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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 15

Making Bold Changes Upon Assuming Office

In the World Series, the Chinese team encountered the US team in the first match of the group stage.

The level of the Gun King professional league in the United States was very high and there were many powerful teams. Once the stars of the teams were gathered for the national team, they became the favorites to win the World Series.

There wasn’t much chance of winning against the US team so Coach Zhang let the newcomer Mo Hantian play. He obviously wanted to hone the newcomer and let Xiao Mo find the right state in the game as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Mo’s mentality was directly worn down to the ground!

There was a powerful sniper in the US team called Wesley. Mo Hantian fought against him and couldn’t fight back. He was directly shot in the head and gained a serious psychological shadow. This led to him not playing well in the subsequent rounds.

Today, Jiang Shaoyu once again took out the Skyscraper map.

Mo Hantian couldn’t help recalling the scene of the World Series.

The map loaded and the familiar scenery made Mo Hantian tense.

Where would God Wing be hiding? Would he suddenly pop out and kill him like Wesley?

Mo Hantian held the mouse nervously and carefully moved to the west. He hid behind buildings and moved quickly between the high-rise buildings. Then he found a sniping point and climbed up to hide. He took advantage of the high terrain to carefully observe his surroundings.

There was no trace of God Wing at all. He hesitated for two seconds before climbing down the building to find the next sniping point.

The newcomers standing behind Jiang Shaoyu and watching were already covered with sweat.

Xiao Mo, Coach Jiang just saw you! Your figure flashed in his scope and he locked onto your position!

Mo Hantian thought he was very cautious. In fact, there might be many sniping points on the map but there were only three near the birth point. Jiang Shaoyu predicted where Mo Hantian might go, found a sniping point at a diagonal angle and set up an ambush in advance.

Mo Hantian hesitated and lingered there for two seconds. Jiang Shaoyu had opened the scope to observe and accurately captured the exposed muzzle of his gun.

The next step was waiting for the rabbit.

Jiang Shaoyu calculated the movement time and quickly circled to the next sniping point.

As Mo Hantian came to the second sniping point and opened the scope to observe, a harsh gunshot entered his ears. A bullet shot from the rear, diagonal direction from a super long distance like it had been waiting for him and hit him in the head!

[’Casually’ has used Balot-Adjudication to kill ‘Devil333’ with a headshot!]

The Balot was heavier and less suitable for mobile combat but it had a much longer range than the MSG. It took a person’s head instantly from thousands of meters away.

This was a real sniper!

Mo Hantian stared at the gray screen in a confused state.

He hadn’t seen God Wing’s position at all. This feeling of ‘I can’t see the enemy but I was killed by the enemy’ was simply the face-to-face humiliation of being abused by a master.

Mo Hantian’s eyes were red and his hands were shaking as they left the keyboard. He hadn’t even survived three minutes in God Wing’s hands…

This map was truly his nightmare!

Jiang Shaoyu saw the teenager whose mentality was broken and who seemed about to cry, but Jiang Shaoyu didn’t comfort him like Coach Zhang did before. Instead, he asked coldly, “There are three snipers in the US team at my level. How can you fight them?”

Mo Hantian: “……”

“Go back and think about it. If you really can’t beat them, just uninstall the game.”

Everyone: “……”

Mo Hantian retreated to the back, lowered his head and clenched his fists.

Uninstall the game? He had been favored by the domestic coaches since his debut and was the best performing youth trainee of that season. Many clubs had wanted to sign him and no one ever told him to uninstall the game.

Yet now his idol, God Wing, told him to uninstall the game in front of so many people? It was like a slap on the face and his brain was buzzing!

Questions constantly popped up in Mo Hantian’s mind. ‘Who am I? Where am I? Why is it so hard to play a game?’

Jiang Shaoyu ordered, “Next, come out on your own.”

Shi Xiaobin walked out in a trembling manner.

He was the ‘Second Baby’ of the coach’s Gourd Babies Squad. Mo Hantian had died so it was his turn.

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. He gazed at the timid young man in front of him and wondered, “Am I being very rude to mock you like this?”

Shi Xiaobin: “……”

These were his original words and Coach Jiang returned them to him.

Jiang Shaoyu continued, “If you play badly, do you want me to praise you instead of criticizing you? I won’t scold you for no reason if your performance in the game makes me unable to find faults. Do you understand?”

