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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 114

Map Memory

Pei Feng and Jiang Shaoyu practiced until dinner time before ending their special training. In just one afternoon, Pei Feng thoroughly mastered several tactics for the Rainy Night map. Once everyone came to the cafeteria to eat, they saw Mo Hantian, Shi Xiaobin and Xia Li talking in a corner.

Seeing Jiang Shaoyu, Xiao Li and Shi Xiaobin hurriedly shut their mouths. Mo Hantian happened to have his back to Jiang Shaoyu and didn’t notice Jiang Shaoyu’s approach. He was still talking, “God Wing was too handsome going through the level ten difficulties today. That marksmanship was like opening a cheat program. He is definitely the most powerful and handsome coach among the national team coaches of all the countries in the world. What do you think?”

Xia Li and Shi Xiaobin kept giving him looks but Mo Hantian didn’t understand their meaning and continued, “If the World Series has a coach PK event, our Chinese national team will definitely be the champion.”

Pei Feng couldn’t help smiling as he touched his nose. Was Xiao Mo trying to compete with him for the position of ‘God Wing’s number one fan?’

Mo Hantian was speaking when someone patted him on the shoulder. Mo Hantian turned his head and met Jiang Shaoyu’s calm eyes. The young man’s ears instantly turned red and he said, “C-Coach Jiang.”

Jiang Shaoyu smiled slightly and asked in a gentle voice, “Do you think I am a good coach?”

Mo Hantian blushed. “O-Of course.”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Then you should learn from me and pass level ten. Why don’t you… pass all four of them?”

Mo Hantian: “……??”

Xia Li and Shi Xiaobin lowered their heads out of fear they would be named. As Jiang Shaoyu turned to leave, Mo Hantian still had his mouth open and his jaw was about to drop. Finally, he came back to his senses and said tearfully, “Why is it that I get caught by God Wing every time I speak?”

Previously, he played the Korean rankings and pretended to be a smart AI. He played a little princess and was coquettish and cute as he called others Oppa. Coach Jiang was present every time. Today, he praised Coach Jiang behind his back and was caught by Jiang Shaoyu again…

Passing level ten in all four projects? It sounded like an impossible task.

However, if Coach Jiang could do it then he could also do it! Mo Hantian took a deep breath and silently made up his mind.

Pei Feng came to the window with a plate. He sat down facing his master and smiled. “Every time Xiao Mo sees you, it is like a mouse seeing a cat. He seems to be afraid of you?”

Jiang Shaoyu indifferently replied, “After all, I scolded him to the point of tears.”

Pei Feng glanced at Mo Hantian out of the corner of his eyes and said in a low voice, “He is an alpha. Why does he love to cry so much?”

Jiang Shaoyu’s lips curved up. “He hasn’t grown up yet and has a glass heart. He cries when he is sad and when he is excited. His tear ducts are well developed.” After a pause, he added, “Still, I am very optimistic about him. He is highly talented, will reflect on his mistakes on time and is willing to work hard to change. There is still a gap with you and Liu Shaozhou but I believe he can also shoulder the burden of the national team’s sniper in time.”

Pei Feng nodded in understanding. “I know. In a future match, if we send out the three sniper lineup, I will be responsible for commanding and have to look at the overall situation. I definitely can’t be the first to kill people. The output of the left and right wings will be handed over to Liu Shaozhou and Mo Hantian. Captain Liu will be fine but Xiao Mo can’t collapse. If he collapses then our entire lineup will quickly disintegrate. Therefore, it is right for you to demand more from him.”

Xiao Pei was always unable to understand his master’s thoughts immediately. Jiang Shaoyu looked at Pei Feng with satisfaction. “That’s right. In the national team, you will more often be the free person and you need to adapt to various lineups and serve as commander. Mo Hantian was crushed by the American team last year and I’m afraid that his mentality will have problems. I need to put some pressure on him to let him improve as soon as possible. At the very least, he must be able to keep up with Liu Shaozhou’s rhythm.”

There were three snipers. if the left and right snipers didn’t have the same rhythm, it was easy for the enemy scout to go around and kill a sniper. Once a sniper point of the triangle was destroyed, the ‘stability’ of the triangle would collapse instantly.

From now on, it was right to have strict requirements of Mo Hantian to exercise his mentality and skills.

