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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 14

World-Class Sniper

Jiang Shaoyu selected his main weapon in the game: the MSG-Aurora.

This was the light sniper rifle he was best at and the Aurora skin was the exclusive skin for him after he won the MVP title in the S3 season.

Yesterday when Jiang Shaoyu abused the Gourd Babies Squad with his Casually side account, he used a submachine gun to kill two chargers, a pistol to kill an assaulter and stabbed a scout to death with a dagger. It was really ‘winning any fight casually.’

Now God Wing brought out the sniper rifle that he was best at.

Did he want them to taste the fear of being dominated by a world-class sniper?

The teenagers exchanged looks and their expressions became even uglier.

Ye Qingming also had a psychological shadow toward the MSG sniper rifle. During the time when he was in the ACE team, Jiang Shaoyu would take this light sniper rifle to the training ground every day to abuse him while changing maps. This was in order to make him improve quickly. Ye Qingming’s later extreme positioning was all due to being abused by Jiang Shaoyu.

Ye Qingming shook away the nightmare in his mind and placed his hands on the keyboard. He typed his account password and logged into his account, ‘Leaf Ye Zi.’ He added Casually as a friend and clicked into the shooting training ground, quickly pressing the prepare button.

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “It is a 10 minute limited time match. The map is Skyscraper.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard these words.

Skyscraper? Wasn’t this the map chosen by the US team for the China vs US match in the World Series?

Skyscraper was a full sniping map. The so-called ‘full sniping map’ meant there were a large number of sniper points distributed on the map. This was very suitable for snipers to ambush the enemy team. For example, the map Skyscraper had nearly 20 sniper points for ambushing. The ground troops would find it very difficult to fight if the sniper wasn’t dealt with.

At that time, the Chinese team fought against the United States. The snipers of the US team were too strong and quickly killed their side.

Jiang Shaoyu chose this map to fight and seemed to be helping everyone recall the nightmare of being beaten by the US team in the World Series.

A chill went down Ye Qingming’s spine but he was too embarrassed to mention changing the map. He could only raise his courage and quickly equipped his firearm. His main weapon was the pistol Sand Eagle-Phantom, his secondary weapon was the sharp dagger Rose Blade and his throwing weapon were smoke bombs.

The crucial point for a scout fighting a sniper lay in going around in a cunning manner, sneak attacks and light and flexible equipment in order to have a chance of winning.

In addition to the light sniper rifle, the MSG-Aurora, Jiang Shaoyu also brought the heavy sniper rifle Balot-Adjudication and the pistol Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon.

This pure output method of three guns… was it to blow up Ye Zi?

The map loaded and the game officially began.

The training room was silent as everyone stared nervously at the screen.

Ye Qingming’s positioning was very cunning. At the beginning, he used smoke bombs to confuse his opponent. Thanks to the thick white fog, Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t judge his position and he could sneak into a building complex. He quickly detoured around to find Jiang Shaoyu.

Jiang Shaoyu also played very flexibly. He first occupied a long distance sniper point and fired a shot from the heavy sniper rifle in his hand. The pleasant sound of gunfire echoed through the empty city streets.

A basic skill of professional players was to listen to the sound to identify the position.

Ye Qingming heard the gunshot and immediately locked onto Jiang Shaoyu’s general area. Then he circled around from the side.

The players watching from behind the two of them had sweaty palms.

The atmosphere of this game was extremely tense. Ye Qingming almost found Jiang Shaoyu’s location several times. At one point, the distance between the two people was only one street corner and Ye Qingming could stab Jiang Shaoyu as long as he turned it!

It was just that Jiang Shaoyu’s flexible style of shooting and moving to another place was like a fish in the deep sea. It was difficult to catch him.

The MSG was originally a light sniper rifle suitable for mobile combat. Jiang Shaoyu held this weapon and quickly moved between buildings. The large number of sniper points on this map meant he could easily find hiding places as soon as possible to ensure his own safety.

The two of them chased after each other between the buildings, moving quickly. The tense battle lasted a full seven minutes and the map was full of thick smoke from Ye Qingming and bullet marks from Jiang Shaoyu.

The newcomers watching from behind were even more terrified after seeing God Wing’s actions from a first person perspective.

