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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 130

The referee confirmed that the result was correct and asked the captains of both sides to sign it. The final score of China (CHN) 2:0 Vietnam (VIE) was displayed on the screen.

At this time, the on-site commentator finally reacted and said in Japanese, “This is really an unexpected result. Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the first match of the group stage with a score of 2:0!”

“The Vietnamese players seem unable to adapt to the rhythm of the match. This match was really too fast!”

“Yes, the small map of Winding Corridor in the first game and the medium map of Ghost Castle in the second game were both in the Endless Bloody Battle mode. Two consecutive rounds of the game were actually finished in just half an hour…”

At this time, in the live stream room, the minds of the netizens finally returned and they excitedly filled the screen of the live stream room.

[6666! Congratulations to the Chinese team for their first victory!]

[I didn’t read it in the wrong order? Is it really China 2:0? It isn’t fake?]

[Vietnam’s results in the past few Asian Championships aren’t bad, but they actually lose so quickly? Were they sleepwalking?]

[Is our Chinese team finally going to stand up?]

[The speed flow is awesome. Fred is awesome!]

At the game site, the MVP player information of the match popped up on the screen. It was CHN-Fred with a record of 10 kills, 0 deaths and 3 assists.

The two commentators looked at each other and said, “Fred should be a newcomer, right? I’ve never heard of this player in previous competitions.”

“Yes, this newcomer seems to be very powerful. He should be the main sniper of the Chinese team. His marksmanship is very accurate. In particular, it was the sniper core for the second map of Ghost Castle and won five kills in one go!”

“This is also the first five kills in this Asian Championship!”

In this match, the best performing one was naturally Pei Feng.

Flexible and clear commands, accurate sniping with headshots and helping his teammates open up the situation many times.

Of course, there was Hua Hua’s interference, Xueyao’s scouting, Xiao Bin and Shu Chen’s support output and rescue that also contributed a lot. The five people cooperated very smoothly and they found the rhythm from when they played the practice matches in China.

The Vietnamese team hadn’t expected the Chinese team to play so quickly.

They couldn’t keep up with the Chinese team’s thinking and were in a hurry for a while. This caused them to lose two games in a row.

After the match, Pei Feng abided by the etiquette of the international competition and took the players of the Chinese national team to shake hands with the Vietnamese teams. When he came to the soundproof room opposite, the players of the opposite side still had a blank expression and their eyes seemed to say, ‘Who am I? Where am I? Is it over so soon?’

Pei Feng returned backstage and Jiang Shaoyu was already waiting for them.

Pei Feng met his master’s gaze and walked over with a smile. He asked like an invitation, “Master, we got off to a good start. Did we play well?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, not bad.”

Xiao Pei’s attitude of ‘seeking praise’ made Jiang Shaoyu think of Jiang Doudou wagging a tail toward him. Jiang Shaoyu held back a smile and said, “Get ready. The MVP will have an interview.”

Pei Feng adjusted his clothes. Sure enough, an official staff member came to him and asked him to go to the interview room. After all, it was an international competition. The schedule was very tight but there would still be interviews.

Soon, Pei Feng’s face appeared on the live stream screen.

He wore the short-sleeved uniform of the national team with a pair of simple jeans. His entire body was refreshing, handsome and radiant. Moreover, he wasn’t nervous at all in the face of foreign reporters. He smiled and stood in front of the cameras, staring straight ahead.

Seeing Pei Feng’s high-definition face, the netizens in the domestic live stream room suddenly screamed.

[Fred is so handsome! The face of the national team!]

[Handsome guy, does the national team lack a nanny?]

[The big stream is calm. He is accustomed to participating in various award ceremonies and there is no stage fright at all.]

[I didn’t expect Pei Feng’s debut to be so awesome. He directly went abroad and got a pentakill?]

[Yes, this is God Wing’s direct disciple. How can he not be awesome?]

The two domestic commentators said excitedly, “Pei Feng is very capable of supporting the field. I finally understand why Coach Jiang made him the captain of the national team.”

“Yes, it is most appropriate for Pei Feng to lead the team in the Asian Championship. When forming the national team, Coach Jiang should’ve been planning to play in the Asian Championship!”