Pei Feng asked in a low voice, “Master, do you hope that after this period of training, all of us will be able to pass level ten?”

Jiang Shaoyu shook his head. “That isn’t the case. For example, Qin Xueyao’s advantage lies in her overall view of the situation and her map mastery. It is enough for her to pass level eight in reaction speed and marksmanship. Xia Li’s strengths are her instantaneous encounters and reflexes. She is a road idiot. Some people are just born with a poor sense of direction. This isn’t something that can be changed in a short amount of time. She just needs to pass level eight for the map mastery.”

“Hua Ran’s marksmanship doesn’t need to be so good. He is better at throwing weapons so his marksmanship and reaction speed can reach level eight. For Xiao Bin and Shu Chen, passing level ten on the map mastery and level eight for the others is enough. Lao Lin’ hands have tenosynovitis and it is easy to cause diseases with high-intensity training. My requirement for Lao Lin is that he pass level eight for all items.”

“Every player is different and I have different requirements for them.”

Pei Feng couldn’t help admiring his master’s words. His master inspected the clubs, held the trials and selected the national team. He knew every selected player well. He naturally didn’t demand the same from everyone but treated them differently.

This was ‘teaching according to the aptitude.’ Each player would maximize their strengths while they couldn’t have any obvious shortcomings in other aspects.

After eating, Jiang Shaoyu said, “Have everyone bring a book and pen to the training room for drawing.”

Pei Feng nodded and sent a notice in the group: Coach Jiang has asked for everyone to go to the training room and bring a book and pen to draw pictures. Has anyone not brought any books or pens? I will go to the supermarket to buy them.

Immediately, several players popped up. “I only bought essay paper to write the self-criticisms. It doesn’t seem good for drawing.”

“Me too. I brought essay paper for high school students. Is it better to draw with blank paper?”

Hua Ran jumped out. “There is drawing? I am good at this. I am an art student and I brought a drawing board and paint!”

Ye Qingming laughed and said, “It definitely isn’t for you to draw a portrait of Coach Jiang. What do professional players draw? Think about it.”

Hua Ran scratched his head. He thought about it carefully and realized. “The competition maps?”

Ye Qingming answered, “Yes, you probably have to draw coordinates. Doesn’t the map training include this?”

A chill went down people’s spines. Drawing maps? God, they didn’t learn the three-dimensional coordinate system well in high school and some people had worse drawing skills than kindergarten students.

Pei Feng counted the number of people and went to the supermarket to buy the drawing books and pens.

It was a holiday but everyone consciously returned to the training room after dinner. Seeing familiar faces appear in the training room, Hua Ran couldn’t help sighing. “Everyone is working so hard. You even came to practice during the break?”

Xia Li wondered, “Aren’t you here too?”

Hua Ran scratched his head with a smile. “I have the worst results so I am too embarrassed to rest.”

He hadn’t experienced many hardships since he was a child and his journey to enter college was smooth. Now in the national team, Hua Ran experienced something called a ‘collective sense of honor’ for the first time. Everyone was working hard and was convinced by Coach Jiang’s arrangement. He had to keep up with everyone’s footsteps. Wouldn’t it be too embarrassing if he fell behind?

At 7 o’clock in the evening, everyone sat down in front of the computer one after another. Pei Feng sent the book and pen to everyone. They seriously wrote their names in the book. This would be the ‘homework book’ of the national team in the future.

At 7:10, Jiang Shaoyu appeared in the training room. He saw everyone sitting neatly in the training room and couldn’t help smiling. “Isn’t today a break? You are so self-conscious and still came to train?”

Many people lowered their heads in shame. After all, their test results were too terrible and they were embarrassed to rest during the break.

Jiang Shaoyu told them, “I have strict requirements for you but you should also pay attention to your health. If the time spent training every day exceeds the standards then it will affect your hands in the long run. E-sports players need to protect their hands. I don’t want you to get sick after the World Series, understood?”

His eyes were on Lao Lin as he spoke.

Lin Haoyan immediately sat up straight and replied loudly, “Understood!”

The others also replied in unison, “Understood, we will pay attention.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay, relax for a while tonight. I will take you through the map myself.”

He turned around and sat in front of the first computer. “Everyone, choose a software. Put on headphones, choose the custom mode and enter the map practice room.”

The group did so.