They could only see the picture on the computer shaking crazily. It was changing as fast as a movie being fast forwarded by eight times. They would be dizzy looking at this scene if it wasn’t for their e-sports foundation!

Suddenly, there was silence and a thick cloud of smoke rose in the distance.

Ye Qingming had finally locked onto Jiang Shaoyu’s position. He used the smoke bomb as a cover and quickly circled around Jiang Shaoyu.

The distance between the two of them was less than 50 meters and Jiang Shaoyu was about to enter the range of Ye Qingming’s pistol!

Everyone was just thinking that God Wing would be killed by Ye Zi when he suddenly jumped and turned the camera 180 degrees. He opened the scope, aimed and shot in one go.

System: [‘Casually’ used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘Left Ye Zi’ with a headshot!]

Ye Qingming: “………”

He was still slower by a few tenths of a second and was neatly killed by Jiang Shaoyu.

It felt like a hunter had been hiding in the distance and watching with cold eyes as his prey sneaked around. Once he had seen enough, he shot his prey to death.

The coldness that he hadn’t felt for a long time crept up his spine to his mind. Ye Qingming felt terrified. They hadn’t seen each other for a few years but Wing was still so strong! Was this man the devil?

Ye Qingming’s expression was ugly and his hoarse voice was filled with a bit of unwillingness. “…I lost.”

Jiang Shaoyu casually told him, “You sleep every day and abandon training. It would be strange if you didn’t lose.”

Ye Qingming: “……”

Brother, I’ll go back and write a self-criticism! Can you stop ridiculing me? I will have no sense of shame T_T

Ye Qingming hung his head and left his seat.

Jiang Shaoyu asked, “Who’s next?”

No one dared to respond. The group of teenagers who had been abused yesterday stealthily took a step back.

Jiang Shaoyu turned his head and looked at an acquaintance who was hiding behind Lao Lin. “Xiao Zhou, you come.”

The named Zhou Yiran stiffened. Then he walked over slowly and sat down where Ye Qingming had just been sitting.

Zhou Yiran—the ID that he used for the competition was ‘AK Zhou’ and his nickname was Xiao Zhou. He was the former assaulter of ACE and his best weapon was the AK series assault rifle.

Zhou Yiran looked handsome and educated. He was always smiling gently so he was known as ‘Prince AK’ among fans.

The AK-47 assault rifle in his hands was superb. It didn’t matter whether it was mid-ranged firepower suppression or rapid burst shooting in guerrilla warfare. The hit rate of Zhou Yiran’s marksmanship was firmly in the top three of the league’s assaulters and his error rate in competitions was extremely low.

During the period of the ACE team, the person who was scolded the least was Xiao Zhou. Zhou Yiran was talented and hardworking. He didn’t make any major mistakes in games. Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t fault him and never scolded him alone.

Even so, Zhou Yiran was very afraid of his captain. It was his nightmare as a teenager. The despair of being abused to the point of wanting to uninstall the game was still firmly imprinted in his mind after so many years.

All his old teammates were instinctively tense when facing this big devil.

The game map was still Skyscraper. Zhou Yiran took a deep breath, logged into his account ‘Xiao Xiao Zhou’ and quickly changed weapons.

His main weapon was naturally the AK-47-Thousand Changes that he was best at. His secondary weapon was the AK-12-Dark Night and the grenades took up his last slot.

He brought two AK series assault rifles and grenades. This style was fierce and violent so he was obviously planning to fight with Jiang Shaoyu.

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow and pressed the ready button.

The game started and the two of them quickly sneaked into a building complex.

Zhou Yiran moved back and forth in a Z-shape in order to kill Jiang Shaoyu as quickly as possible. It wasn’t long before deafening gunshots rang out in his ears.

[’Xiao Xiao Zhou’ has hit ‘Casually’ with the AK-47-Thousand Changes!]

[’Casually’ has hit ‘Xiao Xiao Zhou’ with the MSG-Aurora!]

The gunshots continued. The information about the hits started to continuously fill the screen and the onlookers held their breaths nervously.

This was a real gunfight between masters. It was the bloody excitement of an assaulter against a sniper! It was a fierce warrior against a violent shooter.

The way the distance between the two people was narrowed, the restraint in movement and the sound interference were wonderful skills that made this seem like a teaching exhibition.