Shi Xiaobin replied weakly, “I understand, Coach.”

“Come and get ready.”

Shi Xiaobin: “……”

His neck had been washed clean.

Mo Hantian was killed by Jiang Shaoyu just three minutes after the game started.

Shi Xiaobin lasted a bit longer—5 minutes.

It wasn’t that he was better than Mo Hantian, it was that he was more cowardly than Mo Hantian. His personality was too cautious. He played great attention to details when moving and had to ensure his own safety before moving. Otherwise, he would rather hide behind protection and sometimes he even stayed still for half a minute.

However, it was useless to hide. Jiang Shaoyu quickly found him and didn’t show mercy.

[’Casually’ has used Balot-Adjudication to kill ‘Refined and Courteous’ with a headshot!]

Jiang Shaoyu asked calmly, “Shi Xiaobin, how do you think a charger should be played?”

In the last fight, he asked this question and set it as homework. He stated, ‘I hope you will have thought of the answer the next time we meet.’ However, Shi Xiaobin hadn’t cared about it and naturally didn’t consider it seriously.

Now the teenager blushed when he heard Coach Jiang raise this question again and he answered in a low voice, “I think a charger should suppress with firepower when attacking, break through the enemy’s defense and assist teammates by opening a gap. During a retreat, leave at the end and use the submachine gun’s characteristic of continuously shooting for firepower coverage to block a pursuit and help your teammates escape. It is a bit like the combination of a warrior and tank in other games.”

“Your theoretical knowledge is good. Then what about actual combat?” Jiang Shaoyu glanced at him and spoke bluntly, “Hiding behind the wall and too timid and afraid to come out. Do you call this a charger? You should change the name to turtle that shrinks back!”

“…….” Turtle that shrinks back? Shi Xiaobin stared blankly at Coach Jiang before realizing that the coach was criticizing him for playing like a turtle. His cheeks turned red and he quickly retreated behind Mo Hantian.

The teenager shrank his head like a little turtle.

“The third one, do I need to call you?” Jiang Shaoyu glanced at Xiao Li.

“I’m coming!” Third Baby Xia Li ran to her death.

Xia Li was a female alpha.

She was thoughtless and she was carefree. She often played out of sync with her teammates.

She was talented and could play well. The hit rate of her pistol and double pistols was very high. The problem was that her performance was erratic. Sometimes she would show a dazzling performance and other times she would play sloppily like she was a rookie in the bronze segment.

This type of player with fluctuates was difficult to manage. It wasn’t known when she would be in good shape or poor shape. Putting her in a game was like making a gamble and winning or losing depended on fate.

In this Skyscraper battle, Xia Li’s performance was like a rookie. She crashed around wildly like a headless fly.

[‘Casually’ used the MSG-Aurora to kill ’Xia Xia’s Summer’ with a headshot!]

Jiang Shaoyu easily shot her to death and didn’t forget to comment on her performance. “Are you lost? Do you need me to guide you?”

Xia Li quickly withdrew her hands and retreated to the side. It wasn’t that she was lost. She was just too nervous so her positioning was a bit ‘messy’…

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at Tang Kai and the Fourth Baby consciously walked over. Tang Kai was a relatively calm player. He was a scout so he was very familiar with the map. His positioning skills were better than the others.

The young man’s face was serious as he walked around with a dagger in his hand. He circled around Jiang Shaoyu for a while. However, Ye Qingming was the number one scout in China and he couldn’t beat Jiang Shaoyu. Tang Kai wasn’t as good as Ye Qingming. It didn’t matter how much he circled around. It was all in vain.

Jiang Shaoyu bluntly told him, “It is the stream of awareness style but you depend on fate to determine if you can find someone?”

Tang Kai: “……”

In any case, everyone was criticized by this sharp tongue. He wasn’t any worse!

Tang Kai left his seat with a red face.

Lu Xingyun hurriedly walked over and sat down like he was lining up to die.

Jiang Shaoyu smiled slightly. “You are quite aware.”

Lu Xingyun coughed slightly and seriously said, “I am asking God Wing for advice. I am your fan.”

“Oh, you’ll probably become an anti-fan after this game.”

Lu Xingyun: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu abused Xiao Lu without mercy.

Last time, they used the Deep Jungle map and both of them used submachine guns. Lu Xingyun almost managed to kill Casually. Today, they were on the Skyscraper map and he didn’t even have a chance to get close to the other person.