Once everyone’s avatars lit up and the headphones were put on collectively, Jiang Shaoyu turned on the team voice channel and said, “Write 1 if you hear me.”

The sound coming from the headphones was clear and good.

Everyone quickly typed 1 and the team channel was instantly filled with 111.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “There are a total of ten maps with a five star difficulty. Do you know why I want you to practice with them?”

Ye Qingming smiled and replied, “Coach, you want to use these maps to play in the World Series?”

“That’s right. Maps with a five star difficulty are too environmentally large and unstable to be used in the professional arena, so they can be used as our ‘surprise winning’ tactical map to win key matches. I know you have rarely practiced these maps before, but now it is different. Everyone should practice every five star map.”

He paused and added, “So please don’t reject the map training. Even if it is rote memorization, you must memorize it for me.”

Jiang Shaoyu clicked the mouse and the picture on the computer screen flickered. The map selection box appeared.

There were ten maps with a five star difficulty. This included the three dynamic climate maps, City of Mist, City of Ice and Rainy Night. There were the three biodynamic maps, Civic Center, Biochemical Laboratory and Xishan Prison. There was the large-scale labyrinth map, Tomb of the King of Zhou and the pure water battle map, Princess Cruise. There was the Pirate Base map where the ship shook constantly and Desert Ruins, where buildings were prone to collapse and were affected by sandstorms.

Jiang Shaoyu opened the first map of dense fog and said, “City of Mist looks very difficult. The dense fog of the whole map makes it difficult to see the surroundings. But as long as you remember the map path, this map is actually the simplest of the five star maps. It mainly tests your ability to ‘listen to sound and identify positions.’ The whole map is blind movement, so you must be very familiar with the map. Below, I will bring up the path map of City of Mist and you must follow along and draw it.”

In the middle of everyone’s screens, a complete map path appeared. It was just like the GPS, with red and blue triangles representing the refresh points of the two sides in battle. It could be seen that the roads on the floor plan were clearly divided. From a god’s perspective, there were 15 roads in all directions, with countless forks. The complex terrain and thick fog meant they had to be steady when playing this map, or they would be like headless chickens moving around.

Everyone carefully drew this map. This was their first ‘art class assignment’ since they left school. Some people drew crookedly but it was enough for them to understand it by themselves. After drawing it again, it would deepen the memory in their minds.

Jiang Shaoyu told them, “Follow me when you are done drawing.”

On the foggy map, the players of the national team lined up and followed Jiang Shaoyu around in circles. It was like a big boss shopping with a group of small followers… was it the national team’s tour group?

After going through the map, Jiang Shaoyu said, “For map practice, the first stage is to remember the coordinates so you can reach the designated location as quickly as possible according to the commander’s order. In the second stage, it is necessary to quickly find Coach Chang, who is best at hiding. It is just like how you need to quickly find the enemies during the game. This requires long-term and repeated practice. I hope everyone can be patient.”

“Next, the second map is Rainy Night. The difficulty of this map is the noise interference of the heavy rain. In addition, the light interference of the street lamps and the fact that large areas of darkness can’t be illuminated. The change of light will affect the field of view of players. When walking the map, always pay attention to the light and be careful of backlighting.”

“In City of Ice, the ice surface of the map makes it easy to slip but in the same way, the ice surface can be used as a tool for acceleration. I will use this map to let you fight guerrilla battles. This is the fastest tempo map out of all the five star maps. You need to adapt to the speed of the ice surface when moving through the map and offset this when firing bullets.”

“The Princess Cruise map is the complete opposite of City of Ice. The ice gliding of City of Ice gives acceleration while the Princess Cruise map slows down underwater. The whole map is slow but you also have to pay attention to the oxygen cylinder. Everyone will move slowly and it is very suitable for a war of attrition.”

“Let me talk about the three biological maps together. There is the zombie wave in Civic Center, the mutant creatures in Biochemical Laboratory and the crazy prisoners in Xishan Prison. The NPCs on these maps can be used as your tools. Xueyao and Lao Lin’s strategy of using the zombies in the tryouts was very good. We will have special tactics for these maps in the future…”

Jiang Shaoyu’s clear and pleasant voice came through the headphones. Everyone put on their headphones and listened carefully, taking notes while listening. Their admiration for Coach Jiang became stronger than before. They were really lucky to meet such a serious and responsible coach!


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