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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 132

Regaining Confidence

The Chinese team finally won the first map of Yuehu Park in Extreme Duel mode with a heads ratio of 50:43.

In the audience, the Malaysian coach looked a bit ugly. He realized that he had guessed two things wrong. First, he thought that the Chinese team banning large maps against the Vietnamese team was because they hadn’t prepared tactics for large maps. Secondly, he thought that the Chinese team was good at speed-pushing tactics. Unexpectedly, the other side started a slow-paced battle of attrition, exhausting Malaysia’s ammunition?

Malaysia started with seven heads but finally fell behind by seven heads. It was equivalent to the Chinese team catching up with 14 heads in the middle and late stages!

This was the classic ‘turnaround game.’ Unfortunately, they were the side that was turned over.

Being overturned was really uncomfortable. In particular, the feeling of helplessness in the second half made the Malaysian players more and more complicated.

The battle of attrition of the double medic was rarely encountered in the previous World Series. Looking at the two medics who saved each other, the Malaysian players were at a loss. They just killed the medics to take heads but didn’t pay attention to the detailed problem of ‘disproportionate consumption between the enemy and us…’

Often, the devil was in the details.

How smoothly they played in the first half and how depressed they played in the second half!

The coach came to the soundproof room, patted the captain on the shoulder and comforted him. “It’s okay. We just didn’t react well in the first game. Everyone should learn the lesson in the second game and don’t care about the charger or the medics. Just stare at the sniper! The map will be Crystal Cave. This map has many obstacles and it isn’t suitable for snipers to play. Scout and assassinate their sniper.”

He paused before adding, “In case they ban Crystal Cave, we will take Deep in the Jungle and push head-on.”

He could already see that the core output of the Chinese team was Fred.

Fred won 35 of the 50 heads in the last game and had such a scary output percentage. Obviously, Fred was the key person who dominated the game. The charger Flower who blew up every location with smoke and grenades was just bait to interfere with the enemy.

The second game would soon start.

The mode chosen by Malaysia was Endless Bloody Battle. They obviously didn’t want to drag things out with the dual medic system of the Chinese national team. There were five small rounds in the Endless Bloody Battle mode and all ammunition would be refreshed. They could safely and boldly rush forward. This was much better than the 50 heads Extreme Duel.

It was the Chinese team’s turn to ban the map. The maps that had been used in a match couldn’t be reused. The Yuehu Park used in the first game was automatically in the ban position. Jiang Shaoyu thought for a few seconds and simply and neatly banned three maps.

The first one was the underground cave, Crystal Cave, with many obstacles that were suitable for scouting and assassination.

The second one was Deep in the Jungle where the terrain was simple and the field of view was side. This was most suitable for melee fighting.

The third map was Dark Swamp. It was for underwater lurking and was suitable for ambush and sneak attacks in the water battle map.

The Malaysian coach: “……”

F*k! Are you living in my head?

Once the players saw this, their faces stiffened one by one. The coach just said that they would choose Crystal Cave to assassinate the sniper. If Crystal Cave was banned then they would choose the alternative map, Deep in the Jungle. As a result, Deep in the Jungle was also banned?

They seriously suspected that the coach of the Chinese national team installed an eavesdropping device in their soundproof room.

The Malaysian coach’s forehead was throbbing. He was silent for a long time. When the 45 second countdown was about to end, he gritted his teeth and said, “Then choose Starlight Apartments and play the labyrinth map with them! Don’t they want to use the charger to throw smoke and grenades to interfere with us and let the sniper clear the field? Everyone, spread how to fight the labyrinth map and see how the sniper can clear the field!”

The map submitted by Malaysia: Starlight Apartments.

Old Chang, sitting in the backstage area, laughed directly. “Hahaha, awesome. Playing a labyrinth map with us—why is this coach so thoughtless?”

At this time, the two domestic commentators didn’t know much much hide and seek torture the national team’s players had experienced during this time and they were still seriously analyzing it. “Is God Wing’s BP to protect Pei Feng?”

“Fred performed so well in the first game and Malaysia will definitely target the snipers. So God Wing directly banned maps targeting snipers. However, the opponent doesn’t want to choose a large map to fight a battle of attrition with the Chinese team, so they chose a labyrinth map. They want to limit the performance of the sniper and charger.”

“In fact, their coach’s thinking is correct. They have four outputs on their side and our side barely counts as two and a half outputs. For a labyrinth map, having more outputs is definitely an advantage.”