The female reporter, who only reached up to Pei Feng’s shoulder, asked in Japanese, “Hello, Fred. Welcome to the interview seat. Congratulations on winning the MVP player of this game. The five kills were very handsome. Do you have anything you want to tell everyone?”

These words were translated into Chinese.

Pei Feng listened patiently to the translation and replied with a smile, “I can win five kills thanks to the good cooperation of my teammates. It doesn’t matter if I win the MVP or not. It is more important to win the match.”

The female reporter immediately followed up with another question, “We found that apart from Time-Shi Xiaobin, all the members of this year’s Chinese national team participating in the Asian Championship are players who have never appeared in a world competition. Are you all newcomers?”

Pei Feng said, “Yes, today is my first time playing an official match.”

The female reporter was surprised. “Really? In other words, you’ve never even played in China? This is your debut match? Is that right?”

“That’s right.”

The Japanese audience was shocked. For his debut, he came to Japan to show his Asian face? This was the first time they had seen such a player!

Then the reporter asked, “So what are your plans for the Asian Championship?”

Pei Feng smiled slightly and said modestly, “Just play a few matches as practice and accumulate experience.”

“Okay, thank you to Fred for the interview.”

Pei Feng nodded politely and turned to leave the interview room.

Of course, he wouldn’t directly say ‘our goal is the championship.’ It was still the group stage and it wasn’t suitable for talking outrageously to attract hatred.

The Japanese side didn’t know that Pei Feng was being ‘modest’ and thought that the Chinese team really brought a group of newcomers to play practice matches.

The two commentators looked at each other and said with a smile, “It seems that the main goal of the Chinese national team when participating in the Asian Championship this time is to let the newcomers gain more experience.”

“Yes, the key to winning against Vietnam today is that the Vietnamese players reacted too slowly and couldn’t keep up with their pace. The Chinese team’s next opponent is Malaysia. The audience can look forward to their performance.”

Backstage, Pei Feng walked quickly into the lounge. He headed to his master with a smile and asked in a low voice, “Master, I didn’t say the wrong thing, right?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Yes. If we say at the current time that our goal is to be the champion then we will just be laughed at. It is right to keep a low profile.” He looked back at everyone. “Let’s get ready for dinner first. There is the next match in the evening.”

Originally, Japan arranged a very tight schedule for the Chinese team. They played at 4:30 in the afternoon. If the score was deadlocked and there was a third tiebreaker then it might end at around 6 o’clock. The next match was at 7:30 and players entered half an hour earlier. In other words, they had to arrive at the scene at 7 o’clock.

Then there was only one hour for them to eat. It was simply too late to go out to eat and they could only eat boxed meals on the spot, let alone going to the hotel to rest and discuss the tactics of the next match.

However, no one expected that when the Chinese team faced the Vietnamese team…

It actually finished in half an hour?!

It was faster than qualifying matches in the online game!

The match officially started at 4:30 and ended at 5:00. They had an extra two hours of rest time!

Jiang Shaoyu asked for everyone’s opinions. “Do you want to go back to the hotel to rest and have dinner before coming back or do you want to eat directly here?”

Pei Feng suggested, “Just eat here. There is no need to waste time going back and forth.”

The others had no opinions. In any case, they wouldn’t sleep when going back to the hotel and there was another match next. It was better to stay at the venue and discuss countermeasures while eating.

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay. Then I will trouble Sister Yu to let the restaurant owner deliver the meal in advance directly to this place.”

Yu Mingxiang immediately said, “Don’t worry, I’ll arrange it.”

Yu Mingxiang and Anna went to contact the restaurant and the rest stayed in the lounge to discuss countermeasures.

There was only one computer in the lounge. This allowed the players to discover their feel before the match, but they couldn’t play practice matches. They could only simulate it in their head.

Jiang Shaoyu said in a low voice, “There are five teams in Group B. This afternoon, it is Japan vs Indonesia, China vs Vietnam and Malaysia has no match this afternoon. Then they must’ve watched the live stream of the afternoon matches in the hotel.”

The team that received a bye in the afternoon had a big advantage. They could take a look at the performance of the four opponents and find a way to deal with it. However, this afternoon’s bye meant they would play three matches in a row tomorrow. This was even more nightmarish.

The one with the most comfortable schedule this time was the Japanese team.

