light pistol and moved quickly in a Z-shape. He used the cover of stalactites to hide while moving.

In the blink of an eye, both sides came to the area in the middle of the cave.

The central area of the Crystal Cave was relatively spacious. It had a flat and round structure with dense stalactites forming barriers every two or three steps. Only one or two people were allowed to pass between the stones and the terrain was quite complex and changeable.

Lin Hai heard footsteps around him.

Messy footsteps!

There were echoes in the cave so the sound of footsteps would be amplified and reverberated. Obviously, Pei Feng was alone but at this moment, Lin Hai felt like he was surrounded by many people in all directions. There were footsteps everywhere!

Lin Hai immediately set up his gun and fired it toward the left side!

Someone had just passed by over there. He had seen it.

He shot quickly and decisively and a message appeared on the screen.

[Brother Hai has hit Fred with the Sand Eagle-Black Devil!]

Lin Hai was overjoyed. It hit!

The opponent only lost around 20% health but this hit made Lin Hai more confident. He chased after Fred’s afterimage while running and fighting. For a while, intense gunshots rang out from the depths of the dark ave. The bullets hit the stalactites and crackling sparks emerged.

Suddenly, a dark shadow appeared silently behind him.

The moment the blood-red light flashed in front of his eyes, Lin Hai felt a chill go down his back. He turned around almost like a conditioned reflex but there was no one in front of him. Then a sharp dagger pierced a hole in his body.

[Fred has stabbed Brother Hai with the Rose Blade!]

Brother Hai’s body started to slowly lose health. The ‘bleeding effect’ attached to the Rose Blade didn’t decrease much health but the health kept dropping and there was no medic around. Once Pei Feng hid from him then his health would slowly fall to the bottom.

Such a slow death was too uncomfortable.

Pei Feng must be killed as soon as possible.

Lin Hai nervously grasped the mouse while quickly searching for Pei Feng’s location.

The footsteps inside the dark cave were chaotic.

Pei Feng used a very high-end positioning technique and floated around like the wind. Every time Lin Hai saw the position of the other person, he was about to shoot but the other person had disappeared in an instant. The large number of obstacles around allowed Pei Feng to be like a fish in the deep sea. The flowing positioning meant he couldn’t be caught at all.

The commentator Xiao Hu said excitedly, “The shadow attack tactics!”

Ah Yan agreed. “That’s right. Ye Qingming’s shadow attack tactics! His positioning is as fast as the wind and his body is like a shadow, so that the opponent has no time to catch him!”

How fast was Ye Qingming? Anyone who had fought against him would have lingering fears.

It often couldn’t be seen where he was. Then he would suddenly appear behind the opponent like a shadow and deal a fatal blow.

From a god’s perspective, it could be seen that right now, Pei Feng was taking the position where Lin Hai was standing as the center of the circle. He quickly circled around Lin Hai and the afterimages formed by the rapid movement surrounded the prey in the center like an impermeable trap.

The moment Lin Hai turned his gun to observe, Pei Feng immediately grasped the opportunity and quickly approached.

The sharp dagger in his hand stabbed at the opponent’s chest!

There was the sound of a sharp blade cutting through flesh and blood, followed by two bright roses blooming on the screen.

It was the gorgeous kill effect that belonged to the Rose Blade!

[Fred has used Rose Blade to kill Brother Hai with one blow!]

Lin Hai: “……”

Lin Hai’s fans in the live stream room were confused. How did this Pei Feng come out of nowhere?

No one could see where he was. Then he suddenly appeared and struck Brother Hai with a knife? How did he do this?

The commentator Xiao Hu exclaimed excitedly, “The shadow attack tactics are truly Ye Zi’s style!”

Commentator Ah Yan agreed. “Ye Zi’s playing style is indeed flowing and agile. I didn’t expect Fred to imitate his shadow attack tactics and actually achieve 90% of it.”

A slow motion replay appeared on the screen. This time, everyone could see how terrifying Pei Feng’s positioning was just now.

He had circled around Lin Hai the whole time but Lin Hai hadn’t found his location at all!

At almost every turn, he was stuck in the blind spot of the opponent’s field of view. Therefore, Lin Hai could only hear his footsteps but not see his figure. This type of insidious attack tactic that surrounded the opponent as prey and put psychological pressure on the opponent was more terrifying than a neat headshot!

In front of the computer, Ye Qingming smiled and praised him. “Yes, Brother didn’t abuse you in vain.”

In the second game, Fred won.

The score was 2:0.

Lin Hai was already a bit panicked at this time.

The third game was his home field and he had already discussed with Coach Cheng what map to target. Now he wasn’t so sure… Coach Cheng developed tactics to use against Pei Feng’s sniper.

However, was it useful?

Pei Feng didn’t grab a sniper at all!

During the countdown to the third game, Pei Feng was still smiling while Lin Hai’s forehead was covered in sweat.

Should he temporarily change the map? He didn’t have the courage. After all, he had practiced on this map for a long time…

Lin Hai gritted his teeth and submitted the map.

Xiao Hu said, “Deep Jungle? This is also a melee gun map without any sniping points!”

Ah Yan saw this and guessed, “What weapon will Fred bring?”

Pei Feng soon told everyone the answer.

The main weapon was the Uzi MAC-Bloodthirsty, the secondary weapon was the Thomson-Flames and the third weapon slot was the grenade.

Xiao Hu was excited. “There are two assault rifles and a hand grenade. Is this Lao Lin’s way of playing?”

Ah Yan said, “That’s right. Lao Lin is the bloodiest and most violent charger in the whole league. He will act as soon as he meets you!”

In the live stream room, the ACE fans saw this and couldn’t help bursting into tears.