It was common sense, but the Chinese national team never played cards according to common sense.

The Endless Bloody Battle mode was calculated according to small rounds. It was only when a five man team was destroyed that they could win one small game.

Could they give it a try in the labyrinth map?

The second game started and Malaysia’s players soon felt uncomfortable.

They found Pei Feng immediately and killed Fred 2 against 1!

The commander felt that victory was in sight and immediately asked everyone to look for Hua Ran. Not long after, Hua Ran also died under their guns.

But then… there seemed to be no one on the map.

It seemed that only Fred and Flower from the Chinese team were playing. What about Shi Xiaobin? They couldn’t find it. What about Qin Xueyao? This invisible person had no sense of existence? What about Shu Chen? They had no idea where he was.

Pei Feng said, “Find the enemy medic first.”

Qin Xueyao quickly reported the location. “The upper left corner, room 5.”

Shi Xiaobin typed, “1.”

This was the agreement between Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin when playing as a duo. Hitting ‘1’ meant ‘I will save people.’ At this time, Pei Feng’s body wasn’t cold and the five people on the opposite side were looking for the other players of the Chinese team everywhere. Shi Xiaobin quietly went over to save Pei Feng.

At the same time, Shu Chen carried the bulletproof light plate and quickly came to the position of the enemy medic.

[‘CHN-Chen’ has killed ‘MAS-TICI’ with a headshot from the Red Cross double guns!]

[‘CHN-Time’ has resurrected ‘CHN-Fred’ using the first aid kit!]

Shu Chen killed the enemy medic and Shi Xiaobin revived Pei Feng.

Next, Malaysian players experienced the fear of ‘appearing and disappearing’ for the first time!

The labyrinth map chosen by the coach actually hurt them.

Pei Feng and Qin Xueyao cooperated to fight guerrilla battles and killed them in the blink of an eye.

In the first game, the lurkers won.

In the second game, Malaysia still had the advantage at the beginning. However, if the medics of the Chinese team couldn’t be killed then it was simply more difficult to destroy the Chinese team than to climb to the sky. The plot of the first game was repeated.

If the medic didn’t die then the Chinese national team couldn’t be destroyed.

In the third game, they simply surrounded the medic with five people but Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen saved each other. The two of them could run and hide and it was difficult to kill them at the same time. As long as one of them didn’t die, the Chinese team couldn’t die. They could always emerge from a hidden corner to save their teammates.

They watched the screen turn gray and couldn’t believe it…

They lost out of nowhere?

The Malaysian coach sitting in the audience looked at Jiang Shaoyu on the other side with complicated feelings.

He found that this young man was always sitting upright and calm. He held a black notebook in his hand and calmly watched the match. Occasionally, he lowered his head to record something in his notebook. Even if the Chinese team won, the coach wasn’t excited at all.

He was terribly calm.

The coach of the Chinese national team was definitely a powerful character!

The strongest part of the Chinese team wasn’t a small map or large map, but a labyrinth map.

Double medics and Endless Bloody Battle mode. There was almost no solution in the labyrinth map unless the opponent could get rid of the two medics as quickly as possible. The two medics could continue saving people and the nesting dolls would loop indefinitely. As long as they couldn’t completely wipe out the Chinese team, there was no way to end a small game.

Sweat dripped down the forehead of the Malaysian coach.

He was afraid that the Chinese national team, which had been ignored by many people, was the biggest dark horse of this Asian Championship!

In the domestic live stream room, netizens couldn’t believe it.

[Did we win?]

[F*k, is it 2:0 again?]

[Yuehu Park map scored 1 point and the Starlight Apartments map scored 1 point. The Chinese team won!]

[IF the group ranking is calculated according to the map points, the current Chinese team has obtained 4 points. Is there any hope for the group to qualify?]

The two commentators were also very excited. “Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning two matches today. It is really amazing!”

“Yes, no matter whether it is the quick victory against Vietnam or the double medic attrition battle against Malaysia, the tactical arrangement and performance of today’s two matches are unbelievable. This is actually a brand new team!”

“Fred, Hua Hua, Xueyao and Shu Chen are all standing on the international arena for the first time and they are really outstanding!”

“Xiao Bin also played very flexibly after changing to a medic. He was able to avoid the search of the five enemies and save Pei Feng as quickly as possible. It is like two completely different people from the charger that hid and didn’t dare to attack in the previous World Series!”

