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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 13

Sharp-Tongued Coach

The ACE team was the white moonlight in the hearts of many e-sports fans. Five players with no club background fought their way through the professional league where strong teams were as numerous as clouds and created the myth of a dark horse team winning the championship of the S3 season. The members of the ACE team were also all good-looking so they naturally gained a large number of die-hard fans.

Ye Qingming was the former scout of the ACE team. His game ID was ACE-Leaf and his nickname was ‘Ye Zi.’

He floated around the arena like a light and flexible leaf, helping his teammates open up their field of view and detecting the opponent’s movements. This scout, who could take advantage of every opportunity, might appear behind the enemy at any time and stab the enemy’s heart with a knife.

Ye Zi transferred to the YY Moon Shadow Club after ACE disbanded. He was difficult to kill due to his extremely wretched positioning. Later, his team used him as the core of their tactics and created a style of scouting that went behind the opponent to counter-attack.

This person always had a personality that was ‘uninhibited and loved freedom.’ Jiang Shaoyu had scolded him many times back during the ACE period.

Unexpectedly, he was still so firmly unchanged after not seeing each other for a few years?

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes narrowed and he declared in a cold voice, “Get over here immediately. I’ll only wait three minutes for you.”

Ye Qingming was originally sleeping in his dormitory and thought he was dreaming. Now he heard this cold voice and immediately became frightened. He rolled out of bed and didn’t even waste time washing his face. He put on his clothes and ran to the meeting room.

Ye Qingming ran to the meeting room like a gust of wind. His speed was like he was participating in a 100 meters race. The tall alpha had messy hair like a chicken coop and his clothes were wrinkled. He entered the room and immediately approached Jiang Shaoyu with a smile. He greeted his old captain as attentively as a pug wagging his tail. “Brother Yu, how are you? What wind blew you here? I haven’t seen you for a few years and you have changed quite a bit!”

Jiang Shaoyu stared at Ye Qingming coldly. “I asked you to come for a meeting, not to catch up.”

He pointed to the open space next to him. “Go and stand over there.”

Ye Qingming’s smile stiffened. There was a penalty for being late? This familiar action really didn’t give him any face!

Ye Zi saw Lao Lin secretly giving him a meaningful look and he quickly stood behind Lao Lin, whispering, “What is the situation? Why is he here?”

Lao Lin stared blankly at Ye Zi and lowered his voice. “Are you stupid? He came back to coach the national team. You happened to bump into the muzzle of his gun.”


Jiang Shaoyu looked at Ye Qingming. “Tell me, what time is it now?”

Ye Qingming touched his nose and his voice was obviously lacking confidence. “Cough… It is 9:33 p.m.”

“If I remember correctly, 9 to 12 in the evening is the training time stipulated by the national team. What are you doing? Getting a good sleep?”

Ye Qingming: “……”

“You violated discipline and was suspended by the league, but you don’t know how to train hard and reflect on your actions. Instead, you have the nerve to go and sleep in your dormitory?” Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow and looked sharply at the old teammate hanging his head in front of Jiang Shaoyu. “It doesn’t matter if Coach Zhang has resigned. The national team hasn’t disbanded so you are still a member of the national team! You are idle all day and take a nap during training time. Later when you are playing games, do you want to move a bed to the field and play in bed?”

Ye Qingming: “………”

The teenagers in the meeting room were stunned.

Ye Zi was the most popular scout in the league and he was a star player with tens of millions of fans. God Wing showered down criticisms toward the other person. Did he not care about the reputation of his old teammate at all?

Jiang Shaoyu glanced around the entire room. “In the future, I hope everyone will be on time for meetings. As for Ye Qingming, go back and write me a 1,000 word self-criticism.”

Ye Qingming wanted to cry but couldn’t. Okay, his nightmare was starting again! A few years ago, the captain asked him to write self-criticisms and he specifically collected them. They formed a thick stack!

No one dared to speak and the meeting room was silent for a moment.

Vice-chairman Qi wanted to laugh but he didn’t dare. Thus, he endured it very hard. He had long heard that God Wing had a vicious tongue but he hadn’t expected it to be so fierce that he would give Ye Qingming, who was late due to sleeping, a tongue-lashing. Ye Qingming also deserved it. He happened to bump into the muzzle of his old captain’s gun. Tsk tsk, a 1,000 word self-criticism was really miserable.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at Lao Lin and got back to the right topic. “Captain Lin, Coach Zhang must’ve reviewed the games of the World Series with you, right?”

Lin Haoyan hurriedly straightened and replied solemnly, “Yes, it was reviewed the day after the game finished.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded and said coldly, “In this year’s World Series, you lost 0:3 to the United States, 1:3 to Germany and finally 2:3 to Italy, ultimately being eliminated in the group stage. Do you go to play a game or go on vacation? It is too humiliating.”

Everyone: “……”

The national team’s record in this World Series was indeed too bad. They were scolded by the netizens onto the hot search and also felt uncomfortable due to it.

Everyone hung their heads with shame when they heard this.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at everyone. “I don’t care how the previous coach trained you. My temper isn’t that good.”

“Do I have to comfort, coax and worry that your mentality will collapse after you lose a game? Are you joking? You are professional players. Playing well is what you should do. You aren’t the ancestors invited by the national team!”

“From today onwards, show me the attitude of a professional player! The national team only has 11 places. If you don’t want to play well then leave as soon as possible. There are so many e-sports clubs in China. I don’t believe I can’t pick 11 outstanding players. Do you really think that you are irreplaceable?”

“I will spend two weeks examining your performance before the national team is disbanded. If you perform too badly then don’t even think about coming next time. I will replace all 11 of you! Do you hear me clearly?”