He couldn’t see the other person’s position at all.

The range of a sniper rifle could go as high as over 1,000 meters while the range of his submachine gun was only 200 meters. He only managed to last for three minutes. Before he could get close, Jiang Shaoyu seized the opportunity to shoot him in the head!

Lu Xingyun’s face paled. He wanted to perform well in front of the new coach but he was just next in line to be abused. They were simply a bunch of funny people!

Lu Xingyun finished sending his head and the others sighed slightly. Another five kills! This could be considered as ‘going to jail for a second offense.’ They were extremely skilled in sending themselves to death.

Last time, they were beaten across a computer screen so they could privately complain with a few words like “Did this person use a software cheat?” or “Is he a professional player abroad?”

This time, they were too embarrassed to discuss it. They lost to God Wing and were weak. Coach Jiang was right to call them the Gourd Babies Squad. They were just a bunch of stupid gourd babies!

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes swept over the group.

There were 11 people in the national team and he had already beaten 7 of them.

Out of the remaining four, there was Lao Lin who was the captain of the national team and Liu Shaozhou, the personal apprentice of Vice-chairman Qi and another sniper of the national team. The last two were both medics called Zhang Yue and Ming Xi.

There was no need to abuse the medics and he would save some face for Lao Lin and Xiao Liu.

Lao Lin saw Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes on him and was about to come over to PK when Jiang Shaoyu stood up and said indifferently, “Your personal strength is really poor. The netizens weren’t wrong to scold you. In particular, some people lost the World Series and ran to the online game to play in the low segments and abuse the weak?”

“As players of the national team, you lost the game but don’t know how to work hard to improve. Rather than training well and summing up the experience, you relied on abusing passersby to find self-confidence?”

“Do you have any face?”

The five newcomers who went to the online game to abuse the weak and were abused instead collectively lowered their heads.

The coach was right. They were professional players! Carefully selected members of the national team!

What skills did it require to beat a player in the 2000 segment of the game? They couldn’t beat someone and still formed a team to fight? Did they still have face? It was like a group of professional basketball players losing a professional game and going to abuse primary school students. They were also discovered by the coach.

Mo Hantian’s face was pale and his eyes were filled with tears as well as regret, self-blame and guilt. Complicated emotions overwhelmed his mind and he was eager to dig a hole and bury himself alive.

Shi Xiaobin also lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak. He always had no opinion. Brother Mo told him to abuse the weak and he didn’t think much about it. He also said that the other person wasn’t polite? Was it polite for the members of the national team to abuse the weak in the game?

Xia Li, Tang Kai and Lu Xingyun had equally ugly expressions and their heads were about to hang down to their chests.

Jiang Shaoyu ordered, “Each of you will write a 1,000 word self-criticism and submit it before 9 o’clock tomorrow night.”

The five people: “……”

Ye Qingming, who was standing beside them, couldn’t help wanting to laugh.

What a good guy. On the first day he took office, he directly criticized the teenagers to the point of tears.

The national team had six people who needed to write self-criticism papers. This was truly worthy of the ferocious God Yu.

It happened as everyone thought the coach was already fierce enough.

Jiang Shaoyu suddenly pointed to the seat next to him. “Control your emotions and play a training game. I already can’t bear to look at your individual strength. Let me see how you work together as a team.”

Everyone, “????”

A t-training game? In the past, the coach would give a day’s notice for everyone to get ready when playing a training game. He just smashed their mentality and didn’t even give them three minutes to adjust. He just went straight to a training game?

Jiang Shaoyu named the teams with no expression on his face.

“Team 1 is the charger Shi Xiaobin, the assaulter Xia Li, the scout Ye Qingming, the sniper Liu Shaozhou and the medic Zhang Yue.”

“Team 2 is the charger Lu Xingyun, the assaulter Zhou Yiran, the scout Tang Kai, the sniper Mo Hantian and the medic Ming Xi.”

“The map is the five star difficult Pirate Base.”

“Lao Lin, build the room and pull everyone in. I will be the referee.”

Everyone was stunned.

Could this be the legendary ‘devil mode’?

First, abuse everyone to the point of mental collapse, criticizing them until they doubted life. Then pull them to the battlefield and have them immediately play a game while choosing the most difficult map in the entire game?

Coach Jiang was definitely a werewolf!


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