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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 131


At 7:30 p.m, the match between the Chinese team and the Malaysia team officially began. The two Japanese commentators started the introductions quickly.

“The Chinese team defeated Vietnam 2:0 in the match that just ended in the afternoon. Tonight, they will face a prepared Malaysia. From the pre-match Internet support rate, 40% of the spectators guessed that the Chinese national team will win and 60% guessed Malaysia.”

“Yes, the Chinese team is participating in the Asian Championship for the first time and the audience is more optimistic about Malaysia.”

“The match has already started. The Chinese team has still drawn the first hand this time. The mode they have submitted is… Extreme Duel!”

“The Malaysian coach is considering what maps to ban.”

At this time, in the soundproof room where Malaysia was located, the coach stared thoughtfully at the map library.

There were many maps in Extreme Duel mode and some were in common with the Endless Bloody Battle mode. The Chinese team previously fought against Vietnam with two maps, Winding Corridor and Ghost Castle. When Vietnam was the home team, China banned three large maps in a row. This showed that they were very good at small and medium-sized maps and didn’t have much confidence in large maps.

The Malaysian coach quickly made a decision. “Ban Winding Corridor and Ghost Castle. The last ban will be given to Hope Port.”

Seeing the red crosses appear on the three maps on the screen, Hua Ran almost laughed. “They really fell for Coach Jiang’s trap!”

Pei Feng thought in his heart, ‘In the future, the road that other coaches will travel the most will be my master’s routine.’

Jiang Shaoyu looked calm. “Yuehu Park, a double medic attrition battle. Prepare to choose your weapons.”

The Chinese team locked onto their map: Yuehu Park.

The Malaysian coach was originally smiling but once he saw this, his smile suddenly froze on his face.

What was the situation? Why was it not what he expected? Didn’t the Chinese team ban the Yuehu Park map when they played Vietnam? He thought they didn’t specialize in practicing large maps. As a result, this one was selected?

Once the map was selected, both teams started to pick their weapons.

The weapons in Extreme Duel mode were the ‘team arsenal.’ The opponent couldn’t see who used a certain gun, only the guns and ammunition selected by the opposite side. Since it took 50 heads to determine victory and defeat, it was necessary to fight more than a dozen waves of team battles. The upper limit of throwing weapons was ten and a maximum of three types of throwing weapons could be carried. The upper limit of firearms was ten and they could also bring less and match it freely. All the guns had two magazines.

For example, the common MSG sniper rifle had 10 rounds in one magazine and two magazines had 20 rounds. The Thomson was a submachine gun with the largest number of bullets. It had 70 rounds in one magazine and it was 140 rounds for two magazines.

The equipment selected by the Chinese team in this game included: grenades x10, smoke bombs x 10, the MSG and Balot sniper rifles, the UMP submachine gun, the Red Cross double guns, two Sand Eagle pistols, a dagger, two bulletproof light shields, two first aid kits and one bulletproof helmet.

The Japanese commentator was a bit confused when he saw this. “The Chinese team only bought six firearms. Is the ammunition enough?”

Teams in Extreme Duel shared equipment grids. How to match them could be discussed by everyone. Theoretically, each player carried two guns for a maximum of ten. The Chinese team only brought six guns in this game. The number of bullets added up to less than 200 rounds?

Jiang Shaoyu finished selecting his weapon and said, “Pei Feng, come to command. The others should concentrate and fight well.”

Everyone nodded in unison. “I got it!”

Jiang Shaoyu turned and left the soundproof room. He calmly walked off the staff and sat in the coach’s seat in the first row.

There was an aisle between the positions where the coaches were sitting. The coach in Malaysia glanced at Jiang Shaoyu, who gave him a very calm look.

The Malaysian coach: “……?”

What did this look mean?

In Extreme Duel mode, the opponent couldn’t see who used specific weapons but the commentators from a god’s perspective could see it.

In the domestic live broadcast room, the two commentators couldn’t help worrying, “Is there enough ammunition for this equipment?”

“I did the math and the total number of bullets is 140. Isn’t this too few? The Extreme Duel mode requires 50 heads. This is an average of 2~3 bullets for one head…”

“It will be hard to play and the shooting percentage must be very high.”