“Of course, we can’t ignore the heroes behind the scenes! The players of the Chinese team have improved so quickly. It must be due to Coach Jiang’s credit! Today’s BP and tactical layout are obviously also personally arranged by Coach Jiang!”

“Maybe we can really hope for it… can the Chinese team achieve a breakthrough from the record of zero trophies in world competitions?”

On Weibo, the Chinese Gun King’s national team soon officially announced the good news.

“Congratulations to the Chinese team for their start on the first day of the Asian Championship. They beat Vietnam 2:0 and Malaysia 2:0.”

This news was forwarded by countless players and coaches in China and soon reached the trending home page.

Many netizens who didn’t dare to watch the match saw the news and their eyes widened one after another. “I didn’t see it incorrectly, right? Winning two matches in a row?”

“Two wins with a score of 2:0 in a row? Is this still the Chinese team that kept losing?”

A netizen with bad eyes started to scold indiscriminately before he could see which side was the ‘2’ in the 2:0 score. “The newcomers in the team can only mess around. They went abroad to play matches and lost two consecutive matches with a score of 2:0. It is really shameful. They should go back early and retire.”

Many netizens left messages one after another. “Are your eyes okay?”

“I want to recommend a visit to an ophthalmologist.”

“China won 2:0. It isn’t 0:2. This friend, you scolded incorrectly!”

The keyboard warrior quickly realized what a stupid mistake he had made. He hurriedly deleted the account, admitting his guilt.

In the game group, someone sent a message. “F*k, China has 2:0 for two consecutive matches!”

The netizens who didn’t pay attention to the matches sighed helplessly. “Hey, I know that they would be abused when going to the World Series. I don’t dare to watch it.”

“Poor Brother Feng. He couldn’t stay a good streamer and was beaten so badly.”

“Forget it, let’s entertain ourselves in the country.”

The management person who sent the message: “We won 2:0, not lost. We won two matches in a row!”

Everyone: “…What?”

The netizens who couldn’t believe it opened Weibo to see the replay.

Oh my god? Was this still the Chinese national team?

The sniper with five kills was actually the streamer Fred?

The one who killed with three grenades was actually a passerby who came from the Rising Stars Cup?

The one who shot the enemy medic in seconds was actually Shu Chen, who had been sitting on the cold bench for two years?

Was the one who sneakily rescued people the cowardly Shi Xiaobin?

Qin Xueyao… they didn’t know what she was doing. In any case, they saw her floating everywhere in the wind, as if she was very powerful.

For a time, the trend of domestic public opinion completely reversed.

The netizens who had no confidence in the Chinese national team were extremely excited.

This was the national team!

In the past, many people didn’t watch world-class competitions because the Chinese national team kept losing. People became angry and wished to play for them. Over time, domestic players had lost confidence in the national team.

Therefore, not many people paid attention to this Asian Championship. It was because everyone subconsciously felt that it must be another loss. What was there to pay attention to?

As a result, they won two matches in a row on the first day and won beautifully. This greatly exceeded the expectations of netizens!

The passion and hope that had been suppressed for many years were growing wildly in the hearts of netizens like weeds. It turned out that their national team could play so well and they could also win!

The root cause of all this was because the national team had changed the head coach!

Jiang Shaoyu’s thorough reform had achieved the initial results. Countless netizens flowed to Jiang Shaoyu’s Weibo and left messages. “Can we hope for you to come back with a trophy? Even if it is third place, it can breakthrough the record of zero trophies.”

“I will be a fan of Coach Jiang from today. I hope that under your leadership, the national team can achieve better results and continue to win!”

“God Wing, I have set the alarm clock. I finally dare to watch the live broadcast of the national team’s match.”

“Looking back at the video, I found that you were very calm when you did the BP. It is like a military adviser standing behind the player. So handsome!”

“Fred’s master, can I call you grandmaster? Oh no, you are too young. Brother Yu!”

Jiang Shaoyu returned to the hotel. He saw the netizens’ messages on his Weibo but he didn’t respond. Any language seemed weak in the face of results. He would use the championship trophy of this Asian Championship to give the best response to netizens.

-Our Chinese team can win.

We can win and go further.

Please regain confidence in the national team. Our era had just begun.


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    I swear this is so good and the translation is wonderful! Thank you! I don’t play these types of games but the translation helps me visualize what is happening and it is truly epic!

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