The scolding was as quick as a barrage of gunfire and the group was terrified, their eyes dull. They had never experienced such a ‘stormy baptism’ since their debut.

Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou and Ye Zi all came from the ACE team. They were used to the captain’s unrestrained and stern style since they were young. They listened to his indifferent voice this time and felt it was very close and dear to them.

Ye Qingming rubbed his temples while thinking helplessly, ‘Ah Yu still hasn’t changed. His words are prickly and stab at people’s hearts!’

Yet despite his sharp tongue, his criticisms were justified and well-founded. They couldn’t be refuted.

Was he ‘lucky’? Was he happy to be the first one of the national team to write a self-criticism?

Lao Lin heard Jiang Shaoyu’s voice and his nose became sour. This familiar scene made him dream that he was back in the ACE team. He couldn’t help believing that with Jiang Shaoyu as the coach of the national team, the next national team would definitely achieve results.

The players of the national team lived like princes and were used to being spoiled. They should be beaten well.

It was just… he had already submitted his retirement application. He probably wouldn’t have an opportunity to compete in the World Series with his old captain. It was a pity.

Jiang Shaoyu finished his scolding and stood up. “Those who don’t want to stay in the national team can leave now. For those who want to stay, follow me to the training room.”

He said this but who would dare to leave? Leaving right now would offend the new coach and they could forget about entering the future national team!

Even Ye Qingming followed silently and shamelessly despite him just saying on the phone that he was leaving.

At this time, the newcomers who had never met Jiang Shaoyu before were feeling a bit confused. If a new coach came, shouldn’t he introduce himself first and get to know them happily while having a late-night snack or something? God Wing directly organized a meeting, pelted them with criticisms and then took everyone to the training room?

It was like the new class teacher suddenly inspecting the class and directly handing out papers for an exam!

The team members exchanged looks before following Jiang Shaoyu downstairs to the training room in a frightened manner.

The training room was on the second floor. There were large training rooms that could fit 20 people and small training rooms for 2 people, 6 people, etc. Out of this, the two person training room was called the ‘little black room’ by players and it was used for separate special training.

Previously when Jiang Shaoyu had gone upstairs, Sister Yu had explained the layout of the training rooms to him. He led the group to the largest training room, sat down at a random computer and spoke while turning it on. “Go to the shooting training ground and let me see your real strength first.”

Vice-chairman Qi saw this and silently lit a row of candles for the players of the national team.

Ah Yu was trying to establish his strength. After all, he had no experience with coaching the national team. He might not be able to lead the national team if the players of the team disobeyed him.

They refused to obey? Then subdue them.

Jiang Shaoyu’s style had always been so direct and efficient.

The previous coach of the national team had a relatively mild temper and he was over 30 years old. His skills with the game weren’t comparable to these professional players. Coach Zhang couldn’t even reach the 2000 segment in the game so some professional players would definitely think, ‘You are so weak when playing the game. You might not necessarily be right when guiding me!’

Meanwhile, Jiang Shaoyu was different. He was previously an e-sports player and he was young. He had been in the rankings of the international server for many years. His side account in the international server had already won the honorary title of ‘Gun King’ and he could stably rank in the world’s sniper combat strength ranking. He played against world-class professional players every day and always maintained his competitive state at a high level. Add his rich experience and calm mental state and professional players might not be able to beat him!

Jiang Shaoyu quickly turned on the computer and logged into the game. He pointed to the seat next to him and said, “The late person will come first.”

Ye Qingming came over while looking miserable. He had a heroic expression of ‘rushing to the execution ground.’

Lao Lin gently patted him on the shoulder. “Little brother, I wish you luck.”

God Wing was going to PK with his old teammate!

The eyes of the newcomers shone as they showed expressions of watching a good performance.

It was said that the members of ACE were abused by God Wing and their level improved rapidly.

The old teammates hadn’t seen each other for a few years. Now God Wing and Ye Zi were soloing. Who would win?

Everyone stood behind Jiang Shaoyu and Ye Qingming and gazed expectantly at the computer screen.

Under everyone’s unblinking gaze, Jiang Shaoyu logged into his side account on the national server. His ID was…


The young teenagers of the national team: “????”

Mo Hantian was shocked.

The newcomers of the national team were so shocked that their mouths collectively dropped open!

It was over!

Yesterday, he abused them for one round in the game and called them the Gourd Babies Squad. Casually, the taunting master who gave them the names ‘Oldest Baby’, ‘Second Baby’, ‘Third Baby’ etc. was actually the new coach of the national team, God Wing?!

No wonder why he knew so much about the national team!

Mo Hantian’s hands trembled and his face was as pale as paper.

He seemed to have scolded the other person with the words, ‘Did you open a cheat?’


He scolded his idol. He actually scolded God Wing in the game. Was his brain broken?

The moment Shi Xiaobin saw the ID ‘Casually’, he was so ashamed that he wanted to find a crack in the ground to bury himself in. He remembered saying, ‘It is very impolite for you to mock the national team.’

Xia Li also blushed and her neck shrank back like a quail.

What harsh words did she say? ‘I will take your surname if I don’t beat you today!’

Then God Wing gave her a number: Third Baby.

Tang Kai and Lu Xingyun’s faces were also pale. If they remembered correctly, Tang Kai was stabbed to death by Casually while Lu Xingyun was killed by Casually with a submachine gun.

Okay, the scene of the five gourd babies dying of embarrassment was coming. Should they change their surnames collectively and recognize their father?


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    Mc’s poisonous tongue is 👏😆

    Sometimes i get confused with the novel’s cover and mc’s descriptions. Especially the mole placement and color.

    Feelin touched with these old teammates reaunitin

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