The two commentators were silent for a few seconds before taking the initiative to smooth things over. “It is very likely that they have special tactical arrangements for this round? After all, the first aid kit isn’t limited in the number of uses and the medic can always save people. In this game, Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin both brought two first aid kits. There is hope to win if they consume the enemy.”

During the commentary, the match officially began.

The amount of ammunition for the Chinese team was indeed very tight, but Jiang Shaoyu was very confident in Pei Feng’s hit rate. In the national team’s ‘shooting accuracy’ practice, Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou were the first to pass level 10. This was the level of a world-class sniper.

Pei Feng’s two sniper rifles had a total of 40 rounds of ammunition and he could collect at least 30 or more heads. There were also 20 rounds from the Sand Eagle to make up for the damage. Shu Chen’s double guns were equally accurate in marksmanship. In addition, the commentators had overlooked a key point.

Hua Ran’s output didn’t rely solely on the submachine gun.

His grenades were also very fierce. In this game, all 10 grenades landed on Hua Ran’s body.

The game started and Qin Xueyao first went to scout. She soon reported, “There are four people in the northeast direction and the sniper isn’t there.”

Pei Feng said, “There is no hurry. Find the location of the sniper first.”

Malaysia had watched the match between China and Vietnam and they knew that the Chinese team liked to split up. So in this game, they parted ways and the sniper was obviously hiding. However, there was Qin Xueyao’s scouting ability. Even Old Chang was often found by her. Where could these people hide?”

She sneaked into the water and swam quickly past the artificial lake of Yuehu Park, hiding behind a rock. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for her to hear footsteps. It was a sniper setting up a gun guard point on the hill in front.

Qin Xueyao said, “11 o’clock on the hill.”

Pei Feng smiled slightly. “It seems that they split into four and one. Hua Hua, come and send them a wave.”

Hua Ran appeared with special effects and was like a wild horse running wildly. There were sparks and lightning all the way. In the blink of an eye, a lot of thick smoke appeared in the core area of Yuehu Park, accompanied by the sound of grenades and bullets.

Shu Chen and Hua Ran went to face the opposite group of four. Of course, they couldn’t fight 2 against 4 and quickly died.

At the same time, Pei Feng quickly climbed a tower on the side and said, “Xiao Bin, go and save them.”

Shi Xiaobin wore a bulletproof helmet and ran out to save people. Of course, the charger, assaulter and scout of the opposite side wouldn’t watch him save his teammates. They quickly fired and turned Shi Xiaobin into a hornet’s nest.

The heads ratio was 3:0 and Malaysia led.

Just then, a bullet pierced through the air. Pei Feng narrowed his eyes and aimed at the medic hiding on the opposite side. He instantly sniped the other person with a sharp shot! At the same time, the Malaysian sniper reacted quickly and fired back at Pei Feng.

The heads ratio was 4:1.

This wave of team battles was 4 for 1. The Chinese team suffered a loss. Hua Ran and Shu Chen rushed over to die and Shi Xiaobin failed to save his teammates. Pei Feng had received a head but he was also killed by the opposite side. Qin Xueyao secretly hid and wasn’t found by the other person.

Maybe keyboard warriors in the barrage area immediately started to criticize them. “The original shape is revealed. They are really weak!”

“They started to become arrogant after winning the match against Vietnam. Is this a mass sending them to death?”

“4 to 1 is awesome. Applause.”

In the soundproof room, Pei Feng calmly commanded, “Point C resurrection, 3-1-1 split.”

The four people who died immediately chose to be resurrected at point C.

The so-called 3-1-1 division referred to the formation in which Hua Ran, Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen moved in a group of three while Qin Xueyao and Pei Feng fought alone. This was suitable for a battle of attrition. It was because Pei Feng usually shot from a long distance and it was difficult for him to be caught by his opponent. In Extreme Duel mode, he could be resurrected immediately if he died. There was no need for a medic to save him. Qin Xueyao was flexible and difficult to be killed.

The two people had strong individual combat capabilities. Xueyao could walk around to broaden their vision while Pei Feng could quickly seize opportunities to fight a guerrilla battle.