On the first day, they played Indonesia at 2:30 and Vietnam at 9:30. Tomorrow, they would play Malaysia at 2:30 and China at 9:30. There was plenty of rest time in between.

The schedules of the other countries were very different and the Chinese team was the most nerve-racking one.

Fortunately, they used their strength to end the match early. Therefore, they had two more hours to prepare for the next match.

Vice-chairman Qi said, “Malaysia’s e-sports strength is slightly higher than Vietnam’s. They are a small country with a relatively small population, but their domestic e-sports competition is quite good. Moreover, there are many Chinese people among the Malaysian players. They might know a lot more about the situation in China than Vietnam.”

Jiang Shaoyu agreed. “Yes. They watched the afternoon match and know that we are pushing with speed. So we can’t play like that when we face Malaysia.”

Old Chang said with a smile, “In any case, we have prepared nine maps. This is sufficient and there are more tactics. if we don’t play the speed push flow, we can play the consumption flow or kite flow.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the players and said, “To fight Malaysia, we will play hide and seek with them and consume them to death. As for the map… is there any problem with Yuehu Park?”

The players replied in unison, “No problem!”

Old Chang scratched his head and suggested, “What if the coach on the other side reacts and bans the large map? We have to pick two alternative maps.”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “The medium-sized maps of Logistics Park and Hope Port are both maps that you are familiar with. The strategy is still the same. A double medic attrition war. Shu Chen and Xueyao will play as half output and it is the Extreme Duel mode. Pei Feng, you commend. In the early stage, you can give away heads first. Then you can catch up with the score in the middle and late stages and get 50 kills.”

Everyone nodded to express their understanding.

Jiang Shaoyu paused and said, “However, I don’t think the Malaysian coach will necessarily ban large maps. It is because after we played Vietnam, they might think we aren’t good at playing large maps. Their ban will go to Winding Corridor and Ghost Castle.”

Psychological warfare! When Coach Jiang played Vietnam, he banned three large maps. This not only forced the Vietnamese team to choose the Ghost Castle that they were good at, but it was also deliberately showing it to Malaysia, their opponent in the next match.

Malaysia’s players were definitely watching Group B’s matches.

What would they think when they saw Jiang Shaoyu choosing Winding Corridor for his home field while banning a series of large-scale maps when it was Vietnam’s home field?

The normal logic was: The Chinese team is good at small maps (Winding Corridor) and medium-sized maps (Ghost Castle), but they couldn’t play large maps (they banned three of them. Did they not practice large maps?).

Coach Jiang’s thoughts were really too deep!

If the Malaysian coach really fell for his tricks then perhaps in the next match, they would ban the Winding Corridor and Ghost Castle that the Chinese team wouldn’t choose again, leaving all the large maps.

Hua Ran couldn’t help whispering to Shu Chen, “Brother Chen, why do I think that Coach Jiang is full of bad water? In the future World Series, the coaches from other countries will be confused by him.”

Shu Chen heard this and said with a smile, “Brother Yu is indeed deep and far-sighted.”

Pei Feng saw the appearance of his master calmly analyzing the opponent and was also impressed in his heart. In the past, ACE had entered the A-grade League from the secondary league. If it wasn’t for Jiang Shaoyu as their tactician, they wouldn’t have been able to win the S3 season championship under the siege of so many giants and strong teams.

In the Asian Championship, his master was just doing a small test.

The current national team wasn’t complete and it was difficult for the tactical layout and formations to exert their true power.

On the stage of the World Series, when all 11 players of the national team came together and the five star difficulty maps were opened… their opponents would really experience the horror of Jiang Shaoyu, the head coach of the Chinese national team.

Pei Feng was looking forward to that day.

At that time, the coaching staff of various countries would definitely have a headache when they encountered China as an opponent. What map would Coach Jiang use in the next game? What players would he send?

Would Pei Feng play a sniper, charger or even a medic?

A tactically rich coach and a free person captain… let them try and guess!


  1. maengay says:

    “At that time, the coaching staff of various countries would definitely have a headache when they encountered China as an opponent. What map would Coach Jiang use in the next game? What players would he send?

    Would Pei Feng play a sniper, charger or even a medic?

    A tactically rich coach and a free person captain… let them try and guess!”

    —-> this made me so giddy!

    Thank you for translating!

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