The first round was Xiao Zhou, the second round was Ye Zi and the third round was Lao Lin.

Pei Feng was paying tribute to them!

Was he going to play as everyone in ACE?

Was he telling everyone that he was the strongest youth trainee of ACE and he had never forgotten ACE?

Lao Lin in front of the computer already had red eyes. The always bold man slapped his thigh hard and cursed in a low voice, “F*k, my previous retirement was simply ridiculous! Brother Yu came back as a coach and Xiao Pei also returned!”

At this point, he couldn’t help choking up.

ACE was the most beautiful youth left in his memories and it was his original intention to play e-sports!

At the scene of the match, Brother Hai’s expression was already ugly.

What did Pei Feng mean? He didn’t take a sniper at all. Was this playing him?

During the time when the game map loaded, Brother Hai took a deep breath and quickly calmed down.

He had to win this game. If he lost his home map again then Pei Feng would have a score of 3:0!

The game started.

Deep Jungle was a classic field map. It was extremely spacious and there were a large number of trees to use as a shield. It wasn’t easy for snipers to play on this map but melee players such as assaulters and chargers could show their energy and hot blood on this map!

The open field of view allowed for a direct gun fight.

There were also many trees. They had to move and react quickly while hiding and shooting.

They also needed to bring throwing weapons as cover to play on this type of map, or else the opponent could chase them all the way and shoot them into a honeycomb.

Brother Hai played very proactively in this game. He used a smoke bomb at the very beginning and thick white smoke blocked his vision. He took advantage of this opportunity to move laterally. He found a big tree and hid behind the tree, listening carefully to the surrounding movements.

Before he could listen carefully, he saw a grenade falling from the sky.

A hand grenade was referred to as a hand bomb and was a large-scale lethal throwing weapon in shooting games. Once it exploded, it could blow up a group of people in the area and collect those with low health. There were two completely different effects when thrown accurately or thrown inaccurately. Of course, the explosion of the grenade took time. Lin Hai saw the rolling black shape appear under his feet and his face turned pale. He hurriedly rolled over and to the side.

There was a loud ‘boom’ and the surrounding dust and leaves were blown everywhere!

Brother Hai had moved quickly and hadn’t lost any health. However, immediately after that, the deafening sound of gunfire sounded in his ears.

Bang bang bang bang!

The submachine gun, the Uzi MAC had the fastest gunfire rate in the game. It had a very large magazine capacity and could shoot 10 bullets in one second. It might have the disadvantages of a short range and lower damage, but the violently fired bullets could cause large-scale suppression.

This was the melee suppression style that Lao Lin was good at. It didn’t matter if the damage was high or not. It was right to beat the opponent head on!

The Uzi MAC-Bloodthirsty skin was designed to be quite cool. The gun body was painted blood red and the bullets fired were as violent as blood splashes. From a god’s perspective, it was like torrential rain mixed with blood was smashing toward Brother Hai in an overwhelming manner!

Brother Hai felt terrified.

He only heard that Pei Feng was a very calm sniper. He never thought that Pei Feng could be so violent and aggressive as a charger.

[Fred has hit Brother Hai using the Uzi MAC-Bloodthirsty!]

Half of his health was lost in the blink of an eye. Brother Hai was so overwhelmed that he didn’t dare to take the lead. He hid behind a tree and nervously waited for an opportunity.

However, Pei Feng wouldn’t let the other person go.

He finished one wave with his submachine gun before throwing another grenade over.

Lin Hai was forced to use the smoke bomb as a cover. Lin Hai ran out from behind the tree, quickly circled around and shot crazily at Pei Feng.

The sound of the assault rifle and submachine gun echoed in the jungle together. At this time, both of them had less than half their health remaining. Then everyone saw Pei Feng do a gun switching maneuver—he changed his weapon.

It was toward the Thomson-Flames, a submachine gun with a lower firing rate but higher damage.

Brother Hai heard a sudden silence around him.

There was a click that signaled a change of weapon. He was overjoyed and decisively took advantage of the smoke bomb to pull the trigger and shoot from behind the tree!

The bullets from the AK rifle swept out a line of crackling sparks.

Simultaneously, Pei Feng suddenly jumped out from behind a tree and fired head-on shots at Brother Hai.

I will go head-on with you!

The sound of the Thomson submachine gun was like a crisp typewriter. Right now, there wasn’t much of a difference in the health of the two people.

However, the Thomson submachine gun was more powerful in face-to-face melee combat!

Brother Hai’s health was quickly emptied.

Lin Hai watched as he collapsed in a pool of blood while Fred’s health bar was flashing red.

Only the last 5% remained.

Just a little bit more damage! Lin Hai grabbed the mouse unwillingly and his teeth itched with hatred.

The commentator Xiao Hu raised his voice excitedly. “Fred accurately calculated the difference in health between the two sides and the weapon damage value!”

Ah Yan continued, “That’s right. He first used the fastest shooting speed of the Uzi MAC to suppress and injure the opponent. Then he replaced it with the more powerful Thomson and directly went head-on, using his slight health advantage to win!”

In the wave just now, Pei Feng suddenly came out from behind a tree and fight with the opponent head-on. He looked very brainless but in fact, it was very detailed.

He had already calculated the amount of health. He just needed all his bullets to hit and Lin Hai would die in front of him!

Lao Lin hit his thigh with excitement. “Beautiful! Nice! Xiao Pei is awesome!”

On the big screen, the score became 3:0.

Brother Hai’s expression became uglier.

In the guest seats, Yu Mingxiang was already in tears while Jiang Shaoyu looked as calm as always.

This was his apprentice. Who said his apprentice would only be a sniper? As the youth trainee of ACE, wasn’t it right to learn the playing style of everyone in ACE?


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