For the remaining Hua Ran, Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen, their output ability was weak but… these three people were very resistant!

Shi Xiaobin’s bulletproof light shields had three times the health in Extreme Duel mode under normal conditions and he also had two uses of the bulletproof helmet. There was also an unlimited usage of the first aid kit. Shu Chen’s first aid kit also had an unlimited number of uses and it was equivalent to Hua Ran fighting with two bodyguards.

After the sudden death in the first wave, the Chinese team immediately adjusted their formation.

Hua Ran’s three person team was going to fight against the Malaysian four person team. 3V4 seemed to be difficult to win, but Hua Ran threw smoke bombs and grenades in succession. The four people gathered close together were directly exploded into residual health. This was followed by the charger releasing a wave of gunfire to kill two people in a row!

The other side decisively killed Hua Ran but Shu Chen immediately came forward to save him.

The enemy side wanted to kill Shu Chen. As a result, Shi Xiaobin carried the bulletproof light shield to save Shu Chen.

The enemy side wanted to kill Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen turned around to save Shi Xiaobin.

The Malaysian players: “??”

‘You save me and I save you.’ These two medics were like cockroaches who couldn’t die!

They fought here for a long time and found that the three people on the opposite side died and resurrected, died and resurrected several times in a row. Instead, Shu Chen seized the timing and killed Malaysia’s medic with two shots!

In Extreme Duel mode, even if a medic saved a teammate, it was still counted as a head.

The three people were acting like ‘You save me, I save you’, and the number of heads gained by the Malaysian team increased by 6 in the blink of an eye.

Did the Chinese team know how to play Extreme Duel mode?

The Malaysian players were very confused when they saw this.

The heads ratio gradually opened up. 10:2, 12:3… it wasn’t until it reached 20:9 that the Malaysian captain realized something was wrong. “We can’t fight like this. They are deliberately consuming our ammunition!”

Everyone was shocked. By the time they reacted, it was too late.

The Chinese team relied on the medic’s first aid kit and bulletproof light shield to consume a lot of their bullets. One of the guns of their front row charger had already been destroyed and one of the assaulter’s AK magazines had been emptied.

At this time, Pei Feng had only used four bullets and taken four heads.

Hua Ran had only lost three grenades, one smoke bomb and a few bullets of the submachine gun.

In other words, the Chinese team used less than 20% of their ammunition while they cheated the Malaysian team to use nearly 50% of the ammunition.

At this time, the game wasn’t even halfway through.

Pei Feng quickly calculated the ammunition gap of the two sides and nodded slightly. “Okay, let’s go and fight!”

The Chinese team’s attrition battle was effective. In the second half, Malaysia was short of ammunition and they were controlled by people everywhere! The 3-1-1 guerrilla battle of the Chinese team was played in a quite exciting manner. Qin Xueyao gave everyone else and Pei Feng fired a few shots from the outskirts alone from time to time to collect the enemy’s head. Hua Ran, Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin dragged the four people of the opposite side.

In the 12th minute of the game, the heads ratio of the Chinese team overtook the enemy for the first time with a score of 35:34.

At 15 minutes, Pei Feng asked Hua Ran’s group of three to die collectively and move to the resurrection point. Pei Feng and Qin Xueyao quickly went to meet them. The Chinese team resurrected and carried out a sneak attack tactic from the rear. They directly caught Malaysia off guard and destroyed them. 40:37!

At 16 minutes, Hua Ran killed three people on the opposite side with a grenade!

At 18 minutes, Pei Feng shot continuously and won three kills!

The Malaysian players found desperately that their advantage in the beginning was reversed and they could no longer catch up due to limited ammunition!

In the live stream room, the keyboard warriors mocking the Chinese team shut up collectively.

[The first half and second half seemed to have changed people?]

[Deliberately showing weakness at the beginning. The opponent was really careless, right?]

[This is a battle of attrition with two medics. The commander of the Chinese team is accurately calculating the ammunition.]

The Malaysian players were obviously underestimating the enemy. They led by a few heads at the beginning and felt that the Chinese team was deliberately giving heads to them. They hadn’t seen through the Chinese team’s scheme. The dual medic system was to consume them until they lost their temper.


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