The newcomers stared at the screen with wide eyes, afraid that they would miss even a single second.

Xiao Zhou deserved to be the player Jiang Shaoyu admired the most in ACE. His many years of competition experience and his stable psychological quality meant he played worthy of a national team member when PKing against Jiang Shaoyu.

It seemed that not everyone in the national team were useless and incompetent.

Jiang Shaoyu smiled slightly as he jumped quickly and crossed an obstacle.

Zhou Yiran fired. The fierce firepower of the AK assault rifle chased behind Jiang Shaoyu like a tongue of flame. The bullets smashed over like hail and created a line of black smoke behind Jiang Shaoyu.

The seemingly gentle and elegant Zhou Yiran was so calm and fierce in the game. He used the advantages of an assaulter’s close combat ability to the fullest.

Jiang Shaoyu only had 30% health left. Zhou Yiran had just been hit in the shoulder by a bullet and only had half his health left.

The sight of the two of them fighting each other made the team members’ blood boil. They all wondered if Zhou Yiran could kill God Yu. Yet it turned out…

The captain was still the captain!

System: [‘Casually’ used the MSG-Aurora to kill ’Xiao Xiao Zhou’ with a headshot!]

Jiang Shaoyu found the perfect opportunity.

He was in the blind spot of Zhou Yiran’s vision and immediately ambushed from the sniper point on the side after crossing an obstacle. The moment Zhou Yiran came around from the side, he opened the scope and fired.

A one shot kill!

Brother Zhou lost as well? Brother Zhou was the one who performed the best in this World Series!

Sweat appeared on the foreheads of the teenagers.

Zhou Yiran had a relaxed expression as he removed his hands from the keyboard and said with a smile, “I still can’t beat you.”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “This is a full sniping map. It might be possible if the map is changed.”

This was already the biggest affirmation of the sharp-tongued coach to a player.

Zhou Yiran got up and walked beside Lao Lin and Ye Zi.

Ye Qingming patted him on the shoulder and whispered, “It is fine to lose. At least you don’t have to write a self-criticism.”

Zhou Yiran said bluntly, “He asked you to write a self-criticism but didn’t you bring it upon yourself?”

Ye Qingming: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze swept over the group. “Who is next?”

The group collectively lowered their heads like they were being questioned by the teacher in class. They all silently thought, ‘Don’t name me, don’t call me!’

Old Lin thought to himself, ‘Should I go?’

In any case, both Ye Zi and Xiao Zhou had lost. There was nothing to be ashamed about in terms of losing to their former captain.

He was just about to step forward and speak when Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze stopped on Mo Hantian’s group that had retreated to the back. He lightly called out, “What about the Gourd Babies Squad? How about the oldest baby comes first?”

The five teenagers: “……”

Lao Lin, Ye Zi and Xiao Zhou looked puzzled while Vice-chairman Qi and Sister Yu also exchanged looks.

Vice-chairman Qi wondered in a low voice, “What is the Gourd Babies Squad?”

Ye Mingxiang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I don’t know. Based on Ah Yu’s gaze, he seems to be calling Xiao Mo?”

Ye Zi smiled and gloated. “It seems that Xiao Mo has provoked this boss.”

As the others were feeling confused and enjoying the good show, Mo Hantian walked over with a red face. He had never been as embarrassed as he was today! Forget looking for his idol to get an autograph. At this moment, he just wanted to dig a hole in the ground and bury himself.

Wasn’t he the oldest baby of the Gourd Babies Squad? Wasn’t he the one who caused this? If he met a master in a game and lost, then just lose. He had to stupidly call a group of people over to abuse the opponent. As a result, they became the abused ones and delivered themselves one by one.

Jiang Shaoyu saw him walking over with a lowered head and asked, “You have personally watched me. Do you still suspect I am cheating?”

Mo Hantian was about to cry as he replied in a trembling voice, “N-No, I don’t doubt you.”

Jiang Shaoyu instructed, “Sit down. Skyscraper is a full sniping map. You are a sniper of the national team. Let me see how you play.”

Shi Xiaobin, Xia Li and the others lit a candle for Mo Hantian in their hearts.

They also lit a candle for themselves.

The Gourd Babies Squad: Dead.

Would this day next year be their memorial day?


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